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Jeff Rense & Jonathan Emond - Obamacare Nightmare


Clip from October 29, 2013 - guest Jonathan Emord on the Jeff Rense Program. Full program available in Archives at

Syrian Army Base Rocked Again By Overnight Explosions, Israel Implicated | Zero Hedge

Syrian Army Base Rocked Again By Overnight Explosions, Israel Implicated | Zero Hedge

The last time major explosions were reported near Damascus, it was in May when Israel and its air force did everything in their power to provoke the Assad regime to escalate military operations both domestically and abroad. It almost succeeded when three months later Obama nearly led a falseflag-driven "liberation" force facilitating Saudi and Qatari energy interests in the region and their pipeline ambitions below Syria. Since then Israel had been largely dormant, seething in its (and Saudi) disappointment that it was unable to play Obama like a fiddle.
The unstable detente changed again overnight, when as Haaretz reports "a large explosion was heard at a Syrian army missile base in Latakia.  Eye witnesses told the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human rights that the explosion took place near Snobar Jableh, south of the city. It was not yet clear whether anyone was wounded in the strike." And not surprisingly, it is once again Israel' that was implicated in the latest regional provocation because as Haaretz adds, the "strike follows Lebanese media reports that Israeli aircraft circled above southern Lebanon."
"The official Lebanese news agency reported that Israeli aircrafts were sighted on multiple occasions Wednesday in the south of the country. According to the report, which was based on a press statement by the Lebanese army, the airplanes entered Lebanese airspace at around 1:40 P.M. and circled over various places before leaving over the Mediterranean Sea near Tripoli and Naqoura at 5 P.M."
From Haaretz:
A Facebook page run by Syrian rebels claimed that the strike occurred at around 7 P.M. According to the page, a missile was fired from the sea and struck the Syrian base but did not result in any casualties. Israeli sources declined to comment on the reports.

Last week, Kuwaiti newspaper Al Jarida reported that Israeli fighter planes had bombed a shipment of missiles in the border area between Lebanon and Syria. The report, which according to the paper was based on sources in Jerusalem, has no confirmation from any other source.

The source told the newspaper that the missiles that were destroyed were of an advanced model and were designated for Hezbollah, as part of the strengthening of the organization's missile system. It is not clear whether the attack was carried out on Lebanese territory or on Syrian territory.

Israel refused to comment officially on the publication in the Kuwaiti newspaper, whose reliability is questionable.
While hardly surprising if Israel is confirmed as the offending party, a far bigger question is what are next steps: because unlike before, Putin has now very officially made Syria his protectorate, even as the US protective influence over both Syria and the region in general was waned substantially in the past few months. But perhaps more surprising is the desperation with which Israel is once again trying to destabilize the region. One thing that is clear: while such provocative actions may have yielded results as recently as half a year ago, Israel will need to put far more energy into comparable actions in the future, whether they target Syria or Iran, as the public opinion's threshold for unwarranted Israel offensive action has dropped substantially since the bundled US foreign policy escapade in Syria which was an unmitigated disaster for the US-Saudi-Qatar-Israel axis.

Glenn Greenwald's Farewell (For Now) Letter: "Stand Against The Attack On Press Freedoms In The US" | Zero Hedge

Glenn Greenwald's Farewell (For Now) Letter: "Stand Against The Attack On Press Freedoms In The US" | Zero Hedge
Originally appearing in The Guardian:
On leaving the Guardian
Reporting the NSA story hasn't been easy, but it's always been fulfilling. It's what journalism at its crux is about, and we must protect that
As many of you know, I'm leaving the Guardian in order to work with Pierre Omidyar, Laura Poitras, Jeremy Scahill and soon-to-be-identified others on building a new media organization. As I said when this news was reported a couple of weeks ago, leaving the Guardian was not an easy choice, but this was a dream opportunity that was impossible to decline.
We do not yet have an exact launch date for the new outlet, but rest assured: I'm not going to disappear for months or anything like that. The new site will be up and running reasonably soon.
In the meantime, I'll continue reporting in partnership with foreign media outlets (stories on mass NSAsurveillance in France began last week in Le Monde, and stories on bulk surveillance of Spanish citizens and NSA's cooperation with Spanish intelligence have appeared this week in Spain's El Mundo), as well as in partnership with US outlets. As I did yesterday when responding to NSA claims about these stories, I'll also periodically post on my personal blog – here – with an active comment section, as well as on our pre-launch temporary blog. Until launch of the new media outlet, the best way to learn of new stories, new posts, and other activity is my Twitter feed, @ggreenwald. My new email address and PGP key are here.
I'm gratified by my 14-month partnership with the Guardian and am particularly proud of what we achieved together over the last five months. Reporting the NSA story has never been easy, but it's always been invigorating and fulfilling. It's exactly why one goes into journalism and, in my view, is what journalism at its crux is about. That doesn't mean that the journalists and editors who have worked on this story have instantly agreed on every last choice we faced, but it does mean that, on the whole, I leave with high regard for the courage and integrity of the people with whom I've worked and pride in the way we've reported this story.
As I leave, I really urge everyone to take note of, and stand against, what I and others have written about for years, but which is becoming increasingly more threatening: namely, a sustained andunprecedented attack on press freedoms and the news gathering process in the US. That same menacing climate is now manifest in the UK as well, as evidenced by the truly stunning warningsissued this week by British Prime Minister David Cameron:
British Prime Minister David Cameron said on Monday his government was likely to act to stop newspapers publishing what he called damaging leaks from former US intelligence operative Edward Snowden unless they began to behave more responsibly.

"If they (newspapers) don't demonstrate some social responsibility it will be very difficult for government to stand back and not to act," Cameron told parliament, saying Britain's Guardian newspaper had "gone on" to print damaging material after initially agreeing to destroy other sensitive data.
There are extremist though influential factions in both countries which want to criminalize not only whistleblowing but the act of journalism itself (pdf). I'm not leaving because of those threats – if anything, they make me want to stay and continue to publish here – but I do believe it's urgent that everyone who believes in basic press freedoms unite against this.
Allowing journalism to be criminalized is in nobody's interest other than the states which are trying to achieve that. As Thomas Jefferson wrote in an 1804 letter to John Tyler:
Our first object should therefore be, to leave open to him all the avenues to truth. The most effectual hitherto found, is the freedom of the press. It is, therefore, the first shut up by those who fear the investigation of their actions.
I hope everyone who believes in basic press freedoms will defend those journalistic outlets when they are under attack – all of them – regardless of how much one likes or does not like them.
Finally: thanks, most of all, to my readers and commenters who participate in so many ways in the journalism I do. I've always said that my favorite aspect of online political writing is how interactive and collaborative it is with one's readers: that has always been, and always will be, crucial in so many ways to what I do.

Mystery solved: Hooded Men & Occult Circles Appear Globally


Who are these mysterious hooded men that have been showing up at soccer games in Europe wearing occult-style symbolic robes?

The answer could also serve to inform us about what's behind the secretive 'Google Barges' being built on the east and west coast of America.

Roman Rumpus: Violent clashes erupt as hundreds rally for affordable housing


Hundreds of protesters demonstrating for the right to affordable housing clashed with police in central Rome on Thursday. The protesters demanded local authorities stop evictions in the Italian capital, and use more public funds to help people without homes or those who can't pay their rent. The clashes came as representatives from the government, regional authorities and City Hall met to discuss an emergency plan to tackle the lack of affordable housing.


Unarmed man shot dead by police when he did not exit his property on command

SPRINGFIELD, VA — A paramilitary force was dispatched to a man's townhouse after his girlfriend reported a domestic dispute. When he stubbornly chose to stay inside his home, police shot him and drove an armored truck through his front door.

The situation began on August 29th around 2:40 p.m. when John Geer — a 46-year-old kitchen designer and installer — was told by his girlfriend that she had decided to leave him. The couple had two daughters together, ages 13 and 17. Emotionally distraught over the breakup, Geer exacerbated the situation by throwing her belongings onto the lawn of their townhouse.

This led to her calling the police. She informed the dispatcher that he owned a firearm. A SWAT team was sent to the quiet cul-du-sac.

Geer's home was surrounded by armored vehicles and paramilitary personnel. A police sniper was photographed lying prone in a neighbor's yard aiming toward Geer's residence. Men in helmets and military fatigues cordoned off the neighborhood. Police began making their demands. An armored truck a topside gun turret parked in his yard and prepared for a strike command. As time went on, helicopters whirred overhead and K-9 units were seen by neighbors.

"We're just here to help you — come out with your hands up," recounted neighbor Edith Eshleman, of the police negotiations.

Chinas Immobilienblase platzt gerade, sagt Regierungsberater -

Chinas Immobilienblase platzt gerade, sagt Regierungsberater
Während China gespannt dem „3. Plenum des 18. Zentralkomitees“ entgegen sieht, auf dem die Kommunistische Partei Chinas (KPCh) dringend nötige Wirtschaftsreformen absegnen will, verkündete ein Top- Wirtschaftsberater das Platzen der Immobilienblase.
Am 29. Okt. berichtete Li Wei, Leiter des Forschungszentrum für Entwicklung, dass die Immobilienblase in einigen Städten China begonnen hat zu platzen. Li ist Leiter des Gremiums, das die chinesische Zentralregierung in Reformfragen berät und den aktuellen Plan zur Wirtschaftsrettung mit vorbereitet hat.
Immobilienblase platzt jetzt in schwächeren Städten
Den neuesten Forschungsbericht seines Gremiums stellte Li Wei bei einem Forum für Internationale Industrie- und Handelskassen in Peking vor. Das Risiko auf dem chinesischen Immobilienmarkt steigt demnach weiter, wobei sich immer deutlicher ein regionales Gefälle abzeichnet.
Das regionale Gefälle beschreibt Li wie folgt: In den Städten der Kategorie 1 sind Grundstücke und Wohnungen noch knapp, weshalb der Immobilienpreis dort noch steigt. In den Städten der Kategorie 3 und 4 liegt das Wohnungsangebot über der Nachfrage, weshalb der Immobilienpreis hier bereits sinkt. Li nannte die Städte Wenzhou in der Provinz Zhejiang und Ordos in der Inneren Mongolei als Beispiele für Orte, an denen die Immobilienblase bereits zu platzen beginnt.
Entwicklung nicht beeinflussbar
Li nannte Chinas Immobilienmarkt „ein wahres Sorgenkind“ und man könne der Entwicklung lediglich hilflos zusehen: Die Blase in den Städten der Kategorie 1 wächst noch, wann sie platzt, sei jedoch unklar. Wie schwer die Folgen des Platzens der Immobilienblase in den Städten der Kategorie 3 und 4 bereits sind, ist undurchsichtig, da keine konkreten Daten vorliegen. „Es ist manchmal sehr schwierig, an wahrheitsgetreue Daten zu kommen“, so Li.
Wie dramatisch das Ausmaß der Blase ist, lässt eine Bildergalerie der US-Wirtschaftswebsite „Business Insider“ erahnen: Satellitenbilder von 26 Geisterstädten zeigen gigantische Areale mit leeren Businessdistrikts, unbewohnten Hochhäusern und leerstehenden Repräsentativ-Bauten – aufgenommen an verschiedenen Orten in China.
Am 28. Okt. berichtete die amerikanische Webseite „Forbes“, dass selbst in den Städten der Kategorie 1 wie Peking und Shanghai viele Wohnviertel am Stadtrand leerstehen. Laut dem chinesischen Regierungsbericht von 2010 besitzen 15 Prozent der Chinesen bereits mehr als eine Wohnung.
Auf Platzen der Immobilienblase folgt Pleite der Lokalregierungen
In China hängen jedoch viele kommunale Einnahmen vom Immobiliengeschäft ab, sagte der in den USA lebende chinesische Wirtschaftsexperte Cheng Xiaonong dem Radiosender „Sound of Hope“: „Wenn die Blase platzt, gehen die Lokalregierungen auch pleite.“ Zwei Drittel der Chinesen hoffen bereits auf ein schnelles Platzen der Immobilienblase, ergab eine Umfrage im chinesischen Internet.
Wang Shi, einer von Chinas bekanntesten Immobilien-Milliardären, warnte, dass sich die japanische Immobilienkrise der 80er-Jahre in China wiederholen werde. Der Unterschied sei jedoch, dass Japan damals eine starke Mittelschicht hatte, was in China zur Zeit nicht der Fall ist. Die Schere zwischen Arm und Reich ist in China immens groß. Sollte die Immobilienblase also in großem Umfang platzen, werde die Landung viel härter als damals in Japan.

Europe Stuns With "Surprising" Record High Unemployment Print, Inflation At 4 Year Low; Euro Tumbles | Zero Hedge

Europe Stuns With "Surprising" Record High Unemployment Print, Inflation At 4 Year Low; Euro Tumbles | Zero Hedge

Those following the Euro FX pairs saw a plunge at 6 am Eastern, when Eurostat released the latest Eurozone unemployment and inflation statistics. They were, in a word, abysmal. After the August unemployment data finally saw a modest drop forcing many to announce the end of the European depression, not only did the the September number revise the August print from 12.0% to 12.2%, a new record high as 73,000 thousand people became unemployed, but more importantly made the September unemployment rate 12.2% as well following another 60,000 Eurozoneans losing their jobs, effectively meaning that for all the talk of a European recovery, its unemployment rate keeps hitting new all time record highs every single month.

Broken down by country:

And yes, that sudden housing mecca for all rental condo flippers, Spain, was just found to also have a record high unemployment rate of 26.6%. So much for that.

But the worst print for Europe is not in any of the above charts or tables, but is and has always been its youth unemployment, as an entire generation is unable to find a productive life. In this case, the EA17 Under 25 unemployment just rose to a new record high 24.1%, from 24.0% in August, driven by Spain at 56.5%, Cyprus 43.9% (was 28.0% a year ago - thanks template), Portugal at 36.9%, and Greece somewhere in the 58% ballpark.

Finally, rounding out the abysmal picture was the Euro area's just reported October CPI, which tumbled to 0.7%Y/Y, down from 1.1% in September and below the 1.1% expected. This was the weakest annual inflation print in the continent since 2009, and is a bright red flag for Draghi that everything he has done so far has failed to stimulate inflation, but at least his precious EUR is at 2 year highs against the dollar. Alas, not for much longer as the time to reprice the European currency has arrived.

End result of all of the above:

And going much lower.

Blackwater Charged For Killing Innocent Iraqis


Blackwater, and the mercenaries they employed, are being charged by the Department of Justice for killing innocent Iraqis in a Baghdad Square in 2007. After so much time spent kicking the can around looking for a jurisdiction to prosecute the crime, the government has decided to move forward with the case, but just who is being prosecuted at this point? We look at the story on this clip from the Buzzsaw news ith Tyrel Ventura and Tabetha Wallace.
Watch the full episode here:

"Dr. Bill H. Weld" fakes Son's Death; Serial Hoaxter Justin Tribble Exposed


Over the past couple of months a man going by the name "Dr. Bill H. Weld," who held himself out to be a retired physician and doctor - a whistleblower on his deathbed - has been uploading videos and making the rounds of various alternative media talk shows claiming to have evidence of a government plot to activate a "nano-virus" that was engineered by the government with the intention of "turning off" any person, or group of people, they wished simply by activating the nano-virus that supposedly already lays dormant in most Americans.

According to "Dr. Weld," the nano-virus was disseminated through the food supply, and anyone who has ever drunk a Pepsi or eaten a Lays potato chip is infected. The only problem is that Dr. Bill H. Weld does not exist.

The person behind the Weld persona is serial hoaxter Justin Tribble. Tribble got his 15 minutes of fame earlier this year when he went to extraordinary lengths to make it appear as though evangelist Joel Osteen had abandoned the faith, even creating a fake website and profiles to go along with it. His hoax was exposed on the ABC program Good Morning America.

Tribble is a liar, and a poor one at that. The Truth Is Viral Publisher and Editor-in-Chief was in the midst of producing an episode debunking the Tribble/Weld nano-virus hoax in detail when Tribble/Weld uploaded a video that claimed Dr. Weld's son, Bill Jr., had died from the virus. Tribble/Weld had been claiming that his family was under attack from the government, and apparently had a lot of people believing it.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Claiming the death of a family member hit a little too close to home for me, as my daughter really did die on January 23rd 2012. When I saw comments under that video from some of my viewers, good people who were obviously heartbroken for Tribble/Weld over the fake death of his fake son, I could not wait another day - not another minute - before I spoke up and exposed this fraud.

I engaged the services of a private investigator to look into Justin Tribble, and it turns out that he has a lengthy criminal history in addition to his activities as a second-rate internet hoaxter. The Truth Is Viral will be following up on this story, in detail, over the next few days and the results of our investigation will be forwarded to the proper authorities to determine if there are any grounds for prosecution.

Our Invisible Revolution | Veterans News Now

Our Invisible Revolution | Veterans News Now


They know that if the ideas that justify their power die, they are finished. This is why voices of dissent—as well as spontaneous uprisings such as the Occupy movement—are ruthlessly crushed by the corporate state.

by Chris Hedges

“Did you ever ask yourself how it happens that government and capitalism continue to exist in spite of all the evil and trouble they are causing in the world?” the anarchist Alexander Berkman wrote in his essay “The Idea Is the Thing.” “If you did, then your answer must have been that it is because the people support those institutions, and that they support them because they believe in them.”
Alexander Berkman was an anarchist known for his political activism and writing. He was a leading member of the anarchist movement in the early 20th century. Wikipedia
Alexander Berkman was an anarchist known for his political activism and writing. He was a leading member of the anarchist movement in the early 20th century. Wikipedia
Berkman was right. As long as most citizens believe in the ideas that justify global capitalism, the private and state institutions that serve our corporate masters are unassailable. When these ideas are shattered, the institutions that buttress the ruling class deflate and collapse. The battle of ideas is percolating below the surface. It is a battle the corporate state is steadily losing. An increasing number of Americans are getting it. They know that we have been stripped of political power. They recognize that we have been shorn of our most basic and cherished civil liberties, and live under the gaze of the most intrusive security and surveillance apparatus in human history. Half the country lives in poverty. Many of the rest of us, if the corporate state is not overthrown, will join them. These truths are no longer hidden.
It appears that political ferment is dormant in the United States. This is incorrect. The ideas that sustain the corporate state are swiftly losing their efficacy across the political spectrum. The ideas that are rising to take their place, however, are inchoate. The right has retreated into Christian fascism and a celebration of the gun culture. The left, knocked off balance by decades of fierce state repression in the name of anti-communism, is struggling to rebuild and define itself. Popular revulsion for the ruling elite, however, is nearly universal. It is a question of which ideas will capture the public’s imagination.
Revolution usually erupts over events that would, in normal circumstances, be considered meaningless or minor acts of injustice by the state. But once the tinder of revolt has piled up, as it has in the United States, an insignificant spark easily ignites popular rebellion. No person or movement can ignite this tinder.
No one knows where or when the eruption will take place. No one knows the form it will take. But it is certain now that a popular revolt is coming. The refusal by the corporate state to address even the minimal grievances of the citizenry, along with the abject failure to remedy the mounting state repression, the chronic unemployment and underemployment, the massive debt peonage that is crippling more than half of Americans, and the loss of hope and widespread despair, means that blowback is inevitable.
“Because revolution is evolution at its boiling point you cannot ‘make’ a real revolution any more than you can hasten the boiling of a tea kettle,” Berkman wrote. “It is the fire underneath that makes it boil: how quickly it will come to the boiling point will depend on how strong the fire is.”
Revolutions, when they erupt, appear to the elites and the establishment to be sudden and unexpected. This is because the real work of revolutionary ferment and consciousness is unseen by the mainstream society, noticed only after it has largely been completed. Throughout history, those who have sought radical change have always had to first discredit the ideas used to prop up ruling elites and construct alternative ideas for society, ideas often embodied in a utopian revolutionary myth. The articulation of a viable socialism as an alternative to corporate tyranny—as attempted by the book “Imagine: Living in a Socialist USA” and the website Popular Resistance—is, for me, paramount. Once ideas shift for a large portion of a population, once the vision of a new society grips the popular imagination, the old regime is finished.
An uprising that is devoid of ideas and vision is never a threat to ruling elites. Social upheaval without clear definition and direction, without ideas behind it, descends into nihilism, random violence and chaos. It consumes itself. This, at its core, is why I disagree with some elements of the Black Bloc anarchists. I believe in strategy. And so did many anarchists, including Berkman, Emma Goldman, Pyotr Kropotkin and Mikhail Bakunin.
By the time ruling elites are openly defied, there has already been a nearly total loss of faith in the ideas—in our case free market capitalism and globalization—that sustain the structures of the ruling elites. And once enough people get it, a process that can take years, “the slow, quiet, and peaceful social evolution becomes quick, militant, and violent,” as Berkman wrote. “Evolution becomes revolution.”
This is where we are headed. I do not say this because I am a supporter of revolution. I am not. I prefer the piecemeal and incremental reforms of a functioning democracy. I prefer a system in which our social institutions permit the citizenry to nonviolently dismiss those in authority. I prefer a system in which institutions are independent and not captive to corporate power. But we do not live in such a system. Revolt is the only option left. Ruling elites, once the ideas that justify their existence are dead, resort to force. It is their final clutch at power. If a nonviolent popular movement is able to ideologically disarm the bureaucrats, civil servants and police—to get them, in essence, to defect—nonviolent revolution is possible. But if the state can organize effective and prolonged violence against dissent, it spawns reactive revolutionary violence, or what the state calls terrorism. Violent revolutions usually give rise to revolutionaries as ruthless as their adversaries. “Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster,” Friedrich Nietzsche wrote. “And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.”
Violent revolutions are always tragic. I, and many other activists, seek to keep our uprising nonviolent. We seek to spare the country the savagery of domestic violence by both the state and its opponents. There is no guarantee that we will succeed, especially with the corporate state controlling a vast internal security apparatus and militarized police forces. But we must try.
Corporations, freed from all laws, government regulations and internal constraints, are stealing as much as they can, as fast as they can, on the way down. The managers of corporations no longer care about the effects of their pillage. Many expect the systems they are looting to fall apart. They are blinded by personal greed and hubris. They believe their obscene wealth can buy them security and protection. They should have spent a little less time studying management in business school and a little more time studying human nature and human history. They are digging their own graves.
Our shift to corporate totalitarianism, like the shift to all forms of totalitarianism, is incremental. Totalitarian systems ebb and flow, sometimes taking one step back before taking two steps forward, as they erode democratic liberalism. This process is now complete. The “consent of the governed” is a cruel joke. Barack Obama cannot defy corporate power any more than George W. Bush or Bill Clinton could. Unlike his two immediate predecessors, Bush, who is intellectually and probably emotionally impaired, did not understand the totalitarian process abetted by the presidency. Because Clinton and Obama, and their Democratic Party, understand the destructive roles they played and are playing, they must be seen as far more cynical and far more complicit in the ruination of the country. Democratic politicians speak in the familiar “I-feel-your-pain” language of the liberal class while allowing corporations to strip us of personal wealth and power. They are effective masks for corporate power.
The corporate state seeks to maintain the fiction of our personal agency in the political and economic process. As long as we believe we are participants, a lie sustained through massive propaganda campaigns, endless and absurd election cycles and the pageantry of empty political theater, our corporate oligarchs rest easy in their private jets, boardrooms, penthouses and mansions. As the bankruptcy of corporate capitalism and globalization is exposed, the ruling elite are increasingly nervous. They know that if the ideas that justify their power die, they are finished. This is why voices of dissent—as well as spontaneous uprisings such as the Occupy movement—are ruthlessly crushed by the corporate state.
“… [M]any ideas, once held to be true, have come to be regarded as wrong and evil,” Berkman wrote in his essay. “Thus the ideas of the divine right of kings, of slavery and serfdom. There was a time when the whole world believed those institutions to be right, just, and unchangeable. In the measure that those superstitions and false beliefs were fought by advanced thinkers, they became discredited and lost their hold upon the people, and finally the institutions that incorporated those ideas were abolished. Highbrows will tell you that they had ‘outlived’ their ‘usefulness’ and therefore they ‘died.’ But how did they ‘outlive’ their ‘usefulness’? To whom were they useful, and how did they ‘die’? We know already that they were useful only to the master class, and they were done away with by popular uprisings and revolutions.”
Source : Information Clearing House

Radioactivity level spikes 6,500 times at Fukushima well | Global Research

Radioactivity level spikes 6,500 times at Fukushima well | Global Research
Download video (28.76 MB)
Radioactivity levels in a well near a storage tank at the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan have risen immensely on Thursday, the plant’s operator has reported.
Officials of the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) said on Friday they detected 400,000 becquerels per liter of beta ray-emitting radioactive substances – including strontium – at the site, a level 6,500 times higher than readings taken on Wednesday, NHK World reported.
The storage tank leaked over 300 tons of contaminated water in August, some of which is believed to have found its way into the sea through a ditch.
The well in question is about 10 meters from the tank and was dug to gauge leakage.
TEPCO said the findings show that radioactive substances like strontium have reached the groundwater. High levels of tritium, which transfers much easier in water than strontium, had already been detected.
Officials at TEPCO said they will remove any contaminated soil around the storage tank in an effort to monitor radioactivity levels of the water around the well.
The news comes after it has been reported a powerful typhoon which swept through Japan led to highly radioactive water near the crippled nuclear power plant being released into a nearby drainage ditch, increasing the risk of it flowing into the sea.
On Wednesday TEPCO said it had detected high levels of radiation in a ditch leading to the Pacific Ocean, and that it suspected heavy rains had lifted contaminated soil.

‘Decades-long problems being faced at Fukushima’

Robert Jacobs, a professor at Hiroshima Peace University, told RT the compounding problems at Fukushima Daiichi underscore one critical reality: no one really knows what to do.
“Nobody really knows how to solve the problems at Fukushima. There is nobody who has solutions. The problems at Fukushima are unprecedented, so even bringing in outside expertise, all that they can try to do is problem solve. There is no solution that other countries have that they can come in and fix the reactors, or rather, shut down the contamination, shut down the leaks.”
Experts believe that even a small earthquake could lead to more serious nuclear damage in the area.
“They have a thousand tanks that are held together with a plastic pipe, so if there is a moderate earthquake the plastic pipes will fail and all that material will run across the ground surface and into the ocean,” nuclear power expert Arnold Gundersen told RT.
“Facilities themselves, the four reactors that are the most damaged had a series of explosions internally, so it would not take an earthquake as big as the one they had two and a half years ago to potentially do a lot of serious damage there.”
He added that the health risks are great and continue to increase every year. “Somewhere between 100,000 to 1,000,000 [people] will over the next thirty years get cancer from this accident…1,000 additional cancers a year from eating fish from the Pacific.”
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s open request for advanced knowledge from overseas is a welcome step, as this will bring a higher degree of professionalism than Tepco has demonstrated since the crisis first erupted, Jacobs says. But even though, those experts will be at a loss to solve the immense problems they’ll be facing for decades at Fukushima.
Even in the one area where Japan could potentially help contain the disaster, the authorities have wavered, Konstantin Simonov from the Moscow-based Fund for Energy Security told RT.
“Fukushima should be treated just like Chernobyl – as a wreck that must be retired and put in a sarcophagus, with radioactive waste slowly and thoroughly utilized. Why does the problem persist at Fukushima? Because they can’t decide whether they want to close it or to keep it going.”
Tokyo Electric Power Company in fact seems reluctant to shut down Fukushima for good. Tepco is in fact pushing to reopen its Kashiwazaki Kariwa facility – the world’s largest nuclear power station – which itself was shut down in 2007 following reports of radioactive leaks in the wake of an earthquake.
In September, Japan announced its only operating nuclear reactor had been closed for maintenance, leaving the country with no nuclear power supply for only the second time in four decades.
Atomic power accounted for 30 percent of Japan’s energy needs prior to the Fukushima disaster, and the country was forced to increase fossil fuel imports to make up for the deficit.
As a result, Japan become the world’s largest importer of liquefied natural gas (LNG), prompting the world’s third-largest-economy to post its first trade deficit since the second oil shock 31 years ago.
Under these circumstances, the crisis gripping Fukushima will not be the only factor in deciding the fate of the country’s nuclear industry.

Norwegian Islamic Leader Fahad Qureshi: All Muslims Believe in Death Penalty for Homosexuals

Zentralstaat: Barroso installiert Staatsanwaltschaft für die EU | DEUTSCHE WIRTSCHAFTS NACHRICHTEN

Zentralstaat: Barroso installiert Staatsanwaltschaft für die EU | DEUTSCHE WIRTSCHAFTS NACHRICHTEN

Das EU-Parlament arbeitet an der Einführung einer Europäischen Staatsanwaltschaft. Ab 2015 soll die neue Behörde verhindern, dass die EU betrogen wird. Später soll ihre Rolle auch auf andere Bereiche ausgeweitet werden.
Kommissions-Chef José Manuel Barroso fordert mehr Macht. Nur eine eigene Brüsseler Staatsanwaltschaft könne verhindern, dass die EU jedes Jahr um Milliarden Euro betrogen werde. (Foto: Consilium)
Kommissions-Chef José Manuel Barroso fordert mehr Macht. Nur eine eigene Brüsseler Staatsanwaltschaft könne verhindern, dass die EU jedes Jahr um Milliarden Euro betrogen werde. (Foto: Consilium)
Die Mehrheit der EU-Mitgliedsstaaten unterstützt den Vorschlag einer Europäischen Staatsanwaltschaft. Bis Montag hatten die Parlamente der Mitgliedsstaaten Zeit, Einsprüche oder Bedenken einzureichen. Der Deutsche Bundestag hatte keine Bedenken.
„Eine klare Mehrheit der Mitgliedstaaten hat keine schriftliche Meinung abgegeben und kann daher zu den wahrscheinlichen Teilnehmern an der Europäischen Staatsanwaltschaft gerechnet werden“ zitiert EUobserver EU-Sprecherin Mina Andreeva.
Mindestens 9 der 28 Mitgliedsstaaten sind erforderlich, um die gemeinsame Behörde zu starten. 17 EU-Staaten haben sich nicht zu einer Europäischen Staatsanwaltschaft geäußert und gelten daher als Befürworter.
Die Parlamente von Zypern, Tschechien, Frankreich, Ungarn, Irland, Malta, den Niederlanden, Rumänien, Slowenien und Großbritannien haben Einspruch eingelegt, berichtet EurActiv. Dänemark wird aufgrund einer Ausnahmeregelung zum Lissabon-Vertrag nicht mitmachen.
Dennoch würden die EU-Abgeordneten den Vorschlag nun vorantreiben, sagte die EU-Sprecherin. Im Jahr 2015 soll die Behörde einsatzbereit sein. Sie werde voraussichtlich ohne die elf unwilligen Mitgliedsstaaten beginnen müssen.
Der Europäische Staatsanwalt wird die Macht haben, eigene EU-weite Ermittlungen durchzuführen und Anklage zu erheben. Zunächst soll die Behörde nur gegen Personen vorgehen können, die die EU betrügen. Doch könnte ihre Rolle später auch auf andere Bereiche ausgeweitet werden.
Nach Ansicht der Kommission ist die Behörde notwendig, da die EU massiv betrogen werde. Ein hoher EU-Beamter sagte dem Parlament im September, die jährlichen Verluste wegen Betrugs lägen im Bereich mehrerer Milliarden Euro.

DHS is conducting drills to deal with domestic terror


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The entire economy is declining, the housing market has just surpassed the bubble in 2008 before it popped. Major corporations are now laying off thousands of people. The UN watchdogs who are destroying the chemical weapons have missed the deadline because they cannot get to two sites. The rebels used chemical weapons while the UN team was destroying Assad's chemical weapons. DHS is now conducting many drills to deal with domestic terrorists, could this be in preparation for the upcoming EBT riots

Elliott's Paul Singer Warns "Something Is Wrong And Dangerous" | Zero Hedge

Elliott's Paul Singer Warns "Something Is Wrong And Dangerous" | Zero Hedge
"The recent trading environment has felt something like walking into a place and having a sense that something is wrong and dangerous but not knowing exactly what will happen or when. “QE Infinity” has so distorted the prices of stocks and bonds that nobody can possibly determine what the investing landscape would look like, or what the condition of the economy and financial system would be, in the absence of Fed bond-buying."

-Paul Singer, Elliott Management
In his latest letter to investment partners, the outspoken realist pulls the curtain on everything from loss of faith on fiat currencies to unsound policies such as Obamacare, the missing jobs recovery, and media misunderstandings of the nature of hedge funds.
On The Fed's "temporary" effects on bonds and stocks:
The volatility in fixed income markets earlier this year, occasioned by the Fed’s use of the word “tapering” (meaning a possible gradual reduction in the pace of Fed bondbuying), resulted in medium- and long-term interest rates rising back to the levels of the spring of 2009. In other words, $3.8 trillion of bond-buying since 2008 by the Fed has had only a temporary effect on medium- and long-term interest rates. It is impossible to predict the prices of bonds in the event the Fed stops buying, or actually starts to sell off its massive portfolio, although it is a decent bet that prices would be much lower than current levels.

It is also not clear whether stock prices, which are still on a tear and at all-time nominal highs, are at these levels because of optimistic economic prospects, QE, or the beginnings of a loss of confidence in paper money causing a shifting of capital out of fixed income and into purportedly “real” assets. However, the fragility of capital markets, so reliant on zero percent interest rates (ZIRP) and QE Infinity for their equilibrium, is clearer. The markets’ ability to withstand any adversity is highly questionable, and it appears to us that the Fed is basically paralyzed (though they would probably call it “focused and determined”) and afraid (perhaps they would say “prudently risk-averse”) to reduce, much less eliminate, its bond-buying. In this environment, plain-vanilla ownership of stocks or bonds represents a highly conjectural bet on government-manipulated markets.
On The Fed's lack of effects on the real economy:
The Fed is undoubtedly praying that economic growth will accelerate, giving it proper cover to tighten its ultra-loose monetary policy. However, the economy is now in its fifth year of subpar growth, with little pick-up in sight.
On Hedge Funds:
Lately we have seen a number of reports about the “disappointing” results of hedge funds. But as we have noted many times before, hedge funds that are actually hedging are unlikely to perform as well as equities during a bull run.


We understand it is not easy for investors to distinguish who is good and sustainable from who is a flash in the pan, but the task is worthwhile, and investors who do the hard work are likely to be pleased with their manager selection in the medium to long term. Unfortunately, the supply of firms that can produce (or at least have a reasonable prospect of achieving) absolute returns is far lower than the demand for such results.
On the "unsound" underlying structural issues of US Fiscal policy:
What has been happening with the U.S. federal government in its recent highly-theatrical phase, as contentious and difficult as it has been, is merely a precursor to much bigger events.


we are talking about the underlying structural issues of the federal budget deficit, economic growth, the deeply contentious Affordable Care Act, and the long-term insolvency of the country due to the government having made (and continuing to make) massively unpayable promises for the future. As we have pointed out, the current annual federal deficit, so ballyhooed to be “coming down nicely,” is actually catastrophically out of control. It is not a trillion dollars. The true figure is more like $7 trillion (and growing!) after accounting for unfunded liabilities, which are mounting at a fantastic pace. It is not an exaggeration to say that America is deeply insolvent, and for that matter, so are most of continental Europe, the U.K. and Japan. No combination of achievable growth rates and taxes can pay for the promises that have been made. The numbers are clear and inexorable.

None of the major governmental leaders in these regions is telling the truth about the present state of affairs and where it will lead, nor are they making the structural changes necessary to unlock the potential to grow their respective economies significantly faster than current rates.


As bad as the insolvency is, it would be infinitely worse if governments started to believe that just because they can print money, they can inflate their way out of these long-term obligations. That will not work and would lead the world down the road to total ruin.


The situation is deeply unstable. It is so sad that after the major developed countries recovered from World War II, they gradually morphed from soundly-financed global engines of growth and prosperity into massively over-indebted countries whose currencies will likely collapse well before your grandchildren start looking for their Social Security checks.
On The Global financial system's fragility:
The global financial system is not much healthier. In the last five years, laws and regulations have been passed, bankers have been pilloried, financiers have been vilified, “living wills” have been prepared and carefully and beautifully wrapped for presentation, regulatory entities have been formed and fresh-faced regulators, eager to save the world, have been hired and placed at new desks in front of new computers. But through it all, one thing has not changed: The major banking and other financial institutions remain opaque and overleveraged.


The really bad news is that the “hair-trigger” aspect of modern global trading markets is just getting more intense. Market action from earlier this year is a harbinger of how modern markets will react to a real change in perceptions. In this past spring’s episode, a sign from the Fed that it might gently begin scaling back the pace of its bond-buying caused medium- and long-term bonds to be abruptly repriced, which removed just about all of the price elevation caused by four years of Fed purchases. The lesson of the crash of 2008 was that it is essential to act immediately to save your assets from an uncertain counterparty or clearing firm.
On Yellen and The Fed admitting its wrong:
it is unlikely that her reign will be characterized by any more courage or deep understanding than that of her predecessor, “Helicopter Ben” Bernanke.
The problem is that they all, including Yellen, are looking in the wrong direction. Similar to Bernanke (and arguably more so), Yellen places a heavy reliance on the Fed’s data-driven financial models to draw conclusions and make predictions. Sadly, she also seems to share Bernanke’s lack of humility regarding the inescapable fact that the Fed’s models and predictions were catastrophically wrong about the financial system, financial institutions and risks in the period leading up to and during the financial crisis.
For the Fed’s governors to admit that they got it profoundly and tragically (for the millions of people who are unemployed, underemployed or now deeply steeped in the brine of dependency) wrong, and that their role needs to be more modest than holding up the entire world on their shoulders, would also take courage.

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UK, Germany in secret deal to kill off EU bank, car regulation


It's emerged Germany and the UK are deep in talks behind Brussels' back, over watering down EU laws. In return for helping weaken environmental regulations, Britain wants Berlin's aid in safeguarding the leeway, enjoyed by bankers. It's all drawing accusations of cynical disregard, for the public good.

Attack of the Appliances! China Exports Gadets Embedded with Hidden Spy Devices

Reports are coming out of the Russian State Media ( that irons imported from China were bugged with hidden devices that included microphones and would attempt to connect to any available wi-fi within 650 feel to upload a virus onto that network that would hit all computers connected to it.

The smart grid and its coming 'Internet of Things' has been super fun so far, hasn't it? Remember kids, any super trendy technological advance can also be used to enslave you!

Original story:

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Santos Bonacci: Adam and Eve - Truth Connections


Santos Bonacci ~ Adam and Eve ~

Truth Connections Radio ~ October 22, 2013 ~

Santos Bonacci is an expert with 30 years experience in the field of Astrotheology and he joined Truth Connections to provide us with a wider view of several topics combined. Astrotheology is an ancient science based teaching of the solar system of 'as above so below' and is revered as the pure science, the Holy Science as understood by our ancient forefathers. There is no one more versed in connecting the overlapping dots in ancient teachings. Santos has an uncanny ability to compile, understand and separate fact from fiction when speaking in reference in areas of Religion, Astrology, Philosophy and Science and how they are truly connected by way of Syncretism.

Syncretism is the merging of two or more categories in specified environments into one subject and is described as the combining of different (often seemingly contradictory) beliefs while melding together practices of various school of thought, especially in theology and mythology of religion, thus underlining unity and allowing for an inclusive approach to other faiths.

The best place to hide the truth is in plain sight and Santos is the perfect tutor for removing each and every one of those blindfolds. Santos joins Truth Connections for the 10th time to discuss Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden as it was written in Genesis in the Bible.

Santos work can be found at the following places:
Find out more about Truth Connection here:

The American Police State Has Come and Gone -- Living in Complete Tyranny - | Intellihub News

The American Police State Has Come and Gone -- Living in Complete Tyranny - | Intellihub News

On Friday, Police in a California Suburb set up checkpoints and even pointed guns at the heads of innocent Americans. We are now living in a level of Tyranny that was once never imagined.

SAN BRUNO, CA - San Bruno police officers stop cars at a DUI checkpoint on November 27, 2006 in San Bruno, California. San Francisco Bay Area law enforcement agencies have begun to set up DUI checkpoints as the holiday season gets underway. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

CALIFORNIA (INTELLIHUB) — The United States has gone from the most free and wealthy, to a communist state that has a level of tyranny equal to the worst in history. The only aspect missing in America, is the slaughtering of its citizens by the government. But how far away are we?
 On Friday, a gang member shot and injured 2 police officers in a suburb. Police then went straight to the post 9/11 protocol and began to set-up checkpoints proceeding to point guns at the heads of innocent Americans in violation of their rights, crumpling up the constitution.
 The Associated Press snapped a photo of an officer of the new Gestapo, capturing him aiming his weapon at a citizen passing through the illegal checkpoint.
 As we have been seeing over the past few years, the United States has turned into a police state on steroids. However, it seems we are moving closer and closer to complete tyranny, as local, state, and federal police shoot dogs, innocent people in the streets and raid homes without warrants terrorizing the people inside.
 The Constitution-Free Zones
 Most people in America today, have no clue that they probably live in a “Constitution-Free Zone”.
Since most Americans, about two-thirds, live in coastal areas or within 100 miles of the Boarder; placing them under a new jurisdiction.
In an “effort to stop boarder jumpers”, search and seizures of vehicles and personal property require no warrant when you are within this 100 mile band that effectively strips the constitution of its validity altogether.[1]
 Sacramento does fall into the 100 mile band, which would explain why the Police were so quick to set up a checkpoint and abuse the rights of any American who dared to travel with hopes of being unmolested. The suspect in the shooting that ended after a few hour-long standoff is a known gang member with a criminal record that includes assault and carjacking.
32 year-old Samuel Nathan Duran, was taken to the Placer County jail Saturday after being treated for scrapes and cuts after surrendering just after midnight.[2]
 One must question why the police would need to point weapons at the heads of Americans who had broken no laws, even when the suspect was identified and known to law enforcement the checkpoints were still set-up. This is even more proof of the fall of the Republic, the end of rights in America as our tyrannical Government has rooted itself in the Fabric of American life.
[2] Suspect in Northern Calif. standoff surrenders –

Writer Bio:
my pictureAndrew Pontbriand is an activist, radio show host, and Blogger for The Resistance Journals. Like his Facebook page here.
For media inquires, interviews, questions or suggestions for this author, email: or telephone: (347) 759-6075.
Read more articles by this author here.

Commonwealth Bank of Australia hires G4S to spy on politicians - Hang the Bankers

Commonwealth Bank of Australia hires G4S to spy on politicians | Hang The Bankers | He Who Controls the Money Supply, Controls the World
Michael FraserAn undercover surveillance operation ordered by the Commonwealth Bank has embroiled the institution in a spying scandal, with senior MPs monitored and photographed by private detectives investigating one of its critics. The bank hired security firm G4S to conduct ”Operation Lantern”, round-the-clock surveillance on consumer advocate and anti-banking lobbyist Michael Fraser (pictured right) between August 28 and September 1. G4S, which conducted the security operation for the London Olympics, claims it is ”a world leader in providing compliance and investigation related services”.
Internationally, surveillance operations by governments and private firms are attracting increasing criticism and allegations of infringing privacy.
In a memo obtained by Fairfax Media, the bank requested photographs of people Mr Fraser met to ”allow for the identification of individuals”, and said it was trying to confirm if Mr Fraser was receiving information from bank insiders.
On those dates Mr Fraser was travelling from Brisbane to Sydney to attend a fund-raising dinner for Coalition senator John Williams, who is part of a Senate inquiry involving CBA with Labor senator Doug Cameron.
Other guests included former NSW opposition leader Kerry Chikarovski, entertainer Kamahl and liquidator John Sheahan. It was organised by lawyer Stewart Levitt, who is behind a class action against the bank. Also attending was Geoff Shannon, an aggrieved CBA customer who established the Unhappy Banking advocacy group and barrister Geoff Slater who is acting for Mr Shannon.
Senator Williams said when he found out about the spying, his initial thought was “What the hell is going on here? Why am I being monitored by some mob employed by the Commonwealth Bank?”
He said he contacted CBA earlier in the week and organised a teleconference with two executives for an explanation. “They confirmed the photos had been taken by the security company and gave assurances to me that they had ordered the photos to be destroyed. They apologised profusely,” he said. “I accept their apology.”
CBA confirms it carried out surveillance and said it was of ”a person who has conducted a systematic campaign of harassment, intimidation and threats to one of our employees over many months”.
A spokesperson said the bank’s concerns were such that it provided personal security to the employee and had contacted police. An apprehended violence order has not been filed. ”In only the most worrying circumstances do we consider employing surveillance and these cases are very rare,” the bank said.
The surveillance was organised on August 23 and on August 28 Mr Fraser tweeted and posted on his Facebook page that he was attending Senator Williams’ dinner that night.
The bank denied it had known about the fund-raiser. ”The only reason our surveillance came across the fund-raiser for Senator Williams was because the harasser attended it,” the bank said.
G4S the private police state firm
The email from the bank instructed G4S to give updates throughout the surveillance. It said: ”There is some suspicion Fraser is being fed information from another employee of the bank but ‘we have not been able to confirm this’ ”. It said he was ”harassing” a bank executive and seemed ”intent on destroying our employee’s professional reputation and compromising his ability to work for the bank”.
The CBA says hundreds of emails, text messages and phone calls were sent to the bank executive but Mr Fraser says that over the past 10 months it was 68 calls, 30 emails and 23 texts.
One of the guests at the fund-raiser, Mr Shannon, said when he found out he had been spied on he wrote to CBA’s lawyers Gadens questioning the bank’s motives. Gadens wrote back: ”I am instructed that the bank has not sought to obtain, nor has it obtained, nor engaged anyone else to obtain, any photographs or information in relation to your client as alleged in your letter.”
Mr Fraser, who refers to himself as ”the Arbitrator”, said in the past year he had represented dozens of aggrieved CBA clients.
commonwealth bank
Commonwealth Bank of Australia caught running spy operation
He told Fairfax Media his dealings with CBA began after a number of customers contacted him with allegations of loan fraud. He said he received standard responses to emails with an executive, then silence.
The text from Mr Fraser that triggered the bank’s decision to undertake surveillance was: ”I am coming to Sydney for 4 days from 28 Aug until 1 Sep. More of your close team wish to meet with me privately in relation to their concerns about you. These ones wish to remain anonymous.
”Two major papers are very interested in the story and taking notes. I just want you to know that I don’t dislike you, I just want to see the right thing done in relation to a handful of large matters you are involved in. Would you be open to meeting off the record privately when I am in town. You are welcome to pick the venue and search me for recording devices. I will honour my word. Michael :)
UK private security profiteering: Serco and G4S

Australian banks at risk
- Australia has no gold
Australian government to track all web usage
Reserve Bank of Australia is printing money for foreign banks
Reserve Bank of Australia quietly increases banks’ bailout buffer
Australia doomed: debt ceiling raised $200b, central bank given $8.8b
Telstra: Australia’s largest telco hands over customers data to the FBI
Victorians’ private phone and email records spied on by councils, government departments and other organisations

Cop tasers handcuffed girl and now she is braindead


This video showing cop tasering handcuffed girl helped clear 267-pound Trooper Daniel Cole of wrongdoing and have released this disturbing dash cam video that captured him tasing a 100 pound, 20 year old handcuffed girl in the back as she fled.
The Florida Department of Law Enforcement determined Trooper Daniel Cole's "use of force" was justified when he tased the woman last September at the FHP Pinellas Park Substation and cleared him of wrongdoing.

The fleeing woman, Danielle Maudsley, 20, suffered severe brain damage after hitting her head on the concrete and has been in a persistent vegetative state ever since.

The video shows Maudsley fleeing a back door of the substation with Cole following closely behind.

Maudsley was arrested for her alleged involvement in two hit-and-run crashes and driving without a license.

Cole brought Maudsley to the substation to complete his paperwork before taking her to the Pinellas County Jail, according to FHP reports.

As she enters the parking lot, Cole deploys his taser and Maudsley hits the ground hard, with her head slamming into the asphalt.

"What were you thinking? What are you, stupid?," Cole can be heard asking Maudsley on the video.
"I can't get up," said Maudsley.
"I don't want you to get up," said Cole.
"I can't get up," Maudsley said again. The last words Maudsley has spoken since being tasered.

On the video, Maudsley loses consciousness about two minutes after hitting her head.
Maudsley's mother said the trooper should have used other means to stop her daughter from fleeing.
"He was right behind her. He could've reached out," Maudsley said. "It was unnecessary."
The mother hired defense attorney Kevin Haylsett, who put FHP on notice for a lawsuit.

Hayslett said Cole violated FHP's taser policy which states:
"Fleeing cannot be the sole reason for the deployment."
"When you shoot someone in the back, and they're running away, all that force -- as you saw when Danielle's head hit the concrete -- that's why they don't allow you to do that, because you can have horrible tragedies like this," Hayslett said.

With any rule, there is an exception.

An Office of Inspector General Investigation Unit report states: "Although the FHP policy on Electronic Control Devices states that a member should not use the device on a handcuffed prisoner, it also provides that there may be situations that conflict with this policy."

The report goes on to state: "In this situation, Maudsley ... removed one of her handcuffs while in the back of Cole's patrol car, and moved her handcuffs from behind her back, to in front of her body, as she attempted to flee the FHP Station. In addition, Maudsley was running towards US Highway 19 which is a high volume road."

According to the report, Maudsley had oxycodone and cocaine in her system at the time.

"The Florida Department of Law Enforcement conducted an independent review of the incident," FHP spokesperson Sgt. Steve Gaskins said. "Their investigation found that the trooper's actions were legal and within the scope of his duties."

"He would've been better off to use his nightstick on her than he would a taser," Hayslett said.

The attorney also pointed out that Maudsley only weighs about 100 pounds.

In the report, Cole said he chose to use the taser because he "felt she was more susceptible to being injured if he attempted to tackle her." Cole weighs approximately 267 pounds.

Hayslett called the dash cam video disturbing. "It's one of those videos -- when you see it and you watch her head hit the pavement -- that it's hard to get those images out of your head," he said.

Maudsley's mom said her daughter's prognosis is not good. She is likely to remain in a vegetative state.

Maudsley is now in a Ft. Lauderdale rehab center that specializes in severe brain injuries.

Cutting Food Stamps for Over 45 Million Americans: The Ruthlessness of the American Ruling Class | Global Research

Cutting Food Stamps for Over 45 Million Americans: The Ruthlessness of the American Ruling Class | Global Research

Food assistance benefits for over 45 million Americans will be slashed starting this Friday, in the first-ever nationwide reduction in benefits under the US government’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), popularly known as food stamps.
The cuts total $11 billion over the next three years and amount on average to a month’s worth of food assistance. They will mean yet more privation for millions of working people, including the poorest and most vulnerable members of society—children, elderly people, the unemployed, the disabled and new mothers.
That this brutal cut takes place under conditions of continuing mass unemployment and economic slump, with record numbers of people living in poverty and homelessness and hunger on the rise, testifies to the ruthlessness of the American ruling class. The callous indifference of the media and the entire political establishment, beginning with the Obama White House, to the suffering of broad layers of the population is reflected in their virtual silence on the imminent cutback in benefits.
As far as the corporate-controlled media is concerned, snatching food from the mouths of hungry children is not even worth reporting. As for the politicians, Democrats as well as Republicans are saying virtually nothing because there is a bipartisan agreement to impose the cuts.
Meanwhile, the government bailout of Wall Street and corporate America continues unabated. The Federal Reserve is expected this Wednesday to announce the extension of its $85 billion-a-month subsidy to the stock market and the banks in the form of its “quantitative easing” money-printing operation. Trillions of dollars have been pumped into the financial markets and interest rates have been kept at near-zero to drive up share values to record highs in the midst of the deepest crisis in the real economy since the Great Depression.
This channeling of social wealth into the coffers of the super-rich has produced the highest levels of social inequality in nearly a century. The American financial aristocracy is choking on its own wealth. Just last week,Forbes magazine reported that the ten highest-earning individuals in the US in 2012 each took in more than $100 million, with the top two making more than $1 billion apiece.
The universal claim that there is “no money” to fund social services comes as corporations, awash in cash and profits, systematically avoid taxation. According to a USA Today report published Monday, one in nine corporations in the Standard & Poor’s 500 stock index paid no taxes last year. Among them are Verizon, which recently imposed new concessions on its workers, and the Murdoch-owned News Corp., which publishes the Wall Street Journal. The average effective tax rate on corporations in the S&P 500 was 12.6 percent—barely a third of the nominal corporate tax rate.
The starkest indicator of the real state of the US economy in the sixth year of the crisis that erupted in 2008—and the clearest refutation of the official claims of a “recovery”—is the staggering growth in the number of people dependent on food stamps. Their ranks swelled by 70 percent between 2007 and 2012 and they continue to grow.
The food stamp cuts scheduled for this week are the result of the expiration of the 2009 Recovery Act’s temporary increase in food stamp benefits. The increase was originally slated to last through 2015, when SNAP benefits are scheduled to rise, so as to ensure that there would be no reduction in benefits.
But in 2010, congressional Democrats used $14 billion that had been set aside for food stamps to fund other measures, vowing to return the money before the benefit hike expired. With the unspoken sanction of the White House and congressional Democrats, that never happened.
In current negotiations over a new farm bill, the Democratic-controlled Senate is proposing an additional $4 billion in cuts to the food stamp program over the next decade. The Republican-controlled House of Representatives has passed a bill that would cut $40 billion from SNAP and force adults between 18 and 50 to either work or attend work training in order to reapply for benefits, as well as instituting drug-testing for recipients.
As always, the more draconian Republican proposal serves as the baseline for a “compromise” in which the Democrats, even as they posture as defenders of the poor, agree to increase the scale of cuts to a level that was likely agreed upon in advance by the White House and the two big business parties.
The slashing of food stamp benefits comes just weeks after a 16-day government shutdown that set the stage for a bipartisan deal to extend most of the social cuts included in the $1.3 trillion “sequestration” process that began last March. Those cuts are on top of another $1 trillion in cuts pushed through during the 2011 crisis over the US debt ceiling.
On January 1, the federal program that provides extended unemployment benefits for the long-term jobless is slated to expire, throwing millions more into poverty and outright destitution.
All of this is preparation for a bipartisan assault on the core social programs that date from the New Deal of the 1930s and the Great Society of the 1960s—Social Security and Medicare.
What is involved here is a social counterrevolution, the aim of which is to uproot and destroy every social gain won by the working class over the past century—from pensions and health benefits to public education and child labor laws. The bankruptcy of Detroit, which is being used to gut city workers’ pensions and strip them of their health coverage, along with the sell-off of public assets such as the art work at the world famous Detroit Institute of Arts, are a foretaste of what is coming nationally—and internationally.
This is what capitalism has to offer the working class—mass poverty, accompanied by ever more bloody wars and increasing political repression.
The working class can halt this attack and defend its basic social rights—to a job, a decent wage, nutrition, education, health care, pensions, access to culture—only by mobilizing its vast social power in a political struggle against both parties of Wall Street and the ruling class whose interests they slavishly defend.
The resources needed to provide a secure job and decent standard of living for every person exist in abundance, but they can be mobilized and expanded only by putting an end to the economic despotism of the corporate-financial elite. The corporations and banks must be taken out of private hands and transformed into public institutions under the democratic control of the working population. The ill-gotten wealth of the financial parasites must be expropriated and used to meet social needs.
The wealth produced by the working class must be used for the benefit of society as a whole, not the personal accumulation of wealth by a tiny elite.