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Cyprus: A Sign of Bad Things to Come


Our friend Bix Weir joins us to talk about the coming collapse of the Western banking system. Bix says the overt criminality we've seen in Cyprus is just a sign of the bad things that will be unfolding EVERYWHERE soon. We also discuss the New World Order and the Elite's plan for a one world government - a CRIMINAL world government led by the same criminal Banksters who are destroying the financial system and who hell bent on ending the sovereignty of every nation on earth. We also talk about the awakening of the patriots who stand opposed to their evil plan.

Bix's website:

Cyprus President's Family Transferred Tens Of Millions To London Days Before Deposit Haircuts | Zero Hedge

Cyprus President's Family Transferred Tens Of Millions To London Days Before Deposit Haircuts | Zero Hedge

A day after former Cypriot President Vassilou was found to be among many elite Cypriot (politicians and businessmen) who had loans written-off by the major (now insolvent) banks; it appears the rot is far fouler than expected. In a somewhat stunning (or purely coincidental) revelation, ENETEnglish reports that Cypriot newspaper Haravgi claims that current President Nicos Anastasiades' family businesses transferred 'dozens of millions' from their Laiki Bank accounts to London just a week before the devastating depositor haircuts were unleashed upon his people. Of course, the denials are loud and Anastasiades has demanded an investigation into the claims; we are sure the government-selected 'independent' committee will be as thorough as the Libor anti-trust investigators. As a reminder, as we noted yesterday, here are Cyprus' gun control laws.
Via EnetEnglish,
A company owned by in-laws of Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades withdrew dozens of millions from Laiki Bank on March 12 and 13, according to an article published in Cypriot newspaper Haravgi.

The newspaper, which is affiliated to the communist-rooted AKEL party, reports that three days before the Eurogroup meeting the company took five promissory notes worth €21m from Laiki Bank and transferred the money to London.

Responding to the allegations, Anastasiades said: “The attempt to defame companies or people linked to my family… is nothing but an attempt to distract people from the liability of those who led the country to a state of bankruptcy.”

The president added that no one, including himself, will be exempt from the ongoing investigations looking into responsibilities over the near collapse of the economy.

Anastasiades added that when the investigative committee convenes on Tuesday, he will request that its members look into this particular case with the same attentiveness as all other cases.

The company in question has firmly denied the reports.

Last Friday a list of companies and politicians that had loans written off by banks at the heart of Cyprus' bailout crisis was published in Greece and was subsequently handed to the Cypriot parliament's ethics committee. The list includes the names of politicians from Cyprus' biggest parties (excluding the socialist EDEK and the Greens).

PI - The Great Work


Tonight on The Truth Hour... Pi -- The Great Work... Join host Johnny Guzman and Special Guest Marty Leeds... Marty will explain the mathematics behind the great mysteries of ancient stories and the English alphabet... A must see show!!! See us live here on Facebook, and in ... For all of our previous shows go to our YouTube Channel: QL Television

Israeli soldiers force nine-year-old to act as human shield :: :: informazione dal medio oriente :: information from middle east :: [vs-1]

Israeli soldiers force nine-year-old to act as human shield :: :: informazione dal medio oriente :: information from middle east :: [vs-1]

Mustafa Wahdan (9), forced to act as a human shield. (DCI-Palestine)

March 29, 2013

Israeli soldiers used nine-year-old Mustafa Wahdan as a human shield during confrontations with Palestinian demonstrators on 17 February, Defence for Children International-Palestine Section has reported. The soldiers forced the boy at gunpoint to walk among them to protect themselves from the anger of the protestors.
Mustafa testified that he was on his way home from his brother’s car-wash service, which is located about 300 meters from a checkpoint near Ofer, an Israeli prison in the West Bank, when clashes intensified. After he took shelter in a nearby store, Israeli soldiers rushed after him.
Mustafa was taken into custody and ordered to raise his hands behind his head. The soldiers allegedly used him as a human shield for several hours while firing tear gas canisters and rubber bullets at stone-throwing protestors, according to DCI-PS. All the time, one of the soldiers kept his rifle pointed at Mustafa’s back. 
"Whenever they wanted to fire tear gas or shoot bullets at the protesters, they would take me with them. I was really scared that a stone might hit me or something," said Mustafa.
Mustafa was released after his father, Mohammad, arrived on the scene and pleaded with the soldiers for his son’s release. "At home, Mustafa was still very scared. He was silent and did not have his dinner. In the morning, my wife told me that Mustafa was shaking while he was sleeping. The following night, he wet himself," Mohammad Wahdan told DCI-PS.
The use of human shields is prohibited by international humanitarian law. Since 2004, DCI-Palestine has documented 20 cases of Palestinian children being used as human shields by Israeli forces. Nineteen of these cases occurred after 2005, the year the Israeli high court prohibited the practice under Israeli domestic law.
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Police sent to Kenyan cities


Kenyan police have been sent to two major cities, following a court ruling that upheld Uhuru Kenyatta's victory in the presidential election

Global Governance Requires the “Voluntary” Cooperation of Nations | OCCUPY CORPORATISM

Global Governance Requires the “Voluntary” Cooperation of Nations | OCCUPY CORPORATISM

The_World_In_Your_Eyes_by_Davos_MoonSusanne Posel
Occupy Corporatism
March 29, 2013

At the Economic World Forum (WEF) earlier this year, the Global Redesign Initiative Project (GRIP) outlines the future of global governance and how to develop more interactive international cooperation.
WEF is a non-profit organization that asserts “no political, partisan or national interests” while discussing global financial outcomes with the focus on total governance by a few over the many.
Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are utilized at Davos and by WEF to infiltrate economics, social interests, political discussions in public forms, and climate change.
With the banking elite unable to “contain” the global financial crisis and less supporters of globalization in general, Davos has employed 750 experts and 60 taskforces to analyze the problem and fix it.
The GRIP released a report entitled, “Everybody’s Business: Strengthening International Cooperation in a More Interdependent World” on 2010 that explained that there must be a “redefinition” of the key players of the global governance system.
International control over educational systems; systemic financial risk; philanthropy and social investing; emerging multinationals; fragile states; global investment flows; social entrepreneurship; energy security; international security cooperation; mining and metals; the future of government; ocean governance; and ethical values is key and must be prioritized.
The report explains that the future of global governance hangs in the balance of recreating a hierarchy that will successfully overtake all sovereignty and replace it with international laws, reorder the current hierarchy of international governance as it is described in the Charter of the UN.
GRIP encourages the “voluntary” participation of nations as an institutionalized mechanism that is under the ultimate rule of the UN. Restructure of the UN could ensure that another body could hold power while the UN is revamped.
The WEF views “voluntarism” as the answer to their problems with global governance. Should a nation be coerced into willingly participating in the subversion of their individual sovereignty, then the execution of international mandates within each respective nation would be easily implemented.
GRIP suggests certain “players” to replace those in current influential positions to propose standards of global governance to the WEF.

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Goldman Sachs Elevator Gossip

  1. #1: Did you forget your belt today? #2: I don't need one; did you forget to get your suit tailored?
  2. Carl Icahn. Even when he 'loses', he usually still wins. Vanity Fair: Forbes:
  3. #1: Two hipsters walk into a bar. The 1st one did it before it was cool, and the 2nd one did it ironically. #2: I don't get it.
  4. #1: I'm craving some sushi. No domo.
  5. #1: 'Just be yourself' is good advice to probably 5% of people.
  6. MD#1: Handshakes and tie knots. I don't have time for someone that can't master those basic skills
  7. #1: I wish they would define marriage as being between me and Kate Upton.
  8. #1: It's not rocket science. Hong Kong has 95% tax compliance, because it's code is only 4 pages long with a 15% flat tax.
  9. Wynn sold repaired Picasso to Steve Cohen for $16mm more & still got $45mm insurance payout. Eddie Murphy taught him that trick.
  10. If Rosa Parks had just changed her Twitter avatar or Facebook status to support Civil Rights, the South'd still be segregated.
  11. #1: I'm ready to trade sexy boot weather for cleavage weather.
  12. #1: Every unemployed asshole in a bathrobe with a Bloomberg free trial calls himself a hedge fund these days.  #2: Morningwood Capit

If you think China's air is bad, you should see the water

Interest Rates Will Rise, and Bubbles Will Burst

Cyprus Parliament President Says "No Future" Under Troika, Calls For "Iceland" Solution | Zero Hedge

Cyprus Parliament President Says "No Future" Under Troika, Calls For "Iceland" Solution | Zero Hedge

Just last week Yiannakis Omirou, Cypriot House of Representatives President, was calling for the nation to accept it is "time for responsibility" as they progressed towards a final solution; and yet today, as Cyprus' Famagusta reports, he believes the 'Troika-imposed' responsibility will, "turn Cyprus into a colony of the worst possible type." His 'Icelandic' solution is to "leave the Troika and EMS behind," to ensure "national independence, national sovereignty, moral integrity, and economic independence." He may have a point; judging from the chart below of the Troika's poster-child Greece, relative to Iceland, things are not going so well. As Omirou ominously concludes, "if we remain bound by the Troika and the memorandum Cyprus’ destiny is already foretold and there will be no future."

Via Famagusta Gazette,
There is no other alternative but to free Cyprus from the bonds of the troika and the memorandum, House of Representatives President Yiannakis Omirou has said.

Omirou also expressed his conviction that no Attorney General would dream of not following through with the results of an investigation led by an independent committee to apportion blame on those responsible for bringing the country’s economy and banking sector near collapse.

Omirou talked about the troika demands, which according to him will multiply and will turn Cyprus to a colony of the worst possible type and warned “I would like to send a message to the Cyprus people that there is no other way, there is no alternative apart from freeing (the country) from the troika’s and the memorandum’s bonds”.

He noted that certainly, “this road will demand sacrifices”, adding that “by leaving the troika and the EMS behind us, we will ensure our national independence, our national sovereignty, our moral integrity and our economic independence”.

If we remain bound by the Troika and the memorandum Cyprus’ destiny is already foretold and there will be no future”, he pointed out.

Iran is not the threat, we are - American Patriots Rise


It is time to stop being Israel's Bitch!

I renounced my US citizenship and the United States of Hypocrisy refused to acknowledge my right, our right, to self-determination. Alright then, I am thinking now that maybe I just needed to leave for 10 years or so and reflect on things, now that I have, I have made some important conclusions.

First among them is that it remains an embarrassment, that idiot flag waving Americans have sat by while their Constitution was used like toilet paper and their government became a bought and paid for circus of clowns.

Second is that due to this despicable state of affairs of failing to pay attention on our watch we Americans have continued to be complicit in mass murder that is truly unparalleled in the modern age. God help us for what we are collectively responsible for.

Third, our American sons and daughters continue to be used as the meaningless pawns they are and ultimately, aside from those our sons and daughters murder in foreign lands, aside from those we rape and torture, our sons and daughters themselves are the biggest victims of all. We so pathetically spouted "support our troops", like idiots, incredible idiots, while effectively sentencing them to a fate that makes post-traumatic stress disorder almost inevitable. Look at the drug abuse, domestic violence, homelessness and suicide rates of returning soldiers and compare it to the returning soldiers of Vietnam, what the fuck are we doing to our supposedly cherished sons and daughters?

I have come to another conclusion, America is almost assuredly going down and going down hard, so hard that it might just bring the whole world down with it, for this reason more than any other I feel a need to exercise the best virtues I obtained as an American born son and do my best to sound the alarm. To reach out to every genuine, not fake ass idiot patriot, but to reach out to the genuine patriots.

And lastly, we need to acknowledge 100% that the American government is bought and paid for by the Zionist, Jewish supremacists, Israeli "dual citizens", which in truth is a pyramid with the Rothschild's and their bankster kin at the top. These are the puppet masters and they have used America as their strong arm, if we are so blindingly stupid as to continue this role as their enforcers, we will exterminate not only ourselves but possibly this beautiful world we live in.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki are proof of just how horrendous we have been and thus are capable of being today.

It is time to stop being chumps, it is time to actually give some meaning to the word patriot. It is especially time for those in the police, military and government who took an oath to uphold the Constitution to honor that commitment. Are you a person of honor? Or are you a fraudster? A coward?

I couldn't care less about fake patriots, but real patriots, I am serious about working with you. Get the fuck up and take the fake ideals of America and make them real. If that were to happen I will happily ask for my citizenship back... until such time I do not give my allegiance to this criminal entity and thus I am not a citizen regardless of the judgments of this corrupt government and its minions.

When America truly becomes a nation of honor I will be proud to stand among its citizens as a genuine member of the family. Let us make this so.

Thank you to Anthony Lawson for his reading.

Ken O'Keefe

Denver Airport Probe: Nearly $2 Billion Overbudget - |

Denver Airport Probe: Nearly $2 Billion Overbudget - |

A mural shows some type of apocalyptic event to take place sometime in the future. (Photo by Shepard Ambellas -
A mural shows some type of apocalyptic event to take place sometime in the future. (Photo by Shepard Ambellas –
by Shepard Ambellas

March 28, 2013

Special Report

COLORADO —  The Denver International Airport (DIA) which opened in 1995, has been at topic of interest amongst travelers, researchers and conspiracy theorists since its conception.
DIA is the largest airport in the United States and the second largest in the world to King Fahd International Airport.
 The aesthetics of the airport were a particular concern amongst it’s designers according to public reports. Ominous art lines the interior and exterior of the massive 53 square mile complex, ranging from murals depicting some type of future apocalypse, to massive statues which some say represent evil on every level.
In fact Gargoyles protect the exit doors of the baggage claim area which sets an eerie overtone all around, while just down the hall we see the murals. The words AU-AG appear near the murals possibly signifying the Australian Antigen or gold and silver according to some.
There is even a massive sculpture of a blue horse (Mustang) with glowing red eyes as you drive up to the airport. This very same statue actually killed it’s creator, artist, Luis Jiménez, as a section of the 9000lb beast fell on him while he then bled to death. The sculpture was commissioned by the airport at the cost of $300,000.
And if that isn’t creepy enough, to top it all off one of the airports terminals contains a massive statue of Anubis, the Egyptian God of Death.
So what else do we know about the Denver International Airport?
We know that aerial views of the airport show that the massive complex and its runway systems are indeed in designed in the shape of a German swastika. Some speculate that this signifies the involvement of the “New World Order”, a generic term used to define a powerful group of oligarchs that are planning to form a ”One World Government”. It is well known that Hitler’s top scientists were pardoned as war criminals and were sent to work in US underground facilities to continue operations for the black sector of the US government.
On another note, a dedication stone placed on the airport grounds dated March of 1994, is said to have a time-capsule buried underneath it and even makes mention of a “New World Airport Commission”. The stone was placed at the airport by the Freemasons, as a masonic logo is etched into the stone. However, there is currently no mention of this “New World Airport Commission” publicly. Some say that this is an open reference to the New World Order hidden in plain sight.
So where did this term “New World Order” come from?
While Adolph Hitler made reference of it, President George H.W. Bush announced the need for a New World Order in a famous 1991 speech, where he claims “we have a real chance at this New World Order” and that we would see “a new world coming into view”.

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Canada Includes Depositor Haircut Bail-IN Provision For Systemically Important Banks in 2013 Budget

Just as DieselBOOM accidentally admitted Monday, it appears that the Cypriot bail-in is anything but a one-off event, and is in fact the new collapse template for the entire Western banking system, and not just the ECB/ Eurozone!
SD has been alerted to an alarming provision that has been buried deep inside the official 2013 Canadian Budget that will result in depositor haircut bail-ins jumping to this side of the pond during the next bank crisis!
Titled ECONOMIC ACTION PLAN 2013 and tabled in the House of Commons by Minster of Finance James Flaherty on March 21st, the official 2013 Canadian budget contains an explicit provision that Canada will pursue the bail-in model for systemically important banks for future bank failures! [Read more...]


NESARA Rumors - Again

Although people have been waiting for this since years, there seems to be excitement about this. The following article is about how the announcements will roll out. The only thing I agree on is the part where it talks about precious metals. Other than that it seems that the same corrupt people will stay in charge. Even if these announcements come, which I doubt, it says nothing on when it will possibly happen, I don't perceive it as the great change.

Here it is, read and judge for yourself.

Batman Call Notes
Speaker:  East Coast
Highlights of what will take place when the ANNOUNCEMENTS COME…..
No more trustees, therefore no more trusts linked to corporations.
No more bankers cuz there will be no more credit, only cash basis.
Land patents (like the 1900’s) will return, WHERE YOU ACTUALLY OWN YOR PROPERTY.   Now we are cattle and our properties are owned by Queen of England and Vatican.
Corporation and Trustees are going to disappear completely.
This is not only a US event it is a 190 plus country global reset.
All countries we are at war with, such as IRAN, N. KOREA, SYRIA, VENEZUELA..ETC don’t have a central bank …Bingo!  Thus why they are being targeted and bullied so that they can become part of the system.  All wars will seize.
Debt forgiveness – All debts will be forgiven, even people that have paid off debts will also see some return in the form of prosperity packages and they will now have piece of mind that what they own is really theirs.  This is what is happening, they are essentially returning the stolen wealth back to the people.   There are however different prosperity package programs and the ones that people signed for at least 20 years ago will be given priority but all will have some prosperity funds coming.  All will be announced.
Re-indexing as well will take place– For example a home that costs $200K will cost $20K when this takes place.  So essentially you will be able to buy a house or property, or anything you need and then some.
All Stocks will be gone-dissolved
(People will not loose existing ones though, everything has been recorded.  May take a while but they will not loose their value)
No more corporations allowed in the US when this happens because they are all illegal.  For example Sole proprietorships will be legal.
INSURANCES – CAR TAGS etc– Was not sure on how they will handle that.  However he was sure of Certificate of Title and registration but don’t know until the announcements come, all will be explained.  HE SAYS INSURANCES ARE MOSTLY PONZI SCHEMES ANYHOW AND FOR SURE WILL NOT BE LEGAL
What about the people that don’t understand.  …. People will just have to understand and it’s their responsibility to change.  If they want to stay in the same paradigm they have been living in, it’s not your responsibility to change them, some will be happy and some will not.  It just needs to happen, It is now the only way to take it back to prime, whether they like it or not.  And it isn’t one’s responsibility to convince them.
3-hour announcement is prepared and nothing…not even the RV will come until the announcements are made.
People that lost land by crooked bankers will be able to retrieve their land.  Everything the bank has been doing is illegal.  Instructions will be given on how file claims.
(rough draft but the gist of it, I’m sure we will find out, I found a link on this some background -…David Dodge and Tom Dunn – research in Belfast library that were going through some old artifacts and accidentally ran into the original copy 13th amendment in from 1810.  They stoled it.  It was taken before the supreme court in VA in 2000.  Every single lawyer understands that they are all citizens of England not the US.  Some will be retrained under the constitution that were not aware, and others will be deported back to England.
Last and best question of all posed to him was regarding Obama and how he could be a good guy when all evidence points to the opposite.
To answer this, he made reference as an example to what one would need if one was going fishing, …. Tackle, bait, fishing pole, and a good hole to fish in….he states that Obama is nothing but the fishing pole simply that and nothing more.  He was groomed or put in the position for a reason and he has done exactly what he was told to do.   If he was really in for establishing or helping set up a in a new world order he would have achieved that a long time ago.  There is something about him that he will tell us when he makes his announcement that will shock the world.  He will tell us where he really came from and why he was put in this place.  When he was sworn in he mentioned John F. Kennedy at the podium during his speech and was referring to the original republic and many did not catch that.  He is definitely done what he was suppose to do.  He is the fishing pole and many have been arrested since then. 
(Somewhere East Coast mentions that the changes really started in 2011 and most of the people that we see such as newscasters or prominent figures we are constantly questioning are really just clones.  He assures us the good guys which he calls the A-Team are and have really been in full control and know exactly what they are doing.  As a finally Batman recommends everybody see the youtube video “Change is on the Horizon” for the full history on what has been going on and what is about to take place)
Just some notes I took during the Batman call which by the way according to Batman …this particular call will not be recorded.

HAARP US NAVY Hydroacoustics expect 15 million acquatic animal incidences in next five years!!!

Hundreds of Baby Sea Lions Wash Up on Southern California Beaches


Shocking ! Hundreds if not thousands of baby sea lions are washing up on southern california beaches !

The hypocrisy of Justice for All

I was sexually assaulted&tortured to extract false confession-Bahraini medic


In Bahrain, 21 doctors have been cleared of involvement in illegal anti-government protests. The medics have spent more than a year and a half behind bars, for as they say treating injured demonstrators. Dozens of health workers along with opposition activists have been arrested and charged, since the uprising began more than two years ago. Doctor Fatima Haji faced similar charges to the acquitted medics, and she told RT what she had to go through during her confinement

Kevin Annett: Pope Francis, Queen Elizabeth arrest warrants; USA Bishop breaks with Vatican


Kevin Annett: Pope Francis, Queen Elizabeth arrest warrants; USA Bishop breaks with Vatican

28,000 rivers wiped off the map of China | The Australian

28,000 rivers wiped off the map of China | The Australian

The dry riverbed of the Gan river, a tributary of the Yangtze.
The dry riverbed of the Gan river, a tributary of the Yangtze. Picture: AFP Source: AFP
ABOUT 28,000 rivers have disappeared from China's state maps, an absence seized upon by environmentalists as evidence of the irreversible natural cost of developmental excesses.
More than half of the rivers previously thought to exist in China appear to be missing, according to the 800,000 surveyors who compiled the first national water census, leaving Beijing fumbling to explain the cause.
Only 22,909 rivers covering an area of 100sq km were located by surveyors, compared with the more than 50,000 in the 1990s, a three-year study by the Ministry of Water Resources and the National Bureau of Statistics found.
Officials blame the apparent loss on climate change, arguing that it has caused waterways to vanish, and on mistakes by earlier cartographers. But environmental experts say the disappearance of the rivers is a real and direct manifestation of headlong, ill-conceived development, where projects are often imposed without public consultation.
The UN considers China one of the 13 countries most affected by water scarcity, as industrial toxins have poisoned historic water sources and were blamed last year for turning the Yangtze an alarming shade of red.

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Billionaire Plans Park of Giant Dinosaurs : Discovery News

Billionaire Plans Park of Giant Dinosaurs : Discovery News

The Global Ego - Resolve to Escape

Stuart Wilde, Guest Writer
Waking Times 
My ol’ teacher said that before you are born you choose your parents and that you have an overview of the circumstances and beliefs that you are to be born into, he even said you have a comprehension of the defects or inabilities of the future body you will inhabit at birth, your DNA karma say.
It is a very original idea because your birth and the mindset you inherit from your parents overwhelmingly dictates the nature and circumstances of your life’s initial journey. It is our first karma to be born into the restriction of a physical body that is sometimes frightened and it moves slowly, and the second karma is the family imprint that is emotionally embossed upon us. Our third karma develops as we grow up and we go out and test our embossed-self up against real life and other embossed, sometimes warped souls, and we learn through action and reaction.
Our fourth karma is spiritual, for humans know very little about where our consciousness comes from, or the dimensions that exist all around us, and we know little or nothing about God or the after-life, and nothing is ever written about our pre-life, where we were before we were born? Religion attempts to address the subject of God and the after-life but it offers us nothing more than the arrogance of ignorance dressed in a platitude. It is not very accurate… mumbo-jumbo mostly.
These four karmas bind humanity into a collective karma that I call the global-ego. It’s consumerism, violence and titillation, corruption, lies, abuse the status quo, and evil. Essentially it is the spiritual bankruptcy of the soul that Deepak Chopra speaks of, a bankruptcy driven by self-interest, greed and of the curse of silent fears.
At the age of eleven, my then rotten karma had placed me, for what would turn out to be seven years, at a moldy Catholic boarding school. I saw the cruelty, violence and homosexuality of the priests and I vowed to escape. The school was in England and my parents were in Africa and I had no money so my attempt to tunnel out of Stalag 14 at the age of eleven was futile. But I learned the code and I saw how the escape from our karma might be achieved later.
I also learned a concept at an unusually early age that would eventually change my life. Young men yearn for girls and cars, iPods and cool clothes and they pray to be miraculously raised up in some way, fame overnight, please.
Instead, I prayed for wisdom. ‘God, please make me truly wise’ became my mantra, for I saw the ignorance and I knew I was part of it, as I knew nothing. I somehow realized that knowledge would set me/us free. Real knowledge, pure knowledge as I later came to call it.
I knew money was important so I did that for a bit after school , then I learned to meditate and dreams and visions followed and once I could see even a little, everything changed. My whole life became an escape route. Meanwhile, I built alliances with Fringe Dwellers who also sought to escape. We helped each other. I learned love there; we all learned that selfless co-operation is a priceless key.
I did marriage and babies and there was a bittersweet beauty in that, moments of inadequacy and euphoria wrapped in lots of pain, it was the karma of an expensive chocolate embedded in a cactus. And while all that was a wonderful learning – no regrets at all, it wasn’t my real destiny, escapology was the soul mate to which I was bound for life.
I gradually got it – escape that is. Looking back, I saw that at every step I was shown the way out. I learned you need money, not huge amounts just some, and you need wisdom and the community of tunnel diggers. You also need a bit of luck but I came to believe you make your own luck and while we don’t understand the exact mathematics of it all, I still feel it is generated from a program within you driven by pulses of the force of will.
The force of will is like golden mist swirling in a gentle wind, it is out ahead of you as a silent resolve and fortitude, it is the power of all your eventualities, but mostly it is the ability to be patient and to endure while you stalk the wild pendulum; chasing the pendulum is hopeless, if you wait it clunks you on the nose. ‘Plank on head’, I call it.
The desire to flee to a brave new world is a deep yearning, an ache in many-a-soul, but to let go of what you know and jump is scary. It is okay if you balk at the edge; everyone balks at the Jump Program, as it said in the Matrix. But, when staying becomes more frightening than jumping, your soul takes on kangaroo-like qualities.
I already knew how to jump but I would do so gingerly holding my nose, Ayahuasca taught me how to plunge into the void fearlessly. If you want it badly enough you’ll learn to jump, especially if you are bored with life and all the old re-hashed stuff, and copious blah, blah. There is a heroism in jumping for freedom.
The Morph came in 2001 and the walls melted and people dematerialized and the door appeared, I went through and came back and then I went through again, a deer from an inner world helped me, bizarre eh?
The Morph is everywhere; it’s mine it’s yours, it is for everyone, many see it naturally and while you should still pray for wisdom to descend upon you, it’s under your nose really. I taught some people to see the Morph (a small group, maybe three hundred) and I agreed to personally take a hundred and fifty across the Morph to the door for I felt once they knew, they could teach others. I’m in the taxi on the crossing process with those people right now.
Resolve to flee if that is your wish, pray for freedom, act coherently, sell stuff, clean up, heal yourself, and love and respect Gaia for she is our mother and her dark side Kali is very scary. Process your shadow, learn to vision and to dream the lucid dream, and follow those instructions that you see, as that is pure information just for you – a blessing from the Golden Hind also known as the White Hart, the stag on the windy mountaintop that bellows at dusk calling each soul to stop wandering about in loneliness and indecision and come back home.
© 2013 Stuart Wilde — Stuart Wilde.Com

PressTV - Bank of Cyprus to seize savers' deposits

PressTV - Bank of Cyprus to seize savers' deposits

Big savers in Bank of Cyprus face losses up of to 60 percent under Nicosia’s EU-led bailout plan. (File photo)
Big savers in Bank of Cyprus face losses up of to 60 percent under Nicosia’s EU-led bailout plan. (File photo)
Sun Mar 31, 2013 8:3AM GMT

Bank of Cyprus is set to confiscate up to 60 percent of deposits worth over than 100,000 euros (USD 128,000) as part of a recent EU-led bailout plan aimed at saving the Cypriot government from bankruptcy.

Officials said at least 37.5 percent of savings over 100,000 euros at Bank of Cyprus will turn into shares.

Up to 22.5 percent of the deposits will go into a fund attracting no interest and may be subject to further write-offs.

The savings will be held for two to three months until authorities make sure they can meet the conditions for the assistance package from the "troika" of the European Central Bank, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the European Union.

The other 40 percent of savings will attract interest - but this will not be paid unless the bank performs well.

Mario Skandalis, a senior official at the bank, confirmed the figures, but said they had yet to be finalized and that a final announcement was expected by Monday.

Under the deal agreed in Brussels on March 25, Cyprus can only qualify for the 10-billion-euro (USD 13-billion) loan by raising 5.8 billion euros (USD 7.4 billion) of its own.

Bank of Cyprus is set to absorb healthy assets and insured deposits from the island's second largest lender Laiki under the deal, while the rest of it will be wound up, leaving thousands laid off.

Cyprus officials say that Laiki will ultimately be merged into the Bank of Cyprus.

There are concerns that once the capital controls are lifted, people and the wealthiest will rush to move their deposits abroad. The subsequent loss could also have devastating consequences for large depositors such as schools and universities.

Depositors in Cyprus have been allowed to only withdraw 300 euros (USD 383) per person each day. Among other capital controls, payments or transfers to outside Cyprus via debit or credit cards have been capped at 5,000 euros per month.

It is anticipated that the move would spread the fear in other indebted eurozone countries that Cyprus might set a precedent.

Thousands of Cypriots have been demonstrating in the capital to denounce their government, the EU and the IMF for their austerity plans.