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Scientists create DNA tracking tags, might soon be used to track protesters as well as animals | StratRisks

Scientists create DNA tracking tags, might soon be used to track protesters as well as animals | StratRisks

Source: Extreme Tech
According to the tale of Caesar’s last breath, each breath we draw probably contains a few of the molecules that escaped with his last. That assumes of course, that those 1022 molecules were more-or-less uniformly mixed with the 1044 molecules in the atmosphere. When acting blind, as with the simple inert molecules in the air, this great thermal mill only homogenizes. But if purposed with more versatile actors, it becomes the universal constructor that knits order into every cell in our bodies, molecule by molecule. When instead of gases, the molecules are snippets of DNA — barcodes if you will — they can be used to discreetly, and unambiguously, mark almost anything. With the right molecular touch, it is possible to determine where something first came from, and where it has been.
Researchers at the University of Aveiro in Portugal are developing DNA barcode tags that can be harmlessly applied to a wide variety of products, even foods or liquids. Each tag is a unique combination of DNA base pairs that attach to most surfaces, and can later be collected, amplified, and sequenced. The power of this technique lies in the uncountable micro-matings that take place in the DNA solution where the primary goal is to determine like from unlike. Every known sequencing method has some margin of error, and the chance of false positives or false negatives exists whenever the signal to noise ratio is too low.
DNA Barcode2
For example, in some schemes a DNA “fog” might be used to spray violent protesters when there are not enough law enforcement personnel to immediately subdue the lot of them. That tag will be unique, and mark anyone who bears it, at least for a while. Over time however, the signal will spread and degrade. Multiple tags could be used to mark multiple events or increase reliability of a single event. Clearly though, finding a way to contain your marking agent at the outset is the cleanest option.
The general concept has been around for some time, particularly as used by biologists to track and identify species. One major project, known simply as the barcode of life, now has over 200,000 animals cataloged in a searchable database. Since things like animals already come pre-barcoded, all one need do is find some region in their DNA that tends to mutate fast enough over time so that each species can be expected to show enough variation. Usually a 600-spot region in a mitochondrial gene known as cytochrome oxidase I is used. These oxidases are essential enzymes which perform functions like degrading caffeine, and many other drugs, into products that can be removed by the body.
The most imaginative use for DNA barcodes is to trace neurons, and their activities, within the brain. The original BRAIN Initiative, before its initial aspirations were chopped back, called for something even more dramatic — growing barcodes that stored vast amounts of information in real time. In other words, molecular ticker tapes built into every neuron. DNA sequencing pioneer George Church holds the patent for a so-called nucleic acid memory device. This concept uses a specially constructed DNA polymerase (an enzyme which copies DNA) to directly transmute voltages appearing across the membranes of cells into DNA base pair patterns. By using several ticker tapes to create a sufficient level of redundancy, an arbitrary degree of accuracy can be achieved, all within the existing energy budget of the cell.
Some of these concepts will be undoubtedly be harder to implement than others. A simple DNA paint might be something we could buy at the store or make at home with little effort. DNA may be everywhere right now, but compared to what soon may come, we could literally end up swimming in the stuff.

Senate Kills House Bill: What Happens Next | Zero Hedge

Senate Kills House Bill: What Happens Next | Zero Hedge
Now that the Senate has killed the latest proposal passed by the House, and with Harry Reid making it clear he is not interested in a one week Continuing Resolution stopgap, Bloomberg reports that the House will take the tabled bill and make these two changes to it:
And, as expected, if and when this iteration of the dead-end bill passes, the Senate will kill it again. So unless there is a dramatic change in strategy by either party, the government shutdown in just over 9 hours (however brief or not so brief) seems inevitable.
* * *
Update: and just to seal the deal, Reid literally adds insult to injury: REID CALLS HOUSE REPUBLICANS `ANARCHISTS'

The God Within (FULL) from - Mike Adams, founded by Mike Adams, releases this mind-expanding documentary on "conscious cosmology," covering consciousness, particle physics, the nature of reality, the Big Bang, quantum physics, origins of life, free will, and more.

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Nigeria, China ink agreement to fund major power project -

Nigeria, China ink agreement to fund major power project
The governments of Nigeria and China furthered their mutual cooperation on Saturday with the signing of approximately 1.293 billion US dollars agreement on a major power project in the West African country.

Located in Zungeru, a local community in Niger State, 150 km away from the capital city Abuja, the Zungeru Hydroelectric Power Project is expected to generate 700,000 kilowatts or 700 megawatts of power for Africa's most populous country, Minister of Finance Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala said at the signing ceremony.

The Nigerian official noted the contract awarded to two Chinese electric power firms, China National Electrical Equipment Corporation (CNEEC) and Sinohydro Consortium, was given a loan facility by the EximBank of China, with preferential conditions.

The Eximbank would bear 75 percent of the cost of the project while a counterpart funding balance of 309 million dollars had been made available by Nigeria.

"The project will create thousands of jobs during the construction phase both directly and indirectly. A lot of Nigerian technicians, engineers and artisans and others will be employed during the construction phase," added Okonjo-Iweala, who doubles as coordinating minister of the Nigerian economy.

She expressed delight at the success of work at the project site, noting the two Chinese contractors are expected to finish work in 2018.

Chinese Ambassador in Nigeria Deng Boqing, who signed the agreement on behalf of the East Asian nation's government, said the Zungeru Hydroelectric Power Project was significant to the Nigerian people, because it will contribute greatly to economic growth, meeting growing power demand as the West African nation ushers in a new period of industrialization and urbanization.

"China and Nigerian share the same dream, that is to bring prosperity and stability to the people, and these visions have been fully communicated by the leaders of our two countries when President Goodluck Jonathan visited China in July 2013.

"The construction of Zungeru Hydroelectric Power Station is one of the many consensuses reached by the presidents of our two countries. Today, the signing ceremony is the fruit of that state visit and we believe more concrete steps will be taken to further boost our already flourishing cooperation and enrich our strategic partnership," Deng noted.

He said the project, when completed, will also help bring the much-needed electricity for economic transformation toward achieving Nigeria's "2020:20 vision".

"The contractors of this project, Sinohydro Corporation and China National Electrical Equipment Corporation (CNEEC) both reputed for professional experience and cutting-edge expertise, are top-ranking companies in the field of engineering and construction. I have great expectations for the two companies. It is their responsibility to ensure that all works are done with good quality as well as in a timely manner," the Chinese envoy added.

The Zungeru Hydroelectric Power Project was conceived in 1982, but due to constraints of funds, the construction work could not commence.

The Nigerian government approved the project in 2012 in order to obtain more electricity, help maintain appropriate power prices and promote economic growth and development of the country.

In May, President Jonathan said the 1.293-billion-US-dollar power project would be the largest to be built by his administration.

Swiss military simulates French attack - SWITZERLAND - FRANCE 24

Swiss military simulates French attack - SWITZERLAND - FRANCE 24

The Swiss army carried out a military exercise in August based on the premise of an attack by a fractured, financially stricken France, according to a Lausanne-based daily.

Switzerland's army simulated a French attack against their country in a military exercise carried out in August, the Swiss daily newspaper Matin Dimanche revealed on Sunday.
The exercise employed a scenario in which a financially stricken France had been fractured into several regional entities, one of which was on the verge of attacking Switzerland to retrieve money it had allegedly stolen from France.
"The exercise has strictly nothing to do with France," Daniel Berger, captain of the Swiss armoured brigade, told the press. "It was prepared in 2012, when fiscal relations between both countries were less tense.”
Switzerland is known for its bank secrecy laws, which critics have slammed for allowing foreign account holders to hide their wealth from tax officials at home.
But these lax laws are coming under increasing fire as France and the US, among other countries, are cracking down on tax evasion during a period of economic hardship.
The Swiss army carried out a different military exercise in 2012, based on the premise of an unmanageable influx of refugees following a crash of the euro currency and ensuing chaos across the European continent.

Gods forbid: India's temples guard their gold from government | Reuters

Gods forbid: India's temples guard their gold from government | Reuters
(Reuters) - India's temples are resisting divulging their gold holdings - perhaps nearly half the amount held in Fort Knox - amid mistrust of the motives of authorities who are trying to cut a hefty import bill that is hurting the economy.
The Reserve Bank of India (RBI), which has already taken steps that have slowed to a trickle the incoming supplies that have exacerbated India's current account deficit, has sent letters to some of the country's richest temples asking for details of their gold.
It says the inquiries are simply data collection, but Hindu groups are up in arms.

"The gold stored in temples was contributed by devotees over thousands of years and we will not allow anyone to usurp it," said V Mohanan, secretary of the Hindu nationalist Vishwa Hindu Parishad organisation in Kerala, in a statement.


Fed Withdraws Whopping $58 Billion In Liquidity In Latest Reverse Repo Test | Zero Hedge

Fed Withdraws Whopping $58 Billion In Liquidity In Latest Reverse Repo Test | Zero Hedge
It appears there is just a little excess liquidity sloshing around out there. Moments ago the Fed announced that as part of its most recent overnight reverse repo "liquidity withdrawal preparedness test", some 87 entities provided the Fed with a whopping $58.2 billion in overnight liquidity in exchange for Treasury collateral at a 0.01% stop out rate. This was the largest amount in liquidity soaked up (or, alternatively, collateral provided) by the Fed in its recent history of Temporary Open Market operations going back to 2012.

WARNING! Government Shutdown to Collapse U.S. Dollar


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'It's not life, it's survival': Crisis-hit Portuguese forced to live in ...


The decision to resort to austerity has returned to bite the coalition government of Portugal, who've suffered defeat in local elections. The country is likely to see a third consecutive year of recession. And tax hikes and job cuts are forcing people to find new ways to survive, as Sara Firth reports.

Earth Facing Solar Eruption/EarthQuake

LIVE - Walid Muallem, Syria deputy PM, speaks at UNGA


HAPPENING NOW: Syrian deputy Prime Minister Walid Muallem is expected to address UN Assembly.

On Friday, the UN Security Council passed a binding resolution to eliminate Syria's stockpile of chemical weapons by mid-2014.
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said he would comply with a plan to rid his country of chemical weapons. "Of course we have to comply. This is our history. We have to comply with every treaty we sign,'' he told Italy's RAI News 24.

Palestinian-American Stand-Up Comedian Maysoon Zayid: We Must Stop Killing Each Other

Atlantic City police brutality caught on video, K9 officer unleashed on ...


ATLANTIC CITY, NJ — Security cameras captured a disturbing video of a group of Atlantic City police officers assaulting a man, beating him mercilessly with blunt weapons, and finally siccing an attack dog on his neck and head as he lay helplessly face-down in the street. The shocking abuse seems to be done with the approval of the police chief, who watched the video and saw no reason to discipline his officers.


After a verbal encounter with police, David Castellani crossed the street and walked away from the officers. He was obviously upset at the interaction. Several times as he walked away, he turned around as if to react to an ongoing conversation being shouted between the officers and himself. He can be seen responding to the officers, raising his hands excitedly. He paused briefly to shout down the street but continuing to walk the other direction, widening the distance between himself and the officers.

After a heated verbal exchange that lasted roughly a minute, the surveillance video shows four officers running into the frame and assaulting Castellani. His hands were clearly visible and held down at his sides. There was no threat posed at all. "They bum-rushed the kid," his father later described.

The officers quickly spun him around and forced him to the ground. The encounter was brutal from the start. As Castellani defended himself from the gang attack, one officer quickly pulled out an extendable baton and began beating him in the back. Castellani, now face down on the street, was attempting to cover his head while receiving blows from all sides. The assailants pummeled Castellani with their fists, kicked him, and struck him with their knees. One officer knelt on his head.

Castellani curled into the fetal position, desperately trying to shield himself from attacks, as a fifth officer entered the melee. Officers yanked his legs to the extended position just so one of them could beat on the backs of his calves with his club.

A marked police SUV flew into the scene, pulling halfway onto the sidewalk. Castellani remained face down on the ground, one hand is in a cuff, the other visibly extended out in submission, fingers spread, posing no threat. A sixth officer — a K9 unit — jumped out of his SUV with an attack dog and immediately sicced the dog on the helpless man. The beast clamped down on Castellani head and neck, using such force that it actually dragged him several feet across the pavement — by his neck. The German Shepherd thrashed its head while clamped down on its prey, to the delight of its handler, whom joined into the fray by punching Castellani in the head.


Dr. Huber: GMOs & Glyphosate Global Impact of Devastating Consequences | Farm Wars

Dr. Huber: GMOs & Glyphosate Global Impact of Devastating Consequences | Farm Wars
Dr. HuberBarb’s Note: This is a must see video where Dr. Huber spells out the exact hazards we are facing regarding uncontrolled horizontal transfer of genetically engineered material, and the effects of Glyphosate on reproductive health and the entire future of the human race.
GMO Free Kauai Ohana
An impromptu interview with Dr. Don Huber by a local Kauai Mom, briefly covering some of the highlights of his presentation on Genetically Modified Crops, and the pesticide Glyphosate (RoundUp). – Scientists have recently discovered a mycotoxic / pathogen that is in GMO crops like corn, soy and wheat, that causes infertility and miscarriage in livestock animals and people. It’s impacting cattle and livestock farmer’s using GMO feed with up to 50% loss of fertility, and may be attributing to worldwide drop in Human Fertility. This new pathogen is being studied by scientists around the world at the moment trying to understand more, while the GMO Chemical companies are aware of this pathogen, they are keeping silent, and instead trying to discredit Dr. Huber, a man with 40+ years medical military intelligence experience who had the unique job of studying, monitoring and reporting to military and intelligence pathogenic threats to our food system and human population. Dr. Huber understands and spent a lifetime studying plant and soil pathogens, bio-warfare and protecting our nations food supply in the military.
He also covers how growing GMO crops destroys soil viability and microbes, and lateral gene transfer of the GMO crops into soil microbes, so that even years later, non-gmo crops you plant on that soil become contaminated with GMO genetic material from the soil bacteria. GMO crops are ‘promiscuous’, they swap genes readily with microbes, bacteria, virus, plants, fungus, animals, humans and this includes continuing to laterally gene transfer inside YOU once you eat them.
glyphosate ppm
Dr. Huber explains that GMO foods are altering the Epigenetics of the human race, and our planet in ways that we do not yet fully understand or comprehend.

Read more:

Oxford Professors: Robots And Computers Could Take Half Our Jobs Within The Next 20 Years

Oxford Professors: Robots And Computers Could Take Half Our Jobs Within The Next 20 Years

Robot 2013What are human workers going to do when super-intelligent robots and computers are better than us at doing everything?  That is one of the questions that a new study by Dr. Carl Frey and Dr. Michael Osborne of Oxford University sought to address, and what they concluded was that 47 percent of all U.S. jobs could be automated within the next 20 years.  Considering the fact that the percentage of the U.S. population that is employed is already far lower than it was a decade ago, it is frightening to think that tens of millions more jobs could disappear due to technological advances over the next couple of decades.  I have written extensively about how we are already losing millions of jobs to super cheap labor on the other side of the globe.  What are middle class families going to do as technology also takes away huge numbers of our jobs at an ever increasing pace?  We live during a period of history when knowledge is increasing an an exponential rate.  In the past, when human workers were displaced by technology it also created new kinds of jobs that the world had never seen before.  But what happens when the day arrives when computers and robots can do almost everything more cheaply and more efficiently than humans can?
For employers, there are a whole host of advantages that come with replacing human workers with technology.  Robots and computers never complain, they never get tired, they never need vacation, they never show up late, they never waste time on Facebook, they don't need any health benefits and there are a vast array of rules, regulations and taxes that you must deal with when you hire a human worker.
If you could get a task done more cheaply and more efficiently by replacing a human worker with technology, why wouldn't you want to do it?
We are already starting to see this happen on a mass scale, and according to Dr. Frey and Dr. Osborne, close to half of all of our jobs could be automated within the next 20 years.  A recent article posted on described how this process might play out...
The automation of half the nation’s jobs will occur in two phases, the study says: The first wave will affect (and is affecting) jobs in transportation/logistics, production labor, administrative support, services, sales, and construction. The second wave — propelled by artificial intelligence — will affect jobs in management, science, engineering, and the arts.
Just as interesting as the study is the response provided by Gary Reber, founder and executive director of For Economic Justice, who argues that owners of the means of production will actually thrive as such a shift takes place. Those who rely on 9-to-5 standard employment arrangements for subsistence are likely to  suffer the most in the automation wave. As Reber put it: ‘Full employment is not an objective of businesses. Companies strive to keep labor input and other costs at a minimum.”
This is one of the reasons why the U.S. economy will never produce enough jobs for everyone ever again.
If technology can outperform humans, it is only rational for companies to replace humans with technology.
And this is even starting to happen in fields that require very high levels of education.
Just look at what is happening in the medical field.  Today, millions of people turn to websites such as WebMD for their medical needs, but this is only just the beginning.  Check out this excerpt from a recent Bloomberg article entitled "Doctor Robot Will See You Shortly"...
Johnson & Johnson proposes to replace anesthesiologists during simple procedures such as colonoscopies -- not with nurse practitioners, but with machines. Sedasys, which dispenses propofol and monitors a patient automatically, was recently approved for use in healthy adult patients who have no particular risk of complications. Johnson & Johnson will lease the machines to doctor’s offices for $150 per procedure -- cleverly set well below the $600 to $2,000 that anesthesiologists usually charge.
Certainly we will always need doctors.
But many of the tasks that doctors once performed will now be performed by technology.
For example, have you heard about "OnStar for the Body" yet?  Some of these new "wearable technologies" are more than a little bit creepy...
Smart, cheaper and point-of-care sensors, such as those being developed for the Nokia Sensing XCHALLENGE, will further enable the 'Digital Checkup' from anywhere. The world of 'Quantified Self' and 'Quantified Health' will lead to a new generation of wearable technologies partnered with Artificial Intelligence that will help decipher and make this information actionable.
And this 'actionability' is key. We hear the term Big Data used in various contexts; when applied to health information it will likely be the smart integration of massive data sets from the 'Internet of things' with the small data about your activity, mood, and other information. When properly filtered, this data set can give insights on a macro level - population health - and micro - 'OnStar for the Body' with a personalized 'check engine light' to help identify individual problems before they further develop into expensive, difficult-to-treat or fatal conditions.
We are also seeing humans being replaced in other fields as well.  For instance, DARPA has developed a robot named "Atlas" that it hopes will be used in "disaster-response scenarios"...
DARPA's Virtual Robotics Challenge entered a new phase in July, when Atlas — a 6-foot-2-inch, 330-pound robot developed by Boston Dynamics — was introduced to seven teams tasked with training it for disaster-response scenarios. The end goal? "Supervised autonomy" so that Atlas and its successors can step into situations too dangerous for humans.
I don't know about you, but I don't really want "Terminator" to show up when my family is in the middle of a disaster, but this is where things are headed.

Read more:

Cop's futile attempts to threaten pedestrian who knows his rights

“The President’s Private Army“: NSA-CIA Spying is Central to Carrying Out the Obama Administration’s Assassination Program | Global Research

“The President’s Private Army“: NSA-CIA Spying is Central to Carrying Out the Obama Administration’s Assassination Program | Global Research

Intelligence Agencies Central In Assassination Programs Carried out Without Oversight

We’ve previously documented that the NSA isn’t just passively spying like a giant peeping tom, but is actively using that information in mischievous ways … such as assassinations.
A lot more information is about to come out on the topic.  AP reports:
Two American journalists known for their investigations of the United States’ government said Saturday they’ve teamed up to report on the National Security Agency’s role in what one called a “U.S. assassination .”
Jeremy Scahill, a contributor to The Nation magazine and the New York Times best-selling author of “Dirty Wars,” said he will be working with Glenn Greenwald, the Rio-based journalist who has written stories about U.S. surveillance based on documents leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden.
The connections between war and surveillance are clear. I don’t want to give too much away but Glenn and I are working on a project right now that has at its center how the National Security Agency plays a significant, central role in the U.S. assassination program,” said Scahill ….
“Dirty Wars” the film, directed by Richard Rowley, traces Scahill’s investigations into the Joint Special Operations Command, or JSOC. The movie, which won a prize for cinematography at the Sundance Film Festival, follows Scahill as he hopscotches around the globe, from Afghanistan to Yemen to Somalia, talking to the families of people killed in the U.S. strikes.
JSOC , as well as the CIA,  have been described as “the President’s private army“, which operate at the President’s beck-and-call with no real oversight.
But a fourth agency is also centrally involved in both intelligence-gathering and assassinations:  the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC).  NCTC is responsible for generating the “disposition matrix” of who to murder using drones or other means.
As Greenwald noted last year:
The ACLU has long warned that the real purpose of the NCTC … is the   “massive, secretive data collection and mining of trillions of points of data about most people in the United States” …. In particular, the NCTC operates a gigantic data-mining operation, in which all sorts of information about innocent Americans is systematically monitored, stored, and analyzed. This includes “records from law enforcement investigations, health information, employment history, travel and student records” – “literally anything the government collects would be fair game”.  In other words, the NCTC – now vested with the power to determine the proper “disposition” of terrorist suspects – is the same agency that is at the center of the ubiquitous, unaccountable surveillance state aimed at American citizens.
Worse still, as the ACLU’s legislative counsel Chris Calabrese documented back in July in a must-read analysis, Obama officials very recently abolished safeguards on how this information can be used. Whereas the agency, during the Bush years, was barred from storing non-terrorist-related information about innocent Americans for more than 180 days – a limit which “meant that NCTC was dissuaded from collecting large databases filled with information on innocent Americans” – it is now free to do so. Obama officials eliminated this constraint by authorizing the NCTC “to collect and ‘continually assess’ information on innocent Americans for up to five years”.
But don’t worry, the government would never assassinate Americans living on U.S. soil … would it?
And even if it would, it would only consider truly bad guys to be terrorists … wouldn’t it?

The Electrical "Plasma Arms" of the Coma Cluster | Space News

Boko Horror: Islamists storm dorm, shoot sleeping students in Nigeria


Dozens of students have been shot dead by Islamist militants in Nigeria - who stormed a dormitory early on Sunday morning and started killing people. The gunmen are believed to be from the terrorist sect Boko Haram - that recently stepped up its attacks on civilians. This latest incident showing the scale of terror engulfing Africa, comes shortly after the deadly shopping mall attack in Kenya. Ayo Johnson, founder of the Viewpoint Africa website, explained why the continent has become a hub for terrorist cells. READ MORE:

T-Minus 15 Hours: The Complete Government Shutdown Summary | Zero Hedge

T-Minus 15 Hours: The Complete Government Shutdown Summary | Zero Hedge
Presenting the full summary about the only event the market is focused on today.
Today sees the Senate reconvene after yesterday saw the Republican-led House voted in favour of a modified continuing resolution (CR) which includes a one-year delay to Obamacare (the Affordable Care Act). The Senate is not scheduled to meet until 1400ET today meaning that if the new bill is rejected there is not enough time to create a new CR and pass it back to the Senate before the midnight deadline, leading to a government shutdown in which all non-essential government workers will stay at home. Expectations are now that it is likely there will be a temporary shutdown given that the White House signalled the new CR would be vetoed by President Barack Obama and Democrats in the Senate immediately said the legislation approved by the House yesterday is unacceptable.
Even if there is a government shutdown, it is expected to only last a day or two and a CR is expected to pass in Congress this week, however this shutdown could lead to a delay of Friday's release of this month's Non-Farm Payroll report. This will fund the government to at least November 15th, giving more time for Congress to create a CR which extends through the entire 2014 fiscal year. Goldmans estimate a 2-day US govt shutdown will hit Q4 GDP (annualised) by 0.1 percentage points and one week by 0.3 percentage points, however the more important issue for Congress to address will be the debt ceiling as the US is expected to exhaust borrowing capacity on October 17th.
One main concern of a delay to both a 2014 budget and raising the debt ceiling is the possibility of a credit rating downgrade of the US sovereign, although overnight Moody's said that a government shutdown wouldn't affect debt service and that a debt cap failure would lead to perceived default risk and that failure to raise the debt limit is worse than a shutdown.
It is worth bearing in mind that several members of Congress are likely to speak to the press throughout today as they arrive for discussions and the Senate vote, and as is often the case, any deal between the Senate and House is likely to be either overnight or within the next two days. Although a US government shutdown is a risk event for financial markets, many analysts have noted this week's voting is overshadowed by debt ceiling negotiations which will begin shortly after. These talks will have a much greater impact on market sentiment as a delay to increasing borrowing capacity risks a US default as the worst case scenario.
  • Shutdown seen as unavoidable without talks
  • U.S. 4Q GDP seen reduced by as much as 1.4 percentage pts. depending on shutdown’s duration
  • Latest House plan authorizes 10 wks of spending starting Oct.1 only if most provisions of Obama health law delayed a year
  • Senate Democrats, President Obama say they will reject any measure that includes provisions tied to Obamacare
  • Yday, Senate Majority leader Harry Reid D-Nev. says chamber has acted on Continuing Resolution, adjourns until today 2pm
  • Govt shutdown odds now at 90%, Democrat Collender says
  • In case of govt shutdown, Labor Dept says it will issue jobless claims data (scheduled Thursday 8:30am)
  • SEC says EDGAR system, crucial enforcement will continue
  • Treasury says it will operate debt programs and manage cash, USPTO says it will stay open “a few weeks”
  • Commerce Dept says it won’t issue economic data
  • Bearish impact on U.S. economy “significant” if shutdown lasts,  Morgan Stanley says in note
  • Shutdown means Fed will have to prolong QE: BNP Paribas
  • "Notable" cos. tied to potential continuing resolution moves; H.J. Res. 59 would fund govt at “close to current levels”  according to Sept. 27 note from Bloomberg Industries analyst Brian Friel: BLL, BAVA@DC, BA, CACI, ERICB@SS, XLS, GD, GSK@LN, HRS, LMT, NOC, NOVN@VX, RTN, SAN@FP, TTEK, URS
  • Top 20 tied to defense, healthcare, infrastructure, IT:LMT, BA, GD, RTN, NOC, UTX SAIC, BA/@LN, LLL, HII, MCK, Bechtel (2213Z@US), BAH, URS, CSC, DYN, HUM, HNT, Triwest Healthcare (1893Q@US), TXT/BA joint venture
  • Health Exchanges begin enrollment tomorrow there’s a partial shutdown of govt.
  • Fannie, Freddie don’t face direct shutdown effect: Moody’s
  • Senate bill ends protection Sept. 30 for Monsanto, Dupont on bioengineered seeds: BI’s Friel
  • USD begins week buffeted by increasing possibility of U.S. government shutdown
  • Go long USD/CAD 2w2w FVA; relatively low USD/CAD volatility and its exposure to U.S. economic outlook make this an attractive hedge against U.S. political risk from debt-ceiling negotiations and a potential spike in market volatility
Credit Agricole CIB
  • Risk aversion is rising, U.S. equities and USD are falling
  • Near-term prospects for USD are bleak, with limited potential for any upside unless budget deal is reached; safe-haven currencies, in particular JPY, will be buoyed in this environment
  • In terms of high-beta currencies including Asian currencies, any positive impact from the fact that U.S. yields are capped will be outweighed by rising risk aversion leaving most Asian currencies vulnerable
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ
  • If no resolution is reached, partial govt shutdown will kick in on Oct. 1, which could prompt USD selling against majors although stronger against Asia
  • Beyond govt shutdown, bigger issue is how they move toward debt limit when govt runs out of cash on Oct. 17; under such circumstances, BOT-Mitsubishi UFJ’s one-week USD/JPY forecast is a wider 96.50-100.00 on safe-haven JPY bids
  • Expects USD to continue to trade on the “backfoot” vs its peer core currencies during a govt shutdown; event risk early in the week is negative for USD
  • Failure to raise debt ceiling would mean the U.S. govt must pay all its bills out of current revenue, risking default and downgrade and probable chaos in markets

Source: RanSquawk, Bloomberg

Bibi's One-Track Tack: 'Israel's talk of Iran's nukes is like stuck reco...


RT discusses Prime Minister Netanyahu's trip to US with Tehran-based professor Seyed Mohammad Marandi. He thinks that the Israeli leader will have no difficulty defending his combative stance - but the US should be very cautious about its next move towards Iran. READ MORE:

Israel on Counter-Offensive: Netanyahu vows to rebut Iran's 'sweet talk'


The Israeli Prime Minister's on a mission to thwart Iran's recent efforts to unfreeze its relations with the West. Benjamin Netanyahu claims Tehran's sweet talk is just a trick to buy the country's nuclear programme more time - and he's vowing to prove it in the White House and at the UN General Assembly. RT's Middle East correspondent Paula Slier looks at what to expect from the Israeli leader's counter-offensive. READ MORE:

Total of 43 Islamist Groups Unite Under Newly Formed "Army of Islam" in Syria


As fighting continues in Syria, 43 Islamist groups have united to form a joint "Army of Islam." The groups have agreed to act under the joint leadership of Sheikh Muhammad Zahran Alloush. The Army of Islam's creation was officially announced in a ceremony on Sunday, September 29, 2013.

Al-Qaeda's Jabhat al-Nusra, along with ideologically similar groups such as 'Ahrar al-Sham' (Free [Men] of the Levant), did not join the "Army of Islam", despite sharing its goal of toppling President Bashar Assad and instituting Sharia (Islamic law) in Syria.

At the same time, the "Free Syrian Army" (FSA) is working to reunite its leadership after several commanders disassociated themselves last week from its leadership.

Thirteen militant brigades announced that they reject the Syrian National Coalition (SNC) and the FSA under the leadership of Salim Idriss. The groups' commanders called to unite under an Islamist umbrella group.

3 News Items - Nairobi-Vaccines-NukeChief Suspended - Morris


Nairobi Mall destruction extremely powerful
Free Vaccinations for 2 year olds in Scotland
US No " Nuke Chief Suspended:

URGENT ACTION IS NEEDED! - Key ITCCS activist arrested


A key ITCCS and Common Law activist in Canada, Steve Finney, was arrested today and faces trial tomorrow in Kitchener, Ontario, soon after he appeared on the ITCCS blog radio program We the Jury to accuse local police and government works of child trafficking. Protest his arrest and demand his release by phoning the Kitchener police at 519-650-8500, ex. 4499 (in Canada). Come and support his wife Amy at court tomorrow, if you live near Kitchener. Contact Don't let the state pick off our best activists! Posted September 29, 2013. .

'New Movement Is Forging': Thousands take to streets over UK health cuts


One of Britain's biggest cities has been witnessing its largest-ever protest - as health cuts draw tens of thousands onto the streets. It's timed to catch members of the governing Conservative Party, who're descending on Manchester for their annual conference. We talked to one of Sunday's protesters to ask what has got the crowds fired up.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

CHEMTRAILS for Decades NOW, admission by NASA Scientist


Sensational mirror from 
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and great work and a huge thank you to Sue Huelbig.... for the call. Big Hugs my friend, X

Published on 20 Aug 2013

Following The Chemical Trails By John Massaria
Credits for phone call audio: BoostinR31and Sue.Thank you for calling NASA, Sue!!
Phone conversation with Douglas E. Rowland from NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Heliophysicist / Laboratory for Space Weather

Portrait of Global Aerosols

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The U.S Military Will Use Weather as a Weapon on AMERICAN Citizens
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Weather Modification, Inc
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The Weather Modification and Geoengineering "Industries"

Extensive List of Patents

NASA Warfare Document From NASA Website

Footage Showing ISIL Terrorists Vandalizing the Church of the Lady of the Annunciation in al-Raqqa

This al-Aan TV exclusive footage shows militants from al-Qaeda's the "Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant" (ISIL) vandalizing the Melkite Greek Catholic Church of the Lady of the Annunciation in the northern Syrian city of al-Raqqa. The militants attempt to dismount the church's bell, remove the church's cross, and raise the al-Qaeda flag on top. They also destroyed and burnt the church's contents.

The video also reveals the way these terrorists think, as a Saudi militant is filmed talking to Syrian kids and brainwashing them that the Christians worship the cross, which he held in his hand after managing to step on it.

Source: al-Aan TV

The EPA Takes an Ax to Self-Sufficiency: Most Woodburning Stoves Will Soon Be Illegal |

The EPA Takes an Ax to Self-Sufficiency: Most Woodburning Stoves Will Soon Be Illegal |
When you think of that little dream homestead in the woods, what does it include?  Probably a well and septic system, a little stream bubbling nearby, a chicken coop, a sunroom for winter growing, and a cozy fire to curl up next to.
When my daughter and I spent a year living in a cabin in the Northwoods of Canada, our woodstove was our lifeline. It was the only source of heat in a place that reached -42 degrees.  It was the only way we could cook when our power went out during snow and ice storms (as it did frequently).  It was the cozy center of our home, and we survived for an entire frigid winter for less than$800. After that experience I vowed never to live in a home without a woodstove.
If the EPA has its way, however, heating your home self-sufficiently with wood could soon become illegal – or at the very least, insanely expensive.
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