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Guilty by Association? Kerry blames EU for stirring up Ukraine unrest


Washington is spinning the wheel of blame in regard to the Ukrainian stand-off. This time it is pointing at the EU. The criticism came in comments made by US Secretary of State, John Kerry. For more on this RT is joined by Gayane Chichakyan.

Invoice Michelle Obama Campaign



Michelle Obama 2-Day Hotel Stay in China Costs $222K |

Michelle Obama 2-Day Hotel Stay in China Costs $222K |

Depleted Uranium Inside the Body -Radioactive Waste from Nuclear Power Plants


Depleted Uranium in the Human Body: Sr Rosalie Bertell, PhD
Epidemiologist Rosalie Bertell (PhD, biometrics) explains the effects of the weaponized DU on the people of Iraq and the planet. In subsequent parts of this series, Dr. Bertell offers readily-accessible ways to detox some heavy metals and poisons from the body.
(part of a snowshoefilms series (2007) with Sister Bertell, a member of the Gray Nuns of the Sacred Heart.

Videos: Dr Rosalie Bertell PhD - Chemtrails Earthquakes HAARP Depleted Uranium - Includes Many Other Videos On These Subjects

Depleted UF6 Guide
An introduction to uranium and its compounds, depleted uranium, and depleted uranium hexafluoride (depleted UF6).

Uranium is it a Country? The Origins of Nuclear Power - Documentary

Fallujah, Iraq, Europe, Depleted Uranium, Cancer Birth Defects, 2012

Video: Chemtrails: Sr. Rosalie Bertell, PhD - 9 Minutes 11 Seconds - In May 2005, snowshoefilms interviewed epidemiologist Rosalie Bertell (Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart) in New York City. Questions covered a wide range of topics, including 'chemtrails.' The 7-part interview was posted on Archive, and subsequently posted by others on youtube. Here's a 2009 updated edit of that interview, with chemtrail footage from Sister Bertell's Mother House in Yardley, Pennsylvania (2007) and video from Chautauqua, N.Y. Note: Cliff Carnicom (LA, May 17 2008 Chemtrail Convergence) calls attention to 3 aspects of chemtrails: ionized metalic salts, organic fibers, and dessicated red blood cells. It is our view that these dessicated blood cells are used to disseminate mycoplasmas -- in particular, weaponized mycoplasmas such as fermentans incognitus. See snowshoefilms' video of microbiologist Garth Nicolson for an explanation of how mycoplasmas could be disseminated via aerosol spray for genetically targeted populations (most of us). Note also, Sr. Bertell references 'global warming' as if it might be human caused. Whether or not that is so (we doubt it), chemtrails have been officially advanced as a mechanism to combat 'global warming'. Most likely, they contribute to local warming.
Chemtrails: Sr. Rosalie Bertell, PhD

Chemtrail Forecast North America Evening -- Night

Depleted Uranium Released During Canadian Plane Crash
Little-Known Use of DU in Commercial Jets Exposed

OMG! A new way to test Chemtrails! Metal Detector

source remix button video mamaknock
Depleted Uranium Inside The Body & Testing For Chemtrails

Fukushima 4/30/14: **Bombshell** Radioactive Release 500 Times Larger Than Thought For Fukushima


Japan TV: Radioactive release was up to 500 times larger than thought for Fukushima reactor — Surprising surge in radiation levels before explosions — Our understanding of what happened at plant is 'very limited' (VIDEO)

Fukushima evacuees complain of health problems
A survey by Fukushima Prefecture shows that nearly 70 percent of households that evacuated after the March 2011 disaster have members who complain of health problems.
The prefecture polled more than 62,800 evacuee households. About one-third responded.
Sixty-eight percent said one or more of their members complain of health problems such as lack of sleep or depression.
Prefectural officials say they understand the need to do more to help evacuees improve their health and living conditions.

Govt. nuclear waste plan draws public criticism
A Japanese government panel says it will review its proposal for disposing of highly radioactive nuclear waste based on public criticism and concerns.
The expert panel of the Economy, Trade and Industry Ministry on Wednesday heard a report on more than 200 public opinions about the proposal regarding the disposal of highly radioactive waste from nuclear power plants.
The plan says the government should pick scientifically viable candidate sites for burying such waste deep underground.
The government's policy so far has been to wait for municipalities to volunteer to serve as disposal sites. But no municipality has done so.

Hiroshima, Nagasaki mayors speak at NPT meeting
The mayors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki have appealed to member countries of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty for the abolition of nuclear weapons.
NPT members were in New York on Tuesday preparing for the conference reviewing the treaty next year.
Mayor Kazumi Matsui told the delegates that Hiroshima was devastated in an instant by the explosion of a single atomic bomb in August, 1945.
He called nuclear arms "extremely inhumane" and an "absolute vice."

USA Today: Radiation tripled in some albacore tuna off West Coast after Fukushima — Bioaccumulating in bones, not only flesh — "Additional exposures to plume could further increase radiation levels" — NOAA-funded study to expand after 'significant' findings (AUDIO)

Exceeding level of Cs-134/137 detected from fish more and more frequently in 20km area of sea since this January

Almost half of evacuated Fukushima households split up by disasters still divided: poll

Global scientists plan Vancouver Fukushima session

Fukushima residents feel torn as Japan prepares for their return to radiated zone near plant

WIPP Electrical Flaw Nearly Left The Midwest Uninhabitable

The News That Matters about the Nuclear Industry

Deja Vu All Over Again: Fannie, Freddie Would Need Another $190 Billion Bailout When Things Go South | Zero Hedge

Deja Vu All Over Again: Fannie, Freddie Would Need Another $190 Billion Bailout When Things Go South | Zero Hedge

While it will come as a surprise to exactly nobody, certainly nobody who understand that the US financial system is no better financial shape than just before the Lehman crash as nothing has been fixed and everything that is broken has been merely swept under the rug (for details see Paul Singer's explanation posted last night) of epic-er leverage, the news that when (not if) the US economy succumbs to a severe economic downturn Fannie and Freddie would require another taxpayer funded bailout, one of $190 billion or even more than the first $187.5 billion-funded nationalization of the GSEs, can only bring a smile to one's face.
A smile because according to some idiots, the GSEs are viable, standalone enterprises whose "net income" should be given on a silver platter to institutional investors who will then make a killing courtesy of what were years and years of government liquidity injections. Sure, do that. Just answer this: will those same investors who demand full ownership rights also put up the hundreds of billions of capital that will be needed when the next bailout bill comes due, as the alternative is the complete collapse of US housing. We didn't think so.
The "hypothetical" downturn that would crush the GSEs:
From Bloomberg:
The two mortgage-finance giants, which have already taken $187.5 billion in taxpayer aid since 2008, would need more funds to stay afloat if home prices plummeted in a severe downturn, the Federal Housing Finance Agency said in a report today. The stress tests, mandated by the Dodd-Frank Act, use the same assumptions that the Federal Reserve does in gauging the ability of the nation’s largest banks to withstand a recession.

The results reflect the terms of the companies’ bailout, which require them to send to the Treasury all of their quarterly profits above a minimum net worth threshold. That money, counted as a return on the U.S. investment, prevents them from rebuilding capital or paying down debt to taxpayers.

“These results of the severely adverse scenario are not surprising given the company’s limited capital,” Fannie Mae (FNMA) Senior Vice President Kelli Parsons said in a statement. “Under the terms of the senior preferred stock purchase agreement, Fannie Mae is not permitted to retain capital to withstand a sudden, unexpected economic shock of the magnitude required by the stress test.”

The companies would need $84 billion to $190 billion by the end of 2015 in the worst circumstances, depending on accounting assumptions, the tests showed.


The stress test results come as congressional momentum for winding down Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac appears to be stalling and shareholders push to keep the companies alive.
Of course, since this is a stress test that uses "the same assumptions that the Federal Reserve does" it means it is i) wrong (see Bank of America) and ii) woefully optimistic (as usual). But more importantly, all it confirms is that the GSEs are still nothing more than a massively levered bet on the general direction of housing. Yes, Fannie and Freddie have returned billions to the Treasury, but that is only because of the trillions monetized by the Fed. Trillions, incidentally, which have been insufficient to stimulate a self-sustaining housing rebound now that the fourth dead cat bounce in housing is over and home prices are once again rapidly rolling over.
Which means that any decision about the future of the GSEs will be determined not by Congress, by Obama, by Fairholme or by Ackman, and will be purely in the hands of the market once again - a market which increasingly appears ready to roll over, and take everything down with it. Among the things to be taken down? Another at least $190 billion in taxpayer funds.

Why Did The Fed Hold An Emergency Meeting Yesterday? | Zero Hedge

Why Did The Fed Hold An Emergency Meeting Yesterday? | Zero Hedge

Everyone knows that the FOMC announcement, due today at 2 pm, will be the culmination of an orderly, traditional 2-day meeting which started yesterday, April 29.
What few know, however, is that in addition to the generic FOMC meeting which started yesterday at 10:30 am, at about the same time, the Fed also held an "expedited" emergency meeting between the four board governors Yellen, Tarullo, Stein, and Powell.
As the WSJ adds, "The four members of the board met to discuss "medium-term monetary policy issues," according to a meeting notice posted on the Fed's website.... A Fed spokesman declined to say if the two meetings were combined, or how long the board meeting lasted." The WSJ also notes that the "last time the Fed board met to discuss "medium-term monetary policy issues" was on April 26, 2011, according to analysts at BNP Paribas."
So what was discussed? We won't know because the "meeting was closed to public observation by Order of the Board of Governors because the matters fall under exemption(s) 9(A)(i) of the Government in the Sunshine Act (5 U.S.C. Section 552b(c)), and it was determined that the public interest did not require opening the meeting."
Ironic, because nothing the Fed does is in the public interest. Or, to be specific, 99% of the public...

RT criticized again by US State Dept. for 'false claims' & 'selective editing

RT has fallen under the criticism of the State Department yet again; accusing the news agency of propagandizing the reports from Ukraine. Read RT's response:

Popular Food Allergen Hidden in Cheddar Cheese

Massive Floods Swamp North Florida


The National Weather Service says people around Pensacola, Florida are trapped in their homes and vehicles after as much as 20 inches or more of rain swamped the area. Meteorologists say more rain could fall today. (April 30)

Stranger Hacks Baby Monitor, Harasses Child


A stranger hacked into a baby monitor and proceeded to talk to the 10-month-old on the other end while he watched her sleep. How did this security breach happen, and what measures can be taken to prevent it? Mark Sovel and Elliot Hill discuss the steps you can take in order to feel safe in your home, in this clip from the Lip News.

Two feet of rain in 26 hours floods Florida

Burning buses, trash: Rio and Sao Paulo hit by riots ahead of soccer world cup


Demonstrators clashed with police and burned trash and portable toilets in downtown Sao Paulo on Tuesday (April 29), just 44 days before the city is slated to host the opening match of the 2014 World Cup.

Demonstrators from groups representing homeless people and workers protested outside city hall to call for the passage of a building ordinance that was being debated by lawmakers which would establish land use rules in the city.

Some of the demonstrators turned violent and began vandalizing parts of the city near the government building.

Police used water cannon and tear gas to break up the crowds.

More police were called to the scene in riot gear as the protesters moved to the centre of the city where some started trash fires and torched portable toilets and other large items.

The unrest follows violent protests in two of Rio de Janeiro's slum neighbourhoods that left nine city buses burned out on Monday (April 28) night.

The hostility comes just weeks before the start of the soccer World Cup which will open in Sao Paulo on June 12 and will also be played in 11 other Brazilian cities.

Weather as a force multiplier - Owning the weather in 2025

Joseph P Farrell, Nazi International, Part 1


A Byte Show classic, we now present the series of talks on Joseph P Farrell's Reich of the Black Sun, Nazi International, and Secrets of the Unified Field, in no particular order.

Secret weapons, Nazi loot, possible relocation to Argentina after the war. It's all in this series. Enjoy!

Physicist and Oxford educated historian Joseph P. Farrell continues his best-selling series of exposés on secret Nazi technology, Nazi survival, and post-war Nazi manipulation of various manufacturing technologies, economies and whole countries. Beginning with pre-War corporate partnerships in the USA, including the Bush family, he moves on to the surrender of Nazi Germany, and evacuation plans of the Germans. He then covers the vast, and still-little-known recreation of Nazi Germany in South America with help of Juan Peron, I.G. Farben and Martin Bormann. Farrell then covers Nazi Germany's Penetration of the Muslim World including Wilhelm Voss and Otto Skorzeny in Gamel Abdul Nasser's Egypt before moving onto the development and control of New Energy Technologies including the Bariloche Fusion Project, Dr. Philo Farnsworth's Plasmator, and the Work of Dr. Nikolai Kozyrev. Finally, Farrell discusses the Nazi desire to control space, and examines their connection with NASA, the esoteric meaning of NASA Mission Patches, plus final chapters on: Alchemy, Esotericism, The SS and the Unified Field Theory Craze; 1943-1945: Strange Events from the end of World War II and other "Postwar Shenanigans." This book is literally packed with information.

The Byte Show is listener-supported at Your support enables GeorgeAnn to produce more shows. If these tapes are valuable to you let us know by your financial support on The Byte Show website.

Central Bankers Are Running Out Of Time As The Economic Collapse Accelerates

Get economic collapse news throughout the day visit
More news visit
Report date: 4.29.2014

Spain's unemployment has skyrocketed to 26%. Consumer confidence implodes, people are not optimistic about the future. Case-Shiller reports that this is the longest home price decline since 2012. The supreme court denied the appeal and the NDAA stands. People can be put into jail without due process if deemed a domestic terrorist. The Government is implementing an ID system on the internet to control, track and censor everyone. The Senate agrees, the people of the US do not need to know the reason and who was killed via drones strikes, it is to complicated and the people will not understand it. The people in the middle east and waging war against the puppet governments. The US cancels bio-weapons censors funding. Be prepared for a false flag.

US inmate 'tortured' in botched execution

US inmate 'tortured' in botched execution (via AFP)
A US death row inmate writhed in agony and mumbled incoherently in a botched execution using untested drugs, before dying of a heart attack 40 minutes into the ordeal, news reports said. The gruesome end to the life of Clayton Lockett, a convicted murderer…

China pushes for rival trans-Pacific trade deal

China pushes for rival trans-Pacific trade deal (via AFP)
China is pressing for a vast Asia-Pacific free trade agreement, a senior official said Wednesday, as a rival US-led deal that excludes the Asian giant runs into snags. Wang Shouwen, an assistant commerce minister, told reporters at a briefing that China…

“War is Peace, it Makes Us Rich and Safe”… or So Says the Mainstream Media | Global Research

“War is Peace, it Makes Us Rich and Safe”… or So Says the Mainstream Media | Global Research

Image: An Iraqi woman with her dead child. Source: A Real Cost Of The Iraq War
War is Peace. What was known as a famous quote from George Orwell’s fiction 1984 has become a reality. Or maybe it is still fiction if you consider that the mainstream media is making up reality on a daily basis.
On April 28, 2014, the homepage of The Washington Post web site featured the picture of a nuclear explosion with the following title: “War is brutal. The alternative is worse.”
Peace is worse than war? Diplomacy worse than a nuclear explosion? I wonder if people in war torn Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine and the likes agree.
The subtitle is probably the apex of nonsense: “War may be the worst way imaginable to create peaceful societies, but this professor argues that it’s the only way.” Professor? How can you be a professor and say something so illogical? And how can a newspaper be taken seriously when it publishes such absurdities?
But it gets worse, if that’s even possible. Clicking on the article, you get this:

“Wars make us safer and richer”. Wow. Really?
Who’s “us”? Certainly not the American people:
The decade-long American wars in Afghanistan and Iraq would end up costing as much as $6 trillion, the equivalent of $75,000 for every American household, calculates the prestigious Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government…
It is also imperative to recall that the Bush administration had claimed at the very outset that the Iraq war would finance itself out of Iraqi oil revenues, but Washington DC had instead ended up borrowing some $2 trillion to finance the two wars, the bulk of it from foreign lenders.
According to the Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government 2013 report, this accounted for roughly 20 per cent of the total amount added to the US national debtbetween 2001 and 2012.
According to the report, the US “has already paid $260 billion in interest on the war debt,” and future interest payments would amount to trillions of dollars. (Sabir Shah, US Wars in Afghanistan, Iraq to Cost $6 trillion)
So, who’s “us” getting richer? The bankers maybe? Because if war makes some people rich, it’s the bankers:
After all, the banking system is founded upon the counter-intuitive but indisputable fact that banks create loans first, and then create deposits later.
In other words, virtually all money is actually created as debt…
Debt (from the borrower’s perspective) owed to banks is profit and income from the bank’s perspective.  In other words, banks are in the business of creating more debt … i.e. finding more people who want to borrow larger sums…
What does this have to do with war?
War is the most efficient debt-creation machine
War is also good for banks because a lot of material, equipment, buildings and infrastructure get destroyed in war. So countries go into massive debt to finance war, and then borrow a ton more to rebuild. (Washington’s Blog, War Creates Massive Debt and Makes the Banks Rich)
“Us” is probably also the military industrial complex, for which peace is enemy number one:
The fact that military activities may become a profitable enterprise leads to the realization that peace is the main enemy of the military-industrial complex.  A simple metaphor can illustrate this problem.  Grape growers, the wine industry and wine marketers would be completely out of business if people stopped drinking wine.  In a similar way, the military-industrial complex would be put out of business by lasting peaceful conditions because the development, production, marketing and use of military equipment would be not needed.
To stay in business, this complex needed the wars in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan, the “cold war” with the Soviet Union, war on terrorism and various other wars.  And it needs to be involved in new conflicts, such as in Ukraine at this time. (Vashek Cervinka, Peace is the Enemy of the US Military Industrial Complex)
WE, the people of the world, don’t want wars and WE are not getting “richer” and “safer” with wars. It’s actually quite the contrary. Wars ruin economies and guess what? Wars kill people! How are mass killings and massive debts making “us safer and richer”?
Even though he received the Stanford University Dean’s Award, which “recognizes the efforts of exceptional teachers in the School of Humanities and Sciences” and is “given for excellence in graduate education” and “achievements in teaching”, Professor Morris seems to ignore the existence of what is probably the most important judgement in the history of mankind, The Nuremberg Judgement, which says:
To initiate a war of aggression, therefore, is not only an international crime; it is the supreme international crime differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole.
We live in a world where award-winning Humanities and Science teachers promote war, the supreme international crime. It cannot get more Orwellian than that.

Global Research has, since 2001, been fighting against this Orwellian view of the world promoted by the mainstream media, such as The Washington Post. We do our best to expose the lies of the US-NATO war machine and the so-called “stenographers to power”. But to fight this warmongering juggernaut, we need your help.
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Chinese Government Officials falling into “Honey Trap” set by Foreign Investment Banks | The China Money Report

Chinese Government Officials falling into “Honey Trap” set by Foreign Investment Banks | The China Money Report

Xinhua reporters are also reporting that the Honey Trap
seductress in question has also been found to have over
$150 million in assets over-seas. So she not only obtained bribes
for her mark, but funnelled portion of the bribes into her own
family accounts. Just another day at UBS. This kind of activity
is why taxpayers had to save the global investment banks?
Want China Times
China’s Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the
country’s top agency charged with rooting out corruption among
party members, recently launched a high-profile investigation
into China Resources chairman Song Lin, according to the China
Business Journal.
Song has been publicly accused of massive corruption and of
having an extramarital affair with a UBS banker. Song allegedly
used his mistress, Yang Lijuan (Helen Yang), as a “channel” to
receive huge bribes and launder money.
The Song Lin case highlights the common practice of foreign
investment banks using connections and under-the-table operations
to acquire lucrative contract projects on the mainland, the
paper said.
Citing Dealogic figures, the paper reported that following Yang’s
recruitment by the Swiss bank UBS, the total volume of the bank’s
services for China Resources, a state-owned conglomerate, surged
from less than US$850 million to US$7.7 billion.
An executive working at a European investment bank told the paper
that foreign investment banks in China do not establish any anti-
corruption or anti-bribery mechanisms, while it is common for the
banks to hire Chinese officials’ children or mistresses as the
fastest way to gain massive benefits.
Song is also accused of using his influence to get Yang a job at
UBS. Yang began working for the Swiss bank in 2012, and she was
hired to serve as a co-bookkeeper for two large-scale bond-releasing
deals made by China Resources and as a major consultant to China
Resources in two of the largest procurement deals in the
conglomerate’s history.
Yang has been been found to have assisted Song in transferring
illegitimate assets overseas, according to Wang Wenzhi, a journalist
working for the official news agency Xinhua, who first broke news
of the scandal.