Saturday, November 30, 2013

Signs Of Change The Past Week Or So Oct/Nov 2013


Strange and extreme weather events over the past 30 days on this upload. Video posting on this channel will get back to normal after the holidays. Thank you for being patient, thanks for watching and stay safe all...

*This series does not mean the world is ending! These are documentaries of series of extreme weather events that are leading to bigger earth changes. If you are following the series, than you are seeing the signs.

Immediate Music - The Last Time
Fired Earth Music - Tacticus

Also take time out to check out the series 2013Is Strange produced by LAST MESSAGE

*For other events that didn't make the video this week, and to report events in your area please stop by my Facebook page!
Thank you all that are there, without you guys I'm also left in the dark...

Sorry For Any Mistakes

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