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Diabetes, obesity, cancer linked to common chemicals – health group


The Endocrine Society has released a statement linking endocrine-disrupting chemicals(EDCs) to obesity, infertility and breast cancer. However, EDCs are found in countless food and household products. RT’s Manuel Rapalo reports.

Tagesenergie 79

More Badaboom in China

Russian parliament approves use of military in Syria to fight ISIS


The upper chamber of the Russian parliament has unanimously given a formal consent to President Putin to use the nation’s military in Syria to fight terrorism at a request from the Syrian President Bashar Assad. READ MORE:

New Patch for U.S. Troops Fighting ISIS... Looks Like ISIS Logo

New Patch for U.S. Troops Fighting ISIS... Looks Like ISIS Logo

Mac Slavo

September 29th, 2015


Believe it or not, American soldiers fighting against ISIS in Syria and Iraq will actually be wearing the emblem of ISIS – the infamous crossed-swords logo. Well, almost.

Controversy has stirred because many think the patch looks too much like our boys are fighting for the enemy… just another sign of confusion about the counterproductive Obama-led war against the notorious and shamefully exploitative jihadist army.

The Military Times noted that:

“A combat patch worn by U.S. soldiers who served in Iraq on the mission against Islamic State is drawing flak from service members and veterans who say the patch — with its palm wreath, stars and crossed scimitars — looks like something the enemy would wear.”
Site like JihadWatch are arguing that the:

“new U.S. Army patch for fight against the Islamic State closely resembles Muslim Brotherhood logo.”
While the Islamic State is using barbaric tactics to remake the Middle East closer to its own vision of a Caliphate, the United States and its allies also seek to remake the Middle East, and use the  specter of terrorism to aid in regime change in Syria and elsewhere.

The triangulation and cross-purposes are both confusing and aggravating to many Americans.

According to USA Today:

Soldiers in Iraq will soon have a new shoulder sleeve patch to signify their service in the fight against the Islamic State.

All told, there are about 3,335 troops in the region training Iraqi troops, providing security and conducing bombing missions on Islamic State targets in Iraq and neighboring Syria.

The Army’s patch features crossed scimitars, a palm wreath and stars. The scimitars, short swords with curved blades, are meant to symbolize the twin goals of the U.S.-led coalition: to defeat the Islamic State, also referred to as ISIL, and to restore stability in the region, according to Army documents.
Arguably the “twin goals” of Operation Inherent Resolve – better known as the fight against ISIS / ISIL – is fitting with the War on Terrorism in general which always, like a double sword, cut both ways. Symbolically, the double sword cuts both ways, and plays of opposite goals, and embraces conflict, which creates chaos, and begs for a savior and a solution.

But the U.S. has, in fact, created and breathed life into the TV villain known as ISIS. From. the. beginning.

The naked hypocrisy of the U.S. effort to fight ISIS is that the West has been building up and unleashing terrorism upon the Middle East region in order to facilitate chaos and regime change – and give the United States a pretext for stationing troops there, funding budget and spewing rhetoric across the media.
President Bashar al-Assad himself recently called out the United States and other Western allies for actually fostering terrorism – and providing arms, funding, training and soldiers for ISIS and other groups. Assad stated bluntly:
But as for Western cooperation with the al-Nusra Front, this is reality, because we know that Turkey supports al-Nusra and ISIS by providing them with arms, money and terrorist volunteers. And it is well-known that Turkey has close relations with the West. Erdogan and Davutoglu cannot make a single move without coordinating first with the United States and other Western countries.

Al-Nusra and ISIS operate with such a force in the region under Western cover, because Western states have always believed that terrorism is a card they can pull from their pocket and use from time to time. Now, they want to use al-Nusra just against ISIS, maybe because ISIS is out of control one way or another. But that doesn’t mean they want to eradicate ISIS. Had they wanted to do so, they would have been able to do that.
Meanwhile, Putin put in a “call” at the global poker table, vowing to take on ISIS and defend Assad with its own fighter jets, tanks and military equipment.
In a taunting and vexing spin on the United States’ own mission in the Middle East, Putin invited the West to join hands and eradicate ISIS once and for all, as SHTF recently reported.
Moscow, realizing that instead of undertaking an earnest effort to fight terror in Syria, the US had simply adopted a containment strategy for ISIS while holding the group up to the public as the boogeyman par excellence,publicly invited Washington to join Russia in a once-and-for-all push to wipe Islamic State from the face of the earth.

Of course The Kremlin knew the US wanted no such thing until Assad was gone, but by extending the invitation, Putin had literally called Washington’s bluff, forcing The White House to either admit that this isn’t about ISIS at all, or else join Russia in fighting them. The genius of that move is that if Washington does indeed coordinate its efforts to fight ISIS with Moscow, the US will be fighting to stabilize the very regime it sought to oust. 
But Putin won’t be holding his breath. Neither should we.
Should we view the patch as a U.S. “resolve” to stop ISIS, or as part of the “inherent” contradiction that serves the larger purpose of terrorism and U.S. foreign policy at the expense of U.S. troops, U.S. taxpayer money and U.S. sovereignty?
And is WWIII near when the U.S. and Russia lock heads so pointedly as they are right now? And who is the real enemy?

ISIS militants in Iraq, Syria have WMD components, Lavrov warns UN Security Council — RT News

ISIS militants in Iraq, Syria have WMD components, Lavrov warns UN Security Council — RT News

Russia's first airstrikes in Syria

When Martial Law Comes It Will Be Welcomed With Open Arms



In today's thought for the day, James looks at a couple of stories that reveal the truth about the false notion that change will ever come through the ballot box, and how people can be made to desire their own enslavement.

Harald Kautz Vella - Black Goo - czerwiec 2015 /napisy PL /


Harald Kautz-Vella, konferencja Bases, Woodborough, 20 czerwca 2015 /wcisnąć CC polskie napisy/
Chemtrails, Black Goo, Choroba Morgellonów, Mikrofale, Smart Dust i inne ...
Oglądajcie, szukajcie, sprawdzajcie i budujcie swoje własne zdanie. Myślę, że to co opowiada Herald warte jest zastanowienia i weryfikacji. Mam nadzieję, że niektóre z tych informacji pomogą choćby kilku osobom na ich własnych ścieżkach rozwoju. 
Przypisy i dodatkowe linki dostepne na blogu

Water on Mars? What About the Aliens Already Here?


Whatever you do, don't talk to a professional skeptic about anything that does not accompany actual and physical evidence. So, if you're one of them don't listen to or view this. Please. But while the water on Mars story is good, I suggest this one's better. And it involves evidence already here.

UN: Gitmo must be closed to normalise Cuba-US relations - Cuban FM


Following a private meeting between US President Barack Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro, Cuban Minister of Foreign Affairs Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla said that Castro had approved Cuba’s will to "build a new type of relation between Cuba and the United States," in New York on Wednesday. 

Sources of Vitamin B17 | Laetrile | Amygdalin for Cancer Patients - G. Edward Griffin


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In this video, cancer researcher Ty Bollinger speaks with author G. Edward Griffin about good sources of Vitamin B17 (also known as Laetrile and Amygdalin). The full interview with Edward is part of "The Quest For The Cures Continues" docu-series available here:

The 5th Element is Aether | Humans Are Free

The 5th Element is Aether | Humans Are Free

The Ripple Effect: The Heartbeat to Eternity


1 Concept
Drop a pebble in a still pond
and watch the ripple travel out in an ever expanding ring 
The Ripple Effect is rooted in the belief that all we are all connected by our shared Humanity.

2 Description of Physics
Drop a pebble in a still pond and watch the ripple travel out in an ever expanding ring. 
Two well known Principles of Physics are Wave Theory and Entrainment. 
Wave Theory teaches us that a wave will continue to travel out, never changing its initial shape or frequency. 
It also teaches us that when two waves intersect each other, the height of the effect is the sum of the heights of the two individual waves. 
Entrainment is the tendency for two vibrating bodies to lock into phase so that they vibrate in harmony.

For a full description of the science behind The Ripple Effect, please visit our blog at:

3 The Goal
The Goal of Humanity Healing™ is to make a lasting difference for positive change by supporting Humanitarian efforts that create sustainable solutions for the World's problems. 
We believe that through a multifaceted approach of organizing Good Works, Education
and Promoting Spiritual growth; we can bring about mutual respect and understanding. 
We can each send out Ripples of Blessings, Ripples of Social Justice, Ripples of Goodness Ripples of Peace and Ripples of Loving-Kindness past all barriers and across all borders.

The Pond is the World,
Your Heart is the Pebble,
Drop a pebble in a still pond and watch the ripple travel out in an ever expanding ring
with every Heartbeat.

Troika - BankenMafia: Genial erklärt! Was jeder wissen muss


Bank - Troika - Finanzmafia! Genial erklärt ✔Das muss jeder wissen!
Ernst Wollf erklärt hier auf verständlicher weise wie die Finanzmafia funktioniert. ✔✔
Ernst Wolff, Autor des Buches "Weltmacht IWF - Chronik eines Raubzuges". 
#troika #banken #kapitalismus #geld #finanzmafia #ernstwolf #bänkster #bankenindustrie #dollar #euro #finanzen #zins #zinsen #macht #finanzoligarchie
Ganze Sendung hier:

Peru: State of emergency declared after deadly mining protests


The government of Peru declared a state of emergency in six provinces around China Minmetals' Las Bambas copper mine following violent protests at the facility that led to the deaths of four people, Tuesday.

Russian parliament unanimously approves use of troops in Syria — RT News

Russian parliament unanimously approves use of troops in Syria — RT News

Why September 2015 did not happen

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

696 Is Jesus An Alien The Evidence

2,300+ civilians killed in 6 months: Worst coalition attacks in Yemen — RT News

2,300+ civilians killed in 6 months: Worst coalition attacks in Yemen — RT News

The Arcs of the Covenant and the Box of the Pandora

Die BRD im Würgegriff der Bankenmafia


Holger Strohm im Gespräch mit Michael Friedrich Vogt. Die Verbindung Hollywood - Mafia blickt auf eine langjährige und sehr einträgliche Liaison zurück. Häufig produzierte die Mafia Filme für Hollywood und ließ auch echte Gangster auftreten. Bereits in den 30er Jahren brachten führende Hollywood-Studios Hunderte Mafiafilme heraus. Oft nahmen sie direkten Einfluß auf das Drehbuch, um Mafia-Gangster zu glorifizieren. 
Bugsy Siegel, Auftragsmörder der Mafia, gleichzeitig Filmschauspieler in Hollywood und Frauenheld, war Liebling von Filmstars und Aristokratinnen. Mafioso Stompano war Geliebter des Hollywood-Filmstars Lana Turner. Und „old blue eye“, Frank Sinatra, sang seinem Kumpel und Cosa-Nostra-Boss, Lucky Luciano, des Öfteren ein Ständchen vor, um ihm die Zeit zu vertreiben. „Focus“ beschrieb die bizarre Medienkollaboration, die die Mafia aufgebaut hatte: „Die Verbrecherorganisation half den Produktionen nicht nur heimlich mit Rat und Tat, sondern inszenierte sich auch gern selbst nach dem Leinwand-Vorbild.
Doch 'Mafia' ist längst nicht etwas, was auf Italien, die USA und pseudoaromatische Hollywoodfilme reduziert werden kann und darf. Die Mafia ist direkt nebenan, unter uns, in Berlin und natürlich in erster Linie in Brüssel und hat unser Leben auf einer ganz anderen Ebene fest im Griff. Im Raubtierkapitalismus der Globalisierung hat die Mafia die Börsen übernommen und macht rücksichtslos Gewinne. Durch Kapitalmanipulationen, Verbrechen, Spekulationen, Korruption, Gier und das völlige Versagen der Politik wurden Spekulationsblasen geschaffen, die selbst für hochqualifizierte Experten kaum durchschaubar sind bzw. durch die Manipulation der Medien kaum durchschaubar gehalten werden.

Es geht um die Macht von Mafia, Banken, Wirtschaft und deren Einfluß auf Lobby, Politik und Medien, um die Frage, wer die jüngsten Finanzkrisen verursacht hat und welche Bedeutung dabei Globalisierung, die EU und der Euro im ganz großen Geschäft spielen. Daß der Euro nie hat funktionieren können, war von Anfang an klar – doch Mafia, Großkapital und Bilderberger haben ihn als Macht- und letztlich Zerstörungsinstrument durchgesetzt. Nicht – so Holger Strohm – die Parlamente regieren, sondern die Bankenmafia. Dabei sind „Hilfspakte“, „Rettungsschirme“, „Strukturfonds“ etc. nur Instrumente der Ausbeutung und Umverteilung von allen auf wenig, von fleißig auf reich bzw. ganz reich.

"Die eigentlichen Ursachen der Krisen und Konflikte werden kaum debattiert, die Anpassung an den Finanzkapitalismus wird als "alternativlos" hingestellt. Die wenigen Damen und vielen Herren der Welt, die sich als "Masters of Univers" verstehen, kennen nur die öffentliche Verschuldung, verdammen Griechenland und diktieren den Gesellschaften ein kaltes Einspar- und Kürzungsprogramm, das die betroffenen Menschen demütigt und hoffnungslos macht. Zum Kern wollen sie erst gar nicht vorstoßen.

Was wir brauchen, ist eine Bewegung, die gegen die Uniformiertheit der Bürger und die dogmatische Scholastik des Neoliberalismus ankämpft. Holger Strohm, der in der Energiepolitik ein Pionier der Anit-Atomkraftbewegung war, gehört erneut zu den Aufklärern, die die Verhältnisse und Sachzwänge nicht hinnehmen wollen, sondern gegen die Konzentration, den Egoismus und die Gier wirtschaftlicher Macht die Perspektive einer solidarischen und freien Zukunft setzen, die gegen die Entleerung der Demokratie durch die globalen Banken und Unternehmen für mehr soziale Demokratie und eine starke Zivilgesellschaft streiten.

Für Strohm ist es republikanische Bürgerpflicht, daß wir uns gegen den neoliberalen Casinokapitalismus wehren, der die Welt spaltet und gegen die flotten Geldhändler, die Milliardensummen sekundenschnell um den Erdball jagen und die Demokratie in die Kulisse verschieben. Auch heute brauchen wir - der Wohlfahrtstaat - eine soziale Utopie, deren Praxistauglichkeit sich in der globalen Welt beweisen muß. Dafür muß das neoliberale Einheitsdenken nicht nur kritisiert, sondern müssen vor allem die Ursachen und Zusammenhänge verstanden werden, die zum Finanzkapitalismus und zur Demontage der sozialen Demokratie geführt haben. Dann bedeutet Politik nicht mehr bloßes Krisenmanagement, sondern der sozial-ökologische Umbau." (Michael Müller, Parlamentarischer Staatssekretär a. D.)

Holger Strohm: "Bankenmafia", ca. 196 Seiten, 19,80 Euro


Harld Kautz - Vella Vortrag beim Verein TERRA VITA e.V. Mühle am Schlossberg TEIL 1 von 3

Wave X - Harald Kautz-Vella

Ginger: 10,000x Stronger Than Chemo Taxol In Cancer Research Model

Ginger: 10,000x Stronger Than Chemo Taxol In Cancer Research Model

The Reason You Work So Hard to Participate in the Rat Race : Waking Times

The Reason You Work So Hard to Participate in the Rat Race : Waking Times

M.J. Higby, Contributor
Waking Times
Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “A man in debt is so far a slave.” Money has no intrinsic value yet we spend our days damaging our health and spirit in order to obtain it. Why do we sacrifice our well-being for it? Is it the cliché that “we just want to provide a better life for our kids than we had?” Is it just way of the civilized world? The most important question to ask, however, is what power do we have to change this way of thinking and living? The reality is simple: money is a vehicle for social control. Debt makes us good, obedient workers and citizens.
The traditional workweek started in 1908 at The New England Cotton Mill in order to allow followers of the Jewish religion to adhere to Sabbath.  With the passage of The Fair Labor Standards Act in 1938, the 40-hour workweek became the norm. Data from the 2013 American Community Surveyshowed that the average commute time in America is about 26 minutes each way. According to a Gallup poll, the average workweek in America is 34.4 hours, however, when only taking into account full time workers, that average shoots up to 47, or 9.4 hours per day during a 5-day workweek. Keeping averages in mind then, between commuting, working and figuring in an hour for lunch (usually less), that puts us at approximately 11 hours and 40 minutes for the average full time worker. If you have a family with young kids, just add in another few hours for homework, baths, etc.
When the day is done, how much time do you have for yourself? To exercise, meditate or otherwise unwind the way that all the healthy living gurus preach? And how much of yourself, your presence of mind, is left to devote to family? We give the company the heat of our most intense mental fire while our families get the smoke. Yet Jeb Bush, the 2016 GOP presidential hopeful, says we need to work more.
The answer to why we put ourselves through this daily grind is multifaceted. The most pervasive reason is workplace and societal pressures. We are raised in a matrix of sorts. The cycle starts around the age of five when we are expected to adhere to a regimented 8-hour day of school. At this age, we don’t have the intellect to question why, so we mechanistically follow the path that’s laid out. This daily path becomes engraved in our minds and becomes as automatic as the sun’s daily journey. Our school system is adept at churning out working class individuals en masse.  We are taught along the way not to question authority, again adhering to the working class mentality.
On the opposite end of the spectrum are those in power. They are the ones that like to color outside the lines. Many books abound with titles such as The Wisdom of Psychopaths that illustrate how people with psychopathic traits, ones who don’t tend to follow rules, are often found in managerial roles such as CEOs all the way up to presidents of countries. With these rare manipulative, coldhearted personalities in place and the rest of us following like good sheeple without questioning, the stage is set for compliance.
If you have been in the working world long enough, then the following statement should ring true: if you work extra hours, you are a great worker; if you decline, you’re useless and apathetic. In the work world, there’s typically no in between. The pressure to succeed for the pride and benefit of the company unfortunately supersedes that of the pressure to be a good parent, sibling, son or daughter. According to a study done by the economic policy institute, between 1948 and 2013, productivity has grown 240% while income for non-managerial workers has grown by 108%. To make up for this discordance, pride of doing what’s best for the company has been employed as a motivational tactic. This tactic has been used as a sharp IV needle that’s been inserted into our veins and we have willingly ingested the contents that are injected through it. Pressure to conform toward achieving the company’s goals has overcome our will to be compensated accordingly.
The other side of this pressure comes from society as a whole outside the education/workplace. A close friend of mine works for a state court and makes about $40K/year. He is also a self-employed business owner on the off hours. I estimate that he works about 70-80 hours a week. He owns a home in a well-to do neighborhood and he drives a seventy thousand dollar luxury car. This crystallizes the saying ‘big hat, no cattle.’ But when a lie is told over and over, the lie becomes the truth.
When we look at someone who drives a luxury car and lives in an upscale part of town, we see this as success because of how often that visual of it has been pounded tirelessly into our minds. We fail to see that these are nothing but symbols of success and false ones at that. They appear real because as a society, we have been conditioned to see them this way by the advertising industry. In the book, The Millionaire Next Door, the authors annihilate this illusion. Numbers don’t lie and the statistics show that most true millionaires, those with a net worth of over one million dollars, do not own those luxuries that we typically associate with success and wealth. They view them as the reality of what they are: a depreciating liability. According to the book, the typical millionaire owns a home in the two to three hundred thousand dollar-range and a non-luxury automobile. If something goes wrong with either, they have the cash reserves to fix it. On the other hand, the commonplace owner of the luxury home and car can’t afford the roof and the tires respectively without going deeper into debt if they should need replacing.
Ownership of these symbols of wealth becomes a self-perpetuating illusion to satisfy the psychological need for acceptance. Unfortunately, human behavior dictates that emotional needs often override logical thinking. It’s been said that the borrower is slave to the debt-owner and with luxury items, debt is the rule, not the exception. Debt is healthy for those in power and contributes to a needy and thus obligated worker.
The current wisdom of slave, spend and save for retirement has only one destiny. That destiny can be summed up in three sentences. Spend your healthiest and most productive years working to support a life of materials and thus illusions of success while elevated stress damage your health. During this time, be sure to save enough money for retirement so you can enjoy those years of the subsequent poor health. And lastly, do it in the name of pride for your company and country.
I take pride in being American, as I’m sure most Americans do, however, if you’re reading this you’re likely smart enough to see the holes in the daily grind. It saps our creative potential and our physical, as well as our spiritual energy. We don’t need any studies to tell us how stressed we are and subsequently, how unhealthy we are. The physical manifestations of stress such asobesity, hypertension, heart disease, increased risk of cancer, depression, anxiety and many others tell us all we need to know. They tell us that we need a better work/life balance. They tell us that the pendulum has swung too much in the direction of work and away from life. Fortunately, there’s a way that we can take it back.
MEME - Tyler DurdenThe most important way to restore this balance is to realize the power that we, as consumers, hold. Tyler Durden, the protagonist in the film, Fight Club said it best…
“…advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don’t need.”
The marketing and advertising industry know, more than anyone else, what motivates the human mind and how to tap into those instinctual drives. To defend against this industries seductiveness, we need to journey within ourselves and bring to light what’s really important to us. What most of us will find is that experiences and time well spent, not materials, are what makes us happy. In the book, aptly titled Well Being, the authors Tom Rath and Jim Harter discuss how experiences have been proven to make us happier than material posessions.
We revel in the anticipation of the experience, we enjoy the experience itself and we look back on it fondly for as long as we live. We do this while the expensive car or house that we borrowed money long ago to obtain falls apart causing us to borrow more money. If we live according to the rule that everything we purchase, with the exception of a home, is acquired by cash, then we fail to becomeslaves to debt and by extension, work. We no longer relinquish our power to creditors.
Oscar Wilde was famously quoted as saying that anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination. Materialistically speaking, living by this notion will bind us with shackles to a life of debt servitude. When we rip those shackles of debt from our wrists, our minds become clear and we see what truly makes us happy. We spend more time with friends and family. We focus on our passions and hobbies. In essence, we get back to the foundation of what it means to be human. After all, none of us will ever arrive upon the mountain of our last moments of existence wishing we spent more time at the office. We will instead arrive wishing we completed that book, that painting or that experience with those we love most. For those can be purchased not with debt, but with time. And there is no more cunning, covert and deceitful thief of time as that villain we call debt.
About the Author
M.J. Higby practices medicine in Phoenix, AZ. He is passionate about martial arts, most notably Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He enjoys writing about mental, spiritual and physical well being and questioning the methods by which we attain it. You can reach him on Facebook and Twitter @MJHigby
This article (The Reason You Work So Hard to Participate in the Rat Race) was originally created and published by Waking Times and is published here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to M.J. Higby and It may be re-posted freely with proper attribution, author bio, and this copyright statement.

AD 9 28 2015 Serco Long Range Stab in 8a Mentor Back – The Cameron Death Pool Club

Madonna to cleanup team: Leave no DNA behind | Gossip | San Francisco | San Francisco Examiner

Madonna to cleanup team: Leave no DNA behind | Gossip | San Francisco | San Francisco Examiner

Can we say fear of cloning?

The Death of Gender (Alan Watt)


The following is an excerpt from "Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars" (1979):

Factor II - Father
The man of the household must be housebroken to ensure that junior will grow up with the right social training and attitudes. The advertising media, etc., are engaged to see to it that father-to-be is pussy-whipped before or by the time he is married. He is taught that he either conforms to the social notch cut out for him or his sex life will be hobbled and his tender companionship will be zero. He is made to see that women demand security more than logical, principled, or honorable behavior.
By the time his son must go to war, father (with jelly for a backbone) will slam a gun into junior's hand before father will risk the censure of his peers, or make a hypocrite of himself by crossing the investment he has in his own personal opinion or self-esteem. Junior will go to war or father will be embarrassed. So junior will go to war, the true purpose not withstanding.

Factor III - Mother
The female element of human society is ruled by emotion first and logic second. In the battle between logic and imagination, imagination always wins, fantasy prevails, maternal instinct dominates so that the child comes first and the future comes second. A woman with a newborn baby is too starry-eyed to see a wealthy man's cannon fodder or a cheap source of slave labor. A woman must, however, be conditioned to accept the transition to "reality" when it comes, or sooner.
As the transition becomes more difficult to manage, the family unit must be carefully disintegrated, and state-controlled public education and state-operated child-care centers must be become more common and legally enforced so as to begin the detachment of the child from the mother and father at an earlier age. Inoculation of behavioral drugs [Ritalin] can speed the transition for the child (mandatory). Caution: A woman's impulsive anger can override her fear. An irate woman's power must never be underestimated, and her power over a pussy-whipped husband must likewise never be underestimated. It got women the vote in 1920.

Factor IV - Junior
The emotional pressure for self-preservation during the time of war and the self-serving attitude of the common herd that have an option to avoid the battlefield - if junior can be persuaded to go - is all of the pressure finally necessary to propel Johnny off to war. Their quiet blackmailings of him are the threats: "No sacrifice, no friends; no glory, no girlfriends."

Factor V - Sister
And what about junior's sister? She is given all the good things of life by her father, and taught to expect the same from her future husband regardless of the price.

Factor VI - Cattle
Those who will not use their brains are no better off than those who have no brains, and so this mindless school of jelly-fish, father, mother, son, and daughter, become useful beasts of burden or trainers of the same.

Thousands of Women Held in Rape Camps in South Sudan

Thousands of Women Held in Rape Camps in South Sudan

Putin: Obama and Hollande are not Syrian citizens, can't decide Syria's future


Putin and Obama have held a bilateral meeting on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York, shortly after they both addressed the international community on urgent topics, varying from global terrorism to climate change.

70th session of UN General Assembly: LIVE UPDATES

Electrical Geology of Pluto and Comet 67P | Space News


NASA's New Horizons mission to the dwarf planet Pluto continues to provide planetary scientists with new challenges and deepening mysteries. Likewise, the Rosetta mission to comet 67P has revealed startling cometary phenomena that conventional theory cannot begin to explain.

February Space News, The 'Impossible' Dunes of Comet 67P, in which we predicted that dramatic and "weird" changes to the comet's surface would be imaged in subsequent months:

JOIN US ON PATREON AND WATCH OUR INFLUENCE GROW: “Changing the world through understanding of the Electric Universe."

UBS Is About To Blow The Cover On A Massive Gold-Rigging Scandal | Zero Hedge

UBS Is About To Blow The Cover On A Massive Gold-Rigging Scandal | Zero Hedge

With countless settlements documenting the rigging of every single asset class, it was only a matter of time before the regulators - some 10 years behind the curve as usual - finally cracked down on gold manipulation as well, even though as we have shown in the past, central banks in general and the Fed in particular are among the biggest gold manipulators.
That said, we are confident by now nobody will be surprised that there was manipulation going on in the gold casino. In fact, ever since Germany's Bafin launched a probe into Deutsche Bank for gold and silver manipulation, it has been very clear that the only question is how many banks will end up paying billions to settle the rigging of the gold market (with nobody going to prison as usual, of course).
Earlier today, we learned that the Swiss competition watchdog just became the latest to enjoin the ongoing gold manipulation probe when as Reuters reported, it launched an investigation into possible collusion in the precious metals market by several major banks, it said on Monday, the latest in a string of probes into gold, silver, platinum and palladium pricing.
Here are the details that should come as a surprise to nobody:
Global precious metals trading has been under regulatory scrutiny since December 2013, when German banking regulator Bafin demanded documents from Deutsche Bank under an inquiry into suspected manipulation of gold and silver benchmarks by banks. Even though the market has moved to reform the process of deciding on its price benchmarks, accusations of manipulation have refused to go away.

Switzerland's WEKO said its investigation, the result of a preliminary probe, was looking at whether UBS, Julius Baer, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, Barclays, Morgan Stanley and Mitsui conspired to set bid/ask spreads.

"It (WEKO) has indications that possible prohibited competitive agreements in the trading of precious metals were agreed among the banks mentioned," WEKO said in a statement.
Don't hold your breath though: "A WEKO spokesman said the investigation would likely conclude in either 2016 or 2017, adding that the banks were suspected of violating Swiss corporate rules." Those, and virtually all other market rules.
The good news is that unlike Bart Chilton's charade "inquiry" into silver manipulation when after years of "probing" the CFTC found "nothing", at least the Swiss will find proof of rigging for the simple reason that it is there.

Extraterrestrial Past, Transhumanist Future


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Monday, September 28, 2015

USA: Sanctions against Russia are not meant to provoke new Cold War - Obama


As a reminder here is a video about the US interests in Ukraine Nuland: "Fuck the EU"

TRUTH BOMBED: Global Goals NWO Agenda Exposed - Celebs Unite Again For Enslavement of Humanity


Thanks for watching. #TruthBomb #TruthBombArmy ~LINKS BELOW

USA: NASA scientists find evidence of flowing water on Mars

Kriege als Mittel zur Rettung des Finanzsystems. Von Exportnarren und Gold- & Währungsmanipulateuren

Andreas Popp im Gespräch mit Michael Friedrich Vogt. „Hurra, wir sind Export-Weltmeister…“ bzw. kämpfen mit dem 20-mal größeren China um diesen „Titel“. Aber werden wir dadurch wirklich reicher oder eher ärmer? Es ist an der Zeit, auch das Thema Exportüberschüsse einmal näher zu untersuchen. Immer wieder erklärt man dem Volk, daß die Deutschen am meisten vom Euro profitieren.
Ex-Kanzlerdarsteller Helmut Schmidt stellte im Interview mit dem Handelsblatt dazu lapidar fest: „Ich frage mich, ob dieser Profit wirklich ein Profit ist. Ich frage mich, ob es wirklich gewinnbringend ist, andauernd Leistungsbilanzüberschüsse aufzubauen. Langfristig ist das kein Gewinn. Es bedeutet, daß man Waren verkauft und dafür nur Papiergeld erhält. Das wird später abgewertet, und man muß es abschreiben. So hält man Güter von der eigenen Nation fern, die sonst hätten konsumiert werden können.“

Eine wesentliche Problemursache liegt (wie so oft) im Geldsystem, welches im Jahre 1944 durch die US-Dollar-Leitwährung vereinheitlicht wurde. Diesen Gedanken verstehen nur Wenige, wenn man z.B. sagt, daß der Dollar in Japan „Yen“ heißt und in Europa „Euro“. Im Bretton-Woods-Abkommen wurde der US Dollar von allen relevanten Ländern des Globus als Weltleitwährung abgesegnet. Der mit 25% goldunterlegte Dollar fungierte als Ersatz für eigene physische Edelmetalle in den verschiedenen Staatstresoren. Die Dollarüberschüsse aus Exportgewinnen hätte man also in pures Gold bei der FED (Federal Reserve) eintauschen können. Als Anfang der 1970er Jahre Frankreich von diesem Recht Gebrauch machen wollte, mußte der damalige Präsident Nixon das „Goldfenster“ schließen, denn es gab nicht mehr genügend Gold für die inflationierte Dollarmenge. Seitdem ist der Dollar quasi wertlos und das Geldmengenkorrektiv aufgehoben.

Export- bzw. Außenhandelsüberschüsse sind also sehr gefährlich, denn sie bestehen nur aus wertlosem Papier (nicht einmal das, da Geld heute fast nur noch aus Bits und Bytes besteht). Wir sind also stolz darauf, wenn wir mehr Produkte ins Ausland verkaufen, als das wir fremde Produkte beziehen, obwohl alle Wirtschaftsteilnehmer nur „anschreiben“ lassen, bzw. mit „Geld“ bezahlen, was auf dasselbe hinausläuft. Sollte man diese „Versprechen“ nicht mehr einhalten können, was bisher immer(!) der Fall war, verlieren im Rahmen einer Währungsreform alle ihr Vermögen, während z.B. die deutschen Autos weiterhin im Ausland genossen werden können. Wer aber nur deshalb die währungspolitischen Maßnahmen, die in Deutschland seit dem Ende des Zweiten Weltkriegs durchgeführt wurden, als „Versailles 2.0“ bezeichnet, verstößt auf jeden Fall gegen die „Political Correctness“.

Noch einmal Helmut Schmidt zu der unveränderten Umsetzung (und Rechtfertigung) der Instrumentalisierung der deutschen Zeitgeschichte mit dem Ziel der Festschreibung eines weltweiten Ausbeutungs- und Ausplünderungssystems: „Wegen der Nazizeit und des Zweiten Weltkriegs wird Deutschland für lange Zeit in der Pflicht stehen - für das ganze 21. Jahrhundert, vielleicht sogar noch für das 22. Jahrhundert. Ja, manchmal benehmen sich die Deutschen wie ein selbstbewußtes Volk und neigen dazu, jedermann zu schulmeistern. Dabei sind sie verwundbarer, als sie glauben …“

'Do you realise what you've done?' Putin addresses UNGA 2015 (FULL SPEECH)


Russian President Vladimir Putin is due to address the 70th UN General Assembly session in New York City on Monday, September 28.

During the highly-anticipated appearance, which will be the president‘s first since 2005, Putin is expected to comment on the most pressing international issues including the Syrian and Ukrainian crises, sanctions and the fragmentation of the global economy.

Putin to UN: Export of so-called democratic revolutions continues globally — RT News

Putin to UN: Export of so-called democratic revolutions continues globally — RT News

Hochverratspolitik ? - Christoph Hörstel | Bewusst.TV - 26.9.2015


26.9.2015 - Christoph Hörstel kritisiert mit deutlichen Worten die derzeitige Politik in Deutschland und stellt fest, daß eine Situation herrscht, in der das grundgesetzliche Widerstandsrecht greifen muß.

Online Video: [ 44:02 ]
Quelle Bewusst.TV:
YouTube Jo Conrad:

Wichtiger Beitrag für jegliche Besserung der Politik in Deutschland ist der Erfolg einer bereits jetzt stark unterstützten Petition, die den Abzug aller 55.000 Mann US-amerikanischer und britischer Truppen von deutschem Boden fordert.

Dieser Widerstand gründet sich auf Art.20 Abs.4 GG und muss selbstverständlich die geltenden Gesetze beachten und einhalten! Auch Prof. Karl Albrecht Schachtschneider äußert sich dazu. Mit Jo Conrad bin ich die wichtigen Punkte durchgegangen, die den Widerstand in Deutschland einigen sollten. Wichtig: Wer Deutschland erhalten will, muss sein Leben grundsätzlich ändern und auf den Widerstand ausrichten. Wenn nicht genügend Menschen dies tun, kann es zu spät sein. Zaudern bringt nichts: Es ist in der Geschichte immer so gewesen, dass einzelne begonnen haben, am Ende hat diese Entschlossenheit gesiegt.

Nach Wahlsieg der Separatisten – Madrid und EU drohen Katalonien mit Konsequenzen


Nachdem die Befürworter der Unabhängigkeit bei der Regionalwahl in Katalonien die absolute Mehrheit der Sitze im Parlament gewonnen haben, droht nun die Zentralregierung und Brüssel mit dem Rausschmiss aus der Eurozone. Auch der spanische Fußballverband droht dem FC Barcelona mit dem Ausschluss aus der spanischen Liga. RT-Reporterin Anastasia Churkina berichtet aus Barcelona. Mehr auf unserer Webseite:

PressTV-75 killed in Saudi raid on Yemen wedding

PressTV-75 killed in Saudi raid on Yemen wedding

Afghan Taliban claim seizure of govt buildings, hospital in provincial capital Kunduz — RT News

Afghan Taliban claim seizure of govt buildings, hospital in provincial capital Kunduz — RT News

KenFM zeigt: Rede von Albrecht Müller vor der US-Air-Base Ramstein


Ramstein ist die wichtigste Air Base der Amerikaner außerhalb der Vereinigten Staaten. Der 750 Millionen Euro teure Militärstützpunkt ist das „Zielfernrohr", wenn es um den Einsatz von Killer-Drohnen geht. Erst, wenn via Ramstein das Ziel erfasst und bestätigt wurde, drückt in den USA ein Mitglied der "Bodencrew" auf den roten Knopf, um den Erfassten in die Luft zu sprengen. Dabei kommt es immer zu sogenannten Kollateralschäden. Wer das Pech hat, sich während der Menschenjagd in der Nähe des Opfers zu befinden, stirbt einfach mit oder wird schwer verletzt. Der Einsatz von Killerdrohnen ist ein Kriegsverbrechen. Noam Chomsky nannte das US-Drohnen-Programm daher die "größte Terrorattacke in der Geschichte der Menschheit"und verwies in diesem Zusammenhang auf die unzähligen unschuldigen Opfer dieser ohne Gerichtsverhandlung exekutierten Todesstrafen.

Anders als die deutsche Presse versucht die Friedensbewegung in Deutschland, den unmittelbaren Zusammenhang zwischen Drohnenkrieg und Flüchtlingswellen zu benennen. Damit geriet sie selber ins Fadenkreuz der Militärs, der Geheimdienste und ihrer zahlreich existierenden „IM’s", die oft als Journalisten, Friedensaktivisten oder Wissenschaftler getarnt alles tun, um Einzelpersonen der Friedensbewegung zu diffamieren. 

Das Ziel dieses bewussten Rufmordes ist es, die Friedensbewegung zu zerschlagen, auf dass das Multimilliardengeschäft mit sogenannter "Sicherheitstechnik" auch weiter ungestört abgewickelt und ausgebaut werden kann. 

Albrecht Müller, ehemaliger Wahlkampfleiter von Willy Brandt und heute Kopf des alternativen Nachrichtenportals NachDenkSeiten, wurde in der jüngsten Vergangenheit ebenfalls Opfer dieser Angriffe. Das SPD-Urgestein lässt sich aber nicht einschüchtern und mobilisierte zuletzt massiv gegen den Standort Ramstein und die Aufrüstung der NATO. Auch die aktuelle Modernisierung von amerikanischen Atomwaffen auf Deutschem Boden wird von Albrecht Müller scharf verurteilt. 

Auf der Demonstration "Stoppt Ramstein“ am vergangenen Samstag direkt vor den Toren der Airbase fand Albrecht Müller klare Worte, was er vom aktuellen NATO-Kurs, der Bundesregierung und vor allem jenen Menschen hält, deren zentrale Aufgabe es ist, Einzelpersonen der Friedensbewegung über den Hebel der Verleumdung medial mit Schmutz zu bewerfen, immer in der Hoffnung, ihren Einfluss einzudämmen. An dieser Stelle vorweg, diese Technik ist durchschaubar und in Zeiten sozialer Netzwerke zum Scheitern verurteilt. Die mediale Revolution ist nicht mehr zu stoppen.

KenFM zeigt die Ansprache Müllers in voller Länge. Albrecht Müller ist ebenfalls Gast in der zweiten Ausgabe von „Positionen“, die in Kürze auf diesem Portal erscheinen wird.