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Greece: Thousands march against refugee 'hot spots' in Kos


Thousands of protesters rallied outside Kos’ town hall, Wednesday, against the creation of refugee ‘hot spots’ on the island. 

The protesters were addressed by Kos’ mayor George Kyritsis, who told the crowd that he wanted facilities for refugees to temporarily stay on the island, but requested that ‘Kos come out of the hot spot framework.’ 

SOT, George Kyritsis, Mayor of Kos (Greek): "Kos should come out of the 'hot spot' framework, create an installation for temporary stay so that these people have a space, we never said no to such a space, we were saying yes to a space like that under certain conditions."

SOT, George Kyritsis, Mayor of Kos (Greek): "Not because we can't or because we don't want these people, but because there are specific problems which we are facing, and in this difficult period, the economy of Kos cannot continue to be hurt anymore."


Similac Baby Formula 83% Sugar and Oil


Leaked Documents Show Exactly How Cops Get Away with Brutalizing the Public

Leaked Documents Show Exactly How Cops Get Away with Brutalizing the Public

Claire Bernish
February 9, 2016
(ANTIMEDIA) United States — Documents and contracts leaked when hackers recently breached the servers of the Fraternal Order of Police have revealed “guarantees that disciplinary records and complaints made against officers are kept secret or even destroyed,” according to a new analysis by the Guardian.
Questions have surrounded how police officers simply move on to the same job with another department after facing disciplinary action or complaints — and these leaked documents appear to offer at least a partial explanation:
“A Guardian analysis of dozens of contracts obtained from the servers of the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) found that more than a third featured clauses allowing — and often mandating — the destruction of records of civilian complaints, departmental investigations, or disciplinary actions after a negotiated period of time.
“The review also found 30% of the 67 leaked police contracts, which were struck between cities and police unions, included provisions barring public access to records of past civilian complaints, departmental investigations, and disciplinary actions.”
Anyone attempting to hold police accountable for inordinate use of force and other offenses are often stymied by the so-called Blue Wall of Silence — the invisible, and seemingly impenetrable, tendency for police to close ranks to protect their own when an officer is accused of misconduct in some form. But as the Guardian’s report shows, that mythical Blue Wall has very concrete manifestations.
In fact, as University of Nebraska professor of criminology Samuel Walker explained, there could be “no justification” for such purges of officers’ records, particularly since they would evidence use of force against civilians.
“The public has a right to know,” he stated. “If there was a controversial beating, we ought to know what [disciplinary] action was actually taken. Was it reprimanded? A suspension?”
As many Americans already know, police have a different operating procedure than those who are often unwitting victims of their violent tactics. Where law enforcement officers are alerted to a person’s prior record, even if they have served time for a crime — thus ostensibly ‘learning their lesson’ in the eyes of the law — as FOP president Chuck Canterbury asserted, “Disciplinary files are removed because they affect career advancement. People make mistakes and if they learn from them, they should be removed. This is standard HR practice.”
“Expungement” clauses in officers’ contracts, from small towns to major cities, allow the purging of formal investigations and reprimands from their records, while other departments, which actually maintain such records, hold them to internal scrutiny only — and disallow any public disclosure.
For example, the “Police Officers’ Bill of Rights” found in the 2009-2012 FOP contracts in Ralston, Nebraska, according to The Guardian, stated, “Unless agreed to by an Officer, the City shall not divulge the reason for any disciplinary action that is not appealed to the Civil Service Commission.” And the city was obligated to “make every reasonable effort” to ensure a photograph of the officer didn’t end up in the hands of the public or the media.
Canterbury justified non-disclosure of complaint records by saying, “It’s mostly the false or unsustained complaints that officers feel unduly hurt their careers. Nobody expunges guilty adjudicated use-of-forces, so if these acts are found unsustained in the first place, why should they continue to have any bearing on officers?”
Why? Perhaps because investigations into such complaints are most often completed by the officer’s own police department, and therefore lack impartiality — and because such investigations notoriously find officers not guilty of any offense, even in the face of video evidence.
“These are public employees, so their performance should be available to the public,” said civil rights attorney and former police officer, Devon M. Jacob. “There’s no reason matters of waste or wrongdoing should be kept away from the public. I disagree with this idea that unsustained complaints or investigations don’t matter.”
Despite Canterbury’s claims that departments are superior to civilian review boards “because civilians have no knowledge of law enforcement or expertise on procedures,” as former director of the National Black Police Association, Ron Hampton aptly stated, “People just don’t feel that the police can investigate themselves thoroughly or impartially.”

Profit At World's Largest Shipping Company Plunges On Collapsing Global Trade, Sinking Crude Prices | Zero Hedge

Profit At World's Largest Shipping Company Plunges On Collapsing Global Trade, Sinking Crude Prices | Zero Hedge

Back in November, Nils Smedegaard Andersen, CEO of Maersk, the world’s largest shipping company, gave the world a reality check when it comes to global growth and trade.
“The world’s economy is growing at a slower pace than the International Monetary Fund and other large forecasters are predicting” Andersen told Bloomberg. "We believe that global growth is slowing down [and that] trade is currently significantly weaker than it normally would be under the growth forecasts we see."
That amounted to a harsh indictment of the IMF’s “built in optimism bias” (to quote HSBC), a bias which leads the Fund to perpetually revise down its estimates for global growth once it’s no longer possible to deny reality. “We conduct a string of our own macro-economic forecasts and we see less growth - particularly in developing nations, but perhaps also in Europe,” Andersen added. “Also for 2016, we’re a little bit more pessimistic than most forecasters."
His comments came on the heels of a quarter in which Maersk’s profits fell 61% Y/Y. On Wednesday, we got the latest numbers out of the shipping behemoth and the picture is most assuredly not pretty.
For 2015, profits fell a whopping 84% to $791 million from $5.02 billion in 2014. Analysts were looking for a profit of $3.7 billion. 

French TV uses Russian airstrikes video while reporting on US-led coalition successes in Syria — RT News

French TV uses Russian airstrikes video while reporting on US-led coalition successes in Syria — RT News

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Ist Deutschland bereit für den Ausnahmezustand?


Nach dem Frankreich den Ausnahmezustand verhängt hat, wird nun die französische Verfassung einer Revision unterzogen. So soll der Ausnahmezustand nicht mehr auf nur 12 Tage und maximal 4 Monate Verlängerungszeit eingeschränkt bleiben. Der Grund dafür sind die Pariser Anschläge vom 13. November 2015.
So ein dauerhafter Zustand ist für die Welt nichts Neues. Die USA haben es bereits im Jahr 2001 mit dem Patriot Act vorgemacht.
Auch Deutschland macht sich wegen den jüngsten Ereignissen Gedanken um die Nationale Sicherheit des Landes. Aber wie bedroht füllen sich die deutschen Bürger? Sind sie bereit im Namen der Sicherheit Einschränkungen der Privatsphäre in Kauf zu nehmen? RT Deutsch fragt auf Berlins Straßen nach. Mehr auf unserer Webseite:

‘Sharia police’ float causes a stir at Austrian carnival, police probe launched — RT News

‘Sharia police’ float causes a stir at Austrian carnival, police probe launched — RT News

Moscow shared MH17 radar images, Dutch probe ignored evidence, Russia tells victims’ relatives — RT News

Moscow shared MH17 radar images, Dutch probe ignored evidence, Russia tells victims’ relatives — RT News

Last Pillar Standing Breaks - They're Taking Out The "Generals" | Zero Hedge

Last Pillar Standing Breaks - They're Taking Out The "Generals" | Zero Hedge

The relatively few leaders (aka, “generals”) that had been propping up the indexes are being systematically taken out.
“The way we see it is that the 6-year bull market is running out of steam, the steam being the number of stocks contributing to its advance. This occurs at the end of cyclical bull markets, ala 1999 and 2007. Once the relatively few stocks that are still propping up the market roll over, there is no foundation of support left to prevent a significant decline. This isn’t doom and gloom propaganda. It’s just part of the market cycle and should be something to monitor closely as we enter 2016.” Conclusion from our final 2015 post (and perhaps a dozen other posts).
The point of our statement above – and all of the warnings we issued regarding the deterioration of the market’s internals over the past year – was that eventually the few stocks that were propping up the major indexes were going to collapse under the weight of that burden. And at that point, there will be no foundation left across the broad market to continue to buoy the averages. Well, since the start of the year, and in particular over the past week, that inevitable reckoning has been unfolding. Those few leaders left standing at the end of 2016, aka the “generals”, have finally succumbed to the selling pressure that preceded them in the rest of the market.
This includes one of the last men standing: the internet sector. The unraveling of the internet stocks is a relatively recent development – and a swift one at that. This is what happens when there are very few areas attracting almost all of the money flow. Once that avenue too is shut off, the reversal can be powerful as all of the inflows attempt to exit at once. Such has been the case with the internet sector. Just 4 days ago, we posted an chart intraday of the Dow Jones U.S. Internet Index, noting the fact that the index was hitting an all-time high. Well, the index gave up its gains of early that day and has been plunging ever since as the selling has finally reached this sector as well.

Zika: Who launched the fake-epidemic story in Brazil? « Jon Rappoport's Blog

Zika: Who launched the fake-epidemic story in Brazil? « Jon Rappoport's Blog

Zika Fear Falters as False Flag Fraud Fizzles



Zika is a bust. But it's accomplished its mission: $1.8 billion in funding, further trial runs of the medical martial law apparatus in another part of the world, and more adulation for the fearless WHO. Join me for today's thought for the day as we put the Zika hype to rest once and for all (hopefully).

Saudis Want Washington to 'Fight Their War in Syria for Them'

Saudis Want Washington to 'Fight Their War in Syria for Them'

8 dead, 150+ injured after 2 passenger trains collide head-on in Bavaria, Germany — RT News

8 dead, 150+ injured after 2 passenger trains collide head-on in Bavaria, Germany — RT News

Coincidence? Baltic Invasion Story Reappears as Pentagon Seeks to Quadruple Europe Military Spending | Global Research - Centre for Research on Globalization

Coincidence? Baltic Invasion Story Reappears as Pentagon Seeks to Quadruple Europe Military Spending | Global Research - Centre for Research on Globalization

It seems that Putin is about to invade the Baltics. Again.
With journalists and commentators distracted by Syria and Europe’s refugee crisis, Putin’s enduring desire to dash Westwards across the continent “recreating the Soviet Union” was seemingly put on the media’s back burner for a while. In fact, journalists had been oddly quiet on the subject of the Baltic states and a potential Russian invasion for months.
A piece published by the Financial Times last July admitted that the “consensus” among diplomats and analysts was that Putin had “not embarked on a rampage” to recreate an empire “as some feared last year”.
Given that new-found consensus, one might have suspected that the lull in stories about a forthcoming invasion could be chalked up to journalists deciding to put the subject to rest — but one would have been wrong. For they were back last week with a vengeance.
Interesting timing
On February 2, the Pentagon announced it would seek to quadruple its budget for Europe in 2017 to deter “Russian aggression”. On February 3, the UK’s BBC aired a fictitious ‘war gaming’ account of a Russian invasion of Latvia, complete with a nuclear strike on a Royal Navy warship and a planned strike on London — an exercise which one expert termed“psychological warfare”. On the same day, an American think tank, the RAND Corporation — which is partly funded by the US Department of Defense — claimed that Russia would be able to “overrun” the Baltics in 60 hours.

Ernst Wolff erklärt den IWF in 5 Minuten.


Er sieht aus wie Robert Redford in „Die Unbestechlichen“ und er ist genauso brillant. Die Rede ist von Ernst Wolff, einem Journalisten, der es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht hat, die Machenschaften der Geld-Elite bis ins kleinste Detail auszugraben und einer breiten Öffentlichkeit zuzuführen.
Das geschieht, wie für einen Autoren üblich, in Buchform, oder indem sich der Journalist Wolff für ein Interview vor die Kameras von KenFM begibt.

Wolff will den Dreck, den er zutage fördert, aber auch erlebbar machen. Die Wut über den Irrsinn bei den Usern verstärken, auf dass sich endlich der überfällige Widerstand regt. Nur so ist Wandel möglich.

Aus diesem Grund lädt Ernst Wolff am 11. Februar 19.30 Uhr in die Berliner Urania. Da Thema lautet:

„Weltmacht IWF - Die Auswirkungen der Programme des Internationalen Währungsfonds in Europa“

Was trocken klingt, erhält, wenn Wolff es präsentiert, einen gewissen Unterhaltungswert, wie dieser Ausschnitt aus Positionen #2 beweist.

Giant sinkhole swallows car with family still inside in Peru


People rushed to help a family of three get out of their car after it was swallowed up by a five metre (16.4 feet) sinkhole in the north-western Peruvian city of Trujillo on Thursday.

The father of the family and driver of the car, Edgar Orlando Bartolo Silva, said that the car started falling into the ground shortly after he stopped along the Juan Pablo II Avenue. After descending into the sinkhole, water started filling up the interior of the vehicle. Due to the quick response of the passers-by, the family were pulled out without any serious injuries. Silva was accompanied by his wife and his three-year old daughter.

The sinkhole is believed to have been caused by a burst sewer pipe. The Trujillo area has also been hit by intense rain and flooding in the past week.

Courtesty of Seguridad Ciudadana de Trujillo.

The Guardian: Scary Things to Happen to Europe If Putin Takes Aleppo

The Guardian: Scary Things to Happen to Europe If Putin Takes Aleppo

"Double whammy": Canadian gov't to cease popular airstrikes, send special forces


Canada's PM is sticking to his election promise by ceasing airstrikes against ISIS , yet it is moving to send special forces to the region. RT's Alex Michailovich joins Ed Schultz to discuss how Canadian politics are at play in the move.

UAE to create Minister of Happiness post

Dubai's ruler says the United Arab Emirates will privatise some government services in the oil-rich country as well as create a state minister position devoted to ensuring the happiness of its citizens. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who also serves as the UAE's prime minister, made the comments on Twitter after appearing at the World…

Facebook restores 1 N.J. medical marijuana page, sans pics, prices


TRENTON -- The Facebook home page for a Camden County medical marijuana dispensary is live again after the operators deleted the price list and photos of the medicinal plant, the dispensary manager confirmed. Compassionate Sciences Alternative Treatment Center General Manager Michael Nelson said the Facebook page was back online Sunday - four days after the Menlo…

Legendary Investor Jim Rogers Warns: "Most People Are Going To Suffer The Next Time Around"

Legendary Investor Jim Rogers Warns: "Most People Are Going To Suffer The Next Time Around"

Mac Slavo
February 7th, 2016


Back in the 1970’s as recession gripped the world for a decade, stocks stagnated and commodities crashed, investor Jim Rogers made a fortune. His understanding of markets, capital flows and timing is legendary.

As crisis struck in late 2008, he did it again, often recommending gold and silver to those looking for wealth preservation strategies – move that would have paid of multi-fold when precious metals hit all time highs in 2011. He warned that the crash would lead to massive job losses, dependence on government bailouts, and unprecedented central bank printing on a global scale.

Now, Rogers says that investors around the world are realizing that the jig is up. Stocks are over bloated and central banks will have little choice but to take action again. But this time, says Rogers in his latest interview with, there will be no stopping it and people all over the world are going to feel the pain, including in China and the United States.

We’re all going to suffer… I can think of very few places that won’t suffer. But most people are going to suffer the next time around.
Central banks will panic. They will do whatever they can to save the markets.

It’s artificial… it won’t work… there comes a time when no matter how much money you have, the market has more money.

I don’t know if they’ll even call it QE (Quantitative Easing) in the future… who knows what they’ll call it to disguise it… they’re going to try whatever they can… printing more money or lowering interest rates or buying more assets… but unfortunately, no matter how much P.R. or whitewashing they use, the market knows this is over and we’re not going to play this game anymore.
The entire world is about to get hammered and the average person on the street is the one who will pay the price, as is usually the case.

We can expect more losses in markets, more losses in jobs and more losses to freedom as governments and central banks point the finger at everyone but themselves.

For more news, commentary analysis and interviews like the one above, visitCrush The Street

Still Report #589 - Canada: Muslims Get All Expenses Paid


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Incoming Muslims migrants will replacing Canadian military on 7 military bases long-term, according to the new Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.
According to the Canadian news blog, “The Rebel”, the people of Canada will be paying approximately $200,000 per year for a typical migrant family, not including medicare or welfare. 
The funding is done through the Department of National Defense budget under a line item called: “religious support” and will include construction of mosques or “worship centers”, even Muslim Korans, prayer mats and foot washing towels.
The unprecedented move clearly redefines Canadian democracy from a secular one to one mandating public funding for a single so-called religious entity.
Shockingly, Canadian Armed Forces personnel have even been sent eviction notices from their base housing to make way for the migrants.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.




The Jim Marrs Interview You Won't Find in Books!
In this special Dark Journalist episode he welcomes back Bestselling author of Alien Agenda Jim Marrs for a fascinating rundown of his latest cutting edge research on UFOs, Remote Viewing, Stargates. Genetic Engineering and Alien DNA. 

Remote Viewing UFOs
Marrs reveals his 20 year investigation into the Shadowy Black Ops world of Psychic Spies, Remote Viewers, UFO Encounters and Government Coverups of Advanced Technology reverse-engineered from ET craft. Some controversial Remote Viewing by top psychics Ingo Swann and Pat Price revealed that there are massive space bases built on the moon and there are extensive UFO bases here on Earth in four different locations. He sees a massive covert program dedicated to keeping the truth of alien involvement on planet earth a secret and he details the efforts that Presidents from JFK onward have made, sometimes with fatal results, to wrest the control of the advanced UFO technology from the breakaway military faction inside the Deep National Security State!

Akhenaten is Moses
They also explore fascinating and undeniable links to alien involvement in our ancient past and the shocking implications of the parallel lives of the enigmatic Pharaoh Akhenaten and the Biblical Prophet Moses and how their historical paths have intertwined to such an astounding degree that it has led him to the stunning conclusion that they are in fact: The Same Person! 
Jim describes evidence that strongly suggests that our distant ancestors were technologically advanced and that sophisticated devices like the Ark of the Covenant were achieved by a close interaction with an advanced off-world culture that is best recorded in the sumerian mythological and historical tablets as the Anunnaki. He describes the two warring alien factions in possession of powerful genetic labs and DNA hybridization knowledge that were given the names Enki and Enlil and who formed the basis for the original books of the bible and represent the concepts of good and evil. He also explores the incredible similarity between the Egyptian Great Pyramid on the Giza Plateau, Mayan Astronomy Pyramids layouts, and the the Archaeological Ruins and the Face on Mars. This strongly suggests an advanced off-world culture playing a major role in human development in antiquity. 

Navy Whistleblower Jim Theilmann
Jim also reveals his connection to whistleblower Jim Theilmann, a Navy Lt. Commander and veteran of black ops that was part of a mission for the Secret Space Program to perform top secret surveillance of space targets and who had been operated on and given enhancements to help him perform Deep Space Missions.

The Cult of Secrecy
This fascinating Dark Journalist episode exposes the great expanse between the public consciousness and awareness about UFOs, largely controlled by the mass media vs the true reality on the ground, only available to a few elite insiders who form the greater part of an invisible power structure that is dedicated to ET secrecy in order to preserve the great advantage of the advanced off-world technology. The massive system of Black Budget money that has been harvested from the public budget to research and develop UFO crash retrievals is becoming abundantly obvious as more and more billions go missing from the federal budget.

In addition, Marrs touches on his experience and research with anecdotes on SRI Remote Viewing Program, NASA, Russell Targ, Hal Puthoff, Ingo Swann, Pat Price, Harvard Professor John Mack, Colonel Phillip Corso, Gordon Cooper, Military Cover-ups, and more…!

Shocking, eye-opening, bizarre, thought-provoking, unnerving and alarming, you don't want to miss this challenging, unexpurgated Jim Marrs Interview with Dark Journalist!

Monday, February 8, 2016

Hacker posts info of 9k DHS staff, says FBI is next — RT USA

Hacker posts info of 9k DHS staff, says FBI is next — RT USA

"We Can Put Refugees On Buses": Leaked Memo Shows Erdogan Blackmailed Europe For Billions | Zero Hedge

"We Can Put Refugees On Buses": Leaked Memo Shows Erdogan Blackmailed Europe For Billions | Zero Hedge

If there’s anything we’ve learned over the past twelve months it’s that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is prepared to employ all manner of nefarious tactics in order to preserve his grip on power in Ankara.
Following unfavorable election results last June, Erdogan plunged the country into civil war be restarting a long simmering battle with the PKK and proceeded to crack down on journalists and anyone else critical of the ruling AKP. Ultimately, new elections were called and AKP put up a stronger showing, effectively paving the way for Erdogan to rewrite Turkey’s constitution and install an executive presidency.
But Erdogan’s bullying isn’t confined to his domestic political agenda. Greek media has obtained an internal memo which suggests the Turkish strongman effectively blackmailed the EU by demanding cash payments in exchange for efforts to curb the flow of migrants into Western Europe. “We can open the doors to Greece and Bulgaria anytime and we can put the refugees on buses,” Erdogan allegedly said, on the way to demanding $3 billion per year in aid.
Read more below.
*  *  *
Submitted by Keep Talking Greece
In internal EU memo obtained by Greek media reveals the blatant Turkish blackmail on the refugee crisis. The memo contains a summary of the dialogue between Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan with European Commissioner Jean Claude Juncker and President of the European Council Donald Tusk on 16th November 2015 during the G20 Summit in Antalya, Turkey. The three Presidents were discussing the Action Plan to tackle the Refugees and Migrants Crisis.
According to the memo, the bargain was hard and Turkey demanded 30 billion euro from the European Union in order to refrain from sending refugees and migrants to Europe through Greece.
EU’s offer was 3 billion euro in two years, but Erdogan demanded 3 billion euro per year.

After Crashing, Deutsche Bank Is Forced To Issue Statement Defending Its Liquidity | Zero Hedge

After Crashing, Deutsche Bank Is Forced To Issue Statement Defending Its Liquidity | Zero Hedge

The echoes of both Bear and Lehman are growing louder with every passing day.
Just hours after Deutsche Bank stock crashed by 10% to levels not seen since the financial crisis, the German behemoth with over $50 trillion in gross notional derivative found itself in the very deja vuish, not to mention unpleasant, situation of having to defend its liquidity and specifically assuring investors that it has enough cash (about €1 billion in 2016 payment capacity), to pay the €350 million in maturing Tier 1 coupons due in April, which among many other reasons have seen billions in value wiped out from both DB's stock price and its contingent convertible bonds which are looking increasingly more like equity with every passing day.
DB did not stop there, but also laid out that for 2017 it was about €4.3BN in payment capacity, however before the impact of 2016 results, which if recent record loss history is any indication, will severely reduce the full cash capacity of the German bank.
From the just issued press release:
Ad-hoc: Deutsche Bank publishes updated information about AT1 payment capacity

Frankfurt am Main, 8 February 2016 – Today Deutsche Bank published updated information related to its 2016 and 2017 payment capacity for Additional Tier 1 (AT1) coupons based on preliminary and unaudited figures.  

The 2016 payment capacity is estimated to be approximately EUR 1 billion, sufficient to pay AT1 coupons of approximately EUR 0.35 billion on 30 April 2016.

The estimated pro-forma 2017 payment capacity is approximately EUR 4.3 billion before impact from 2016 operating results. This is driven in part by an expected positive impact of approximately EUR 1.6 billion from the completion of the sale of 19.99% stake in Hua Xia Bank and further HGB 340e/g reserves of approximately EUR 1.9 billion available to offset future losses.

The final AT1 payment capacity will depend on 2016 operating results under German GAAP (HGB) and movements in other reserves.
The updated information in question:

Former USTR Comes Out Against TPP -- Though Not Necessarily For The Best Reasons | Techdirt

Former USTR Comes Out Against TPP -- Though Not Necessarily For The Best Reasons | Techdirt

from the the-tpp-fight-continues dept

People who have worked for the USTR tend to pretty religiously support any and all new trade agreements, so it seems somewhat noteworthy that the former USTR, and now Senator, Rob Portman, has come out against the TPP agreement, saying that he doesn't think that it's a good deal. There are, of course, a number of caveats here that potentially make this at least slightly less of a big deal than it might otherwise be. Specifically:
  1. There's a pretty good chance he's doing this purely for political reasons. He's in a tight re-election campaign for the Senate, and his opponent has been quite opposed to basically any trade deal including the TPP -- and many Ohio residents (i.e. voters) believe (rightly or wrongly) that trade deals mean fewer manufacturing jobs. Portman was also a big proponent of pushing through "Trade Promotion Authority" or fast track, which was seen as a sort of proxy vote on TPP, because it would bind Congress's hands to just an up/down vote on the TPP, without any ability to push back on particular aspects of the agreement. And, Portman also made it clear he could change his mind if the TPP was "improved."
  2. Some of the reasons he's given seem to track with those of Senator Orrin Hatch, in complaining that the TPP doesn't go far enough in expanding intellectual property rights, mainly for big pharmaceutical companies (specifically data exclusivity rules around "biologics.")
So, it could certainly be argued that his speaking out against the TPP are for suspect reasons (and of suspect authenticity). Still, it is rather incredible that a former USTR would proactively say that they don't support such a major trade agreement, and highlights (at the very least) just how toxic the TPP has become with the voting public. And of course, that should raise some pretty serious questions. If the voting public doesn't support the TPP at all, why are we continuing to pursue it?

Rainer Mausfeld: „Warum schweigen die Lämmer?“ - Techniken des Meinungs- und Empörungsmanagements


- mit verbeserter Tonqualität: -
Vortrag an der Christian Albrechts Universität Kiel, am 22.06.2015:
Warum schweigen die Lämmer? Demokratie, Psychologie und Empörungsmanagement.
Prof. Dr. Rainer Mausfeld
Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel
Der Vortrag beschäftigt sich mit einem oftmals als ‚Paradoxon der Demokratie‘ bezeichneten Spannungsverhältnis zwischen Volk und Eliten: Demnach könne es in einer Demokratie beispielsweise passieren, daß, wie Aristoteles bemerkte, „die Armen, weil sie die Mehrheit bilden, das Vermögen der Reichen unter sich teilen.“ Aus Sicht der jeweils herrschenden Eliten sind Demokratien daher mit einem besonderen ‚Stabilitätsproblem‘ behaftet....

Germany Shuts Down Canadian Bank Tied To Money Laundering | Zero Hedge

Germany Shuts Down Canadian Bank Tied To Money Laundering | Zero Hedge

For the first time since 2012, Bafin - Germany’s banking regulator, which for a minute looked like it might actually accuse Anshu Jain of lying about LIBOR - has closed a bank.
All financial transactions by Maple Bank of Canada’s German subsidiary have been halted on the grounds the operation has too much debt or, as BaFin put it, there’s “a prohibition on transfer of ownership and payment, due to imminent over indebtedness.”
Maple - which describes itself as having expertise in "equity and fixed income trading, repos and securities lending, deposits, structured products and institutional sale" - has obligations of around €2.6 billion and assets of €5 billion meaning it “has no systemic relevance” - to quote BaFin again.
It is however, “relevant” for National Bank - Canada’s sixth largest financial institution which has a 24.9% stake in Maple. National will now take a full reserve against that stake, the carrying value of which is CAD165 million. “That means National Bank’s CET 1 capital ratio will take a 13-basis-point hit,” WSJ notes, adding that “this isn’t the first time that National Bank has seen its regulatory capital level dented in recent months.”
No, it’s not, and this “isn’t the first time” that Maple Bank has been under the microscope.
As The New York Times reminds usMaple “played a prominent role in attempts by the Porsche family to take over Volkswagen several years ago [by] helping Porsche lock up Volkswagen shares using a complex combination of derivatives.”

'Pretext to involve US': UAE joins Gulf monarchies ready to send troops to Syria


Following in the footsteps of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, The United Arab Emirates (UAE) stated on Sunday that it was ready to ground troops to Syria to fight Islamic State. Damascus earlier said it would send unwelcomed invaders back ‘in coffins.’


Person tötet Mensch vor Gericht, Teil 2


Mit der Anmeldung eines jeden neugeborenen Menschen beim Standes(amt), wird das Kind schon als tot erklärt. Tote haben vor Gericht keine Menschenrechte und werden daher als Sache behandelt. Eine Sache wird als Person bezeichnet, was übersetzt die Maske bedeutet. Der Mensch wird zur Sache und hat „KEINE RECHTE“ und schon gar nicht vor Gericht !!! 
Maximilian gibt einen Leitfaden preis, wie man sich verhalten sollte/kann vor Gericht auf eine beeindruckenden Weise, mit Oliver [Glöckner] im Gespräch bei Lebenskraft TV.

Wichtig: Es gibt keine Garantie, dass diese Anleitungen immer in der Praxis funktionieren! Im beschriebenen Fall von Maximilian hat es Funktioniert.
Die Behörden haben inzwischen ein Handbuch, wie sie mit unbequemen Fragen umgehen sollen. Zum Beispiel auf den Bezug auf deren Legimitation und Beamtenstatus. Sie haben die Anweisung alles zu ignorieren. Soviel zur Demokratie?
Hier der Link zum Behördenhandbuch mit der Anweisung zur Ignoration:

‘Sexual emergency’ Iraqi refugee raped 10yo boy at swimming pool in Austria


Austrian police have confirmed that an Iraqi refugee was arrested over the rape of a 10 year-old boy at a swimming pool in Vienna in December. He told police he did it due to a “sexual emergency,” local media reported citing the interrogation record. READ MORE:

Cancer Can Be Killed - Dr. Royal Raymond Rife... The Proof We Had This Over 100 Years Ago...


The Rise and Fall of a Scientific Genius:
The Forgotten Story of Royal Raymond Rife

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Breakthrough Discovery Shows That Resonant Frequencies Can Kill Cancer Cells : Waking Times

Breakthrough Discovery Shows That Resonant Frequencies Can Kill Cancer Cells : Waking Times

Anna Hunt, Staff
Waking Times
An important breakthrough may prevent people from suffering from cancer or the aggressive radiation and chemotherapy treatments used to kill cancer cells.
Anthony Holland, an Associate Professor and Director of Music Technology at Skidmore College in New York, U.S., and his fellow researchers discovered that, by creating custom digital electronic signals, they can destroy cancer cells and Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MSRA). In their laboratory experiments, the team used Oscillating Pulsed Electric Fields (OPEF) to induce sympathetic resonant vibrations which in a short amount of time shattered targeted cells from pancreatic cancer, leukemia, ovarian cancer, and the dangerous antibiotic-resistant bacterium MSRA. Below is an image showing the effect that the resonant frequencies had on leukemia cells.
Just as various sound frequencies can shatter different types of crystal and glass, shattering microscopic organisms is possible because they have many similar properties of liquid crystals.
Holland created a device that uses pulsating plasma lights to emit the right frequency electronic signals to induce sympathetic resonant vibration in targeted microorganisms. Holland’s research showed that not only can one change the vibration of a biological living microorganism with an electronic signal, but also that different frequencies of this electronic signal can be used to target different types of microorganisms.
Below is a TED talk by Anthony Holland during which he reveals his discoveries. Starting midway through his talk, Holland shows stunning videos of how various cancer cells react to eleventh harmonic frequency combinations. It took the researchers over 15 months of trying hundreds of frequency combinations to find the ones with the potential to kill cancer cells. Holland’s goal is to create a treatment that can be used to shatter cancer cells and heal cancer patients painlessly and without toxic methods.
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Every Scientific Law We Have Today Will Be Rewritten In The Next 50 Years

Every Scientific Law We Have Today Will Be Rewritten In The Next 50 Years

There is a simple reason why science has a very naive understanding 
of ourselves and our universe. It can only discover correlations, not causation. It does not have a concept of quantum measurements. It has no tools to measure quantum fields. Since everything in the universe happens at a quantum level, science as we know it is only able to breach concepts originating from how relationships function at a rudimentary level, but not why those relationships exist. Science and its conclusions are one-dimensional and there lies its greatest limitation and ignorance, and thus it will never supersede what humans already know about themselves.

Science is so far behind simple empirical observation, so far behind the actual functioning of the human body, so far behind anything remotely relating to the understanding of ourselves and our universe because it can't assess the subatomic forces that guide all matter. Science can't even measure a quantum field or the functioning of more than 90% of our DNA and yet we expect it to be able to determine what a cure is? It is not conceptual so it can't. 

Quantum theory is generally regarded as one of the most successful scientific theories ever formulated, but the majority of scientists fail to embrace many of the concepts and realize that there is no other reality except the one produced by quantum consciousness. 

Quantum physics informs us that a system exists in superposition -- that is, in all possible states -- until we observe that it is only in one specific state.
One of the most beautiful experiments in physics is one that elegantly demonstrated how observation affects quantum systems: The double slit experiment. The double slit sets aside causality, determinism, and the notion that reality is “out there” as it blurs the line between the observer and the system being observed.
In the double slit experiment, researchers found that light and matter can display characteristics of both classically defined waves and particles; moreover, it displays the fundamentally probabilistic nature of quantum mechanical phenomena. It is well explained in the video below.

One of the problems with scientific query is that it more often than not dismisses everything that does not fall into its little box of logic. We can't prove it if we can't test it! So when science doesn't understand something, or encounters the unknown, it places it in the same box to try and interpret its meaning. The problem is, what science doesn't know or appreciate (with current technology) is that the most defining concepts in the universe don't fit into a logical box of linearity. They can't. They're quantum. They're multi-dimensional as is the planet and everything in it.

What studies have failed to address on the planet is causation based on this quantum level. They have tried through many different methods to obtain conclusive results in their scientific research through a countless number of double blind, placebo controlled and random studies which are considered the highest standards for scientific experiment. Still today, there has never been one published scientific study based on this standard that has identified causation beyond sub-atomic levels. Yet it is precisely those levels that cause everything to manifest in the physical body and our environment as it does.

Science can only derive correlations because it does not address energetic causation which is the underlying mechanism behind every single experience and event whether physical or non-physical. 100% of our health, disease and all experience is based on energetic components within our field. There is NO other cause of disease. Diseases are primarily third dimensional experiences and will cease to exist when we learn to maintain vibrational levels at higher frequencies, and we are.
We separate chemistry, physics and so many other sciences when they are all integrated in ways even quantum scientists cannot fathom. Absolutely everything is connected and can thus be manipulated at the quantum level.

Scientists will rewrite all of their laws in the next 50 years once they obtain tools than can measure quantum energy. They will learn that consciousness, emotional states, love, compassion, hatred, fear are all measurable. Can you imagine the day when we can measure the emotional states of entire regions? 

Human DNA is multi-dimensional at that the so-called "junk DNA" has a very specific function that connects us with everything that is. Does that mean you can control matter? Control gravity? Control the laws of physics as we know them? Yes, to all of them. 

They will discover that sacred geometry creates all levels of consciousness, the divine nature of human beings and of course the physical world. Does it not amaze you that humans can only define things in straight lines? Everything is from the linear perspective. But all things in this universe can bend. They don't go straight. It seems the human brain has a difficult time grasping this concept and hence the limitation of sciences on planet Earth.

What about math? Do you think math in a multi-dimensional quantum field is the same as in a linear one? Quantum math is not influenced by empirical values but by the numbers around them. A five is not a five, but is modified and influenced by the four, six and all the numbers around it. This means that the formula for a circle will no longer be Pi in quantum math. It will be a whole number. 

Atomic densities and matter will no longer be seen as static. It will be possible to alter the mass of any object that exists. What people today call anti-gravity will simply be an object without mass. It will float and scientists will wonder why they never thought of it sooner.

Just as our bodies are expressions of our consciousness in a physical form, the physical geometric forms are representations of the original geometry of light that exists beyond the physical level. On this original level beyond the physical, geometric forms fluidly transition into each other, representing how our consciousness continuously transcends and moves into higher and higher states of evolution. The key element that ties the geometry together is that of the spiral, creating a tree of transcendent geometries that represent our true infinite nature and creating endless templates along the way. 

These templates of creation manifest on the physical level in many forms. The physical manifestations are an archetypal expression of the energy fields beyond the physical. Sacred geometry in nature is then a tangible expression of the archetypal matrix of creation that acts as the building blocks of reality.
This will be a big one for scientists as many will learn in the coming few decades to factor energetic principles as causation before initiating any study. Physics and chemistry will be rewritten and scientists will gain a better understanding of the effect of energetic resonance and its effects on all things. This will revolutionize science and remove many obstacles that have hindered scientific inquiry from progressing. The physics and the metaphysics will soon combine. 

All will be understood in ways that were not possible for thousands of years and it will span across the globe. There will be invention that benefit humanity to such an extent that they will transform the food we eat, the air we breathe, the transportation we use, but most of all how we interact as a species. Imagine that. And all it took was the understanding of a quantum field. It's coming.