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John Lash | Gnosticism, Sophia, & The Archon Control Matrix

A Preview of Coming Wars: Do Black Lives Matter in Africa? | Global Research - Centre for Research on Globalization

A Preview of Coming Wars: Do Black Lives Matter in Africa? | Global Research - Centre for Research on Globalization

Reading Nick Turse’s new book, Tomorrow’s Battlefield: U.S. Proxy Wars and Secret Ops in Africa, raises the question of whether black lives in Africa matter to the U.S. military any more than black lives in the United States matter to the police lately trained and armed by that military.
Turse scouts out the still little told tale of U.S. military expansion into Africa over the past 14 years, and primarily over the past 6 years. Five to eight thousand U.S. troops plus mercenaries are training, arming, and fighting alongside and against African militaries and rebel groups in nearly every nation in Africa. Major land and water routes to bring in the U.S. armaments, and all the accouterments of bases housing U.S. troops, have been established to avoid the local suspicions created by building and improving airports. And yet, the U.S. military has proceeded to acquire local agreements to make use of 29 international airports and gotten to work building and improving runways at a number of them.
The U.S. militarization of Africa includes airstrikes and commando raids in Libya; “black ops” missions and drone murders in Somalia; a proxy war in Mali; secretive actions in Chad; anti-piracy operations that result in increased piracy in the Gulf of Guinea; wide-ranging drone operations out of bases in Djibouti, Ethiopia, Niger, and the Seychelles; “special” operations out of bases in the Central African Republic, South Sudan, and the Democratic Republic of Congo; CIA bungling in Somalia; over a dozen joint training exercises a year; arming and training of soldiers in places like Uganda, Burundi, and Kenya; a “joint special operations” operation in Burkina Faso; base construction aimed at accommodating future “surges” of troops; legions of mercenary spies; the expansion of a former French foreign legion base in Djibouti and joint war-making with France in Mali (Turse must be reminded of that other wonderfully successful U.S. takeover of French colonialism known as the war on Vietnam).

Your Debt is Fake Part 1

Easiest Diet EVER: Lose 30 Pounds In 3 Months! : Body, Mind, Soul & Spirit – UPDATED DAILY! |

Easiest Diet EVER: Lose 30 Pounds In 3 Months! : Body, Mind, Soul & Spirit – UPDATED DAILY! |

Easiest Diet EVER: Lose 30 Pounds In 3 Months!
by Gregg Prescott, M.S.
Why “waist” your money on an Atkins Diet or Weight Watchers when you can get better results for FREE? Would you like a free and easy diet that TRULY WORKS?  Imagine eating great food all day… and still losing weight! This has got to be the easiest and simplest diet EVER and you don’t need to buy a book or take a special course to learn how to do it.
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Whether you plan on fitting into that bikini this summer or a tuxedo this winter, it only takes 3 months to lose 30 pounds!

The simplest diet ever!

A few years ago, I jumped on the scale and it read 209 pounds (94 kg).  I was having sleep apnea issues from the weight gain, so I decided to lose weight but I never tried dieting!  I used myself as a guinea pig and came up with my own diet strategy designed to lose a lot of weight in a relatively short period of time without starving myself or having to count calories.
A typical diet has approximately 2,000 calories and 20 grams of saturated fat. While our bodies do need some saturated fat, it’s also responsible for building fat.
I’ve done this diet several times in the past and both times, I lost 30 pounds (13 kg) in 3 months. I’m on the same diet right now and at the halfway point, I’ve lost 15 pounds without starving myself, counting calories or feeling hungry most of the time.
So, let’s get to the point. Here is all you need to do: Keep your intake of saturated fats to 10 grams or less per day. That’s it!
I haven’t named this diet, so you can call it the Prescott Diet, The Easiest Diet Ever, or any name you’d like to give it!
Now, there will be some concessions, but nothing major. For example, if you drink whole milk, cut back to 2%, 1% or no fat milk. Use coconut oil instead of butter when cooking. Use applesauce instead of oil when baking, etc…

Why You Should Start Brushing Your Teeth With Coconut Oil Today | Earth. We are one.

Why You Should Start Brushing Your Teeth With Coconut Oil Today | Earth. We are one.


Greece "Scrambles"To Make Full Monthly Pension Payments: "Still Missing Several Hundred Million Euros" | Zero Hedge

Greece "Scrambles"To Make Full Monthly Pension Payments: "Still Missing Several Hundred Million Euros" | Zero Hedge

To be sure, Greece has been “running out of money” for quite some time. Given the incessant media coverage surrounding the country’s cash shortage and the fact that Athens somehow seems to scrape together the funds to make payments both to lenders and to public sector employees against impossible odds, it’s tempting to think that as dire as the situation most certainly is, the country might still be able to ride out the storm without suffering a major “accident.” Having said that, some rather alarming events have unfolded over the past week or so, including a government decree mandating the transfer of excess cash reserves from municipalities to the central bank. As it turns out, that didn’t go over well with local officials and as we reported on Tuesday, the government finally hit the brick wall, coming up some €400 million short on payments to pensioners. Here's what we said then:
According to Bloomberg, the Greek government is €400 million short of the amount needed for payment of pensions and salaries this month, citing a Kathimerini report.

Surprisingly, this takes place even as Greece’s IKA, OGA pension funds have been informed by the government that amount needed for payment of pensions will be deposited today, while the Greece’s OAEE pension fund has said payment of pensions won’t be a problem.

In other words, someone is not telling the truth: either there is enough money or there isn't. And if the latter case is valid, then either the government or the pensions are now openly lying to the population.
Fast forward to Thursday and we learn that sure enough, the government ran out of money earlier this week. Here’s FT:
The Greek government was struggling on Thursday to complete payments to more than 2m pensioners after claiming that a “technical hitch” delayed an earlier disbursement.
Read more:

4/30/2015 -- Large Earthquake ALERT -- 6.9M (6.8M revised) Strikes W. Pacific Forecast Area DIRECTLY


Just as we were expecting, and as was forecast to occur, a borderline 7.0M earthquake (6.8 magnitude revised) has struck the West Pacific in Papua New Guinea.

Papua New Guinea, located in the West Pacific, just experienced a borderline 7.0 magnitude earthquake (6.8M revised).

This was forecast to occur DAYS beforehand, on April 24th, and again on April 28th in the follow up warning for Papua New Guinea. Issued directly for this location, calling for a 7.0 range event.

NASA May Have Invented a Warp Drive - IGN

NASA May Have Invented a Warp Drive - IGN

Aluminum and the Neurotoxicity of Vaccines | Global Research - Centre for Research on Globalization

Aluminum and the Neurotoxicity of Vaccines | Global Research - Centre for Research on Globalization

“No vaccine manufacturer shall be liable…for damages arising from a vaccine-related injury or death.” – President Ronald Reagan, as he signed The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) of 1986, absolving drug companies from all medico-legal liability when children die or are disabled from vaccine injuries.
“In young children, a highly significant correlation exists between the number of pediatric aluminum-adjuvanted vaccines administered and the rate of autism spectrum disorders.” – C. A. Shaw, MD, Vaccine safety researcher
“…no adequate studies have been conducted to assess the safety of simultaneous administration of different vaccines to young children.” Nor has there been “ any toxicological evaluation about concomitant administration of aluminum with other known toxic compounds which are routine constituents of commercial vaccine preparations, e.g., formaldehyde, formalin, mercury, phenoxyethanol, phenol, sodium borate, polysorbate 80, glutaraldehyde.” – L. Tomljenovic and C.A. Shaw, Vaccine safety researchers
In the last few decades since the “mysterious” autism epidemic began in the late 1980s, the giant pharmaceutical companies, free from the constraints of medico-legal liability, began pumping out more and more highly profitable vaccines, and their lobbyists in D.C., their well-paid spokespersons and the industry-co-opted “regulatory agencies” (like WHO, the CDC, the FDA and NIH) rejoiced.
Then, in 1996, the Big Pharma corporate machine and lobbyists got the US Congress to do its bidding and legalize direct-to-consumer advertising for its products, which up to then was illegal. And Big Pharma has also been bribing most US Congresspersons with lavish campaign donations and totally dominated the mainstream media debates that come up from time to time concerning drug and vaccine injuries, intoxication, sickness and death.. Up until now they have also succeeded in silencing the thousands of anguished parents of vaccine-injured children who are just trying to tell their tragic stories.
At least partly because of the dire financial consequences that these industries may have to face if the stories were to be widely told, these parents and their advocates have been essentially black-balled by every media outlet that takes advertising dollars from Big Pharma. The black-listing is probably welcome to everybody associated with Big Pharma’s industries, like Wall Street executives, Big Media executives and others in the investor classes that may have pharmaceutical stocks in their portfolios (or are simply on friendly terms with medical or pharmaceutical establishment types that don’t want to destabilize the gravy train).
Tens of thousands of angry and increasingly vocal “Mama Bear” mothers, are no longer willing to accept the excuse from their clinics that “the neurological catastrophe that your child suffered after the shots was just a coincidence”. And they are demanding an audience, some compassion, some help and some compensation for their losses.
These usually disrespected parents are sometimes fired from their clinics when they try to protect their afflicted child from further vaccine injury. There is no doubt in their minds that, after their child got his standard “well-child” inoculations, that previously healthy baby or toddler died of SIDS or regressed into autism (or had other developmental delays) or started having seizures or developed autoimmune disorders such as allergies or asthma or arthritis or so-called ADHD.
(It must be mentioned that the various combinations of inoculations have never been proven to be safe or even effective in unbiased, independent, well-designed, long-term studies. With no legal liability since 1986, the vaccine industry has very little incentive to make that effort.)
But these parents are persistent and they are continuing to speak out despite being routinely shouted down by the ubiquitous pro-vaccine spokespersons that are invited to appear on radio and TV shows whenever vaccine issues are discussed in the media. Pro-vaccine spokespersons are everywhere (like the multimillionaire academic pediatrician Dr Paul Offit, who developed an anti-diarrhea rotavirus vaccine (Rotateq), and then sold – for tens of millions of dollars – the patents and marketing rights to the giant vaccine manufacturer Merck & Co.
Offit has a lot of prestige to lose if the raw truth about America’s over-vaccination program came out. (Dr Offit, by the way, is the “vaccine expert” who says that all vaccines are perfectly safe and once reportedly said that infants can theoretically tolerate 10,000 of them at once: (See “Addressing Parents’ Concerns: Do Multiple Vaccines Overwhelm or Weaken the Infant’s Immune System?” Pediatrics. 2002 Jan;109(1):124-9.)

Red Ice Radio - Brandon Martinez - Hour 1 - The Creation of Israel & The ISIS Conspiracy

Brandon Martinez is an independent writer and journalist from Canada who specializes in foreign policy issues, international affairs and 20th and 21st century history. For years he has written on Zionism, Israel-Palestine, American and Canadian foreign policy, war, terrorism and deception in media and politics. He is the author of Grand Deceptions, Hidden History and The ISIS Conspiracy. Brandon is with us to give his take on the ISIS conspiracy and the array of terrorism plots that have been used to manipulate the masses and shape foreign policy. We begin with a look at the state of mainstream journalism today and the opinions of popular culture that are defined by reporting that sticks to largely unchallenged official narratives. We consider how the powers that be are able to maintain protected status and convince society to relinquish freedoms via manipulating language and demonizing criticism of authority. Brandon takes us through the history of recent wars that have been predicated on fabricated terrorist attacks, and he outlines the backdrop of lies and guilt on which the state of Israel has been built. Martinez details the fine points in the hidden story behind the World Wars, and explains how Hitler and Germany was pushed and consequently used in order to justify the creation of Israel. In the second segment, we move forward to the history and origins of Al Qaeda, with a ‘terrorist’ agenda contrived by the CIA, backed up by the Saudi Wahhabi regime and brought to fruition through Pentagon propaganda. Brandon expounds how the US has managed to justify continued occupation in Iraq while instigating a major regime change in Libya, leading to conflict in the Muslim world and eventually giving birth to the ISIS movement. Further, he gets into the Globalist-Zionist destabilization agenda that has been exported to the Middle East and northern Africa, designed to divide and conquer countries that refute western imperialism. We chew over the many indications that ISIS is a proxy force acting out a series of fabricated ‘terror events’ staged for the purpose of implementing an Orwellian police state across Western countries. Our discussion ends with some thoughts on the major contradictions in government that are casting light on the illegitimacy of democracy and the psychopathic power elite, setting the stage for a major paradigm shift in the ruling structure of our world.

Authors website:

WHO/WHAT Is In Our Skies, April 29, 2015, Cloaked Cloud Craft Flybys, Triangle Delta UFOs

Horoskop Frankensteins Quadrat - Saturn, Merkur, Orcus & Nessus Mai/Juni 2015 Die Konstellation von Frankensteins Quadrat besteht aus den sicher den meisten bekannten Planeten Saturn und Merkur (später abgelöst durch Mars und die Sonne, um dann nochmals zu Merkur zurückzukehren!) und den beiden weniger bekannten Himmelskörpern Orcus und Nessus. 

Frankensteins Quadrat für Dich nutzen! Wie geht das?

Wie bereits beschrieben, sind herausfordernde Konstellationen im Leben die Einladung, weiter zu wachsen! Im Mitgliederbereich der Sternenstaubastrologie findest Du dafür regelmäßig weitreichende Impulse, die Du Dir für den Preis von weniger als einer Kinokarte pro Monat sichern kannst!

Illegally Detained at an Internal Border Checkpoint


We live in such a ridiculous, tyrannical, totalitarian police state.

After visiting Big Bend National Park (INSIDE the United States), we were forced to stop at an internal border patrol checkpoint some 50+ miles north of the border. Multiple times we were told we were being detained until we answered whether or not we were U.S. citizens.

Please note, there is NO Supreme Court case that says you HAVE to answer whether or not you are a U.S. citizen at one of these "constitutional" (derisive air quotes) internal border checkpoints. You are not legally required to do so, PERIOD. You can sit there all night and refuse until they let you go on your way. It has been found that failure to answer does NOT trigger probable cause. If it wasn't our honeymoon, we probably would've sat there all night, too... 

We have learned a lot from this experience and hopefully there's value in sharing the vid. Plus there's always next time; we will be ready for round two.

Watch Pastor Steve Anderson's entire detainment at border patrol here:

Massive Fire ‘Dangerously Close’ to Chernobyl Plant; Russia's ISS Cargo Ship Out of Control

Massive fire ‘dangerously close’ to Chernobyl plant: Just 3 miles from nuclear waste — Official: “Risks are high” — Evacuations underway — Experts: “Smoke is heavily contaminated… could see dispersion of very significant component of original radiation”; “Capable of spreading great distances” (VIDEO)

Forest fire erupts in Chernobyl nuclear no-go zone
Nuclear & Energy Apr. 28, 2015 - Updated 22:23 UTC-4
A forest fire has erupted in an exclusion zone around the Chernobyl nuclear plant in Ukraine, prompting fears that radioactive substances in the woodland may spread.
The fire broke out on Tuesday in the no-go zone set up within a 30-kilometer radius of the plant. It spread due to strong winds.
Ukraine's Interior Ministry says the fire has burned 400 hectares in the off-limits zone and reached an area 20 kilometers from the plant.
Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk told local media that 200 personnel are combating the blaze. He said the fire is the biggest since 1992, but the situation is under control.
Yatsenyuk added that no change in background radiation levels has been detected.
Interior Minister Arsen Avakov indicated the fire may have been started intentionally, as the blaze is believed to have several origins.
One of the reactors at the Chernobyl plant exploded in 1986, sending a huge amount of radioactive materials into the air.

NPT joint statement urges no use of nuclear arms
World Apr. 28, 2015 - Updated 23:46 UTC-4
More than 150 countries and one territory have supported a joint statement calling for an end to the use of nuclear weapons in consideration of their inhumane consequences.
Delegates from parties to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty have been presenting statements at its review conference. The 4-week meeting has been underway at UN headquarters in New York since Monday.
On Tuesday, 158 nations and the territory backed a joint statement read out by Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz. The supporting parties did not include nations possessing nuclear arms.
Kurz said the only way to guarantee that nuclear weapons will never be used again is through their total elimination.
He said all states share the responsibility to prevent the use of nuclear weapons, to prevent their vertical and horizontal proliferation, and to achieve nuclear disarmament.
The international community has increasingly recognized the inhumane consequences of nuclear arms. International conferences have taken place to deal with the subject on 3 occasions.

Russia's ISS cargo ship out of control
World Apr. 29, 2015 - Updated 18:58 UTC-4
An unmanned Russian space freighter has become uncontrollable after its launch toward the International Space Station.
The Progress capsule was launched from the Baikonur site in Kazakhstan on Tuesday to deliver about 3 tons of food, fuel, and other goods to the ISS.
The head of the Russian Federal Space Agency, Roscosmos, Igor Komarov, told reporters on Wednesday there was no chance the Progress could dock with the ISS.
The agency and others say the 6 astronauts on board the ISS have plenty of food and other provisions.
The capsule is expected to burn up when it re-enters the Earth's atmosphere.
The Russian agency says the problem occurred when the cargo craft separated from the Soyuz rocket. It plans to set up an investigative committee to determine the cause.

CBS: “Mysterious whale deaths” along California coast — Scientists baffled, “this is very intriguing” — “Continues trend of whales washing ashore” — “Very concerning” to see top predator so emaciated — Animals sick, starving, too weak to swim, bleeding from head, hemorrhaging (VIDEO)

Air dose rate 0.8-0.9 microSv/h on a riverbed, Fukushima city Mar. 2015
Published by birdhairjp on Mar 22, 2015
source video:

Goldman Sachs Elevator Gossip

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Colonization of Ceres by a Breakaway Civilization? - The Sphinx Stargate

Colonization of Ceres by a Breakaway Civilization? - The Sphinx Stargate

Dwarf planet Ceres
Posting by P. LaViolette
March 7, 2015; See April 24th/25th update at end of posting.
When NASA’s Dawn ion propulsion spacecraft approached Ceres and began relaying back photos clearer than any seen to date, astronomers were surprised to find two bright spots within a crater on its surface.  The suggested explanation is that these spots are either surface ice or a whitish salt deposit.  So they are anxious to have a closer look when Ceres makes its close encounter in a few weeks and begins taking close up photos of its surface.
Here are some media links about this:
• Video showing the planet rotating:
I don’t buy the given explanations for several reasons.
• First, the spots are brighter than the illumination of the day side.  Ice or salt would not do this.  This might be possible in the above photo if there were surfaces oriented at 45° angle to the Sun reflecting sunlight toward the spacecraft.  But look at the next photo below.  The spots stay illuminated even at sunset.  If it were ice, sunlight should be reflecting at low angle from the surface; not toward the spacecraft.  Now look at the photo below that where Ceres has rotated a bit more.  The spots are at the terminator shadow and still illuminated.  Now check out the image below that.  The spots are now on the night side of the terminator and we still see them illuminated.  They are not as bright as in the first photo because now we are seeing them at a low angle.  Light reflecting off of ice or salt does not do this.

Texas Governor Calls Up State Guard To Counter Jade Helm "Federal Invasion" Fears | Zero Hedge

Texas Governor Calls Up State Guard To Counter Jade Helm "Federal Invasion" Fears | Zero Hedge

We’ve mentioned the upcoming Jade Helm military exercises on a few occasions lately (here and here). In short, Jade Helm is an eight-week joint military and Interagency Unconventional Warfare exercise conducted throughout Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah and Colorado. Here’s the official press release:
FORT BRAGG, N.C. (USASOC News Service, March 24, 2015) - Members of U.S. Army Special Operations Command will train with other U.S Armed Forces units July 15 through Sept. 15 in a multi-state exercise called Jade Helm 15.

USASOC periodically conducts training exercises such as these to practice core special warfare tasks, which help protect the nation against foreign enemies. It is imperative that Special Operations Soldiers receive the best training, equipment and resources possible.

While multi-state training exercises such as these are not unique to the military, the size and scope of Jade Helm sets this one apart. To stay ahead of the environmental challenges faced overseas, Jade Helm will take place across seven states. However, Army Special Operations Forces (ARSOF) will only train in five states: Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado. The diverse terrain in these states replicates areas Special Operations Soldiers regularly find themselves operating in overseas. 

The training exercise will be conducted on private and public land with the permission of the private landowners, and from state and local authorities.  In essence, all exercise activity will be taking place on pre-coordinated public and private lands.

The public can expect nothing much different from their day-to-day activities since much of exercise will be conducted in remote areas. The most noticeable effect the exercise may have on the local communities is an increase in vehicle and military air traffic and its associated noise. There will also be economic gain: an increase in the local economy, in fuel and food purchases and hotel lodging.

This exercise is routine training to maintain a high level of readiness for ARSOF since they must be ready to support potential missions anywhere in the world at a moment’s notice. 

During this eight-week period, ARSOF soldiers will use this opportunity to further develop tactics, techniques and procedures for emerging concepts in Special Operations warfare.

USASOC intends to conduct the exercise safely and courteously while providing the best possible training available for the nation's Army Special Operations Forces. State and local officials are being informed of the scope of Jade Helm and will continue to be updated as the exercise progresses.
Got it. So essentially, from July 15 to September 15 some military personnel are going to take a trip out west and pretend like they are conducting covert operations overseas. Doesn’t sound too exciting — but that’s just the press release. The devil, as they say, is always in the details which is why we took some time to look over the Jade Helm presentation (embedded below) to see if we could discern more about the drills. Here are some highlights we found interesting/humorous.
First, there’s the rather amusing state classification map wherein Texas and Utah are deemed “hostile” and where New Mexico is “leaning hostile.” California is “permissive” (we suppose this means the populace has resigned itself to what was probably, were this real, a unilateral invasion by the US military), but unfortunately, there appears to be an insurgency brewing in San Diego. 

The Baltimore Riots - Cui Bono?


It's the classic problem-reaction-solution tactic being played right before our eyes. Just like in Ferguson, but now in Baltimore and coming soon to a city near you. We've all known the social break down of the United States has been a long-time coming. Add in the destruction of the dollar and it's a perfect recipe for disaster.


Dan Dicks Exposing Agent Provocateur On MTV

Support Press For Truth by becoming a PFT Patron at
Shout out goes to one of my first PFT Patrons Martin Hill and Halvor Dingsøyr!

Graham Hancock Egypt Tour - April 2015

Veritas Radio - Clark McClelland - Hour 1 - Confessions of a NASA Insider


This portion is being provided as a courtesy from Veritas Radio. To listen to more of this exclusive interview proceed to

S y n o p s i s

From the words of Rainbow and Mike, two strangers who flew from New Mexico to Florida to visit Clark McClelland:

To read and hear about the word "whistleblower" brings to mind the unimaginable and daunting task it must be to be in the constant line of fire. To be called, dishonest, a disinformation agent, crazy or a conspiracy nut, are only a few of the names carried on the shoulders of such brave men and women. The stigma never goes away and the weight of its meaning can debilitate the heart and soul of any individual who should voluntarily, carry its burden. One such whistleblower, Clark McClelland has walked the walk of a truthseeker, enduring hardships and ill health and yet, fearlessly carrying on with his message, a message that has not changed through the course of time.

Looking into Clark's eyes, it was easy to see his convictions glimmering through his eyes, they never faltered not even with his bouts with intense physical pain that he endured throughout our visit. Images, stories and friendships all merged together becoming clear and comprehensible, as Clark explained each account of his life and those close to him. I sat across from Clark wishing things were different for him and thinking that if a man like him can be taken down to poverty, are there no limits to what "these" people can do.

It's different when you see, intelligence and passion slowly ebbing away from a weakened body. It's different when you see a whistleblower face to face and you know there isn't much you can do to help them. I realized I could only give Clark my support and admiration but in the scheme of things, this feels like so little. Maybe friendship becomes more important to a whistleblower because the road they walk can become very lonely.

Interestingly enough, Clark gave me a gift without me even realizing it at first, one day thinking back about our wonderful dinner, I finally understood what makes history happen. Its men and women like Clark McClelland, who are willing to take on the modern Goliaths of our time, just like the unassuming David did. Perhaps if we are lucky, whistleblowers like Clark will be victorious in not just seeking the truth but in getting it out to the masses. Its truth that changes history but the real question is, can society handle the truth.

Now this is Mike speaking , I have read that he is a liar , a hoax and a con man , Rainbow and I sat with him, he is none of the above. We saw him and we saw his evidence maybe not all but more than enough to call him the real thing. The game of the government is to discredit him as the patriot he is.

As Rainbow has stated Clark lives in a state of poverty , so I am asking you to go to his site and buy something. Anything. Get a piece of history and support this man. Just buy a chapter of his book for a couple of bucks. Anything helps to keep this man alive and maybe recover to a more normal life."

Rainbow and Mike

Abbott Orders Texas Guard to 'Monitor' Planned Military Exercises

Raw Apricot, Walnut and Lavender Balls | Madeleine Shaw



Super simple to make and delicious to eat.


200g of walnuts
200g of dried apricots
1 tsp of lavender
2 tsp of coconut oil
pinch of Himalayan or sea salt 

Place the walnuts into the food processor, process into bread crumb shape.

Add in the rest of the ingredients, process until its is all mixed together.

Roll into balls and place into the fridge for 1 hour then dig in.

Michael Jackson supports Baltimore

Tracey Kennedy - CERN/Nepal/Prophecies - 28 April 15

Highlight: Stephen Hawking on One Direction (Ideas at the House)


Stephen Hawking answers the important questions on stage at Sydney Opera House:

"What is the cosmic effect on the universe of Zayn Malik leaving One Direction?"

Watch the full event with Professor Stephen Hawking here:

The Democratic Experiment is Finished - Waking Times : Waking Times

The Democratic Experiment is Finished - Waking Times : Waking Times

Julian Rose, Contributor
Waking Times
Bring-on Community Self Empowerment, Councils of Wise Elders and Benign Leadership
We in the West have lived with this thing called ‘democracy’ for a good few centuries now. It has been an important experiment, but one which has, in the end, succeeded in swallowing its own tail rather than leading society to a better place. Now its time is up and we have the task of putting something genuinely better in its place.
The most well known definition of democracy – but by no means the first – is enshrined in the Gettysburg Address of November 1863. It proclaims democracy as ‘government of the people, by the people, for the people’ which – maybe for good reason – laid a strong emphasis on ‘people’.
But here also lay its weakness; people (it turned out) had other ambitions that this form of self rule was ill equipped to address. Nor did they particularly want to be responsible for deciding and managing the intricacies of the experiment that they had signed-up to. ‘The majority’, that is.
And it is this word ‘majority’ which encapsulates the failure of democracy, because, as some of us will have noticed, ‘the majority’ have never yet been possessed of the vision and wisdom necessary to move society towards a meritorious goal.
At best ‘the majority’ have created some from of social justice which was not around under the leadership of a regicide (king/queen) unless such happened to have a social conscience. Democracy thus became akin to a personal insurance policy, in which one signed-up to the policy and paid the annual cover – via taxation. In return, one got a type of guarantee that one would have certain ‘inalienable rights’, backed by ‘the law’. A law supposedly designed to support this form of self rule, but in reality providing a cosy revenue absorbing niche for the same exploitive elitist element that had been around well before the democratic experiment came along.
As it turned out, what the majority actually wanted was based upon self interest and not a vision of a better society for all. So give ‘the majority’ the right to decide upon who they wish to run their country – and the one’s they actually elect will be those who have gone the most out of their way to claim ‘to have their interests at heart’. The interests of ‘the majority’.
A society under the mantle of ‘democracy’ therefore never evolves. Instead it simply revolves around the wishes and the fears of the electorate. The wish to be ‘looked after’ and the fear of not being looked after. ‘The majority’ simply elect a bunch of baby-sitters so that they can go out and play, leaving the actual responsibility for the shape and function of society to others – mostly those who enjoy flirting with the power that has been granted unto them.
The electorate then complain loudly when things get done by those in whom they entrusted power – which fail to live up to their fawning pre-election promises. It is a constantly repeating pattern which still shows no sign of abating. It is ‘mob rule’ in action: the undirected, unaware voice of a majority who readily succumb to the powers of the hidden persuaders.
The people, when this means ‘a majority’ of the the people, have never yet, throughout the course of history, been in possession of the wisdom and vision which are the necessary prerequisites of an evolving society. A society asked to raise its level of awareness, consciousness and responsibility.
The democratic experiment is thus an entirely inappropriate tool for getting out of – and going beyond – the mess we are currently in. It is simple naivety which is on display at demonstrations where placards are held-up announcing that such and such ‘is not democratic’ : ‘TTIP is not democratic’, ‘the WTO is not democratic’, ‘tax avoidance is undemocratic’ etc.
Over the years, democracy has formed itself around an unshakeable alliance with capitalism. Capitalism is generally held up as ‘democracy in action’, particularly in relation to ‘the free market’ as a self adjusting silent voice of the people.
It is indeed in the market place that ‘the majority’ have put their faith; and left those who claim to have mastered its intricacies to operate according to the nefarious rules of competition and greed that dominate the neo-liberal global economy which is the capitalist empire’s crown jewels.
An economy where multi national corporate sweat shops in Third World countries can give ‘the majority’ exactly what they want: ‘cheap clothes’ ‘cheap food, ‘cheap cars’. That my friends, is our famous democracy in action…and those who say “that isn’t democracy” fail to realise that the majority voted-in those who condone and execute these deeply exploitive policies. Voted-in via ‘election by majority’ vote: the cracked cornerstone of the democracy experiment.
Not only this, but when challenged by someone touting the merits of communism, the answer comes “but communism isn’t democratic” thus wittingly or unwittingly, holding up the flag of democracy as though it was a symbol of a free and progressive society.
Like religion and like the Mafia, democracy has provided a formula which offers protection for those who prescribe to a skewed system of control by the few. It puts a nice gloss on that which is, in reality, a sophisticated game of double deception.
A deception which has its roots in the the electorate’s abdication of control over its own destiny. Choosing instead to play victim to a system it helped put in place.
Today, eyes are slowly opening to what it is we have saddled ourselves with. Be it under the name of Conservative, Socialist, Liberal, Republican, Democrat or whatever – it makes not the slightest difference. They are simply entertaining variations of the same theme, and that theme remains mastered and controlled by a shadowy elite which quietly pulls all the main strings of power and will allow the game to be played strictly within its own terms – and no further
So where do we go from here?
By we, I mean that smallish minority who are capable of rational thought informed by vision and wisdom.
This group cannot exert any serious authority upon the society around it, because – in a democracy – a small minority cannot form the majority necessary to becoming an elected administrative body. But at least we are not going to deny that, should a council of wise elders be at the helm of regional, national and global affairs, the world would be a different place. The value systems would be reversed. Instead of money, power and selfish self interest dominating the scene, we would have humane values , deep ethics, and genuine justice as the main prerogatives, within an eclectic, multi ethnic society.
There are still tribal societies that operate on such a system. They are called ‘primitive’ and are vindictively linked to a scary voodoo world of witch doctors and unruly shamans. Every attempt has been made to wipe them off the map – both physically and by our ‘democratic’ Western value system’s high minded judgemental view on this ancient, time tested from of ‘leadership by the wise’.
As we once again find our true spiritual footing, our thoughts naturally turn back to this form of society by the wise, because it is an organic response to our deeper, actual and non superficial needs.
No wonder the North American Indian tribes were wiped out or driven into special ‘reserves'; likewise the native South American tribes and the Aboriginals of Australia. The ‘democracy’ that supplanted them could have no truck with such deeply rooted and nature attuned cultures.
The capitalist free market needed to exploit their sacred territories and rip out the uranium, gold and all other precious metals which, while under the ground, informed the vibratory geography of their holy sites.
The supposed ‘civilisation’ which plundered the native territories, was largely a Judeo-Christian fabrication. One with a strongly Eurocentric bias and a penchant for grandeur and unashamed material wealth. Nothing of ancient tribal or pagan origins had any place in this great show of unabashed self importance. And it is from this tradition that most people reading this essay will probably have received their education – or more properly said: indoctrination.
Yet along with its pride and arrogance, there have been some idealistic ventures in various parts of the world into territories that bear some resemblance to ‘leadership by the wise’ and these belong to the category of ‘benign dictatorships’. Fidel Castro of Cuba; Frederik the Great of Prussia; Mustafa Kamal Atutuk of Turkey; the king of Bhutan, are cited examples. Dictatorship is far less complicated than our form of democracy – but only if it is ‘benign’ can it be deemed genuinely superior.
A number of great spiritual leaders have filled this role of benevolent dictator during times of national crisis. Their followers seeing that they possess the qualities that combine love and leadership – consequently feel happy to live under their guidance. Great leaders always encourage the best to come forth in mankind, by-passing power and self prestige in favour of leading by example.
This form of ‘leading by example’ runs closer to universal spiritual principles of divine leadership than anything democracy has or can, ever come up with. When earthed and coupled with village level self determination and a council of wise elders – it probably constitutes the best role model we have to guide humanity through the crisis that is now upon us – and only likely to worsen. That is until a majority of human beings finally recognise themselves as divine entities – and therefore only answerable to the Supreme.
None the less, it is beholden for all of us who are both willing and bale to see a bigger picture, to now give serious amounts of time and energy to thinking through the basic tenets that need to be put in place so as to bring about the world that we know must replace the current crumbling dystopia.
We must, as an imperative, lay the foundations of the life to come even before the present fiasco has reached its lowest point. That is the true meaning of taking responsibility for our destinies.
About the Author
Julian Rose is an early pioneer of ecological farming, integrated rural economies and decentralised community regeneration. Farmer, writer, holistic thinker, broadcaster and activist: Julian campaigns against all attempts to sterilise our living earth and creative aspirations – and expresses belief in the power of the human spirit to awaken and direct our passion for life.