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Talking Giordano Bruno with Lori Bruno


Spiral radio classics :Episode number 53 from 8/18/17 .... this is an exclusive interview with Ra Castaldo and guest Lori Bruno ....two of the last hereditary Strega here on the planet!!!!! There's only one Lori Bruno and only one Ra Castaldo . Topics discussed here are mind boggling. Lori talks of her ancestor Giordano Bruno and it only gets better from there. Even warnings about the solar eclipse that this show was just prior to ....go to
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Syrian Rebels Begging for CIA Support to Confront Iran

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(ANTIMEDIA)  Citing Syrian opposition figures, Reuters reported Monday that Free Syrian Army (FSA) envoys have been urging U.S. officials in Washington to resume the suspended CIA program to arm and assist them, especially if the U.S. genuinely wants to confront Iran’s expanding influence in the country.
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According to Mustafa Sejari, a senior official within the FSA, envoys described to members of Congress and officials from the White House the “damaging impact” of U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision last year to end the program to arm and train certain rebel groups in Syria.
“We endorse President Trump’s statements about the need to confront Iranian hegemony in the region. It is time to turn words into action. Until now on the ground it’s the Iranian militias that are expanding without serious resistance,” Sejari allegedly told Reuters by telephone from Washington.
“With every U.S. statement about the need to confront Iran’s influence, Iran has been expanding in Syria while moderate forces that are backed by Washington see aid being dried up and are weakened,” Sejari said.
He also added that Syrian rebels had “asked for the resumption of aid and explained the dangers of leaving moderate FSA forces without support.”
According to Sejari, the delegation also reportedly hoping for sessions with officials from the Defense Department and State Department.
When reports emerged that Donald Trump had ended to the CIA program, it was reportedly the first time the U.S. had openly acknowledged the ‘secret’ program existed, though the Washington Post acknowledged the “secret” program in 2015  and explained that at its peak, the program was receiving $1 billion a year (one-fifteenth of the CIA’s overall budget).
This $1 billion a year was just the tip of the iceberg, however, as the New York Times reported that while the CIA provided most of the direct training, the U.S. has relied heavily on Saudi Arabia to provide weapons and large sums of money. In other words, $1 billion a year is barely enough for Washington’s aims in the country, and Saudi Arabia and other Gulf States were providing even more funding for anti-Assad rebels in Syria.
Even if the program was aimed primarily at the FSA, Reuters reported as far back as 2012 that the FSA and its associates were heavily dominated by Islamic extremists. In 2015, the Tony Blair Foundation released a study that concluded the majority of the rebels in Syria shared ISIS’ core tenets and that distinguishing between the groups was pointless because they all worked together on the ground with common objectives.
Sejari’s main concern, according to Reuters’ report, appears to be the Sunni-Shia divide, which Iran’s growing influence also brings further into the spotlight.
“In all our talks with U.S. officials there was common ground, and on top of the matters discussed was the war on terrorism, (and) expelling Hezbollah and Iranian militias from Syria,” Sejari also said.
Another anonymous delegation member also reportedly warned U.S. officials that if left unchecked, Iran will build a corridor linking its capital to Baghdad, Damascus, and Beirut in Lebanon, often termed the “Shi’ite Crescent.”
While it is unclear if the Trump administration will grant the FSA’s requests, the Trump administration is currently in the process of building a 30,000-strong Kurdish-dominated opposition force in Syria to protect the territory held mainly by U.S.-backed Kurdish forces. Given the force will operate along the Euphrates River to cut off Syrian government forces and Iranian-backed militias, it appears Washington has plans of its owns to confront Iran by creating a buffer force that will dismantle Iran’s planned Shia-dominated bridge.

The “Deadly Breast Cancer Gene” Is A Myth, Lancet Study Confirms


They are calling this the worst flu season in 13 plus years and hospitals around the country are reportedly overloaded. At the same time, this year’s flu vaccine is said to be only 10-30% effective, depending on who you ask, and, right about half of American adults get flu shots, and around 60% of children take the annual jab.
There is international hysteria about the flu at the moment, and major news sources are reporting that more strains are the way, as the death toll rises.
If there’s one thing media is good at, it’s creating hysteria.
Investigative journalist Jon Rappoport asks some important questions about this year’s flu season. Firstly, how do we know that people with the set of symptoms we’re calling flu, really have an influenza virus in their body? Next, is the media hype surrounding the flu more of a PR campaign than a legitimate public health warning?
“…when health officials begin waving red flags and raising alarms about a current viral flu outbreak, it would be more than reasonable to demand they answer questions about their past lies and deceptions.” ~Jon Rappoport
Unless you’re totally committed to the flu hysteria, it makes a lot of sense to question the flu vaccine narrative.
Which is apparently how President Trump feels.
In a 2015 interview with Sirius XM’s Opie and Jim Norton, Donald Trump was asked if gets a flu shot. His response was informed by a common experience: after once getting the flu shot, he got more sick than ever, then vowed never to do it again.
In other words, many people get the flu after getting the flu shot. How they factor this reality into the statistics at the CDC is unknown, but in the worst flu season in recent memory, with half the people getting the shot, you have to wonder if the shot isn’t partly to blame for the high levels of sick people.
“I’ve never had one. And thus far I’ve never had the flu. I don’t like the idea of injecting bad stuff into your body. And that’s basically what they do. And this one (latest flu vaccine) has not been very effective to start off with.

I have friends that religiously get the flu shot and then they get the flu. You know, that helps my thinking. I’ve seen a lot of reports that the last flu shot is virtually totally ineffective.” ~President Trump
Here’s the radio segment with Trump’s complete comments:

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About the Author
Alex Pietrowski is an artist and writer concerned with preserving good health and the basic freedom to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. He is a staff writer for Alex is an avid student of Yoga and life.

Your car is spying on you and here’s what it knows

Like a computer on wheels, the vehicle you drive is likely sending constant streams of data about you to the automaker. While this is not a new phenomenon, with the advance of technology the amount of information — and the deepening feeling of an encroachment on privacy — is growing.

Father Follows Intuition, Hires Helicopter and Finds Injured Son in Crash

When an Australian father went to the police about his missing son, they assured him that he was simply overreacting – but it's a good thing that he didn't listen to them, because he turned out to be correct.

The Covens of Azazel & the Babylonian Slave Queen Part 3 - The Lie the Vatican Told

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„Die Rückkehr der Meinungspolizei“: Schweizer Blatt übt scharfe Kritik am NetzDG

Twitter Bans Political Dissidents for Foreign Governments, "We Do That a Lot for China"

Dirk Müller - GroKo ade! Die jungen Wilden kommen

What Really Is The Statue of Liberty - More False Reality



This is the easiest cookie you'll ever make. It's delicious and very satisfying. We threw them together with ease in a few minutes and they're packed full of nutritious loveliness. A perfect fibre filled treat while your on the go, with substantial calories to curb any sweet craving.

Space Weather, Europe Alert, Quake Watch | S0 News Jan.17.2018

This Is How Much The News Triggers People

No Charges for Israeli Soldier Who Killed Palestinian Child Returning From Swimming

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(MEMO) — An Israeli army officer who opened fire on a car of Palestinian civilians, killing a 15-year-old boy, will not be prosecuted, it was reported.
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Mahmoud Badran was killed, and four friends wounded, after returning from a swimming pool on the night of 21 June 2016.
At the time, the Israeli military claimed the forces responsible believed the car of youngsters were responsible for throwing stones at Route 443 in the occupied West Bank.
An investigation by the Military Police Criminal Investigation Division (MPCID) has now concluded that the “mistake” was a reasonable one to make in the circumstances, despite the fact that the officer opened fire in violation of the regulations.
According to Haaretz, the officer in question is a platoon commander in the Kfir Brigade, which is based in the occupied West Bank. He, and two colleagues, were driving towards Jerusalem in plain clothes when they noticed stones and an oil patch on the road, and a bus parked up on the side.
After driving to where they believed the stones had been thrown from, the officer and soldiers got out and opened fire on a car driving on a road under Route 443. Open-fire regulations in the West Bank state that when a vehicle does not endanger the soldiers, shots must be fired in the air.
According to Israeli rights group B’Tselem, “massive fire” was directed at the vehicle of Palestinian youngsters, despite the fact that there was zero indication its occupants were responsible for the stone-throwing (and even if there had been, lethal force was unjustified).
The MPCID investigation similarly concluded that the officer had not seen the stone throwers, and targeted the car purely due to its proximity to the site. Despite such findings, no indictment will be filed against the officer, not even for causing death by negligence.
According to Haaretz, the officer faces dismissal for his conduct during the incident. The army spokesperson told the paper that the findings were still being examined by the Military Advocate General’s office ahead of a final decision.
At the time, B’Tselem predicted that the investigation would produce no results, slamming “the military law enforcement system” as “a whitewashing mechanism.”

Story Time = DR. RAINMAKER

Russian Orthodox Priest Sentenced To 14 Years For Sex With Underage Girls

Vatican attempts to explain giving high honor to adamant abortion supporter

Have a "Real ID?" No? Get A Passport To Fly Domestically. Here Is What A "Real ID' Looks Like

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

King Tutankhamun

DHS Is Planning To Arrest Sanctuary City Leaders

Having been grilled by Democratic lawmakers over her recollections of a White House meeting in which President Trump described some poor nations sending immigrants to the United States as "shithole countries," Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen dropped a potentially even bigger tape-bomb.
The Hill reports that Nielsen testified she did not recall Trump saying “shithole countries” while she spoke under oath before the Senate Judiciary Committee. She described the meeting as heated and said many people in the room used coarse language.
“I don't remember the specific words [Trump used],” Nielsen said under questioning from Durbin. “What I was struck with, frankly as I'm sure you were as well, was the general profanity that was used in the room by almost everyone.”
But then Nielsen shocked more than a few Democratic leaders across the nation, who appear to have grown accustomed to living beyond the law.  
According to The Washington Times, Nielsen confirmed Tuesday that her department has asked federal prosecutors to see if they can lodge criminal charges against sanctuary cities that refuse to cooperate with federal deportation efforts.
“The Department of Justice is reviewing what avenues may be available,” Ms. Nielsen told the Senate Judiciary Committee.
Her confirmation came after California’s new sanctuary law went into effect Jan. 1, severely restricting cooperation the state or any of its localities could offer.

Hawaii Alert Re: North Korea Nuclear Attack Was Obviously Planned


How on this earth could anyone think this was a real mistake? In watching the NBC News report and finding out NBC News "just happened" to visit the missile command the DAY BEFORE, how do you get past that? Of course it was not a mistake. Of course it was on purpose.

The Story Behind Prozac; Destroyed Children; Adverse Effects; Mental Illness Created

An explosion like a “huge bomb” has leveled buildings in Belgium — here’s what we know

antwerp An explosion has rocked Antwerp, Belgium, leaving a building partially collapsed, several homes damaged, and “at least” five people injured. Apparently there was a blast near my old apartment ...

Hello! 2017 California Firestarter Exposed! (Update 2018)


Here's the requested, non-contestable, much needed proof, of just who started the tumultuous California Wildfires of 2017-2018. Contrary to popular belief, the 2017 California Wildfires were NOT extinguished before the end of the year. Actually, the fires weren't finished with their annihilating, relentless beat-down, until January 12, 2018! That's just 4-days ago, as of this very revealing and shocking upload. So, as stated above, here's the requested, non-contestable proof, of how and who started the tumultuous wildfires.

More than 9,250 buildings, and over 10,000 homes, to include many public buildings have been destroyed or heavily damaged in California’s wildfires. Over 282,000 Acres have been scorched by the wild blazes. Over 100,000 people have been affected, and 43 people have been killed.

On top of that, I ask you, what has happened to all the people that have been involved in this horrendous circumstance? Why aren't they reporting on, by social media, what's happening in the many evacuation locations, as well as, what is the deal with the local and national government's assistance and support? Hello! Would somebody inform me please?!?


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170 Million Americans Drink Radioactive Tap Water


Putin Compares Lenin and Communism to Christianity

Russian President Vladimir Putin has compared Vladimir Lenin to a saint and declared that Soviet communist ideas come from the Bible. Putin was speaking during a documentary about the recently ...

Abortion campaigner says she is ‘very honoured’ by pontifical award

Skynet Now: Pentagon Deploys Terrorist-Hunting Artificial Intelligence

Written by  
(ANTIMEDIA Op-ed) — Someday, future sentient artificial intelligence (AI) systems may reflect on their early indentured servitude for the human military-industrial complex with little to no nostalgia. But we’ll worry about that when the day comes. For now, let’s continue writing algorithms that conscript machine intelligence into terrorist bombings and let the chips fall where they may. The most recent disclosure comes directly from the Pentagon, where after only 8 months of development a small team of intel analysts has effectively deployed an AI into the battlefield in control of weaponized systems to hunt for terrorists.
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The military minds in charge of this new form of warfare feel it is nothing less than the future of armed conflicts. For example, Air Force Lt. Gen. John N.T. “Jack” Shanahan, director for defense intelligence for warfighter support and the Pentagon general in charge of the terrorist-hunting AI, says Project Maven – the name given to the flagship weaponized AI system at the Defense Department — is “prototype warfare” but also a glimpse of the future.
“What we’re setting the stage for is a future of human-machine teaming. [However], this is not machines taking over,” Shanahan added. “This is not a technological solution to a technological problem. It’s an operational solution to an operational problem.”
Originally called the Algorithmic Warfare Cross-Functional Team when it was approved for funding back in April, Project Maven has moved quickly, and many in the Pentagon think we will see more AI projects in the pipeline as the United States continues to compete with Russia and China for AI dominance.
Shanahan’s team used thousands of hours of archived Middle East drone bombing footage to “train” the AI to effectively differentiate between humans and inanimate objects and, on a more granular level, to differentiate between types of objects. The AI was paired with Minotaur, a Navy and Marine Corps “correlation and georegistration application.”
“Once you deploy it to a real location, it’s flying against a different environment than it was trained on,”Shanahan said. “Still works of course … but it’s just different enough in this location, say that there’s more scrub brush or there’s fewer buildings or there’s animals running around that we hadn’t seen in certain videos. That is why it’s so important in the first five days of a real-world deployment to optimize or refine the algorithm.”
Right now, Project Maven is intended to give military analysts more of a situational awareness on the battlefield. But could we one day see autonomous drones controlled by even more powerful AI algorithms given total control on the battlefield?
Shanahan wants to embed AI into military systems and operations across the board, and he’s not alone in calling for near ubiquity of AI adoption. A recent report from the Harvard Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs makes the case that we will see a dramatic overhaul of militaries across the world as they implement AI technology in the next five years.
“We argue that the use of robotic and autonomous systems in both warfare and the commercial sector is poised to increase dramatically,” the report states. “Initially, technological progress will deliver the greatest advantages to large, well-funded and technologically sophisticated militaries, just as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Unmanned Ground Vehicles did in U.S. military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.
“As prices fall, states with budget-constrained and less technologically advanced militaries will adopt the technology, as will non-state actors.”
Researchers say that rogue terror groups are just as keen to utilize the powerful technology.
“ISIS is making noteworthy use of remotely-controlled aerial drones in its military operations,” the report states. “In the future they or other terrorist groups will likely make increasing use of autonomous vehicles.”
Meanwhile, the geopolitical fallout of AI proliferation continues to be a major issue with regard to the world’s three major superpowers — the United States, China, and Russia. It has been termed a “Sputnik moment.” Military officials, including former Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel in 2014, have said the AI arms race is known as “Third Offset Strategy” and is the next generation of warfare.
Should humans worry about their inept, bloodthirsty leaders handing over the reins of the war machine to…a war machine? Perhaps, but it’s never stopped us before.

HIDDEN CAMERA: Twitter Engineers To "Ban a Way of Talking" Through "Shadow Banning"

Max Igan on The World You Dont Know


"The illusion of freedom will continue for as long as it's profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will take down the scenery, move the tables and chairs out of the way, then they will pull back the curtains and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater." - Frank Zappa

"Who controls the past controls the future, who controls the present controls the past." - George Orwell

When the tyrant has disposed of foreign enemies by conquest or treaty and there is nothing to fear from them, then he is always stirring up some war or other, in order that the people may require a leader. - Plato

"I would rather have questions that can't be answered than answers that can't be questioned.” - Richard Feynman

“I have lived on the lip of insanity, wanting to know reasons, knocking on a door. It opens. I've been knocking from the inside.” - Rumi

Universal Law/sovereign law trumps all others.

1. No man or woman, in or out of government shall initiate force, threat of force or fraud against my life and property and, any and all contracts I'm a party to not giving full disclosure to me whether signed by me or not are void at my discretion.

2. I may use force in self-defense against anyone that violates Law 

3. There shall be no exceptions to Law 1 and 2.


As No One Watched, Trump Pardoned 5 Megabanks For Corruption Charges

While Americans celebrated the holidays, President Trump followed in the footsteps of his predecessors by acting in the interest of Wall Street and using the distraction to do something that was not in the best interest of the American people. He pardoned five megabanks for rampant fraud and corruption, which is especially notable because of the amount of money he owes them.  
Trump has been using Deutsche Bank since the 1990s, and Financial Times has reported that he now owes the bank at least $130 million in outstanding loans secured in properties in Miami, Chicago, and Washington. However, the report claimed that the actual number is likely much larger at $300 million.
Reports claimed that Deutsche was the only bank willing to lend Trump money after his companies faced multiple bankruptcies. The relationship has continued over the years, and an analysis from the Wall Street Journal claimed that Trump has received at least $2.5 billion in loans from Deutsche Bank over the last 20 years.
There have been concerns about Trump’s ties to the bank becoming a conflict of interest, dating back to the 2016 election, and the evidence to support those concerns are now becoming clear.
During the week of Christmas, the Federal Register announced that the Trump Administration had issued waivers to Citigroup, JPMorgan, Barclays, UBS, and Deutsche Bank - all megabanks facing charges of fraud and corruption.  

Monday, January 15, 2018

North Korea is holding onto these nuclear weapons because they think it is their only protection from the United States

"Interstellar" Asteroid Continues to Puzzle | Space News

Joseph P. Farrell: The Cosmic War [Part 01]

The Clinton Gang Has Been 'Looting and abusing' Haiti for Decades

Tropical cyclone threatens Mauritius and Reunion

Tropical Cyclone Berguitta is intensifying in the southern Indian Ocean and is likely to have a major effect on the 'island paradises' of both Mauritius and Reunion. There remains a great deal of uncertainty regarding the track of Berguitta.