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Woody Harrelson 'Ethos' - Epic Documentary! - Time to Unslave Humanity


~Unslave Humanity Tactical Media: Presented by twice Oscar nominated actor & activist Woody Harrelson, this powerful new documentary blows the lid off our corrupt system.

From criminal conflicts of interest in politics, to unregulated corporate power, to a news media in the hands of multi-national conglomerates, to a military industrial complex that effectively owns our government.

We cannot fix our system until we know how it works.

Ethos looks at the systemic issues that work against democracy, the environment, democracy, justice and our own personal liberty.

However, it is not all bad news. Ethos offers a solution. A simple but powerful way that you can have your voices heard as they have never been heard before. Watch the film, spread the word, change the world.

Woody Harrelson Presents: Ethos (2011) Director: Pete McGain

PressTV - Palestinian children detained, prosecuted by Israel on rise: Report

PressTV - Palestinian children detained, prosecuted by Israel on rise: Report

Santos Bonacci - The Essential Dignities - School Of The Holy Science -Free webinar


Conference Call With Santos Bonacci on The School Of The Holy Science Website recorded on February 22, 2013
The Essential Dignities

"The School Of The Holy Science is an independent, non religion, non political and non profit on-line resource for those seeking information about who we really are.
It is the intention of this on-line resource to become a repository for the knowledge gathered, unearthed and re-discovered by those diligent researchers who have become enlightened enough to speak with real wisdom and insight about the true possibilities of human spirituality, the full spectrum of its potential and its many dimensions."
* Partial recording until further notice
Santos Bonacci's Site -
The Primer Fields Part 1 -

Pedophilia & Corruption: Will next Pope stop Catholic hell?


Pope Benedict XVI retires, becoming the first pope to abdicate in six centuries. Saying he wants to exit public life and remain 'hidden to the world' - he leaves his successor, to be named next month, to redeem the Church's reputation, following a string of child abuse and corruption allegations. There is little hope that even with Pope Benedict XVI stepping down, the Catholic Church will see an end to high-profile pedophile scandals. All Catholic clergy are culpable, David Lorenz of a priest abuse survivor network told RT.



I remembered what it was that I forgot in yesterday'a video by listening to The Collective Imagination Program before going to bed last night; and that is what I've been pondering in meditation this morning. Heather, Lisa and the Australian OPPT crew have suggested that our Cosmic Contract in having created the separation experiment is now fulfilled. As I'm interpreting this, the idea was to see if, having forgotten our connection to Source and entering a polarized matrix, we would be able to remember who and what we were, namely, children of One Creator. Would we, taking our inheritance and going into the far country, Earth or Gaia, be able to come to ourselves and make the conscious choice to return home? Heather said it would only take one to do it for all the rest. I suggest that a critical mass may be required; and, I think we have done that. Those that step into the energy of the OPPT are declaring to ourselves, the world and the Cosmos: I'm home!

The Illuminati's Secret Mind Control Operations-Dr. Rauni-Leena Luukanen...


Dr. Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde discusses how the Illuminati & elite are killing us systematically with covert mind control technologies fulfilling their agenda of global depopulation.

She hypothesises that future puppet presidents who are invited to attend Bilderberg Meetings, have already been unsuspectingly chipped so as to enable better control of them throughout their election campaign's via this technology.

I recently watched the folowing video of Bill Clinton when he was campaigning, he sat at a desk begging for more interviews to get through after an already arduous and gruelling day, you might think that was noble of him or that he was a workaholic, it wasn't what he asked, it was how he asked, he seemed to be in a hypnotic trance, there was a strange expression on his face and his speech was almost robotic, this would seem to corroborate Dr. Rauni-Leena's suspicions of a secret mind control agenda within the political system and her hypothesis mentioned above.

From mobile phones and their base stations to human frequency changing street lamps, microwave technology is changing lives everywhere, Dr. Rauni-Leena mentions a story of a school in Norway where every child in one particular class possessed a mobile phone, that was with one exception, coincidentally the father of the child without the cellphone worked in a high level post for the well known telephone manufacturing giant Nokia.

We the people can instigate change, it takes unity and a concerted effort to proliferate information such as this, to create a greater awareness, it only takes one match to burn down a forest, we are the 99% they are the 1%.

Read the full story here

[112] Italy Elections: Euro Limbo, No Privacy with Smart Meters, Don't S...


If you ffwd to 15: 33 you will find interesting information about the nuclear sites that are leaking. This is not good.

The Cannabis Cancer Cure with Rick Simpson


Can Cannabis cure cancer? Today we are joined by Rick Simpson to discuss the all natural alternative options to chemotherapy.

For more information visit:

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Dirk Müller - Staatsgeheimnis Bankenrettung uvm.


Army forced to release documents related to secretive Bradley Manning case

Screen propaganda, Hollywood and the CIA

CIA Hollywood
“One of the most pervasive trends in 21st century western culture has become somewhat of an obsession in America. It’s called “Hollywood history”, where the corporate studio machines in Los Angeles spend hundreds of millions of dollars in order to craft and precisely tailor historical events to suit the prevailing political paradigm.” (Patrick Henningsen, Hollywood History: CIA Sponsored “Zero Dark Thirty”, Oscar for “Best Propaganda Picture”)
Black Hawk Dawn, Zero Dark Thirty and Argo, those are only a few major recent productions showing how today’s movie industry promotes US foreign policy. But the motion picture has been used for propaganda since the beginning of the 20th century and Hollywood’s cooperation with the Department of Defense, the CIA and other government agencies is no modern trend.
With Michelle Obama awarding Ben Affleck’s Argo the Oscar for best movie, the industry showed how close it is to Washington. According to Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich, Argo is a propaganda film concealing the ugly truth about the Iranian hostage crisis and designed to prepare the American public for an upcoming confrontation with Iran:
Foreign policy observers have long known that Hollywood reflects and promotes U.S. policies (in turn, is determined by Israel and its supporters).   This fact was made public when Michelle Obama announced an Oscar win for “Argo” – a highly propagandist, anti-Iran  film.  Amidst the glitter and excitement, Hollywood and White House reveal their pact and send out their message in time for the upcoming talks surrounding Iran’s nuclear program [...]
Hollywood has a long history of promoting US policies.   In 1917, when the United States entered World War I, President Woodrow Wilson’s Committee on Public Information (CPI) enlisted the aid of America ’s film industry to make training films and features supporting the ‘cause’.  George Creel, Chairman of the CPI believed that the movies had a role in “carrying the gospel of Americanism to every corner of the globe.”
The pact grew stronger during World War II […] Hollywood ’s contribution was to provide propaganda. After the war, Washington reciprocated by using subsidies, special provisions in the Marshall Plan, and general clout to pry open resistant European film markets […]
As Hollywood and the White House eagerly embrace “Argo” and its propagandist message, they shamelessly and deliberately conceal a crucial aspect of this “historical” event.  The glitter buries the all too important fact that the Iranian students who took over the U.S. Embassy in Tehran , proceeded to reveal Israel ’s dark secret to the world.  Documents classified as “SECRET” revealed LAKAM’s activities.  Initiated in 1960, LAKAM was an Israeli network assigned to economic espionage in the U.S. assigned to “the collection of scientific intelligence in the U.S. for Israel ’s defense industry” (Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich Oscar to Hollywood’s “Argo”: And the Winners are … the Pentagon and the Israel Lobby)
For a real account of the Iranian hostage crisis, a CIA covert operation, Global Research recommends reading Harry V. Martin’s article published in 1995: The Real Iranian Hostage Story from the Files of Fara Mansoor:
Fara Mansoor is a fugitive. No, he hasn’t broken any laws in the United States. His crime is the truth. What he has to say and the documents he carries are equivalent to a death warrant for him, Mansoor is an Iranian who was part of the “establishment” in Iran long before the 1979 hostage taking. Mansoor’s records actually discount the alleged “October Surprise” theory that the Ronald Reagan-George Bush team paid the Iranians not to release 52 American hostages until after the November 1980 Presidential elections [...]

EPA scientists, medicine experts fired for opposing water flouridation

(NaturalNews) Politics, not science, is what continues to drive the water fluoridation agenda today, and it was always the impetus behind the original passage of corrupt water fluoridation guidelines established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) more than 50 years ago. But many EPA scientists, it turns out, as well as other medical and scientific experts, have bravely come out in opposition to water fluoridation over the years, a move that for many cost them their jobs and careers.

Many of those directly responsible for compiling and evaluating safety data on the health effects of fluoride, in fact, observed very early on that the chemical waste product is not at all beneficial for human health. Not only has fluoride never been shown with any sort of scientific rigor to prevent tooth decay in any tangible way, but it has actually been shown to damage teeth, as well as harm vital organs, cognitive ability, glandular function, and bone structure, among other things.

Back in 1985 when the EPA proposed doubling the maximum allowable level of fluoride to be added to water, a large number of EPA's own scientists, legal experts, and advisory personnel, not to mention a panel of scientists tasked with evaluating fluoride for the Surgeon General's office, came out in vehement opposition to the proposal. Fluoride, revealed the science, was not safe at the proposed levels, and should be further evaluated -- many actually called for an immediate moratorium on fluoride.

But their concerns were ultimately ignored, and the EPA decided to move forward with fluoride against the recommendations of its own scientists, who correctly pointed out that even preexisting levels of fluoride in water put people at risk of both dental and skeletal fluorosis. One outspoken opponent of fluoride, Dr. William Marcus, who was then chief toxicologist for the EPA's Office of Drinking Water, was actually fired for refusing to back down and basically shut up about the dangers of fluoride. (

Similarly, Dr. Phyllis Mullenix, who was responsible for establishing the Department of Toxicology at the Forsyth Dental Research Institute (FDRI) in Massachusetts, was fired for speaking out about the results of a study she helped coordinate at Harvard University. When asked about the findings at a conference of the National Institute of Dental Research (NIDR), Dr. Mullenix openly admitted that many neurotoxic effects associated with fluoride had been discovered. She was soon fired from FDRI, and has since received no further grants for her research.

"I got into science because it was fun, and I would like to go back and do further studies, but I no longer have any faith in the integrity of the system," she is quoted as saying at the time. "I find research is utterly controlled."

EPA ignores established research proving dangers of fluoride, wages war against Americans

As far as the EPA is concerned, the agency continues to ignore and deny research compiled by its own scientists that proves fluoride is a damaging neurotoxin. Using the agency's own risk control methodology, known as the "Reference Dose," EPA scientists discovered several decades ago that the maximum acceptable dose for fluoride is 0.000007 mg/kg of body weight a day. But the average person living in a fluoridated area today ingests about 0.01 mg/kg of body weight of fluoride a day, which is 1,428 times the maximum dose.

"The implication for the general public of these calculations is clear. Recent, peer-reviewed toxicity data, when applied to EPA's standard method for controlling risks from toxic chemicals, require an immediate halt to the use of the nation's drinking water reservoirs as disposal sites for the toxic waste of the phosphate fertilizer industry," concluded EPA scientists.

"For governmental and other organizations to continue to push for more exposure in the face of current levels of over-exposure coupled with an increasing crescendo of adverse toxicity findings is irrational and irresponsible at best."

Sources for this article include:


Europa enteignet erstmals die Gläubiger einer Bank

Fassungslos hielt Martin Schröder (Name geändert) den Brief in der Hand. Darin eröffnete die Bank ihrem Kunden aus Südbaden, dass die größte Position in seinem Wertpapierdepot über Nacht wertlos geworden war.
80.000 Euro hatte der Künstler in Anleihen der holländischen Bank SNS Reaal investiert. Und nun das: Die niederländische Regierung habe die Anleihen für wertlos erklärt, teilte die Bank Anfang Februar mit.
Die Papiere wurden ersatzlos eingezogen, ohne Entschädigung. Schröder war enteignet, sein Geld weg.
Die Immobilienbank SNS ist eine von vielen Banken, die im Zuge der Finanz- und Euro-Krise verstaatlicht werden mussten. Der Unterschied: Diesmal soll der Steuerzahler die Zeche nicht allein bezahlen. Deshalb bittet die niederländische Regierung zumindest bestimmte Gläubiger zur Kasse.
Am Montag segnete der Staatsrat in Den Haag dieses Vorgehen als rechtmäßig ab – und statuierte damit ein Exempel, das die Besitzer von Bankanleihen in ganz Europa alarmieren muss. "Der Markt wird vollkommen durcheinander gewürfelt werden", prophezeit Joachim Felsenheimer, Rentenexperte beim Vermögensverwalter Xaia.

Der Fall SNS könnte Schule machen

Schon bei früheren Bankenrettungen mussten Eigentümer und Gläubiger einen gewissen Beitrag zur staatlichen Sanierung leisten. Doch nie ging eine Regierung so radikal vor wie bei SNS. Im Falle Griechenlands etwa wurden nur die Besitzer von Staatsanleihen an der Rettung des Landes beteiligt, die Gläubiger der Banken blieben sogar völlig schadlos.
Bei SNS verloren nun Aktien und nachrangige Anleihen ihren Wert vollständig. "Eine Komplettvernichtung der Investments ist schon ein exorbitanter Einschnitt", sagt Marc Hellingrath, Fondsmanager für Bankanleihen bei Union Investment.
Und der Fall SNS könnte Schule machen. So wird in Kreisen der Bundesregierung auf genau dieses Beispiel verwiesen, wenn es darum geht, wie man mit den angeschlagenen zyprischen Banken umgehen sollte.
Maßgeblich bestimmt wird die Debatte unter den europäischen Regierungen ausgerechnet von Euro-Gruppen-Chef Jeroen Dijsselbloem - der als niederländischer Finanzminister gerade die harte Linie bei SNS Reaal fährt. Nun sollen also auch in Zypern Anleihenzeichner zur Kasse gebeten werden, womöglich sogar vermögende Sparkunden der Banken.
So weit ging Dijsselbloem bei SNS Reaal noch nicht. Sparkunden blieben ebenso verschont wie die Besitzer von erstrangigen Anleihen, im Finanzjargon "senior" genannt. Die Enteignung trifft nur nachrangige Anleihen, die prinzipiell immer mit einem höheren Ausfallrisiko behaftet sind und dafür auch eine höhere Verzinsung versprechen.

Früher waren wenigstens 20 Prozent Entschädigung drin

Diese Anleihen wären ohnehin wertlos gewesen, wenn der Staat nicht eingegriffen hätte und die Bank in die Pleite gerutscht wäre, argumentierte der Finanzminister. Allerdings: In früheren Insolvenzfällen waren bei Nachrang-Anleihen immer noch wenigstens 20 Prozent Entschädigung drin.
Und in der Finanzkrise hatten sich die Gläubiger an noch weitaus geringere Einschnitte gewöhnt, weil die Last der Steuerzahler trug.
Das zu ändern, sei längst überfällig gewesen, sagt Finanzprofessor Dirk Schiereck von der Technischen Universität Darmstadt. "Es war politisch immer schwieriger zu rechtfertigen, warum der Steuerzahler einspringen muss, während Kapital, das eigentlich haften sollte, in der Praxis doch nicht haftet."
Er rechnet deshalb damit, dass es Nachrang-Gläubigern auch bei künftigen Bankenrettungen ähnlich ergehen wird wie bei SNS.
"In Spanien hätte es eigentlich schon bei diversen Sanierungsfällen enorme Haircuts geben müssen", sagt auch Fondsmanager Hellingrath. Die Regierung habe davor zurückgeschreckt, weil Nachranganleihen dort in großem Umfang von Privatanlegern gehalten würden.
SNS-Papiere waren dagegen eher etwas für institutionelle Investoren - Pech für die wenigen Privatanleger wie Martin Schröder.

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2/25/2013 -- Bayou Corne Update -- 20 NEW bubble sites -- Dome Complex C...

God's chosen people

Recently, I've been reflecting on what all this bombardment of rocks from the heavens portends. Today I want to head down a different, but probably related, path.

I'm going to ask you to just bear with me as we go through this. There will be a lot of questions popping up, but I'm going to start with several core assumptions for this story.
  • Assumption number one: there is a God.
  • Another assumption: this God is best represented by certain types of people.
  • Another assumption: since people cannot know anything for sure, they must have faith that these representatives can stand in for the all-knowing power of God. These champions therefore best represent humanity and are above the law because of their intimate association with God.
What's with all these assumptions? Well, I'm just venturing into bizzaro world for a minute, to see what it must be like to live there.

Let's begin with the Pope. The Pope is a well known pedophile sympathizer whose 'sacred city' - the Vatican, planted on Earth by God - serves to protect men who hunger for children's bodies and souls. Is this the Kingdom of Heaven that Jesus spoke of, where people who torture children physically, sexually, and emotionally, and those who protect them, are offered holy sanctuary?

What generally happens when people like the Lakota, the Palestinians, the Africans, the Yemenis, the Guatemalans, the Kurds, and many other groups make pleas for safe harbor, is that they are hunted down and killed. Are we to understand that God's representatives' silence of these peoples' plights means that these people don't deserve to exist? Through God's silence, the people of the world don't have to listen to their wails of anguish. Instead, they emulate the pedophile's champion - the Pope - cloaked in his robe of holiness. So, the logic must go, the pedophile's champion is God's champion is our champion. We should emulate them.
"His continued presence in the Vatican is necessary, otherwise he might be defenseless. He wouldn't have his immunity, his prerogatives, his security, if he is anywhere else," said one Vatican official, speaking on condition of anonymity.

"It is absolutely necessary" that he stays in the Vatican, said the source, adding that Benedict should have a "dignified existence" in his remaining years.


"Documents from the 1980s have been unearthed which conclusively show Archbishop Roger M. Mahony purposefully and intentionally worked to cover-up the sexual abuses of children. Due to this vile revelation the public has scorned Mahony, to which he says he forgives them for their anger. How generous of him."

Read more:

Australia under strong HAARP attack

Click this link to see.

Panic in Greek pharmacies as hundreds of medicines run short | World news | The Guardian

Panic in Greek pharmacies as hundreds of medicines run short | World news | The Guardian

Knowledge Is Power- Santos Bonacci& Jordan Maxwell


Around 1:00 Brett Stillings calls in and talks about jumprooms to Mars and the colonization of Mars.

Class Divide: UK masses slide into poverty as austerity ramps up

A New System beckons....Elizabeth 2 Go Ripple Effect (High).flv


BIG changes are starting to take place and people are waking up....

Originally uploaded by artoo42, thank you
Uploaded on 26 May 2011

For detailed information, Visit:

Elizabeth 2 was crowned by fraud, and has been acting un-Lawfully ever since.

In the binding contract she signed to officially become the "queen" of Britain, she promised NOT to legislate herself, or allow others to do so. This of course she has failed to uphold in a massive way, having given royal assent to over 3,400 acts of parliament so far.

She has also breached that contract in many, many other ways as well.

Because of video, audio, and written evidence compiled by Muad'Dib, there is absolute NO refutation to the FACT that Elizabeth did indeed make this binding contract, and what the terms are for that contract. This video shows only excerpted bits and pieces of that evidence.

The very FIRST time she did anything in breach of that contract, as with any other contract that is broken, either the terms of agreement change (if that's how it's written), or in the case, the contract is immediately voided.

Since Elizabeth has broken her contract with the British people, she is no longer the rightful queen of Britain (if she ever was...), which means she has absolutely no authority or power to bring legislated charges against ANYONE.

This very powerful information can be used to challenge the jurisdiction of ANY court in the commonwealth, by directly challenging the authority of Elizabeth herself (or "Regina" in the courts), and the information is so thoroughly documented, that no one can argue against it and win, because it is just so simple and straight-forward.

In ANY and ALL legislated "offenses" (like traffic fines, income/poll/council taxes, or other victimless "offenses")---this information can be used to have any charges dropped.

It MUST be used by everyone all over Britain if we are ever going to be free from legislated tyranny.

Please study the information, and USE it for your benefit, and the benefit of everyone else.

For more information goto:

Brett Stillings with Lisa Harrison- Mars and more


Brett Stillings finds it very difficult to discuss the topics covered in this interview and does his best to fight through the memory blocks and discomfort. He discusses his training during his youth by both his father and the Military in preparation for teleportation to Mars. His mars training classmate Barry Soetoro (aka Barack Obama), his childhood friend Sam (a Grey ET) and more.

4MIN News February 27, 2013: Coronal Holes Changing in Short Order

India Launches Asteroid-Hunting Satellite | Weather Underground

India Launches Asteroid-Hunting Satellite | Weather Underground

Free Energy Source Dating Back 25.000 Years


Rewriting history has always been one of the favourite tools of the cabal to keep humanity in darkness. I am not surprised at all that this researcher is being attacked from all sides. But we shifted out of the old paradigm, so more and more data is coming to light. Time to rewrite our history. We are not what they taught us.

Another good article here:

Payday loan companies banned from campus as students turn to sex trade to pay off debts

Payday loan companies have been banned from a London university amid fears that students are resorting to desperate measures to pay off debts.
The University of East London’s chaplain today said some students have turned to prostitution after getting mired in debt. The university claims to be the first to outlaw the firms — which offer short-term, unsecured loans at crippling interest rates — anywhere on campus, including in magazines, on posters and online.
UEL said the ban had been imposed because more students were  using payday loans to tide themselves over between grants and student loans.
Rev Jude Drummond, the chaplain, said: “We see people at particular times of year in very distressed and emotional states. They’ve no idea where to go and people are leaving their studies because of financial difficulties.”
She added: “It leads to desperate measures. In this area we’ve got a lot of crime and social problems. There’s a lot of people on the streets who are there because of money worries. There’s evidence of people having to turn to sex work because they can’t makes ends meet.”
Payday loans are based on repayment at a certain time, but borrowers face annual interest rates of more than 4,000 per cent. The new Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, described such loan businesses as “usury”.

Read more:

Trying To Sell Silver Dollars For .99 Cents Outside a Coin Dealer


Quite shocking how ignorant some people are.

Sequester: A Matter of National Security

We Have this Little Problem Called the Sequester-Karl Denninger


We Have this Little Problem Called the Sequester-Karl Denninger

Karl Denninger of predicts, "The only way Bernanke wins his bet on not getting trapped by this is if we are Japan . . . that means no economic growth and no recovery." Denninger goes on to say, "The only thing that holds this whole ball of string together is the federal government running deficits, and we have this little problem called the sequester." Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with analyst/trader Karl Denninger.

Bernanke Bump Fakeout! More Market Losses Are Coming. By Gregory Mannarino

Secret Space War: America's Former Nazi Scientists Dream of Ruling the World

In an exclusive interview with the Voice of Russia, Bruce Gagnon shares little known facts about the militarization of space by the United States, the development of first strike space drones and the foundation of the US military industrial complex by Nazi scientists bent on victory in World War III. If you thought missile defense and drones were bad, you haven’t heard anything yet.
Robles: According to your organization the US Space Command has publicly stated they intent to control space in order to protect US interests and investments. Is space now US territory?
Gagnon: Well, indeed the United States likes to believe that it owns space, and particularly the Space Command, who on their headquarters building in Colorado Springs, just above the doorway they have their logo that reads “Master of Space”. So, I think that it is quite evident that the Space Command does indeed view space as US territory that must be controlled because they clearly understand that all warfare on the earth today is coordinated by space technology and that whoever essentially controls space will control the planet below, in this case on behalf I believe of corporate globalization. And so the Space Command in our thinking has become the military arm of corporate globalization.
And so today the US is developing a whole host of technologies to allow it to fight war from space, through space and in space, controlling not only the Earth but also the pathway on and off the planet Earth, the pathway to other planetary bodies as resources are discovered on other planets: magnesium, cobalt, uranium, gold, water etc.
In a congressional study done back in the 1980s, the Congress gave the Pentagon the mandate to develop the technologies to control the pathway on and off the planet Earth. So, the Space Command sees its role in a very-very robust kind of way.
Robles: Several questions just popped up after what you just said. First one: how do they intend to “control the pathway”, I mean there is not only one pathway off the planet, I mean, how are they going to do that?
Gagnon: Well, in this particular study entitled “Military Space Forces the Next 50 Years”, they talk about the Earth-Moon Gravity Well, that whoever controls the Earth-Moon Gravity Well, essentially with bases on the Moon and armed space stations between, what they said were the L4 and L5 positions in space, they would be able to control these.
And interestingly enough, we know that it was in fact the former Nazi scientists that were brought to the United States following World War II under a program, a secret program, called Operation Paper Clip. These Nazi scientists that ran Hitler’s V1 and V2 rocket programs, they were the first to bring to the Congress of the United States, this idea of having orbiting battle stations controlling the pathway on and off the planet as well as the Earth below.
So, today again there is the whole host of technologies that are being developed by the Space Command. They say at the Pentagon that we are not going to get all of these technologies to work, but through the investment and the research and development in these various technologies, things like “Rods from God”: orbiting battle stations with tungsten-steel rods they would be able to hit targets on the Earth below…
Robles: They call those “Rods from God”?

Read more:

ALL AMERICA MUST SEE THIS! Breaking Reality ~ 2013

Blackwater in Greece: fears of coup as mercenaries drafted for guarding govt, overseeing police

Blackwater mercenaries are currently overseeing the police in Greece as rumours of a coup abound. We understand the situation is extremely tense and that the mercenaries are there mainly to protect the Government and parliament should trouble break out either in the form of a revolution or counter-revolution. Already, a destabilisation plot involving the far-right and police has been uncovered. More below…

Over the last 12 months or more Greece has seen wave after wave of mass demonstrations, riots, battles between police and protesters, armed attacks on Government premises, attacks by fascists (i.e. Golden Dawn ) on migrants, as well as, of course, the complete collapse of the economy. The Government has been beset by scandals (e.g. secret bank accounts in Switzerland) and journalists have been arrested. Most people now exist day by day via co-operatives ; workers are taking over the factories .
As we have said, there is a revolution taking place – a messy revolution . And it’s going to get messier, for the situation in Greece has now entered a critical phase – here is a summary (with further details below):
* Strategy of tension has already commenced
* Government is under siege and is protected by mercenaries
* Military coup is now talked of openly
* Insider warns that revolution (or counter-revolution) is imminent
Strategy of tension
A few days ago we reported on a plot by the police in collusion with the far-right to instigate a massacre of police, which would then be blamed on anarchists – presumably this would then be used as an excuse to introduce martial law or a state of emergency. The plot may have been foiled (23 persons were arrested) by Blackwater working in conjunction with police officers who are loyal to the Government.  Blackwater are expected to continue monitoring police operations generally, to identify those officers who may be involved in other, similar plots.
Note… The term strategy of tension came about in Italy in the 1970s and 1980s when bombings of civilian were committed by neofascist organisations such as Ordine Nuovo Avanguardia Nazionale or Fronte Nazionale ).

Read more:

US farmers flood fields with dangerous poison to fight Monsanto superweeds

US farmers flood fields with dangerous poison to fight Monsanto superweeds

The Face of Pernicous Evil

As a child of the baby boomer generation, there were just so many things that caught my attention and interest that it seemed I could barely keep track of them all.  The one I never mis-placed, the one thing which held me spellbound like no other was sitting out in the back yard at night staring up at the Pleiades cluster in the constellation Taurus.  To be sure, I knew the names of most major constellations; I absorbed everything I could find on the subject.  Humanities first steps into space only fueled my desire to learn about the subject...toss in Captain Kirk, and there was no hope for a normal, decent career in my future.  On any given clear night I would be out there in the back yard...just staring at the Pleiades and listening to Wolfman Jack on my tinny sounding little transistor radio.  At some point, my wonder of the seven sisters was nearly eclipsed by the growing question of just why was I so drawn to this one group of stars, and although it took some time for my head to acknowledge, my heart always knew it was home.
Maybe that was why following the topic of flying saucers seemed so very natural to me, even though many folks used humor & ridicule to conceal their ignorance and unease with the subject.  Seriously, it was almost the sole topic among the comments others wrote in my senior yearbook back in High School.  Humor, it's always been one of those devices we humans use to conceal how we're really feeling about something.  We are conditioned to hide from un-popular beliefs and our own fears almost from birth.  Of course the conditioning must be constantly re-enforced, which very coincidently brought about the advent of a television set in every home, motel and hospital room.  Now a real marriage made in heaven is public ridicule of the UFO subject and official denial of same.  The only trouble is that the damned things won't co-operate, and just keep showing up.
The way I saw things at the time was; if there was nothing highly unusual going on, why all the censorship & secrecy?  Why would the government spend millions of dollars setting up Project Blue Book  to investigate something they maintained did not exist?  Naturally, a single vision powered my pursuit of the UFO enigma, the experience of actually seeing one.  Having had that experience several times now, I can tell you that every time you have it, you know you are gazing at something not of this world.  I'm not talking about little lights in the sky here, but the real deal, up close & personal, slack-jawed with awe-stupefied-like-a-statue, real deal. In fact, it is the overbearing sense of reality that mesmerizes so when we see these things operating with impunity around our world.  The moment you first see one of these craft you just know inside that the government knows too, and the reason they deny it so strongly is because they can't do a single thing about it.  Between the absurdity of the official party line and the amazing reversed engineered toys they come up with it doesn't take too long to realize the government not only knows about the visitors...they're working with them.  

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Pandora's Boxes-Inside nanotechnology's little universe of big unknowns

A PAIR OF SCIENTISTS, sporting white clean-suits complete with helmets and face masks, approach a prefab agricultural greenhouse in a clearing at Duke University’s Research Forest. Inside are two long rows of wooden boxes the size of large horse troughs, which hold samples of the natural world that surrounds them—the pine groves and rhododendron thickets of North Carolina’s piedmont, which at this moment are alive with bird song.
Looking a lot like the government bad guys in E.T., the two men cautiously hover over a row of boxes containing native sedges, water grasses, and Zebra fish to spray a fine mist of silver nanoparticles over them. Their goal: to investigate how the world inside the boxes is altered by these essentially invisible and notoriously unpredictable particles.
The researchers are part of a multidisciplinary coalition of scientists from Duke, Stanford, Carnegie Mellon, Howard, Virginia Tech, and the University of Kentucky, headquartered at Duke’s Center for the Environmental Implications of NanoTechnology (CEINT), that represents one of the most comprehensive efforts yet to measure how nanoparticles affect ecosystems and biological systems.
So far the questions about whether nanoparticles are an environmental risk outnumber the answers, which is why the Duke scientists take the precaution of wearing clean-suits while dosing the boxes—no one’s sure what exposure to a high concentration of nanoparticles might do. Among the few things we do know about them are that they sail past the blood-brain barrier and can harm the nervous systems of some animals.
The regulation of nanoparticles has been recommended for more than a decade, but there’s no agreement on exactly how to do it. Meanwhile, the lid has already been lifted on nanotechnology. The use of man-made nanoparticles has spread into almost every area of our lives: food, clothing, medicine, shampoo, toothpaste, sunscreen, and thousands of other products.
Regulatory structures, both here and abroad, are completely unprepared for this onslaught of nanoproducts, because nanoparticles don’t fit into traditional regulatory categories. Additionally, companies often shield details about them by labeling them “proprietary”; they’re difficult to detect; we don’t have protocols for judging their effects; and we haven’t even developed the right tools for tracking them. If nanotechnology and its uses represent a frontier of sorts, it’s not simply the Wild West—it’s the Chaotic, Undiscovered, Uncontrollable West.
And yet, when I visit the boxes on a warm spring day filled with the buzzing of dragonflies and the plaintive call of mourning doves, they look perfectly benign and could easily be mistaken for a container garden. But there are hints that more is going on: each “mesocosm” (a middle ground between microcosm and macrocosm) is studded with probes and sensors that continually transmit data to CEINT’s central computer.
As I instinctively squint my eyes to try and locate evidence of the silver nanoparticles inside each box, I realize I might as well be staring down at these research gardens from another arm of the galaxy. The scale of these two worlds is so disparate that my senses are destined to fail me.

AS WITH MANY THINGS that are invisible and difficult to understand—think subatomic particles such as the Higgs boson, muons, gluons, or quarks—any discussion of nanoparticles quickly shifts into the realm of metaphor and analogy. People working in nanoscience seem to try to outdo each other with folksy explanations: Looking for a nanoparticle is like looking for a needle in the Grand Canyon when the canyon is filled with straw. If a nanoparticle were the size of a football, an actual football would be the size of New Zealand. A million nanoparticles could squeeze onto the period at the end of this sentence.
But what is a nanoparticle? The very simplest explanation is that a nanoparticle is a very small object. It can consist of any bit of matter—carbon, silver, gold, titanium dioxide, pretty much anything you can imagine—that exists on the scale of nanometers. One nanometer equals one-billionth of a meter. A nanoparticle may range in size from one nanometer to one hundred nanometers, although the upper boundary remains a matter of debate among scientists.
Nanoparticles exist in nature, but they can also be manufactured. One way is top-down: grinding up things that are big until they are really, really small, an approach used in nanolithography for electronics. Or you can make them from the bottom up, following instructions that read like a chemistry textbook: mixing one chemical with another by pyrolysis (heating a material in a partial vacuum), or with electrolysis (running a current through a liquid), or by other means.

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City Wants Power to "Disarm Individuals" During Crisis

Treason Trackers - OPPT Taking Names

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Australian government set to seize money from citizens bank accounts

After legislation was rushed through parliament, the government will from May 31 be able to transfer all money from accounts that have not been used for three years into their own revenues.
This will mean that accounts with anything from $1 upwards that have not had any deposit or withdrawals in the past three years will be transferred to the Australian Securities and Investment Commission.
The law is forecast to raise $109 million this year as inactive accounts for three years or more are raided by Treasury.
The money can be reclaimed from ASIC but the process can take months.
Experts warn this will have a negative impact on people that may have put money away in a special account for their children’s education or decided to put an inheritance in a separate account for a rainy day.
The previous legislation allowed for bank accounts to remain inactive for up to 7 years before the money was transferred to ASIC.
Australian Bankers Association chief executive Steven Munchenberg said there is no benefit for consumers from the changes.
“It is very hard to see why this needed to be rushed through but there have been suggestions it was done more for the government’s own financial circumstances rather than customers needs,” he said.
Mr Munchenberg warned that unaware customers face having accounts frozen and could face months of delays trying to reclaim their won money from ASIC.
This cash grab comes as economists warn the government is on track to hand down a $15 billion budget deficit in May as company tax receipts collapse.
Before Christmas, Treasurer Wayne Swan junked the government’s previously “rock solid” promise to produce a surplus in 2012-13.
The government had also been committed to surpluses in future financial years, too.
But despite the introduction of some tough cost-cutting measures, the latest research from global bank UBS forecasts the May budget will show a $12 billion black hole in revenues and cost overruns of about $3 billion. The biggest pain is coming from the expected $8 billion fall in taxes from the corporate sector.


Role of Secret Societies In Bringing Forth The Coveted New World Order ~ RiseEarth

Role of Secret Societies In Bringing Forth The Coveted New World Order ~ RiseEarth

Including a good list of secret societies.

OPPT Definitions

Heather just posted these on Skype
Source = First Source of all that IS, also known as Creator, Universal Father, God, Allah, Yahweh, and any other title, label or limitation given to First Source by the creations of First Source.

Co-Creator = Eternal Heart created by and from Source, BE’ing.

Universal Contract = Agreement by and between Co-Creator, Eternal Heart, and Source to experience separation, or otherwise contrasts of the whole, Absolute, Source.

Bondservant = Temporary Designation of Co-Creator, Eternal Heart as party to a Universal Contract with Source.

State of Body = the Co-Creator’s chosen manifestation, vehicle, transmitting utility, created to carry out the terms and conditions of the Universal Contract.

CVAC = creation’s value asset centers and each BE’ing in Source’s Universe is a CVAC, individually and equally to all others, with each CVAC granted and guaranteed the right to BE and DO what they BE by their free will choice and the opportunity to exercise that right without prejudice and without damage to any other CVAC, UILO UCC Doc. No. 2012128325.

CVAC SYSTEM (registered as “GOVERNMENT”) = a stationary and consistent planetary system to provide assistance without prejudice to any CVAC in their BE’ing and DO’ing what they BE, but only providing assistance to the CVAC when and in the manner the CVAC chooses by their free will, UILO UCC Doc. No. 2012128324.

CVAC BRANCH = a local stationary BRANCH of the CVAC SYSTEM that can provide customized assistance (language, cultural, etc.) immediately without prejudice to any CVAC that asks for assistance, but only providing assistance to the CVAC when and in the manner the CVAC chooses by their free will, UILO UCC Doc. No. 2012128325.

CVAC SYSTEM’S (registered as “GOVERNMENT”) SYSTEMS OF ASSISTANCE = systems of assistance that PAY focused ATTENTION to specific areas, such as treasury, technology, education, health, and other areas, in order to bring the Absolute Data of that specific area on to the table of Transparency for the sole purpose of assisting any CVAC so that any CVAC has the opportunity to make informed choices by their free will. Each of the focused and specific areas work transparently and interdependently to bring forth Absolute Data and to give assistance to any CVAC as the CVAC chooses by their free will, UILO UCC Doc. No. 2012128324/2012128325.

UILO = UNIVERSAL and INTERNATIONAL LAW ORDINANCE, a part and sub-section of LAW ORDINANCE and its records, that are issued by Co-Creators with full responsibility and under full liability of the Co-Creator that issues it… Universal Law Ordinance is noticed by action or inaction while International Law Ordinance, inclusive of its National, and State departments, is noticed by public registration.

Gold Confiscation Begins? Report of 2 Dozen Gold Krugerrands Stolen From Safety Deposit Box by CIA |

Gold Confiscation Begins? Report of 2 Dozen Gold Krugerrands Stolen From Safety Deposit Box by CIA |

It would take 2000 years to identify all species we still don't know about

Ex-Blackwater mercenaries avoid felony convictions


Nearly five years ago, the US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms raided the organization formerly known as Blackwater and seized 22 automatic weapons. Five of the former Blackwater officials were accused of using unregistered guns and using a local sheriff's office as a proxy to purchase the automatic weapons, but recently most of the felony firearms violations charges were dropped. The verdict has many wondering did the punishment fit the crime? Michael O'Brien, author of America's Failure in Iraq, joins us to discuss the case.

Der strukturelle Irrsinn - Stern Journalist Arno Luik in Stuttgart 24.02...

Spain Study Confirms Hemp Oil Cures Cancer without Side Effects

The International Medical Veritas Association (IMVA) is putting hemp oil on its cancer protocol. It is a prioritized protocol list whose top five items are magnesium chloride, iodine, selenium, Alpha Lipoic Acid and sodium bicarbonate. It makes perfect sense to drop hemp oil right into the middle of this nutritional crossfire of anti cancer medicines, which are all available without prescription.

Hemp oil has long been recognised as one of the most versatile and beneficial substances known to man. Derived from hemp seeds (a member of the achene family of fruits) it has been regarded as a superfood due to its high essential fatty acid content and the unique ratio of omega3 to omega6 and gamma linolenic acid (GLA) – 2:5:1. Hemp oil, is known to contain up to 5% of pure GLA, a much higher concentration than any other plant, even higher than spirulina. For thousands of years, the hemp plant has been used in elixirs and medicinal teas because of its healing properties and now medical science is zeroing in on the properties of its active substances.

Both the commercial legal type of hemp oil and the illegal THC laden hemp oil are one of the most power-packed protein sources available in the plant kingdom. Its oil can be used in many nutritional and transdermal applications. In other chapters in my Winning the War on Cancer book we will discuss in-depth about GLA and cancer and also the interesting work of Dr. Johanna Budwig. She uses flax seed oil instead of hemp oil to cure cancer – through effecting changes in cell walls – using these omega3 and omega6 laden medicinal oils.

Actually there is another way to use medical marijuana without smoking the leaf. According to Dr. Tod H. Mikuriya, “The usual irritating and toxic breakdown products of burning utilized with smoking are totally avoided with vaporization. Extraction and inhaling cannabinoid essential oils below ignition temperature of both crude and refined cannabis products affords significant mitigation of irritation to the oral cavity, and tracheobronchial tree from pyrollytic breakdown products.[iii]

Rick Simpson, the man in the documentary below, has been making hemp oil and sharing it with friends and neighbors without charging for it. In small doses, he says, it makes you well without getting you high. “Well you can’t deny your own eyes can you?” Simpson asks. “Here’s someone dying of cancer and they’re not dying anymore. I don’t care if the medicine comes from a tomato plant, potato plant or a hemp plant, if the medicine is safe and helps and works, why not use it?” he asks.

When a person has cancer and is dying this question reaches a critical point. The bravery of Rick Simpson from Canada in showing us how to make hemp oil for ourselves offers many people a hope that should be increasingly appreciated as money dries up for expensive cancer treatments. We are going to need inexpensive medicines in the future and there is nothing better than the ones we can make reasonably cheaply ourselves.

For most people in the world it is illegal so the choice could come down to breaking the law or dying. There is no research to indicate what advantages oral use of hemp oil vs. vaporization but we can assume that advantage would be nutritional with oral intake. Dr. Budwig Below work would sustain this point of view especially for cancer patients.

The Science

According to Dr. Robert Ramer and Dr. Burkhard Hinz of the University of Rostock in Germany medical marijuana can be an effective treatment for cancer.[v] Their research was published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute Advance Access on December 25th of 2007 in a paper entitled Inhibition of Cancer Cell Invasion by Cannabinoids via Increased Expression of Tissue Inhibitor of Matrix Metalloproteinases-1.

The biggest contribution of this breakthrough discovery, is that the expression of TIMP-1 was shown to be stimulated by cannabinoid receptor activation and to mediate the anti-invasive effect of cannabinoids. Prior to now the cellular mechanisms underlying this effect were unclear and the relevance of the findings to the behavior of tumor cells in vivo remains to be determined.

Marijuana cuts lung cancer tumor growth in half, a 2007 Harvard Medical School study shows.[vi] The active ingredient in marijuana cuts tumor growth in lung cancer in half and significantly reduces the ability of the cancer to spread, say researchers at Harvard University who tested the chemical in both lab and mouse studies.

This is the first set of experiments to show that the compound, Delta-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), inhibits EGF-induced growth and migration in epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) expressing non-small cell lung cancer cell lines. Lung cancers that over-express EGFR are usually highly aggressive and resistant to chemotherapy. THC that targets cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2 is similar in function to endocannabinoids, which are cannabinoids that are naturally produced in the body and activate these receptors.

“The beauty of this study is that we are showing that a substance of abuse, if used prudently, may offer a new road to therapy against lung cancer,” said Anju Preet, Ph.D., a researcher in the Division of Experimental Medicine. Acting through cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2, endocannabinoids (as well as THC) are thought to play a role in variety of biological functions, including pain and anxiety control, and inflammation.

Researchers reported in the August 15, 2004 issue of Cancer Research, the journal of the American Association for Cancer Research, that marijuana’s constituents inhibited the spread of brain cancer in human tumor biopsies.[vii] In a related development, a research team from the University of South Florida further noted that THC can also selectively inhibit the activation and replication of gamma herpes viruses. The viruses, which can lie dormant for years within white blood cells before becoming active and spreading to other cells, are thought to increase one’s chances of developing cancers such as Kaposi’s Sarcoma, Burkitt’s lymphoma and Hodgkin’s disease.[viii]

In 1998, a research team at Madrid’s Complutense University discovered that THC can selectively induce programmed cell death in brain tumor cells without negatively impacting surrounding healthy cells. Then in 2000, they reported in the journal Nature Medicine that injections of synthetic THC eradicated malignant gliomas (brain tumors) in one-third of treated rats, and prolonged life in another third by six weeks.[ix]

Led by Dr. Manuel Guzman the Spanish team announced they had destroyed incurable brain cancer tumors in rats by injecting them with THC. They reported in the March 2002 issue of “Nature Medicine” that they injected the brains of 45 rats with cancer cells, producing tumors whose presence they confirmed through magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). On the 12th day they injected 15 of the rats with THC and 15 with Win-55,212-2 a synthetic compound similar to THC.[x]

Researchers at the University of Milan in Naples, Italy, reported in the Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics that non-psychoactive compounds in marijuana inhibited the growth of glioma cells in a dose-dependent manner, and selectively targeted and killed malignant cells through apoptosis. “Non-psychoactive CBD produce[s] a significant anti-tumor activity both in vitro and in vivo, thus suggesting a possible application of CBD as an antineoplastic agent.”[xi]

The first experiment documenting pot’s anti-tumor effects took place in 1974 at the Medical College of Virginia at the behest of the U.S. government. The results of that study, reported in an Aug. 18, 1974, Washington Post newspaper feature, were that marijuana’s psychoactive component, THC, “slowed the growth of lung cancers, breast cancers and a virus-induced leukemia in laboratory mice, and prolonged their lives by as much as 36 percent.”[xii]

Funded by the National Institute of Health to find evidence that marijuana damages the immune system, found instead that THC slowed the growth of three kinds of cancer in mice — lung and breast cancer, and a virus-induced leukemia. The DEA quickly shut down the Virginia study and all further cannabis/tumor research even though the researchers “found that THC slowed the growth of lung cancers, breast cancers and a virus-induced leukemia in laboratory mice, and prolonged their lives by as much as 36 percent.”

“Antineoplastic Activity of Cannabinoids,” an article in a 1975 Journal of the National Cancer Institute reports, “Lewis lung adenocarcinoma growth was retarded by the oral administration of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabinol (CBN)” — two types of cannabinoids, a family of active components in marijuana. “Mice treated for 20 consecutive days with THC and CBN had reduced primary tumor size.”

Marijuana relieves pain that narcotics like morphine and OxyContin have hardly any effect on, and could help ease suffering from illnesses such as multiple sclerosis, diabetes and cancer.[xiii]

According to Devra Davis in her book Secret History of the War on Cancer, 1.5 million lives have been lost because Americans failed to act on existing knowledge about the environmental causes of cancer. It is impossible to calculate the added deaths from suppressed ‘cancer cures’ but we do know of the terrible suffering of hundreds of thousands of people who have been jailed for marijuana use.

Hemp oil with THC included has the making of a primary cancer treatment, which even alone seems to have a great chance of turning the tide against cancer tumors. It has the added advantage of safety, ease of use, lack of side effects and low cost if one makes it oneself. Surrounded by other medicinal anti-cancer substances in a full protocol it’s hard to imagine anyone failing and falling in their war on cancer.

THC should be included in every cancer protocol.

Sodium bicarbonate is another excellent anti tumor substance that reduces tumors but is much more difficult to administer than THC hemp oil. Cannabinoids are able to pass through all barriers in the body like Alpha Lipoic Acid so simple oral intake is sufficient. With bicarbonate we need intravenous applications and often even this is not sufficient, often we have to use catheters and few doctors in the world are willing to administer this way.

In the end all cancer treatments that are not promoted by mainstream oncology are illegal. No licensed doctor is going to claim that are curing cancer with sodium bicarbonate though they will treat people with cancer explaining they are balancing pH or some other metabolic profile with this common emergency room medicine found also most kitchens of the world. More than several states have passed laws making medical marijuana legal but the federal government will not relax and let people be free to choose their treatments even if their lives depend on it.

Davis notes that the cowardice of research scientists, who publish thoroughly referenced reports but pull their punches at the end, by claiming that more research needs to be done before action can be taken. Statements like these are exploited by industry that buys time to make much more money. It is a deliberate attempt that creates wholesale public doubt from small data gaps and remaining scientific uncertainties.

They have done that with everything right up to and including sunlight. Everything is thought to be dangerous except the pharmaceutical drugs which are the most dangerous substances of all. Stomach wrenching chemotherapy and the death principle of radiation are legal yet safe THC laden hemp oil is not.

It is legal for doctors to attack people with their poisons but you can go to jail for trying to save yourself or a loved one from cancer with the oil of a simple garden weed. Our civilization has put up with this insanity but there is a great price being paid. In a mad medical world people die that need not and this is a terrible sadness that has destroyed the integrity and ethics of modern medicine.

The science for the use of hemp oil is credible, specific fact-based, and is documented in detail.[xiv] There is absolutely no reason to not legalize medical marijuana and create an immediate production and distribution of THC hemp oil to cancer patients. Unfortunately we live in a world populated with governments and medical henchmen who would rather see people die cruel deaths then have access to a safe and effect cancer drug.

Meanwhile the Food and Drug Administration approved Genentech’s best-selling drug, Avastin, as a treatment for breast cancer, in a decision, according to the New York Times, “that appeared to lower the threshold somewhat for approval of certain cancer drugs. The big question was whether it was enough for a drug temporarily to stop cancer from worsening — as Avastin had done in a clinical trial — or was it necessary for a drug to enable patients to live longer, which Avastin had failed to do. Oncologists and patient advocates were divided, in part because of the drug’s sometimes severe side effects.”

The differences between Avastin and hemp oil are huge. First Avastin will earn Genentech hundreds of millions where THC hemp oil will earn no one anything. Second there are no severe or even mild side effects to taking hemp oil and lastly it is not a temporary answer but a real solution. Certainly hemp oil will ensure a longer life.
Source: endalldisease

Now you know why they fight it so hard.

When It Hits The Fan...

Secret Space Program & Breakaway Civilization


Veronica Keen of the Montague Keen Foundation, interviews Tony Kilvert, who explains the urgent need to make people aware of the dire situation in which we find ourselves.

Veronica Keen is the wife of the late Montague Keen, a prominent academic and researcher with the Society for Psychical Research in London, England.

BBC Madness In The Fast Lane, MKULTRA clones - full 49min

This is the documentary that Miles Johnston talks about in his interview.


Präsentation: Wie funktioniert die Hyperinflation?


Seit den Meldungen in der Neuen Zürcher Zeitung und von PIMCO-Chef Bill Gross zur Gefahr der Hyperinflation ist die Verwirrung über den weiteren Ablauf des Zusammenbruchs im Umlauf. Dennis Small von der Redaktion von Executive Intelligence Review präsentiert in diesem Video anschaulich, was die wirklichen Ausmaße der Hyperinflation sind und welche konkreten Auswirkungen sich bereits abzeichnen. Wichtig ist, dass diese Präsentation in allen Wirtschafts-, Banken- und Medienverbänden zirkuliert wird!

Miles Johnston Interview -Secrets of Ireland - Mind control&Milabs


Veronica Keen, of the Montague Keen Foundation, interviews one of the most popular contributors to YouTube via his channel, megawatts1066.

Increasingly well-known for his fascinating and unique interviews with abductees, alleged super soldiers, and those who investigate the fringes of science, Miles Johnston explains some of his conclusions about our strange reality. He has also studied the crop circle phenomenon and has spent many years investigating alleged underground bases in the United Kingdom.

Miles is an authority on the era of Pirate Radio in the UK and Ireland and possesses a unique video archive as a result of the many years he spent as a pirate radio engineer and broadcaster, including the founding of Kiss FM. He has also worked for both the BBC and Sky TV.

Along with his assistant, Joanne Summerscales, he has formed the AMMACH Project (Anomalous Mind Management Abductee Contactee Helpline) to offer help to victims of alien abduction. Some of these individuals have been willing to be interviewed, offering hard-to-deny personal testimony of their often traumatic experiences.

This interview is intended to be the first of a series of talks with both Miles Johnston and Joanne Summerscales about their work.

YouTube channel: megawatts1066

Cardinal Keith O’Brien resigns after sexual allegations by four priests | Irish News | IrishCentral

Cardinal Keith O’Brien resigns after sexual allegations by four priests | Irish News | IrishCentral

Now even their own priests are stepping up to report sexual abuse in the church.

"Surprise" Residents exposed to high levels of radiation


"Surprise" — Mainichi: It's emerged that radiation surged to 700 times normal before people evacuated near Fukushima plant — Residents exposed to "high levels"

Arizona highway 'sinkhole' is actually a whole mountain coming apart!

New Zealand's White Island volcano stirs, sends out ash clouds

La Caída Del Vaticano "El Mundo Despierta"


Grabado el 14 de Febrero 2013
Esta Noche en "Conspiraciones" La Hora De La Verdad... La Caída Del Vaticano "El Mundo Despierta"... Hoy Johnny Guzmán y Santos Bonacci mostraran los verdaderos motivos de la renuncia del Papa Benedicto XVI y la destrucción del Vaticano... La era de Acuario se esta manifestando... En vivo... Visiten nuestra pagina web: ... Para todos nuestros previos programas entren a nuestro canal de YouTube: QL Televisión...

E stato consegnato il verdetto finale del Primo Caso di Diritto Consuetudinario contro il Vaticano e il Canada, per Genocido

É stato consegnato il verdetto finale del Primo Caso di Diritto Consuetudinario contro il Vaticano e il Canada, per Genocidio.
Il Papa, la Regina ed il Primo Ministro canadese sono stati trovati Colpevoli di Crimini contro l’Umanitá e Sentenziati a Venticinque anni di Prigione.
La Corte Ordina loro di consegnarsi entro il 4 di Marzo o affronteranno un  Arresto Cittadino.


Il Papa Benedetto andrá in carcere per venticinque anni per la sua partecipazione a Crimini contro l’Umanitá, e le proprietá e le ricchezze del Vaticano saranno sequestrati, secondo lo storico verdetto emesso oggi dalla Corte Internazionale di Giustizia del Diritto Consuetudinario.
La Corte, stabilita in Bruxelles, ha consegnato un verdetto unanime dei suoi Giurati Cittadini ed ha ordinato l’arresto cittadino di 30 degli Accusati in un ordine giudiziario emesso il giorno di oggi.
Parte del Verdetto dice cosí:
“Noi, la Giuria Cittadina, riteniamo che gli imputati in questo caso siano colpevoli di entrambe le accuse, cioé sono colpevoli di commettere o aiutare o permette l’esecuzione di Crimini contro l’Umanitá e di essere parte di una Cospirazione Criminale che é tuttora in attivitá.”
La Giuria ha sentenziato che ogni imputato debba ricevere una sentenza obbligatoria di venticinque anni di prigione, senza possibilitá di ottenere la libertá provvisoria; e che tutti i loro attivi personali vengano sequestrati.
La Corte é passata a dichiarare nel suo Ordine 022513-001:
“Si ordina agli imputati di consegnarsi volontariamente agli Ufficiali Civili e agli Agenti autorizzati da questa CORTE, essendo stati trovati colpevoli delle accuse”.
“Gli imputati hanno sette giorni a partire dall’emissione di questo ORDINE e fino al 4 di Marzo del 2013 per compiere quando qui ordinato. Dopo il 4 di Marzo del 2013, verrá emesso un Ordine Internazionale di Arresto contro questi imputati”.
Tra i colpevoli si includono Isabel Windsor, Regina d’Inghilterra, Stephen Harper, Primo Ministro del Canada e gli ufficiali superiori delle Chiese Cattolica, Anglicana ed Unita del Canada.
Il verdetto di colpevolezza é stato emesso dopo quasi un mese di deliberazioni di piú di trenta Giurati Cittadini, i quali hanno esaminato 150 prove presentate dal Pubblico Ministero della Corte.
Queste evidenze hanno indicato prove irrefutabili di cospirazioni criminali massive da parte delle istituzioni degli Imputati, per avere commesso e nascosto il Genocidio di generazioni di minori nelle cosiddette “scuole residenziali” in tutto il Canada.
Nessuno degli imputati ha contestato o questionato la convocazione pubblica che gli é stata consegnata il passato Settembre; non hanno nemmeno negato i reati per i quali sono stati accusati, né hanno offerto elementi di innocenza alla  Corte.
“Il loro silenzio mi ha detto molto. Perché, se sono innocenti, non hanno difeso la loro propria reputazione quando sono stati accusati di cose tanto orribili?” ha commentato uno dei giurati eletto in Inghilterra.
“Questi crimini sono stati diretti a bambini e sono stati freddamente e calcolatamente pianificati per far scomparire gli indigeni che non erano Cristiani. E gli imputati, chiaramente, stanno ancora occultando questo crimine. Cosí che, tutti noi sentiamo che dobbiamo fare qualcosa di piú che dargli solo un colpo sulle mani. Ogni regno di terrore delle chiese appoggiate dallo Stato e che si ritengo superiori alla legge, deve terminare, perché i minori hanno sofferto per questo”.
Il verdetto della Corte dichiara che le ricchezze e le proprietá delle chiese responsabili per il genocidio canadese siano sequestrate e poste sotto proprietá pubblica, come un risarcimento alle famiglie dei piú di 50.000 bambini che sono morti nelle scuole residenziali.
Per far compiere questa sentenza,  la Corte ha dato facoltá a cittadini in Canada, negli Stati Uniti, in Inghilterra, Italia e in un’altra dozzina di nazioni per attuare come suoi agenti legali armati con ordini giudiziali, per occupare pacificamente e sequestrare le proprietá delle chiese Cattolica Romana, Anglicana e Unita del Canada, che sono i principali protagonisti nella morte di quei minori.
“Questa sentenza dá fondamento legale e legittimitá all’occupazione delle chiese che sono giá cominciate da parte delle vittime della tortura della chiesa in tutto il mondo” ha commentato Kevin Annett, che é il consulente capo dell’Ufficio del Pubblico Ministero; ed é colui che ha presentato il suo caso al mondo. (Vedere le pubblicazioni di del 6 di Novembre e del 30 di Gennaio).
“Il verdetto della Corte ha chiaro che questi corpi criminali della chiesa saranno legalmente e praticamente destabilizzati e che le loro ricchezze mal guadagnate saranno reclamate dalla gente. La Giustizia ha cominciato finalmente ad essere compiuta. I morti possono adesso riposare piú facilmente”.
Questa settimana Ufficiali della Corte stanno consegnando l’Ordine a tutti gli imputati, includendo il Primo Ministro canadese, la Regina d’Inghilterra e Joseph Ratzinger, il Papa che si ritira e che sta evadendo l’arresto rimanendo nel Vaticano dopo aver improvvisamente rinunciato due settimane fa.
L’arresto cittadino di questo e altri Imputati, comincerá il 4 di Marzo se loro non si consegneranno e non consegneranno i loro attivi, come lo ha ordinato la Corte.
Queste azioni verranno riprese e pubblicate in nella prossima settimana, insieme ad altre attualizzazioni di ció che é stato emesso dalla Corte e i suoi Agenti Cittadini.
Rilasciato dall’Ufficio Centrale,
Tribunale Internazionale sui Crimini della Chiesa e dello Stato.
25 di Febbraio del 2013.