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Plötzlicher Tod: Woran starb Udo Ulfkotte?


Am 13. Januar 2017 starb plötzlich und unerwartet der Enthüllungsjournalist Udo Ulfkotte im Alter von nur knapp 57 Jahren an einem Herzinfarkt. Seither rätselt das Internet, ob es dahinter noch eine andere Wahrheit gibt. Dabei lautet die Frage wahrscheinlich nicht, ob und wie Ulfkotte ermordet wurde, sondern wer ihn auf dem Gewissen hat. In diesem Nachruf von Gerhard Wisnewski wird der Frage nachgegangen...

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Flame Codes & Frequency Codes


Go to my Website to get what I refer to:
If you want recording of the energy work I did with the class in 2016, to build it up to the 6D, send me an email using the contact form on my website. Of course Yoga can be used in its modern form. I am talking about the old Naga guru yoga, which had its function back then but have little to do with the higher evolution. The Nagas use the yoga to develop the avian-mammal genetics in their humanoid energy system.

Angry Germany Slams Trump Criticism: Urges US To "Build Better Cars", Accuses Washington Of Causing Refugee Crisis

An angry Berlin has responded with a staunch defense of its policies after President-elect Donald Trump criticized German Chancellor Angela Merkel in two separate Sunday interviews, one with Germany's Bild and one with the Sunday Times, for her stance during the refugee crisis while threatening a 35% tariff on BMW cars imported into the US.
Germany’s deputy chancellor and minister for the economy, Sigmar Gabriel, said on Monday morning that a tax on German imports would lead to a “bad awakening” among US carmakers since they were reliant on transatlantic supply chains. “I believe BMW’s biggest factory is already in the US, in Spartanburg [South Carolina],” Gabriel, leader of the centre-left Social Democratic party, told the Bild newspaper in a video interview.
“The US car industry would have a bad awakening if all the supply parts that aren’t being built in the US were to suddenly come with a 35% tariff. I believe it would make the US car industry weaker, worse and above all more expensive." Playing Trump's threat off Congress, Gabriel added that he "would wait and see what the Congress has to say about that, which is mostly full of people who want the opposite of Trump" as quoted by The Guardian.
In his interviews with Bild and the Times, the US president-elect had indicated that he would aim to realign the “out of balance” car trade between Germany and the US. “If you go down Fifth Avenue everyone has a Mercedes Benz in front of his house, isn’t that the case?” he said. “How many Chevrolets do you see in Germany? Not very many, maybe none at all … it’s a one-way street.”
So, when asked what Trump could do to make sure German customers bought more American cars, Gabriel had a simple suggestion: “Build better cars.”

Green Bean Salad | Amber Kelley

Spelt Bread Dr. Sebi Alkaline Electric Recipe


Ty's Conscious Kitchen

For today's recipe I make some simple and delicious Alkaline Spelt Bread.

Full recipe is on our website at:

Wild Wisdom Warriors Series | Introduction


Lily “Earthling” Kolosova first hit the scene in 2014 with her series of videos and interviews with leading Researchers after her profound revelation of Earth’s Timeline that corrected itself in 2012. This correction supplanted the Matrix False Timeline that was operating since the downfall of Atlantis. We as humans are still experiencing the after effects of the False Timeline/Mind Control System. However, the hidden war against human consciousness has been served a deathblow.

This video provides a quick overview of her previous videos and prepares the viewer with a sneak peek into what’s coming up in 2017 and beyond. This is an introduction to her new video channel and her new series of videos coming, of which this is the first, where she and us will delve deep into an exciting renaissance of the Wild Wisdom Warriors. These are the Earthlings who are assisting and in alignment with the continuation of the Earth’s correct timeline as part of the overall Divine Intervention in progress.

The KEY revelation in the present as Lily explains, is the Domino Effect - when the first domino tilts and falls, it knocks down all the others. Bad dominos knocked down all over the place surely creates a mess, but luckily the Clean Up Crew – US – in tandem with Earth itself, can restore both Earth and Humanity to its original design where Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness runs supreme globally. 

It’s an exciting time to be alive and it’s refreshing that Lily is about to bring forward a new series of topics tied into what’s happening now without pulling any punches. This wisdom is long over due, but we are thankful that it has arrived. It is now time for humanity to reveal our Power, Freedom and Creator Self. And the truth shall set you free.

Lying Techniques

It is important to be able to identify abusers, liars, predators and psychopaths as people traumatized by terrible pain, soul fragmentation and spiritual disconnection. When people are utterly controlled by negative ego dysfunction and have no impulse control and they live in self-deception. A person who is deceiving themselves has no other alternative but to deceive others because they have little to no clarity.
As we build better and practical ways of discerning trustworthiness and competency, we also gain confidence to build stronger intuition in such matters, where the checklist is not required. As is made clear here in these checklists, the more severe the Negative Ego dysfunction the more potentially disconnected the person is from their heart, intuition, self-awareness and spiritual source. This immediately gives one a gauge to measure what level a person can be trusted, no matter what words they may be speaking.
In the severe stages of Narcissism and Psychopathy, the veneer of seduction, charisma and “mimicry” of empathic reactions that are geared for manipulation to serve one’s egocentric needs, and can be seen much more clearly over time. It is very common for people that base their leadership or authority on controlling behaviors and tyrannical principles, to aggressively manipulate others by creating a façade of charisma from mimicking what they have found people want to hear from their wounded ego parts. (see Leadership Vs. Tyranny)
Many people do not want to hear or know the truth; they want to be lulled to sleep by fantasy delusions. Megalomaniacs that thrive on taking power and having control over others, are master manipulators of telling people lies based on what they want to hear or believe.
This is the tough part. We have to ask if we are able to seek the honest factual truth of behavioral interactions or have people feed us lies that are flattering or comfortable for our wounded ego parts.
Otherwise we reinforce the delusion in the person/circumstance and we become enablers, allowing them to continue to perpetrate deceptions in the group through their own self-deception. Promoting and enabling delusions leads to pathological thinking and spreads a fabricated reality through “false impressions”. This false impression is the spin on perceptions that are designed to serve the agenda of the ego, narcissistic or psychopath.
Again, it is important to be able to identify abusers, liars, predators and psychopaths as people traumatized by terrible pain, Soul Fragmentation and spiritual disconnection. When people are utterly controlled by negative ego dysfunction and have no impulse control and they live in self-deception. A person who is deceiving themselves has no other alternative but to deceive others because they have little to no clarity. Why would we trust resources and give value to the words spoken in the skewed theories of a person/group/family member/organization that is a repeatedly demonstrated as a massive ego with behaviors that are abusive, predatorial or deceptive?

Controlling Behavior

Controlling Behavior runs the gamut in wounded personalities of people that have low self-esteem, fear based thoughts and when these fears are left unchecked, this need to control others may progress into narcissistic and Psychopathic behaviors. One important point to understand about controlling behavior is that it will always lead to some form of psychological or Emotional Manipulation which promotes deception and lying.
The need to assert Control over others leads to levels of perpetuating forms of Manipulation. The Manipulation of others leads to varying degrees of Deception and Lying. Control + Manipulation = Deception/Lying.
There is no part of this equation that can be in consent with Krystic forces or god spirit, so this is an imperative piece to master within the self.

What is Lying?

A Lie is simply defined:
  • To make a statement that one knows to be false, especially with the intention to deceive and manipulate for personal gain.
  • To intentionally give a false impression.
  • Any circumstance is meant to give a false impression that may be favorable to one’s personal gain or personal agenda.
  • Self-deceptive people can appear to believe they are telling the truth, however without clarity beyond egocentric behavior, they are unable to tell the truth consistently and are untrustworthy.

Common Deception Techniques with Lying

Different Deception techniques that involve Lying:


To invent or perpetrate a false story with the intent to deceive or mislead. This story may be pathologically believed or exaggerated in its importance from lack of clarity and discernment. Conversely the disinformation and discredit agenda is to make the information lack credibility, to ridicule or diminish its quality. This will be attempted publically, if the person feels threatened, or as such, the NAA seeks to damage the character credibility through humiliation and ridicule based on control and tyrannical principles. (i.e. bully, victim, etc.)Confuse: to employ tactics to divert attention from the real issue, to argue and create dissent specifically with intent to confuse the issue, confuse the group, or deliberately use ambiguity or doublespeak in order to deceive or mislead. This is many times shows up as, “do not look here, let me confuse you to stay focused on minutiae of unrelated details, or divert energy and attention to me and my agenda”.


To change the subject of discussion or inquiry in order to avoid the truth (for example, one might pretend to be offended in order to stop a conversation about one's questionable actions). Also a egocentric personality may have a hard time not being the center of attention and will act in ways to derail focus of a person, or group, in order to gain attention, accolades or approval. Persons with Guru Complex may potentially use the “derailing” technique to divert attention to them. This is to gain followers, friends and feel influential through the use of false friend flattery and other types of seductive and charismatic communications. Guru types can act like a salesman that promotes themselves.

A Lie of Omission

Lies of Omission are the most insidious, most pervasive, and most common lie that is perpetuated on the entire planet. Commonly, those who use this type of lie have tricked themselves into believing that to intentionally remain silent when ethical behavior calls for one to speak up, is not a lie at all. This is used as a tactic to generate false impressions, to promote something that appears to be something that it is really not. This human frailty of lies of Omission is 100% responsible for the Negative Alien Agenda and its Archontic Deception promoting psychopaths as leaders which influence the population, thriving on planet earth. The anti-dote to Lies of Omission, is to speak the honest truth to the people around you in the best way you are capable.

Common Manipulation Techniques

What are some of the most common Manipulation techniques?
LYING: It is important to notice that people will frequently lie about things; maybe it seems to be a “little white lie” or is very ambiguous with what they are saying. They may exaggerate to make something seem what it is really not. This is so that you question your own ability to remember the facts and to lean towards trusting what the manipulator is saying even when it’s a lie. When one is dealing with a master manipulator it is useful to take notes or even record the conversation in so that you memorialize what has been said, as well as make it available to others around you in so that there are witnesses to the event. It is important to not allow a manipulator andController type person to have any direct authoritative power that is not seen or accountable to others.
GUILT TRIPS: Most everyone knows what it feels like to be guilt tripped by another person; usually we learn this behavior early from a family member. However, many manipulators are advanced with clever guilt trips when a person is open hearted and Compassionate. Generally it’s about making you feel bad or sorry for something that may not even be something you did or are responsible for. Open hearted and caring, giving people have to remember our feelings and our energies matter too. Many times what you can give is not enough so a guilt trip is to tell you what a bad person you are because you did not give the manipulator what they wanted, when they wanted it. I have found many times if I do not jump when someone else says jump, they will lay on a guilt trip with some kind of manipulation. This happens a lot in the spiritual communities.
BEING VAGUE TO CONFUSE: It is obvious that many techniques of manipulation are sneaky and underhanded. The manipulator may communicate in confusing terms and unclear manners that are hard to follow or understand. They may be passive-aggressive or aligning colleagues or friends into an agenda against you. In this example, in every way attempt to communicate openly, transparently, and as honestly as it’s possible to all that may be involved. This method to create confusion and doubt happens in the hidden whispering of gossip and triangulation, usually manipulations like this are behind the scenes or in the shadows. Bring the facts to the light and speak clearly and transparently, tell the manipulator to take a hike. Bring awareness to the importance of engendering open communications between people that are required to build trust.
PRETENDING TO WANT TO HELP: This is a big issue in any group, community or organizational setting. Certainly this is a painful issue we have dealt with here in the ES community. Manipulators and control freaks actually like to pretend to be helpful even though that is not really their real motivation. What they really want is a sense of control over something or access to someone. It may be that there is some power trip, status or personal goal that is believed can be achieved by pretending to be helpful to someone else. Many times these people create a lot of destruction and extra work in the guise of” being helpful”. Then when the person/organization who is supposed to be receiving the help is getting a bunch of extra problems, the person uses guilt trips to say how unappreciated and undervalued they really are. Open communication and assessment of qualifications and emotional maturity are a must in any organization which concerns a group.
NO ACCOUNTABILITY: When we understand how manipulation works, we want to discern the situation or person for Accountability. Manipulators will always blame others for their misdeeds, bad behavior or misfortune. If they are progressed to Narcissism, they may believe they are perfect and beyond reproach. Stopping the blaming game of manipulators is the key to preventing this kind of deception to take hold. If a person starts with shameless blaming or making it your fault when its clearly not, do not be intimidated and tell the truth.
DOUBLESPEAK: Manipulators like to take any statement that has been said and turn it around or twist its meaning in order to use it against you. Usually with manipulators that are good with Doublespeak the conversation will be mixed with ambiguous and confusing language that together when it all adds up does not make any logical sense. Many times it’s a lot of words, with no meaning or substance. Sometimes a part of it may make sense but the rest of the conversation has no connection to what has been said. Doublespeak is a lack of coherence, the person may come off as intelligent using certain words, but they are either confused or attempting to confuse others away from seeing the truth. You may have listened to this person talk for an hour, and have no idea what the point really was in the conversation. This may also happen a lot in relationships with close emotional bonds and will effectively destroy the trust and intimacy between people. When we use private or vulnerable issues and we use as a weapon for Doublespeak, it is emotionally damaging. Speaking what you mean and expressing clear, accurate words, is extremely important. Say what you mean and do what you say.
PSYCHIC VAMPIRE: A psychic vampire is a person who drain others energies and may intentionally drain any positive energy or happiness in another. Manipulation tactics to make a generally happy person feel bad or to take their energy away, the vampire will use condescending or belittling behavior. They may use intimidation and bullying to make another feel unsafe, or completely dependent on them. Generally these people put others on edge, where one feels they must walk on egg shells to not upset this person, or get their wrath. You may not know what sets them off at any moment. If you notice the energy wither away whenever a certain person walks into the room, you should protect yourself and amplify your 12D shield.(See Emotional Manipulation)
Creating healthy boundaries and being able to exist in one’s space where one can breathe easy, relax and feel comfortable to be themselves, is everyone’s right. Many times as loving and krystic beings we forget to take care of ourselves in the face of demanding, controlling or manipulating people. This is an important time to take care of oneself and to note that this controlling and manipulating phenomena will increase in the environment due to fear, insecurity and confusion in the masses. Many people are having emotional traumas and tantrums as they revert into childlike behavior. The dark forces take advantage of that vulnerability in people whom have not made an effort to understand and clear their Negative Ego. These people are prime motivation for dark force manipulation that comes with a person that has bad habits of emotional manipulation. As you become aware of how Emotional Manipulation works, pay attention to stop all manipulating behaviors in yourself. This is critical at this time.With a Loving heart, Lisa

Understanding Predators

When you understand dark forces, Imposter Spirits - study the Satanic profile, study the Luciferian profile because what we're describing is that right now. Grooming is one of their big tactics. Any person whose defences are down - that's who they're looking for. Any one with soft boundaries - that's who they're looking for. Anyone can be vulnerable to Grooming tactics. Predator people are practised, they're extremely good at what they do. You don't have to be especially gullible to fall victim to this type of grooming but if you learn the signs and you understand them you can successfully identify a potential abuser and avoid exploitation and also call out the dark forces that are using that person and that are behind these actions.
So, understanding more about predators:
  • Predators work in the shadows.
  • They always have something to hide.
  • They don't like honesty and they don't like transparency.
  • They're all about secrets.
  • Predators claim to feel a special connection with their targets even if they've only just met.
  • Predators like to recruit co-conspirators to help them fight their battles and to do their bidding.
  • Predators draw their victims in by sharing private information and then swearing them to secrecy.
  • Predators practise divide and conquer techniques in order to manipulate and control others.
What not to do in this situation is:
  • Don't give your trust out too soon.
  • Don't share too much with someone you've only just met.
  • Observe them, watch them, and assess their trustworthiness.
  • Don't fall for False Flattery or verbal seductions.
  • Don't ever compromise your personal boundaries, your ethics and your convictions. - Don't allow yourself to be isolated from others against your own betterDiscernment.
  • And don't blame yourself for how other people are behaving. If someone else is acting out and they are using negative or bad behaviour don't blame yourself for how the other person is behaving. The only control you have is how you control yourself.
  • Certainly don't stay in a room or close quarters if the situation becomes physically, verbally or emotionally unhealthy. Walk away and get away from that person and don't go it alone or keep what you are experiencing a secret. Being honest with someone that you do trust can as well help to mitigate or dissolve this kind of Grooming] tactic.[1]


A predator will identify and engage a victim and work on gaining that person's trust so they can break down defences, manipulate that person until they get whatever it is that they’re after. Sometimes they're paying a lot of attention, they're giving a lot of flattery or ego stroking, seduction, charisma, they're trying to recruit them for something, they're giving them gifts, they're doing Gaslighting tactics, maybe they're sharing secrets and saying "don't tell anyone" and then also threats. All of this is hallmarks ofGrooming. Grooming is a by-product of the Imposter Spirit, of the Satanic spirit and Luciferian spirit so when you see this also in people - ego stroking, flattery, seduction, charisma, secrecy "don't tell so-and-so I told you this..." you know that this is a dark force that is trying to get some traction and this is when you can stop it in it's tracks. When you see somebody playing these Emotional Manipulation games you can identify it and you can say "I want no part of it. Don't talk to me anymore because I'm not going to listen to this anymore."

Lying Techniques

It is important to be able to identify abusers, liars, predators and psychopaths as people traumatized by terrible pain, Soul Fragmentation and spiritual disconnection. When people are utterly controlled by Negative Ego dysfunction and have no Impulse Control and they live in self-deception. A person who is deceiving themselves has no other alternative but to deceive others because they have little to no clarity. See Lying Techniques.

The Psychology of Soft Slavery

Gary Z. McGeeStaff Writer
Waking Times
“When a public is stressed and confused, a big lie told repeatedly and unchallenged can become accepted truth.” ~George Orwell
The idea of slavery is one of those concepts that has the tendency to be uttered in black and white terms. But slavery is anything but black and white. There are many shades of gray that people tend to neglect, usually out of indifference, but also out of ignorance, or by side-stepping the idea as, “just the way things are.” It was a copout during the times of hard slavery and it’s a copout now, during these times of soft slavery.
Here’s the thing: hard slavery is overt, it’s apparent and self-evident. Nothing is hidden. Who the slave and the master are is very clear. Soft slavery on the other hand, is covert. It is neither apparent, nor self-evident. Everything is hidden behind comfort, apathy, security, convenience, indifference, and the illusion of freedom. Who the slave and the master are is not clear and is typically obscured by an unhealthy hierarchy that leads to public confusion between authority based on fear and authority based on free and transparent leadership, which in turn, can lead to a political cognitive dissonance and the pathetic stance of, “It’s just the way things are.”

The Modern Day House Slave

“History does not repeat itself, but it rhymes.” ~Mark Twain
Unfortunately, the spirit of the times under the rule of statism, is one of soft slavery. Statists, living in a world ruled by nation states and deceived by the illusion of freedom, are more akin to the house slaves from the times of hard slavery than to free human beings. The house slave of today is the typical state citizen just going through the motions, unaware of the extent of their own slavery. So caught up are they in the “rules” and the “laws” of the land, they cannot see how desperate their situation really is. And to the extent that they can see, cognitive dissonance kicks in to squash the uncomfortable information in order to keep the comfortable world view in tact. Indeed, the all too typical cognitive error of “It’s just the way things are,” gets them off the hook for having to do any real deep thinking and envelops them in a warm blanket of indifference.
Some might say I’m being too harsh in my judgement of the system, but I’m not one to pull punches. Had I lived during the times of hard slavery, I’d like to think I would have put my foot down and declares slavery immoral, rather than copout with the cowardly cliché: “It’s just the way things are.” Similarly, I put my foot down now, regarding the soft slavery of the modern era. People’s delicate sensibilities be damned!

Political Cognitive Dissonance

“Truth is a staff rejected.” ~Unknown
There is perhaps no more precarious an arena for cognitive error than the arena of politics, especially regarding civics and the psychology of power. This is because human beings are to the conditioning mechanisms of their own culture as fish are to water. The difference? Humans can think abstractly. But such thought victimizes itself when it comes to cognitive dissonance; to the extent that new knowledge, even knowledge backed by solid evidence, is ignored in order to maintain a sense of comfort and security within the cultural milieu. Maintaining comfort and security in one’s culture is just fine if that culture is healthy and not corrupt, but when it is both unhealthy and corrupt, such maintenance is tantamount to ignorance and one is more likely to become a victim of cognitive dissonance.
So what are we to do? How do we prevent political cognitive dissonance from making victims of us? We begin by questioning things; rules, laws, cultural norms, even the truth as we know it. It requires getting uncomfortable. We must be able to dig down deep and question our political perceptions and weigh them against morality, health, freedom, and love. We must not be afraid of getting uncomfortable, even at the expense of our security. Hell, even the house slave during the era of hard slavery had “comfort” and “security”. And so even now, the citizen living in the era of soft slavery should question both their comfort and their security.

The Difference Between Courage-Based Leadership and Fear-based Authority 

“We may have democracy or we may have great wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can’t have both.” –Louis BrandeisFormer Supreme Court Justice
Those with the courage to get uncomfortable despite the comfort and security of the state, tend to become leaders who question authority. People tend to think that anarchy means no rules and thus no leaders, but it really means no rulers and thus no masters. There are still rules, of course. But those with the courage to question their culture’s politics realize that such rules are only valid if they are based on natural order, health, the golden rule, the golden mean, and the non-aggression principal. Otherwise, tyranny and violence become the rule and Krishnamurti’s words become all the more poignant: “It’s no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”
As it stands, we are suffering at the hands of fear-based authority the world over, due to the rampant overreach of nation states ruling over us using outdated laws that propagate a culture of soft slavery, which keeps the rich richer (powerful) and the poor, poorer (powerless). And behold, our soft slavery has become a plutocracy despite the free democracy we all yearn for.
True leaders question authority. Indeed, the leadership of a free people must be a courage-based leadership that dares to draw a line in the sand against fear-based authority. It’s not only freedom that hangs in the balance, but the future of our species. If we cannot get over this evolutionary hump of statism and soft slavery, then we are doomed as a species and no better than unthinking fish, ignorant to the water they breathe.
[Editors’s Note]
Recently author Gary Z. McGee ran into a bit of trouble with the law here in the land of the free, and has reached out for support in this temporary ordeal. Please read his message and share it with anyone that may be able to assist. ~WT
FALLEN SOLDIER The tyrannical tentacle of the state has caught one of our own. Gary Z McGee is in jail for the petty offense of not pulling over quickly enough. He is now charged with two felonies: Evading arrest and endangering a child, because his son was in the RV.  Living in the most incarcerated country in the world Gary Z McGee is just the latest victim of the prison industrial complex. He faces 2 to 15 years in prison if convicted. So we may be without his words for a while. Please feel free to send him words of your own to P.O. BOX 39 Sierra Blanca, Texas 79851.  As is usual in this system, people with money can bail themselves out and afford proper legal counsel. Unfortunately Gary is not in this category. His bail  amounts to $2,000.00. And the minimum to obtain legal counsel is $1,600.00.  Any donation is greatly appreciated. To send a care package: My care or 866-643-9557. To put money on his books 866-394-0490. Facility code #5500 booking number 2016016069. If you’d like to contribute to the fund for Gary’s defense Please send money to the following PayPal account:

Read more articles by Gary ‘Z’ McGee.

About the Author
Gary ‘Z’ McGeea former Navy Intelligence Specialist turned philosopher, is the author of Birthday Suit of God and The Looking Glass Man. His works are inspired by the great philosophers of the ages and his wide awake view of the modern world.

This article (The Psychology of Soft Slavery) was originally created and published by Waking Times and is printed here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Gary ‘Z’ McGee It may be re-posted freely with proper attribution, author bio, and this statement of copyright.

The Space Fence with Elana Freeland - ClimateViewer TV Ep. 3

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Discussing a brief history of our involvement in the chemtrails movement, how as an Internet movement it's not centralized; pros and cons, and the Space Fence.

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Weather Modification History

The Psychology of Evil and the Energy Force

The Psychology of Evil: commentary with Sethkus Boza via: Black Earth Productions.., 

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Childhood's End (swan version)

Unslaved Podcast: Helena Blavatsky, The Truth


Helena Blavatsky - not the devilish fraud you have believe her to be.

Blavastky was a Russian occultist, spirit medium, and author who co-founded the Theosophical Society. She gained an international following as the leading theoretician of Theosophy, the esoteric movement that the society promoted. But few are aware of the whole story, and how her life and influence would impact the world from her time, to the present. Join David and Michael as they explore the mysteries surrounding her life, and the ideas she brought to the west that had a greater impact on history than originally thought.

Archons, Soul Recycling, Ancient Civilizations

False King of Tyranny

Abbreviation - FKOT is the False King of Tyranny.
The Negative Aliens Archons group or the NAA do not want to heal thereby integrate into human society as an equal. They want to rule humans and earth as an absolute authority with an iron fist in the Controller archetype of the False King of Tyranny. This is also called Patriarchal Domination. The Power Elite are the group of humans that have been handed the control over the majority of the resources of the planet in order to carry out the Archontic Deception Strategy that the NAA has put into place to ensure the war Enslavement mind control programming continues to divide and conquer the human population on the earth. This is a self enforcing system of mind control promoted through all world organizations to shape ideologies and values based on the Archontic Deception Behaviors of the Predator Mind of the Negative Aliens. Those humans that feed the False King of Tyranny are rewarded monetarily or with status, power or fame over the rest of the underlings on the earth. The Orion Group created hierarchical Controller systems that operate behind every World Power or Pillar of Society. They use technological Mind Control, Suppressor Parasites SPE and have downloaded their Predator Mind to the people of the earth through invasion of the Planetary Logos in order to enslave and dominate the direction of human being affairs on the earth.

Patriarchal Domination

Domestic Abuse Chart
Patriarchal Domination is enforced in a variety of ways through abuses of alpha male power to control women and those ranked lower on the social or religious classification system through fear and intimidation. This is a learned skill that is promoted in a variety of ways or is mimicked from boys watching their Father's or male authority figures to enforce the Archontic Deception Strategy and promote Misogyny to continue the cycle of abuse of women or girls. This is a primary strategy of programming humans in to Mind Controlled Archontic Deception Behavior that originates from the Orion Group Reptoids. Strategies of exerting power and control through Misogyny exist at every level of society, starting as domestic violence and forms of abuse which shape core values and the way humans are programmed to think. To better grasp how the Archons of the False King of Tyranny operate to abuse power systems on the earth, please see the domestic abuse chart.

Shaping of World Organizations

There are five pillars of the main structures that use anti-human control which influence all planetary affairs. These pillars of society are manipulated to shape all World Organizations through the agenda of control enforced by the Power Elite classes.
  • Power Elites or Controller
  • Military Industrial
  • Intelligence Agencies, Covert Groups and Government
  • Religious-Academic-Financial
  • Controlled Media and Press
In choosing one of the main Pillars of Society – Religious - Academic - Financial - we can see how even though these three areas of belief systems feel completely separate and opposed from each other, in reality they are not. They are used interchangeably to appear in diametric opposition to the onlooker, but that is not how they actually work. They all have the same underlying goal to reinforce each other to manipulate power to be given to the top of the chain. Divide and Conquer mentality to continually create victims and victimizers is how all of these pillars of society work. So let us choose the Academic world for an example. Current mainstream atheistic science forms the current parameter of the collective accepted belief systems in the academic world which further direct the consortium of world organizations which impact human and planetary affairs. Science promotes atheistic consensus and barbaric medical practices, while Religion promotes spiritual terrorism and war through Hell fire and brimstone of the Alien Gods. Both make massive amounts of money for the financial, medical and military sectors with the primary goal to invest in controlling human beings. Effectively, they are all functioning components of the same thing.

Nephilim Reversal Grid

The NRG system keeps electron reversal distortions feeding the patriarchal domination archetypes of tyranny as assumed by males and females as within their “accepted” roles of identity which are shaped into societal norms through Mind Control. This results in a bevy of highly destructive mental belief systems and emotional body schisms that self enforce enslavement behaviors in the population. These schisms are highly dysfunctional to the point they create genetic damage in the 2nd and 4th chakra layer functioning of the Lightbody. These archetypes were once “creational myths” to play out in the polarity game of Victim-Victimizer but became a massive source of resources (food) for the Controllers. As these archetypes were then used to negatively Mind Control people into separation and slavery, the population digressed (then societal behavior patterns digressed) into aggressive anti-human, robotic and disconnected behavior that self enforces the population enslavement to serve the NAA[1]
The Crucifixion Strategy is an example of an artificially bent light architecture to create the mental archetype and therefore belief system of Salvation as a requirement through “Redemption" in a NAA fabricated violent religion based on Blood Sacrifice. This action created intermediaries (False Gods) that are interfering with a human being’s direct relationship to God Source and enforcing divide and conquer strategy between all of humanity on the planet. This is called the Archontic Deception Strategyto shape the predator mind in humanity through promoting Archontic Deception Behaviors. The correction of this imbalance is being restored to the planet and therefore humanity at this time in the Ascension Cycle through the end of Consumptive Modeling and the reclamation of the Diamond Sun Body through Krystal Star. [August 2011].

Discerning Tyrants and Controllers

Tyranny is about the abuse of power over others through a variety of methods; deception, lying, manipulation,Mind Control, bullying and intimidation. Whether it's a pushy person, a control freak, a bully, or an outright tyrant, the problem is the same: their goals are always more important than yours. A difficult, pushy person has gone too far again. They are bossing you around, acting selfish and self-important, threatening you, making demands, barking orders, and abusing their power. Control freaks, imperative people, and tyrants exercise power in a harsh, cruel, or destructive manner. They are oppressive, harsh, arbitrary people who make life difficult for too many of us. Control-oriented people as described here expect to control the people and events around them. Exposing or challenging their tactics could provoke their anger and result in severe and possibly dangerous retaliation. Expect to be a target of their backlash. Protect yourself and others who could become targets before challenging aController or control-oriented person. See Leadership Vs. Tyranny

Nephilim Reversal Mind Control

This dark cycle of human evolution through the Patriarchal Domination has been influenced and manipulated in many different ways, however, since this holographic Mind Control system is breaking down in places, it is freeing many of the males from being in its “grasp”. Largely what this NRG (nephilim reversal grid- 3D mind control system) system was designed to do was to control the patriarch or male to be the “enforcer” of the female principle suppression and act as a tyrant of the peoples. This also condoned the False King of Tyranny archetype, a tyrant, power hungry Controller, to be glorified as an aspiring alpha male model for the young boys. Especially in the Western World, we groomed our boys to be mostly tyrants in our society.
(Note: In modern usage, the word "tyrant" carries connotations of a harsh and cruel ruler who places his or her own interests or the interests of a small elite group or family, over the best interests of the general population, one which the tyrant governs or controls.)...
During this phase many more males will awaken into their true understanding of “power” and accept their rightful kingship ( archetypally, the public servant and benevolent ruler) in order to receive the spiritual “Rod” of initiation. This is the beginning stage of Magnum Opus Alchemy on the Earth which is necessary to allow for the next phases of our Ascension Cycle that manifests the Trinitized Form Embodiments. This includes Spiritual Marriages in No Time....[2]

Top 5 Archontic Strategies

The Big Five Archontic Deception Strategies to generate more AD Negative Ego Behaviors and spread their anti-human value systems in the human public are:1. Divide and Conquer 2. Victim/Victimizer 3. Sexual Abuse and Sexual Misery 4. Child Abuse and Child Sacrifice 5. Misogyny (See Archons and Archontic Deception Strategy.)

Father Arc

The awakening Holy Father Arc is illuminating his return as the Spiritual Sun behind the Sun returning benevolence merged with true power. This timeline marks the early initiation that ends the rule of the False King of Tyranny archetype and its continual abuse of power through technological mind control upon the earth. However, the end of the rule of the Tyrant must be internally and spiritually chosen by the individual. For many on the earth the tyrant archetype has become a bad addiction of Victim-Victimizer polarity that may be hard to break free of. The ending of tyrannical control requires the spiritual responsibility to end all victim related patterns. Humanity must wake up from its bad dream and find the courage to imagine new consciousness possibilities, as we free ourselves from the past grips of tyranny.[3]

FKoT Profile

In a social system based on power and control with no regard for life, the means of enforcing that system are made through threats, intimidation and violence. By creating victims and victimizers, the False King of Tyranny archetype is adopted by those humans, especially males, who want to be in the alpha position, and therefore not victimized or humiliated by others. So he adopts the attitude young in life, that he must victimize others in order to not be victimized himself. This is the Archontic set up to control the males on our planet, to self-enforce their tyranny subconsciously and consciously. This plays out at every level of society, in personal relationships, families, social structures, organizations and professions. It is important to understand that this is an alien software program downloaded into our planet, and enforced by the patriarchal domination mind control to divide and conquer the earth. The FKoT thought form and its predator mind constructs are inorganic to the human race and this planet, and were installed here at the time of Luciferian Rebellion. What is the False King of Tyranny profile in the average male on planet?
  • Power and control; egoic behaviors to avoid personal victimization, persecution or humiliation socially, professionally or in relationships. This is also called the Predator Mind.
  • Shut down heart based feelings, deny trauma and emotional processing of experiences in order to carry out power and control or alpha male agenda. This is the narcissistic wound.
  • Ruthless tactics of manipulation, control, or domination in professional or family setting to get ego needs and desires met based on gender role expectation or personal narrative. (i.e. This is what a real man does, machismo) This is Service to Self.
  • Deny, blame or minimize emotions, feelings, intuitions, or concerns of women or other people, to shift personal responsibility. The rejection of emotional intelligence and higher sensory perception as ludicrous or stupid.
  • Use the male privilege to define male and female roles, levels of enforcing misogyny, and act like the King of the Castle. Hatred generated in the self-rejection of the inner female, Misogyny.
  • Unable to direct emotional tensions or communicate openly about personal feelings, unable to interact in mutual dialogues. FKoT people talk at you, not with you. Incapable of interacting intimately and being vulnerable through shared dialogues, from fear of getting hurt.
  • Prone to forms of inner or outer violence as inner tension explodes, as well as playing mind games of emotional or mental abuse. This leads to potential sexual and physical violence. The symptoms of deep insecurities, trying to feel control over others and more powerful.
  • Intimidation, threats and bullying techniques to make people afraid. To cause fear of brute strength or potential harm if they act out of line. The Alpha male pattern to mentally intimidate others.
  • Treat certain groups of people on lower class scale, women as servants and breeders, incapable of independent thinking. FKoT believes he is smarter, or better than most people in the room. The Reptilian hierarchal belief system is a rank and caste system.
  • Isolate, deceive and use divide and conquer techniques to disable people that may pose threats to personal power or control over situations. Ruthless belief in the need to win and not be a loser, tied to ideas of self-esteem.
It is important to understand that if an FKoT male feels insecure about his macrocosmic position in the workplace or larger domain, he will tend to project these behaviors at home on the smaller domain of his wife or family. Many men have extramarital sex in order to feel more powerful as men, when they feel impotent in some area of the macrocosm of their world. Other men believe that to be a powerful man you have to have a harem of women to have sex with. These are the similar behaviors enforced in the mind control of the FKoT, which promote the Sexual Misery program.
This is designed to split the male and female principle so these inner and outer principles cannot come into energetic balance and true union. The more people we have sex with at the same time, the harder it is for the internal male and female energies of each person to unify and find balanced expression. When we focus on our spouse or partner as a reflection of ourselves in its mirror opposite, we can choose to love ourselves and love our mirrored self. This intention helps us to unify with our true spiritual counterpart. This pathway of sacred marriage must happen internally within our own inner male and female, before it can be expressed fully in the external. (See Masculine Healing)[4]