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Greek Social Contagion: Tens Of Thousands Rally In Support Of Spain's Anti-Austerity Podemos Party | Zero Hedge

Greek Social Contagion: Tens Of Thousands Rally In Support Of Spain's Anti-Austerity Podemos Party | Zero Hedge

Less than a week ago we warned, "today Athens, tomorrow Madrid,"
 and sure enough, emboldened by the success of Syriza in Greece, the people of Spain have turned out in their tens of thousands in Madrid at a demonstration called by the insurgent Spanish leftist party Podemos. As The Independent reports, Podemos, which means "we can", has surged intofirst place in opinion polls in the few months since it was set up in the summer of 2014. It is now ahead of the centre-right Popular Party and centre-left Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party in many opinion polls. Podemos’s policies include a universal basic income, increased democracy, crackdowns on tax avoidance, and increased public control over the economy. Most worrying for the status-quo huggers in Brussels, Podemos has also wants to reform the European Union, describing the current euro arrangement as a "trap."

As we noted earlier this week, while Alexis Tsipras name (and face) are now well known, we suspect few are yet fully aware of Pablo Iglesias, general secretary of Spain's left-wing Podemos party...
Winds of democratic change are blowing in Europe.

The change in Greece is called Syriza, in Spain it’s called Podemos.

The Hope is coming.

Hasta La Victoria. SYRIZA – PODEMOS … Venceremos! ” (Until victory – We will win!“
*  *  *
And sure enough, here are the winds of social change...

Caught On Tape: Dijsselbloem To Varoufakis: "You Just Killed Troika" | Zero Hedge

Caught On Tape: Dijsselbloem To Varoufakis: "You Just Killed Troika" | Zero Hedge

Amid 'turmoiling' stock markets on Friday, CNBC's Simon Hobbs summed up the status quo's thinking on the new Greek leadership when he noted, somewhat angrily and shocked, "The Greeks are not even trying to reassure the markets," seeming to have entirely forgotten(and who can blame him in this new normal the world has been force-fed for 6 years) that political leaders are elected for the good of the people (by the people) not for the markets. Yesterday saw the clearest example yet of Europe's anger that the Greeks may choose their own path as opposed to following the EU's non-sovereign leadership's demands when the most uncomfortable moment ever caught on tape - the moment when Eurogroup chief Jeroen Dijsselbloem (he of the "template" foot in mouth disease) stood up at the end of the EU-Greece press conference, awkwardly shook hands with Greece's new finance minister, and whispered..."you have just killed the Troika," to which Varoufakis responded... "wow!"

The joint press conference was concluding, when Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakisdroped a last bombshell.  “…and with this if you want – and according to European Parliament – flimsily-constructed committee we have no aim to cooperate. Thank you.”Varoufakis was referring to the famous Troika, the country’s official creditors consisting of the European Union, the International Monetary Fund and the European Central Bank..
After concluding with a “Thank you” Varoufakis gives the word to Eurogroup Chief Jeroen Dijsselbloem, who wants to hear the translation first. Then he takes off the ear phones, he stands up and sets to leave. An enforced-looking shaking of hands delays the  departure of the Dutch FinMin.
Dijsselbloem quickly whispers something to Varoufakis’ ear, he briefly replies back and the Eurogroup chief leaves the press conference hall as soon as it was possible.
Video: the Awkward Greek-Eurogroup Moment

Bill Hicks, George Carlin, Steve Hughes & Doug Stanhope: You & Your Job

Child pornography uncovered in Vatican last year

Child pornography uncovered in Vatican last year

Former Archbishop Jozef Wesolowski was arrested last September in the Vatican on charges of having paid for sex with children.
Former Archbishop Jozef Wesolowski was arrested last September in the Vatican on charges of having paid for sex with children. Photo: AP
The Vatican, which is still struggling with the effects of a worldwide paedophilia scandal in the Catholic Church, discovered two cases of possession of child pornography within its own walls last year, its chief prosecutor said on Saturday.
Gian Piero Milano, whose official title is Promoter of Justice, reported the cases in a 50-page report read to Vatican officials at a ceremony marking the start of the city-state's judicial year.
The Catholic Church has been hit by scandal involving the sexual abuse of children by priests around the world in the past 15 years.
Pope Francis has vowed zero tolerance for offenders but victims of abuse want him to do more and make bishops who allegedly covered up the abuse accountable.
In his report, Milano said Vatican police had investigated "two delicate cases, of varying degrees of seriousness, of possession of child pornography material" by people living or working inside the city-state, which is the headquarters of the 1.2 billion member Church.

The Secret Mars Colony

No more Troika talks as Greece seeks new debt deal

Max Igan - PressTV - NATO Switching to Cold War Style Security Schemes


Max Igan - PressTV - NATO Switching to Cold War Style Security Schemes - Jan 31st 2015

The Dark Nexus of Mind Control and Artificial Intelligence | Jay's Analysis

The Dark Nexus of Mind Control and Artificial Intelligence | Jay's Analysis

By: Jay
In researching the MK ULTRA programs and their various offshoots, I came across an interesting connection to the coming SmartGrid.  Under Dr. Ewan Cameron, a prison tracking device known as the Schwitzgebel Machine was utilized to monitor inmates locations, heart rate and other personal details that were reciprocally transmitted to the good doctors.  What comes to the fore is the similarity with the development of the Smartphone and its new capabilities for monitoring heart rate, health, etc., as well as basically anything else.  Is there a connection between mind control and the coming A.I. takeover?  While this may sound like the ultimate paranoiac tin foliage, I suspect more at work here.

Why Is Google Making Human Skin?


Hidden away inside a world-class life sciences lab on Google's campus, doctors are trying to change the way people think about their health.

Google Finally Stops Playing Mute On Net Neutrality, Says New Rules Won't Hurt Google Fiber In The Slightest | Techdirt

Google Finally Stops Playing Mute On Net Neutrality, Says New Rules Won't Hurt Google Fiber In The Slightest | Techdirt

from the NOW-you-lend-a-hand? dept

While Google was a major player in the net neutrality fight early on, the company performed a stark about-face on the issue sometime around 2010. Google was responsible for co-writing the FCC's original, wimpy net neutrality rules alongside AT&T and Verizon, which were jam-packed with loopholes and ensured that wireless networks and devices weren't covered at all. When called out on this, Google pretty feebly insisted they weren't being inconsistent, though it was clear to most folks that the company had shifted lobbying strategies in the hopes of fostering a better relationship across both sides of the political aisle.

As a result, when net neutrality supporters needed Google the most during the Title II debate, Google remained silent. Recently, when asked about net neutrality during press events, the companysimply refused to comment.

Now that the Title II tide has shifted without Google's help, the company has re-entered the discussion to once again support meaningful net neutrality rules. We noted a few weeks ago that Google told the FCC in a filing that Title-II based rules could actually help their Google Fiber deployment by streamlining the utility pole attachment process. Now in a conversation with theWashington Post, Google has made its clearest public statement in years regarding support for Title II net neutrality rules:
"The sort of open Internet rules that the [Federal Communications Commission] is currently discussing aren't an impediment to those plans," Google said in a statement, "and they didn't impact our decision to invest in Fiber."
That's of course in contrast with AT&T, Verizon, and Comcast, which continue to proclaim that if Title II neutrality rules are passed, they'll stop investing in broadband networks and people will lose their jobs. Of course, the fact is AT&T and Verizon were already dramatically cutting back on fixed-line broadband investment and cutting those jobs anyway, and in many of the areas Google is now looking at for Google Fiber deployments. Again, Title II is only a worry for ISPs interested in abusing their gatekeeper position to make an extra buck, and that's not Google Fiber's MO as a disruptive new market entry looking to make friends.

Regardless and whatever the motivation, it's nice to see Google join net neutrality supporters on the right side of the street again, even if it's a day late and a dollar short.

Henry Kissinger: “If You Can’t Hear the Drums of War You Must Be Deaf” | Global Research

Henry Kissinger: “If You Can’t Hear the Drums of War You Must Be Deaf” | Global Research

ACCURATE SATIRE:  Henry Kissinger: "If You Can't Hear the Drums of War You Must Be Deaf"
NEW YORK – USA – In a remarkable admission by former Nixon era Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, reveals what is happening at the moment in the world and particularly the Middle East. [please note this is a SATIRE, which in many regards says the truth regarding the current situation, the interview is fiction, it never took place, some of the quotes are from Henry Kissinger]
Speaking from his luxurious Manhattan apartment, the elder statesman, who will be 89 in May, is all too forward with his analysis of the current situation in the world forum of Geo-politics and economics.
“The United States is bating China and Russia, and the final nail in the coffin will be Iran, which is, of course, the main target of Israel. We have allowed China to increase their military strength and Russia to recover from Sovietization, to give them a false sense of bravado, this will create an all together faster demise for them. We’re like the sharp shooter daring the noob to pick up the gun, and when they try, it’s bang bang. The coming war will will be so severe that only one superpower can win, and that’s us folks. This is why the EU is in such a hurry to form a complete superstate because they know what is coming, and to survive, Europe will have to be one whole cohesive state. Their urgency tells me that they know full well that the big showdown is upon us. O how I have dreamed of this delightful moment.”
“Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.”
Mr Kissinger then added: “If you are an ordinary person, then you can prepare yourself for war by moving to the countryside and building a farm, but you must take guns with you, as the hordes of starving will be roaming. Also, even though the elite will have their safe havens and specialist shelters, they must be just as careful during the war as the ordinary civilians, because their shelters can still be compromised.”

Teachers are not responsible if they kill a student – Texas state rep.


Teachers in Texas should not be held legally accountable if they injure or kill a student, according to state representative Dan Flynn. The staunchly pro-gun legislator recently introduced a bill that would make it nearly impossible for educators to be sued or prosecuted if a pupil dies as the result of their “use of force or deadly force” in the classroom, worrying many that the move is unnecessarily placing children in harm’s way. RT’s Manuel Rapalo has more.

PressTV-CIA used British territory for torture

PressTV-CIA used British territory for torture



New Anti Terror Bill Because They Hate Us For Our Freedoms


Stephen Harper has just introduced new anti terror legislation in an effort to put more power in the hands of Canada's law enforcement and intelligence agencies to monitor, track and even preemptively disrupt the activities of suspected terrorists and so called "extremists"...shouldn't they be reviewing suspect number 1 the Western State!? The Canadian government has aided ISIS while at the very same time they're introducing new anti terror legislation to block anyone who aids or promotes terrorism! 

The "War On Terror" Is A Fraud - It Is Not Meant To Be Won, It Is Meant To Be Continuous

​German spy agency collects 220 million phone records a day - report — RT News

​German spy agency collects 220 million phone records a day - report — RT News

Friday, January 30, 2015

Greece set on action: New govt rejects austerity, cooperation with troika


Greece's newly elected government says it will not co-operate with the Troika - which consists of the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund. RT Murad Gazdiev explains.


Dirk Müller: Silberpreis | Ablasshandel | Mindestlohn | SWIFT-Abkommen 3...

PressTV-Over 200k Somali kids starving: UN

PressTV-Over 200k Somali kids starving: UN

Your Immune System Is Made, Not Born - Scientific American

Your Immune System Is Made, Not Born - Scientific American

New research dispels the belief that the strength of the body’s defense system is genetically programmed

Cytomegalovirus infection. 
Credit: Yale Rosen via Wikimedia Commons
Some people seem better than others at fighting the flu, and you might suspect they were born that way. A new study of twins, however, suggests otherwise.
In one of the most comprehensive analyses of immune function performed to date, researchers analyzed blood samples from 105 sets of healthy twins. They measured immune cell populations and their chemical messengers—204 parameters in all—before and after participants received a flu shot. Differences in three fourths of these parameters depended less on genetics than on environmental factors, such as diet and prior infections. Genetics had almost no effect on how well individuals responded to the flu vaccine, judged by antibodies produced against the injected material. And among identical twin siblings, who have the same genome, immune system features differed more strikingly within older twin pairs than in younger sets. The findings, published January 15 in Cell, argue that life habits and experiences shape our body’s defenses more than the DNA passed down from our parents.

Does Milky Way hide a portal to the distant Universe? -

Does Milky Way hide a portal to the distant Universe? -

Jay Parker and Mark Passio: Satanic Ritualistic Abuse | Truth Connection...


Jay Parker and Mark Passio ~ Satanic Ritualistic Abuse ~

Truth Connections Radio ~ May 8, 2014 ~

This broadcast with Jay Parker and Mark Passio is sure to enlighten many about the darkness that has surrounded life as we have known it for centuries. Mark and Jay were keynote speakers at both Free Your Mind conferences that were held in Philadelphia on the topic of mind control. Both men have an amazing cautionary tale to tell about how they broke free from their controllers and deep rooted belief systems. Their stories will intertwine and paint a picture of the spell many have been under either directly or indirectly.

Jay Parker was born into a multi-generational Satanic/Illuminati family and suffered MONARCH trauma-based mind-control as a child. For the first seven years of his life, Jay was subject to Satanic Ritual Abuse in a large cult setting. On his radio show SRA Today, he speaks about recovery and healing methods for Satanic Ritual Abuse survivors. He will discuss in detail new neurological and biological discoveries related to ritual abuse and life in general. He will also discuss Satanic/Illuminati control in the U.S., world society, and religions. He will share his personal life experiences being brought up in a Satanic/Illuminati family, and Inter-dimensional (Luciferic/Satanic) or extraterrestrial forces that interact with and control the Satanic/Illuminati power structure. Below is the link to Jay's radio show. 

Mark Passio is an independent researcher and public speaker who is also very active in The Breakthrough Energy Movement, the Tesla Science Foundation and Free Your Mind Conference. He is an expert in the study of Kabbalah, the occult. occult symbology, Natural Law. the Church Of Satan and its practices. He strives to accomplish teaching the immutable principles of Natural Law (Passio's preferred term for Universal Law, or God's Law) to anyone who is willing to listen. Mark is able to see just how far the tentacles of control are stretched throughout society and the current control system. We will discuss how to recognize: truth and deception, emotional polarities, sovereignty and anarchy, the difference between magic and sorcery, the basics of good and evil, and the underlining agenda of manipulation. We will also provide solutions as we all learn to empower ourselves and other mind controlled victims. He hosts his own radio show called, 'What On Earth Is Happening'. His website and body of work can be found here. 

'Workers across EU should support Syriza & refuse to pay bankers' debts'


The new Greek government is seeking to be let off from some of its bailout debt - something the rest of the EU is not eager to approve. In Italy, the idea of breaking away from the bloc is gathering momentum. Leaving the EU is also now up for discussion in Hungary, where the speaker of parliament has been contemplating an exit.
Paul Murphy, who's an Irish anti-austerity MP, says the bloc's leaders have brought this upon themselves. Africa: Thinking Like a CEO - Why a 19-Year-Old Is Winning the Clean Energy Game in Kenya Africa: Thinking Like a CEO - Why a 19-Year-Old Is Winning the Clean Energy Game in Kenya

Photo: Facebook/The Anzisha Prize
Tom Osborn, who has made Forbes' global '30 under 30' list of social entrepreneurs.

Tom Osborn has a humble manner about him, which is surprising since, at the age of 19, he has already been recognised as one of world's top young entrepreneurs.
He is the founder of GreenChar in Kenya, a clean energy start-up that produces charcoal briquettes for cooking purposes that are both healthier to use and last longer. His coals are produced from recycled agricultural waste such as sugarcane, which studies show emit 90% less smoke, and have 60% more energy than the normal charcoal used for cooking.
GreenChar is less than two years old, but has already caused a buzz.
Osborn has recently been named as one of Forbes' global '30 under 30' social entrepreneurs, and last year was selected as a 2014 Anzisha Fellow, winning US$10,000 from Donors' Circle at the Anzisha Prize Gala Awards.
He was also chosen as a global Echoing Green Fellow for 2014, which comes with two years of funding totalling $80,000. He is the youngest recipient to receive the fellowship in the organisation's 27-year-history.

„TTIP ist undemokratisch und brandgefährlich“


Der Volkswirt Peter Fuchs über das Freihandelsabkommen TTIP, Sigmar Gabriel und Chlorhühner

Bei der Debatte um das umstrittene transatlantische Freihandelsabkommen TTIP zwischen der EU und den USA wird es für den SPD-Wirtschaftsminister Sigmar Gabriel nicht nur in den eigenen Reihen ungemütlich. Neben SPD-Genossen läuft vor allem die Zivilgesellschaft gegen das Vorhaben Sturm, eine transatlantische Mega-Freihandelszone mit deregulierten Märkten zu schafften. Im Gespräch mit erklärt der Mitarbeiter bei der NGO PowerShift, warum TTIP „nicht förderlich für den Wohlstand und demokratische Regulierungsmöglichkeiten“ ist. Zugleich spricht Fuchs über den zunehmenden Erfolg einer europaweiten Bürgerinitiative. Sein Resümee: „Die Bürgerinnen und Bürger wollen bei der Handelspolitik mitreden.“

Merkel-Hollande-Treffen: Bricht die EU auseinander?


Vom französischen Präsident Francois Hollande eingeladen trifft Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel heute zum Abendessen in Straßburg ein. Thema werden insbesondere die zweifelhafte Zukunft Europas, aber auch die finanzpolitisch angespannten deutsch-französischen Beziehungen und der Führungswechsel in Griechenland sein. Am Meinungsaustausch zwischen den zwei EU-Riesen nimmt auch EU-Parlamentschef Martin Schulz teil. 

Sex, drugs and murder: Monumental Silk Road trial to determine future of the internet


The future of the internet is at stake in the ongoing Silk Road trial, but scant mention of the milestone case in the mainstream media is leaving the public uninformed, digital journalists and activists continue to warn. Although a supposed criminal mastermind operating a massive black market filled with drugs, murder and sex on the “deep web” sounds as though it would attract TV cameras from across the world, only alternative media is stepping up and reporting on the groundbreaking precedents the trial is setting. RT’s Alexey Yaroshevsky takes an in-depth look.

Just 4 purchases enough to ID you, despite anonymized credit card data — RT News

Just 4 purchases enough to ID you, despite anonymized credit card data — RT News

Occupied By Wall Street – The Latest TARP Taxpayer Screw-Job Is Revealed | Zero Hedge

Occupied By Wall Street – The Latest TARP Taxpayer Screw-Job Is Revealed | Zero Hedge

The Treasury-created market has benefited a few savvy investors, while saddling taxpayers with a loss. Three private funds, which the report didn’t name, have won almost half the shares available at auction, often netting either a profit on paper or on the resale, according to the special inspector general for the Troubled Asset Relief Program. The Treasury, which has held 185 auctions to date, said it has raised about $3 billion on TARP investments that were originally valued at $3.8 billion, for a loss of $800 million at the auctions.

The Treasury “set up this market where investors could come in quickly and flip and profit,” said Christy Romero, TARP’s special inspector general, in an interview.

– From the Wall Street Journal article: Hedge Funds, Private Equity Win Big at TARP Auctions
One story that I’ve told several times on this site has to do with the day TARP passed. How I got into work extremely early and starting irately yelling about how TARP represented the end of America as we knew it. There weren’t many people on the trading floor at the time, but my boss was there and he told me to take a “walk around the block.” I politely declined, but continued to seethe at my desk.
It’s almost shocking to see the horrific transformation that has occurred in the subsequent six years. It’s so bad, that many people now take things that would’ve been considered unconscionable just a few years ago as part of the “new normal.” There will be a horrible price to pay for this perspective.
The latest scam unveiled by the Wall Street Journal is just the latest example of how and why all the income during the oligarch recovery has gone to, well, oligarchs.
From the Wall Street Journal:

Crimes against Humanity: Why Is Henry Kissinger Walking Around Free? | Global Research

Crimes against Humanity: Why Is Henry Kissinger Walking Around Free? | Global Research

Two months ago, hundreds of thousands of Chileans somberly marked the 40thanniversary of their nation’s September 11th terrorist event. It was on that date in 1973 that the Chilean military, armed with a generous supply of funds and weapons from the United States, and assisted by the CIA and other operatives, overthrew the democratically-elected government of the moderate socialist Salvador Allende. Sixteen years of repression, torture and death followed under the fascist Augusto Pinochet, while the flow of hefty profits to US multinationals – IT&T, Anaconda Copper and the like – resumed. Profits, along with concern that people in other nations might get ideas about independence, were the very reason for the coup and even the partial moves toward nationalization instituted by Allende could not be tolerated by the US business class.
             Henry Kissinger was national security advisor and one of the principle architects – perhaps the principle architect – of the coup in Chile. US-instigated coups were nothing new in 1973, certainly not in Latin America, and Kissinger and his boss Richard Nixon were carrying on a violent tradition that spanned the breadth of the 20th century and continues in the 21st – see, for example, Venezuela in 2002 (failed) and Honduras in 2009 (successful). Where possible, such as in Guatemala in 1954 and Brazil in 1964, coups were the preferred method for dealing with popular insurgencies. In other instances, direct invasion by US forces such as happened on numerous occasions in Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic and many other places, was the fallback option.   
             The coup in Santiago occurred as US aggression in Indochina was finally winding down after more than a decade. From 1969 through 1973, it was Kissinger again, along with Nixon, who oversaw the slaughter in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. It is impossible to know with precision how many were killed during those four years; all the victims were considered enemies, including the vast majority who were non-combatants, and the US has never been much interested in calculating the deaths of enemies. Estimates of Indochinese killed by the US for the war as a whole start at four million and are likely more, perhaps far more. It can thus be  reasonably extrapolated that probably more than a million, and certainly hundreds of thousands, were killed while Kissinger and Nixon were in power.    
             In addition, countless thousands of Indochinese have died in the years since from the affects of the massive doses of Agent Orange and other Chemical Weapons of Mass Destruction unleashed by the US. Many of us here know (or, sadly, knew) soldiers who suffered from exposure to such chemicals; multiply their numbers by 1,000 or 10,000 or 50,000 – again, it’s impossible to know with accuracy – and we can begin to understand the impact on those who live in and on the land that was so thoroughly poisoned as a matter of US policy.   

Pentagon Tells Congress to Stop Wasting Money on Tanks


The Pentagon told Congress to stop wasting money on tanks and other weapons it doesn’t need at the Senate Armed Services Committee meeting yesterday regarding the impact of sequestration on national security. With the defense budget set to be cut by 40 billion dollars, Army Chief of Staff General Raymond Odierno implored the committee, lead by new chairman John McCain, to give the U.S. Military's service chiefs more power in the Defense Department's acquisition and procurement system in order to prevent wasting money on equipment the services don't need. We take a look at the hearing, in this Lip News clip with Mark Sovel and Elliot Hill.

At least 25 dead in bomb attack in Egypt's North Sinai province

NEWS AND VIEWS FROM THE NEFARIUM - Joint Russia, China, India Space Station


Russia makes bold plans for joint India, China, Russia space station amid talk of wider "technological alliances" strategy, and Greece and the EU come to the Thermopalae-Salamis moment of history as Greece once again bucks "the Empire."

Banderschtadt. Pro-war torchlight procession in Ivano-Frankivsk, Western Ukraine. January 29, 2015.


Zombified mass marching down the streets of their Khazar Kaganate. This isn't medieval Europe, this is Western Ukraine in the 21st century. Filmed 1/29/2015

Ukraine: Right Sector and Azov Battalion hold torch-lit march through Odessa


Around 500 members of the Right Sector and the Azov Battalion held a torchlight march to commemorate the "heroes of the battle of Kruty" in Odessa Thursday.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Tonight, Texas Will Execute a Man With a Mental Age Of 10 | Breaking911

Tonight, Texas Will Execute a Man With a Mental Age Of 10 | Breaking911

Code Pink: Arrest Henry Kissiger for war crimes,- McCain: Get the low life scum out of here

Putin Pivots Back: Russia Confirms Willingness To Provide Financial Aid To Greece | Zero Hedge

Putin Pivots Back: Russia Confirms Willingness To Provide Financial Aid To Greece | Zero Hedge

We suggested the Greek pivot from Europe to Russia was building previously, and now, we get confirmation from Russia's finance minister Anton Siluanov that the pivot could be mutual, who told CNBC in the interview below:
With fire and brimstone spewing from Germany over the potential for Greece to veto any and everything, it seems Russia may just have stymied Europe's leverage over the newly democratic nation.
* * *
Recall that a German central banker warned of dire problems should the new government call the country's aid program into question, jeopardizing funding for the banks.
"That would have fatal consequences for Greece’s financial system. Greek banks would then lose their access to central bank money," Bundesbank board member Joachim Nagel told Handelsblatt newspaper.
Well, maybe...
Unless of course Greece finds a new, alternative source of funding, one that has nothing to do with the establishmentarian IMF, whose "bailouts" are merely a smokescreen to implement pro-western policies and to allow the rapid liquidation of any "bailed out" society.

Read more;

Meanwhile in Russia: woman destroys ex-husband’s car with axe


Boycott the Bank - Starts 1st Mar 2015 - Who will be the FIRST to go?


Send me to Your Bank, Mortgage Company, Loan Company or Credit Card Company, because unless they CEASE All repossessions, then they are potential candidates for a Game of Boycott the Bank xx Please share everywhere and watch this space x

Number of suicides in Israeli army doubles


An increase in the number of IDF soldiers taking their own lives has parents reeling but also defense forces in the spotlight. There is a 24 hour hot-line meant to help. They get around 450 calls a day. We speak to Ronnie Barkan, who spent 2 month as an Israeli soldier and then realized he's "a human being" and the IDF is not about defense.

#BREAKING: Scientist Offered To Build Nuclear “EMP’s” To Target NYC | Breaking911

#BREAKING: Scientist Offered To Build Nuclear “EMP’s” To Target NYC | Breaking911

Australian ‘Dr Doom’ to lead talks to write down Greek debt | The Australian

Australian ‘Dr Doom’ to lead talks to write down Greek debt | The Australian

Cops Going After Kids Shoveling Snow – They Want Their Cut | Armstrong Economics

Cops Going After Kids Shoveling Snow – They Want Their Cut | Armstrong Economics


Ok – believe it or not, this really shows how the new younger generation of police are anti-society and just insanely pro-government beyond common sense. With cities and municipalities dead broke, confiscating cash from people pretending it is somehow tainted without any proof under Civil Asset Forfeiture was bad enough. Now they are really going over the top. This is not an isolated incident. Towns in the North East are targeting teenagers who traditionally made money during winter shoveling snow.

Die fantastische Welt der taz-Journalistin: Für Geld drucken haftet niemand


Fantastische Welt für taz-Journalistin Ulrike Herrmann.
So will man uns für dumm verkaufen und die gegenteilige Meinung von verschiedenen Ökonomen zählen nicht. Auch Dirk Müller kommt in dem Video Zusammenschnitt zu Wort!
Die taz-Journalistin Ulrike Herrmann im ARD-Presseclub: „Niemand haftet für die Staatsschulden Griechenlands, die EZB kann ja nicht pleite gehen, weil sie einfach unbegrenzt Geld drucken kann, insofern tragen die Steuerzahler in Deutschland und auch anderen Ländern gar kein Risiko. Die FED in den USA macht das ja auch so... und der Aufschwung kommt von selbst.“
Für die Reichen mit Sicherheit!!! 
Ganze Sendung hier:

Crude Contagion: California's Kern County Declares Fiscal Emergency Due To Plunging Oil Price | Zero Hedge

Crude Contagion: California's Kern County Declares Fiscal Emergency Due To Plunging Oil Price | Zero Hedge

At this point only an act of god, or a sudden Saudi change of heart to cut crude production by 50% (unclear which is more probable) can prevent a recession in Texas. However, one state that few thought would be impaired as a result of the crude plunge, is California. Yet as the LA Times reports, it is precisely California, and specifically Kern County located in the middle of the state and containing the farmer town of Bakersfield and countless oil rigs, that yesterday declared a state of fiscal emergency during the weekly supervisors' meeting on Tuesday. The reason: predictions of a massive shortfall in property tax revenues because of tanking oil prices.
Oil companies account for about 30% of the county’s property tax revenues, a percentage that has been declining in recent decades but still represents a critical cushion for county departments and school districts.
According to the LA Times, as a result of the plunge in crude prices which is primarily driven by the de-financializaition of crude futures and the collapse in Chinese demand coupled with a relentless and rising production quota by the marginal, junk-bond funded producers (and everyone else) Kern, the heart of oil production in California, is facing what could be a $61-million hole in its budget once its fiscal year starts July 1, according to preliminary calculations from the county’s assessor-recorder office.
"It affects all county departments – every department will be asked to make cuts,” said County Assessor Jon Lifquist in an interview this month. “It just doesn’t bode well."

That, and there's also demographic issues which have little to do with the crude contagion: soaring pension costs also influenced the fiscal emergency declaration, which allows supervisors to tap county reserves. Operating costs expected at a new jail facility in fiscal 2017 and 2018 factored into the decision as well.
Read more:

TTIP - 50.000 haben es satt!


Über 50.000 Menschen folgten dem Aufruf der Initiatoren der Kampagne "Wir haben es satt". Schwerpunkte des Protestes war der Widerstand gegen das geplante Transatlantische Freihandelsabkommen TTIP zwischen der Europäischen Union und den Vereinigten Staaten. Viele Deutsche befürchten sinkende Standards für Lebensmittel und privaten Schiedsgerichte bei Streitigkeiten zwischen Konzernen und Staaten. 

Wir waren vor Ort und haben die Stimmung eingefanegen und die Leute direkt befragt, was sie von TTIP halten.

Die komplette Sendung mit diesem Beitrag sehen Sie hier:

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Border Fire: UN peacekeeper dead after IDF shells Lebanon border


A UN peacekeeper has been confirmed killed in southern Lebanon following Israeli retaliatory strikes. Earlier attacks on an army convoy reportedly killed at least four Israeli Defence Force soldiers. The IDF also struck Syrian army artillery positions in the northern Golan Heights, in retaliation for rocket fire. For more RT is joined by Jonathan Fine, senior researcher at the International Institute for Counter Terrorism.

Angst vor dem Volk? Superreiche bereiten sich auf soziale Unruhen vor


Die Superreichen scheinen Böses zu ahnen. So werden verstärkt Farmen als mögliche Rückzugsorte auf Neuseeland gekauft und Landebahnen zur schnellen Flucht gebaut. Robert Johnson, Präsident des „Institute for New Economic Thinking“ berichtet RT über die wachsende Angst der Superreichen vor Volksunruhen und wie sie sich dafür wappnen.

The Supreme Human Being - Sevan Bomar - Astral Quest - Season 3 Episode ...

Season 3 is already in full swing, this time we activate all of the Chakras step-by-step. We bring Interactive Enlightenment this year by giving you the materials necessary to succeed. Be sure to download this weeks new Study Guide "The Root Chakra Handbook." Wholeness!:

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Spirituelles Weltgeschehen 68.TAGESENERGIEN| Bewusst.TV 27.1.2015


68.Tagesenergien vom 27.1.2015 mit Alexander Wagandt und Jo Conrad über die Ereignisse bis Mitte Januar 2015 und die dahinter liegenden Energien. Die Tagesenergien erscheinen in der Regel im 20 Tage Rhythmus hier mit kleiner Verspätung vom 30.12.2014 - 27.1.2015. Aktuelle Ereignisse in Politik und Medien werden durchschaut und die symbolische Ebene in der Zeitqualität betrachtet.

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Zusammenfassung / Tags /Stichworte /Zeitmarken:
Unwort des Jahres "LÜGENPRESSE" im Zusammenhang mit bequemen Lügen und unbequemen Wahrheiten. Das Wort kann man diskreditieren, aber es funktioniert trotzdem sehr gut und anscheinend trifft es den richtigen Nerv. Ein wichtiger Sprung im Bewusstsein und Verständnis der Menschen. Einseitige Meinungsmache die uns in alten Mustern hält. 

Neue Ströhmungen des PR Marketings für eine kontrollierte Demonstrationskultur werden sichtbar. Wir erleben große Inszinierungen, wahre Meisterstücke der Illuminaten. Peinlicher "Ich bin Charly" Slogan auf schwarzem Grund ( übersetzt: Ich bin der tote Narr) und ganz großes insziniertes Real-Mafiakino. Künstlich aufgeblasener Terror als Wegbereiter für schärfere Gesetze gegen die Bevölkerung.

Geheuchelter Trauermarsch als Bollwerk-Ritual. Was bitte sind Patriotische Europäer? Akronyme wie Pegida sind typische Arbeit amerikanischer Thinktanks ,aufgestellte Honigtöpfe für viele unzufriedene Wutbürger. Analog dazu aus der Vergangenheit die 68er Bewegung die auch gesteuert wurde von Geheimdiensten. Amerikanisierung: "wir machen uns die Welt wie sie uns gefällt". Massive mediale Islam-hetze. Euro im freien Fall. 

Mensch vs Person, wir erleben die Kommerzialisierung der Welt. Der Mensch rückt immer mehr in den Hintergrund mit seinen Rechten , die Person wird in den Vordergrund gerückt. Bittere Armut in Amerika, wer braucht schon Nahrung, Regierung kürzt immer mehr Bezüge. Kissinger (91) soll Putin zur Vernunft bringen. Verlust der Seelenqualität. Hilferuf der Hebammen...u.v.m.
Betrachte einfach was geschieht, bleib entspannt ohne Angst oder Gesinnungsdruck, die Ereignisse sind Übertreibungen aus der Illusion.