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Sweden's Migrant Rape Epidemic

Ärger hinter den Kulissen: Geleakte E-Mail zeigt Zerwürfnis zwischen USA und EU bei TTIP


Während die EU und die Vereinigten Staaten weiter im Geheimen über das umstrittene Freihandelsabkommen TTIP beraten, zeigt eine E-Mail, die EU-Landwirtschaftskommissar Phil Hogan an die EU-Botschafter der Mitgliedsstaaten verschickte, wie es hinter den Kulissen zugeht. Die US-Zeitung Politico hat das Schreiben nun veröffentlicht. 

Joseph Farrell, Secret Space Wars, Babylonian Banksters, Alchemy of Money, Breakaway Civilizations


Breakaway Societies, Secret Space Wars, Babylonian Banksters, Alchemy of Money, Transhumanism, Black Reich, Nazi Technology

Huffington Post Removes Article Claiming Hillary Will Be Indicted On Federal Racketeering Charges

The Huffington Post has removed an article on its website Sunday, claiming that the FBI plans to indict Hillary Clinton on federal racketeering charges.
As Breitbart first reported, HuffPo freelance contributor Frank Huguenard, a scientist and public speaker, posted an article on the site’s blog entitled "Hillary Clinton to be Indicted on Federal Racketeering Charges." Huguenard wrote:
The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) is a United States Federal Law passed in 1970 that was designed to provide a tool for law enforcement agencies to fight organized crime.  RICO allows prosecution and punishment for alleged racketeering activity that has been executed as part of an ongoing criminal enterprise.

Activity considered to be racketeering may include bribery, counterfeiting, money laundering, embezzlement, illegal gambling, kidnapping, murder, drug trafficking, slavery, and a host of other nefarious business practices.

James Comey and The FBI will present a recommendation to Loretta Lynch, Attorney General of the Department of Justice, that includes a cogent argument that the Clinton Foundation is an ongoing criminal enterprise engaged in money laundering and soliciting bribes in exchange for political, policy and legislative favors to individuals, corporations and even governments both foreign and domestic.
If accurate, this could be a terminal hit to Hillary's presidential chances, and it is obvious why a left-leaning medium, and audience, would be disturbed by its content.

As Libya Burns, Remember Who Lit the Fires


May 31, 2016 New Eastern Outlook 

As Libya burns, it is important to remember who lit the fires, because the same geopolitical games used to fan the flames are being playing Syria now. 

If destabilizing and overthrowing the government in Libya has created the chaos we see now unfolding in North Africa, wouldn't destabilizing and overthrowing Syria's government do the same in the Levant?

UN peacekeepers and human trafficking


Laryssa Kondracki's film 'The Whistleblower' drew attention to the abuses by UN peacekeepers in Bosnia and forced the UN to respond. The human rights officer at the time, Madeleine Rees, is now secretary general of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom.

Part 2 Rees zeroes in on the failure of member countries to properly control the national police and (in the case of the U.S.) contract employees sent to the post-conflict situation. One thing U.S. citizens can do is support Sen. Patrick Leahy's bill S.1145 the Civilian Extraterritorial Jurisdiction Act to clarify and expand federal jurisdiction over federal contractors and employees outside the United States.
The event recorded at Stanford was part of the Sanela Diane Jenkins International Speaker Series. San Jose Branch of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom meets at the San Jose Peace and Justice Center.

America's Military Fetish and Profound Historical Illiteracy


Class, what do we do when we’re presented with something that doesn’t jibe or comport with our limited and heavily-propagandized worldview of history and current events? That’s right we cover our heads and scream “CONSPIRACY THEORY!”

The neocons provide the feeder system for military cemeteries and Memorial Day grief. Too many tragic military deaths occurred in theaters and battlefields and conflicts that never threatened our freedom or flag. Death does not justify or elevate imperialism and globalist asset-stripping to the noble pursuit. Say no to war, honor those who’ve served and redirect you attention to what patriotism actually connotes.

All American war is noble and to be encouraged, applauded and celebrated without question. As we speak some very despicable but brilliant folks are carefully writing the back story of our next military adventure – how it threatens our freedom and is sourced in a hatred for our American way of life. Or something. The theme really isn’t important, your perfervid acceptance as fact is. Count on the theater being Africa. The story will contain graphic depictions of bloodthirsty foreign types with names you can’t pronounce. The scripts will be distributed to the American mainstream media who will dutifully repeat and not report the threats and horrors as specifically written. And it’s off to fighting we go. And, again, you will have questioned nothing.

Official Lionel Website:

Senegal: Ex-Chadian President Habre imprisoned for crimes against humanity


Former Chadian President Hissene Habre was convicted to life imprisonment by a court in Dakar on Monday. He was charged by the African Union-backed court with committing multiple crimes against humanity during his presidency. 

According to the investigation, he ordered the killing of 40,000 people while in power. Habre has consistently denied the charges. 

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3 Facts That Will Change Everything You Believe About U.S. Foreign Policy

May 27, 2016   |   Nick Bernabe

(ANTIMEDIA) The Unites States has the world’s most powerful military — and a huge budget to match it. In fact, the U.S. spends more on defense than the next seven countries’ military budgets combined. America’s navy has been branded a “Global Force for Good,” and U.S. military operations around the world are sold to the public as freedom-by-force operations (see: Operation Iraqi Freedom).
But what is the truth about America’s foreign policy? Is America truly a benevolent empire hell-bent on raining democracy-by-drone strikes around the world? To answer this question, we looked at America’s arms global deals and came to a rather disappointing  conclusion.
foreign policy
The United States is the largest exporter of freedom-promoting military weaponry in the world, accounting for 33 percent of total sales. This is not really surprising considering the U.S. is the world’s strongest superpower with a technological advantage in military equipment over every other country. What is surprising, however, is which countries the U.S. is exporting these arms to. The top three beneficiaries of American arms sales from 2011-2015 raise some serious red flags that may change the way people think about U.S. foreign policy.
#1. Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia is America’s largest customer when it comes to military equipment. According to the Congressional Research Service,“Between October 2010 and October 2014, Washington and Riyadh reached more than $90 billion in weapons deals,” the Washington Post noted. That’s a lot of freedom. The only problem is that Saudi Arabia doesn’t exactly support freedom. In fact, they actively suppress it. Poetsjournalists, activists, and dissidents are actively persecuted in Saudi Arabia for opposing the monarchy. They are beheaded by the hundreds, flogged, andliterally crucified publicly to set an example. Hell, even four of the country’s own princesses are locked in prisonfor advocating equal rights.
Many experts believe the Saudis helped create ISIS, the out-of-control terror group now rampaging across the Middle East. Saudi Arabia is the driving force behind Wahhabism, a radical form of Sunni Islam that ISIS, al-Qaeda, and other radical Islamic militant groups subscribe to. Recent developments in the 9/11 investigation documents even point toward Saudi Arabian officials having a role in the September 11th attacks. Saudi Arabia is actively involved in the Yemeni civil war, with the help of not only (obviously) American arms, but U.S. and British advisors overseeing the campaign. A “limited” number of U.S. troops are now on the ground in Yemen in “non-combat” roles. The Saudi-led, U.S.-backed operation is responsible for numerous war crimes, including the bombings of hundreds of healthcare facilities.
The Bush Administration hanging out with a Saudi King.
By any modern measure, Saudi Arabia is the poster child for everything that is wrong with the world — and U.S. foreign policy.
#2. United Arab Emirates
Surely the UAE — the second largest recipient of U.S. arms from 2011-2015 — is using those weapons to create freedom for their people, right? Not exactly. According to Human Rights Watch:
“The United Arab Emirates (UAE) continued in 2014 to arbitrarily detain individuals it perceives as posing a threat to national security, and its security forces continued to face allegations that they torture detainees in pretrial detention. UAE courts invoked repressive laws to prosecute government critics, and a new counterterrorism law poses a further threat to government critics and rights activists. Migrant construction workers on one of the country’s most high-profile projects continued to face serious exploitation, and female domestic workers were still excluded from regulations that apply to workers in other sectors.”
The UAE is generally aligned with Saudi Arabia in their backing of theocratic Islamic militant movements across the Middle East. If the U.S. is claiming to be waging a war against terror, they are arming the wrong actors in the region; it’s these “allies” that are helping to create the very terrorists the U.S. spends trillions fighting against.
#3. Turkey
Turkey is the third largest buyer of American arms since 2011. If you listen to the U.S. government’s talking points, you probably believe the billions in arms we sell to them go toward making Turkey a free, democratic society. The only problem is that these talking points are patently false. Turkey is quickly regressing into what can be described as a borderline dictatorship, with the notoriously brutal President Erdogan usurping more and more power by the day. As noted by Consortium News:
“Erdogan’s ambition and aggressive drive to spread his Islamic agenda are what has determined every political move he made. Seeking to constitutionally transfer the executive authority of the country to the Presidency is the final step to legally consolidate his power.”
And anyone who gets in his way is dealt with heavy-handedly. Free speech has come under relentless attack. In the most recent Turkish election, opposition media outlets were raided, editors were arrested, and control was handed over to the Erdogan-friendly government. Erdogan ousted his democratically-elected Prime Minister and longtime ally, Ahmet Davutoğlu, because he disagreed with him. Protests movements are crushed by riot police and assassinations of opposition figures occur rather regularly (and conveniently).
foreign policy
The Obama Administration hanging out with Erdogan.
Turkey uses the weapons we send them to expand their influence at the expense of countless innocent lives. The most prominent example of this is Turkey’s role in the Syrian Civil War. Turkish media has accused the government of supplying (American made?) weapons to ISIS, with video footage to back up their assertions. One journalist who made these claims, a U.S. citizen, was found dead. Three more have been arrested.
Further, Turkey has been accused of buying millions of dollars worth of black market oil from ISIS, which helped them fund their rampage across Iraq and Syria. Turkey also unilaterally invaded Iraq without the country’s permission and actively bombs Kurdish strongholds, though coincidentally, the Kurds are one of the few groups that have been able to effectively defeat ISIS on the battlefield.
Explaining why Turkey wants to overthrow the Syrian government would take a dozen articles. But to make an extremely complex argument simple, let’s just say the country would benefit greatly from the fall of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in the form of a planned oil pipeline that would flow from Arab states, through Turkey, and into its final market: Europe. This puts Turkey, a NATO member, directly at odds with Russia, which is currently the largest supplier of fossil fuels to Europe. Assad, a Russian ally, stands in the way of this pipeline.
Ultimately, it’s nearly impossible to make the case that U.S. foreign policy is a “Global Force for Good.” It seems, more often than not, America supports and arms the wrong sides of conflicts and undemocratic dictatorial regimes friendly to U.S. economic interests. A recent study showed nations are 100 times more likely to intervene in foreign conflicts if a country is rich in resources, and the U.S. is by and large the biggest exporter of “democracy” — and arms — to oil-rich regions.
Iwo Jima Oil Iraq

Ex-CEO Of Largest Swiss Insurer Commits Suicide, Three Years After CFO Hanged Himself

In the latest tragic news from the world of finance, earlier today Zurich Insurance, the largest Swiss insurer which employs 55,000 people and provides general insurance and life insurance products in more than 170 countries, reported that Martin Senn, the company's former chief executive officer who stepped down in a December reshuffle, has committed suicide. He was 59.
Senn had been a long-time employee of the insurer, serving as its chief executive for six years before stepping down in December. 
The family informed Zurich Insurance that Senn had taken his own life on Friday, according to the statement. "We are profoundly shocked by the news of the sudden death," the company said. According to Bloomberg, Senn was found in his holiday house in Klosters, a Swiss ski resort, Blick newspaper reported. The cantonal police of Grisons wouldn’t confirm the death but said officers had been deployed on Friday in connection with Senn.
Former Zurich Ins CEO Martin Senn
Senn started at Zurich in 2006 as CIO and became CEO in 2010. He joined from Switzerland’s biggest life insurer, Swiss Life Holding AG, and held several positions at Credit Suisse Group AG. When he was 26, Senn became treasurer of the Hong Kong branch of Schweizerischer Bankverein, today known as UBS Group AG.
During Senn’s five years as CEO, Zurich Insurance rose about 19 percent and paid out record dividends of 17 Swiss francs a share. In his biggest acquisition, he bought a 51 percent stake in Banco Santander SA’s insurance division for $1.67 billion in 2011.  Senn in December acknowledged “setbacks” in the months before his departure after higher-than-expected claims at the general-insurance unit forced the company to abandon a takeover bid for RSA Insurance Group Plc.

EXCLUSIVE: French Spec Ops Captain Paul Barril Reveals How Litvinenko Was Killed


A GLOBAL RENAISSANCE: RI Spring Crowdfunding Campaign:
Retired French GIGN officer Paul Barill says he not only knows how Alexander Litvinenko was assassinated, but his handler exiled tycoon Boris Berezovsky was killed to keep him quiet.

The accusations are being made by Paul Barril, a retired captain in the French gendarmerie nationale (similar to internal troops in Russia or national guard in some countries) who had a long career in special forces (GIGN) and counter-intelligence, and is well known in France. 

Since his retirement Barril has been involved with a number of private security agencies. Currently he is a partner in the Nadjadi Group, courtesy of whom this exclusive interview was obtained.

Barril is also a figure of controversy, having been connected to a few scandals. Some have raised questions surrounding his service as an advisor to the Rwandan government at the time of the 1994 genocide in that country. However, he strongly maintains he played no role in any crimes.

During his long special forces career, Barril claims he "arrested 115 people, being involved in the surrender of 61 madmen, neutralized 17 armed people without using weapons, and freed over 450 hostages."

In this exclusive interview, Barril says he has evidence that an Italian man, Mr. Scaramella, as well as Chechen associates of Boris Berezovsky in collaboration with the CIA and MI6, conspired to kill FSB defector Alexander Litvinenko as part of an operation to frame Vladimir Putin, the FSB and the Russian Federation. 

He says that Andrei Lugovoi - accused by Britain in the matter of Litvinenko's death and now a member of the Russian Duma - was being courted by Litvinenko for information and that it was actually Litvinenko who invited Lugovoi to the meeting at which he was allegedly poisoned. 

Mr. Barril attacked the secrecy surrounding the results of the British investigation, and their failure to investigate Scaramella's contact with Litvinenko prior to his death. 

Barril also believes Boris Berezovsky was subsequently killed due to his intimate knowledge of this and other anti-Russian covert operations coupled with his increasingly erratic behavior and recklessness with the media.

The CIA operation to smear and discredit Russia in general and Vladimir Putin in particular, in which Berezovsky and Litvinenko were both involved, is codenamed Operation Beluga, according to the former commando.

The two men were also connected to international banker and alleged CIA operative Bill Browder.

If an impartial investigator is appointed, Barril says he he will release all evidence he and his partners have obtained on the case, and he suggests former UN prosecutor Carla Del Ponte for this role. 

These accusations have the potential to blow wide open this real life spy-murder mystery which continues to haunt the front pages 10 years after the event.

Biologist Targeted for Exposing the Gender Bending Pesticide Poisoning America

Tyrone Hayes-1Christina Sarich, Staff
Waking Times
Biologist, Tyrone Hayes is a soft-spoken professor at the University of California with a big message. One of the most commonly used pesticides in agriculture, atrazine, is responsible for feminizing amphibians, according to his research. More importantly, the chemical is effectively eliminating male chromosomes at an alarming rate, ate levels which are three times lower than what are currently appearing in our drinking water. It isn’t just lead and fluoride we need to be concerned about, but a known endocrine disruptor, created by Syngenta, that is utterly changing our gene pool.
Hayes has been fighting Syngenta, to report the harmful effects of Atrazine for decades now. His scientific papers describe how Atrazine demasculinizes male gonads producing testicular lesions associated with reduced germ cell numbers in teleost fish, amphibians, reptiles, and mammals, and induces partial and/or complete feminization in fish, amphibians, and reptiles. These effects are strong (statistically significant),consistent across vertebrate classes, and specific. Reductions in androgen levels and the induction of estrogen synthesis – demonstrated in fish, amphibians, reptiles, and mammals – represent plausible and coherent mechanisms that explain these effects.

Big Ag Targets a Truth Teller

Other scientists have since come forward to corroborate Hayes’ claims, but not until after Syngenta dumped a 102-page document  trying to discredit the scientist.
Atrazine is used on everything from corn fields (75 percent of them are sprayed with Atrazine in the US) to Christmas tree farms, and it is one of the most pervasive chemicals in agriculture. Syngenta actually asked Hayes to research the chemical, but after he found results which the manufacturer of atrazine didn’t expect, he was targeted in ways that, sadly, have become familiar to whistleblowers.

Lead, Fluoride, and Now Atrazine

In typical biowarfare-fashion, this chemical is being used everywhere, and while we fret about fluoride and lead, rightfully so, in our drinking water, an even more sinister chemical is being forced into our ground water, eventually seeping into municipal water supplies.
Atrazine affects men adversely, by literally shrinking their gonads, or causing them to effectively become women, but it also affects women, causing low estrogen levels and irregular menstruation. All in all, this chemical acts exactly as many other UN Agenda poisons do – from chemtrails to vaccines, BPAs which are known xenoestrogens, to pharmaceuticals, including birth control pills that pass unharmed through sewage systems into in our drinking water  – it makes fertility a genetic Russian roulette.
Are we to believe that a chemical that causes complete chemical castration in male African clawed frogs, isn’t eventually going to have similar effects on us? More than 80 million pounds of this stuff is used annually, but with all the false-flag attempts, and Flint, Michigan water crises, who can keep up with the numerous ways they are trying to cull the masses?
The population of the US is supposed to DROP 78.2% from 316+ million now to ONLY 69 million people in 2025 according to a government website, and many notorious —– have made statements admitting they want to lessen the earth’s population numbers.
Even the CDC in December 2014, offered the shocking comparison in population totals from 2007 to 2013, where they state “There were 3.93 million births in the United States in 2013, down less than 1% from 2012 and 9% from the 2007 high. The U.S. general fertility rate was at an all-time low in 2013.”
Is this the real reason Tyrone Hayes is being targeted?
He says we’re making ‘toxic babies’ due to the largest selling chemical poison from one of the largest chemical companies in the world. It’s banned in the EU, but still used copiously in the US, even re-registered by the Environmental Protection Agency in the very same year it was banned overseas. 0.1 parts per billion exposure to Atrazine is changing a frog’s sex. How many parts per billion will it take to turn off your reproductive ability?  Maybe its time to listen to Mr. Hayes.
Watch Dr. Tyrone Hayes at TED Talks

Read more articles from Christina Sarich.

About the Author
Christina Sarich is a staff writer for Waking Times. She is a writer, musician, yogi, and humanitarian with an expansive repertoire. Her thousands of articles can be found all over the Internet, and her insights also appear in magazines as diverse as Weston A. PriceNexusAtlantis Rising, and theCuyamungue Institute, among others. She was recently a featured author in the Journal, “Wise Traditions in Food, Farming, and Healing Arts,” and her commentary on healing, ascension, and human potential inform a large body of the alternative news lexicon. She has been invited to appear on numerous radio shows, including Health Conspiracy Radio, Dr. Gregory Smith’s Show, and dozens more. The second edition of her book, Pharma Sutra, will be released soon.
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This article (Biologist Targeted for Exposing the Gender Bending Pesticide Poisoning America) was originally created and published by Waking Times and is published here under a Creative Commonslicense with attribution to Christina Sarich and It may be re-posted freely with proper attribution, author bio, and this copyright statement.

Biblical Torrent Floods German Town | Braunsbach Baden-Wuerttemberg


Three people have been killed in floods in the southwestern German state of Baden-Wuerttemberg, according to a spokesman for the region's interior ministry. 
Flash flood devastates German town Schwäbisch Gmünd

Floods have lashed southern Germany, killing at least four people and causing an underground carpark to collapse.

The town of Schwäbisch Gmünd was the worst hit, with a volunteer firefighter drowning while trying to rescue a flood victim, Deutsche Welle reports.

Two people died after a carpark filled with water and caved in. Scores of cars were submerged, while the strength of the water washed others down flooded streets.

Hundreds of people have been evacuated across the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg, which borders France and Switzerland.

"Bill Clinton Was Here": The Elite One-Percent’s 'Orgy Island' Exposed

Submitted by Shepard Ambellas of IntellliHub
The Elite One-Percent’s ‘Orgy Island’ Exposed
If you can name it — it has likely taken place this the lavish private island off the coast of Puerto Rico which boasts a beautifully landscaped plush luxury estate complete with its own helipad, privy only to certain members of the global elite.
Owned by Jeffery Epstein, a wealthy American financier and convicted sex offender, Little St. James Island appears to be somewhat of a gathering place and is a well desired hangout among key figureheads, actors and royalty to the likes of former U.S. President Bill Clinton, Kevin Spacey and even Prince Andrew.
Bill Clinton made multiple trips to Epstein's private island, 
Little St James (pictured), between 2002 and 2005
However, the people attending the lavish residence are likely do not go there to discuss “cutting edge scientific and medical research” as the Epstein VI Foundation would like you to believe, but rather go there to experience full-on sexual encounters with underage girls as young as fourteen.
That’s right, just like a scene out of the Hollywood blockbuster film Eyes Wide Shut, starring Tom Cruise, from wild parties to prostitution, orgies and even underage sex, Little St. James reportedly has it all and is seemingly a gathering point frequented by prominent jet-setters, and it is all being exposed. The cat is out of the bag so to speak.

ISIS jihadists sell sex slaves on Facebook

Planet Eight Times Size of Jupiter Discovered Orbiting a Young Star --"Nixes Accepted Theory" May 26, 2016

John Stormm: MK Ultra | Truth Connections - also feat. Duncan O'Finioan


John Stormm ~ MK Ultra ~

Truth Connections Radio ~ April 24, 2014 ~ 10 p.m. EST ~ 

John Stormm was one of the first infants to be inducted into the MK Ultra program in 1953. Over the years he was subjected to many torturous physical, mental, psychological, chemical conditioning and implant experiments, designed to make him into an unstoppable hunter/seeker/assassin. With well over 140 different programs under the MK Ultra umbrella, there are many aspects victims have in common, including ritual abuse, abusive families, and constant terrorizing as children. They micro fractured and dislocated his bones in effort to make them harder, denser, and stronger, as well as subjecting him to shock treatments. There was also hypnosis, sound 'treatments' and 'a chair' that was used to either implant false memories and/or remove specific memories in a debriefing and replace them with something more innocuous. The training included, drugs, genetic manipulation, ultra-steroids, bionics, and implants. 

In the late 1960's he was trained and used as a remote viewer in Project Talent, a sub project of the MK Ultra program, and by 1970 he was assigned combat roles in the Cambodian side of the Ho Chi Minh trail. He trained Khmer freedom fighters in stealth tactics and facilitated them equipping themselves from the weapons and stockpiles of the Khmer Rouge, just prior to the US bombings of Battambong. John became "problematic" as an MK Ultra operative because he was questioning the motives of his controllers so his position was pulled. He was then given the option to join up as a "contractor" with the DEA and other alphabet agencies in hunting down drug lords and other such monsters in Central America. His unit was designated as "Disney Toons" and his call sign was: "Thumper", probably for his machine gun punching style. Over time, John's real memories started flooding back. In this broadcast you will hear his story of how he overcame these unspeakable acts against him beginning in childhood and we will talk about solutions regarding how we can stop these still on going projects.

John was was born into a family of hereditary witches that traces it's ancestry back many centuries to ancient Tara. MK Ultra programs are known to target children who are genetically predisposed with psychic ability. He was raised and trained in the craft by his grandmother, and was the only male witch in his family. He is a highly trained ninja and a master of martial arts and began his martial arts training in 1963. John is a Second Degree Black Belt in Mas Oyamas Karate, and has a master's ranking in Chinese Kenpo . He ran his own chain of studios. In addition, John studied Radio & TV Broadcasting at El Paso Community College in Colorado Springs, CO.

Johns books: "Practical Witchery" that is available to download free here. "Matriarch of the Witch Clan." http:/// 

Duncan O'Finioan also joined us as he is also a Mk Ultra survivor who was trained by John in the programs.Both trained as young soldiers in hand-to-hand combat, psychic warfare, and sword-fighting, Duncan was was trained, like thousands of other child warriors, and controlled by those with an agenda for power and global dominance. Duncan wrote "Innocence Turned Deadly" 

Mk Ultra Senate Hearings:

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Packing for Mars Continued - Geheimwissen Mars?


Wie sieht es auf dem Mars wirklich aus? Fotos dazu im Interview! Eine Fortsetzung der Informationen zum Mars Projekt der Elite mit dem Filmproduzenten Frank Jakob. Es spannendes Interview bei Lebenskraft TV mit Filmproduzent Frank Jakob und Moderator Walter [Marx]. Wir wünschen Euch viel Spaß und viele Erkenntnisse!


Merkel’s TTIP policy is ‘wrong:’ German Vice Chancellor criticizes US-EU free trade deal

The Future Of Personal Satellite Technology Is Here – Are We Ready For It?

Elizabeth Garbee, Arizona State University and Andrew Maynard, Arizona State University Satellites used to be the exclusive playthings of rich governments and wealthy corporations. But increasingly, as space becomes more democratized, these sophisticated technologies are coming within reach of ordinary people. Just like drones before them, miniature satellites are beginning to fundamentally transform our conceptions of…

Outrage as Dutch authorities give up to €10k to refugees to ‘go shopping’

Natural Alien Light Orb mixed with Human Blue Healing Energy


This is a story taking place in March, 2015 between Canada and France.

„Besetztes“ Deutschland – warum Deutschlands Souveränität eingeschränkt ist | 28.05.2016 |


In Deutschland herrscht eine heftige Kontroverse darüber, ob Deutschland ein souveräner Staat ist und inwiefern seine Außenpolitik auch heute noch von den USA diktiert ist. Wegen der bis heute andauernden ausländischen Militärpräsenz heißt es oft, Deutschland sei faktisch „noch immer besetzt“. Zur Erinnerung: Nach dem Zweiten Weltkrieg im Jahr 1945 war Deutschland von Millionen Soldaten der Siegermächte USA, Großbritannien, Frankreich und Sowjetunion besetzt. In einem „Besatzungsstatut“ vom 10. April 1949 wurden die rechtlichen Schranken festgelegt, die der staatlichen Souveränität der am 23. Mai 1949 gegründeten Bundesrepublik Deutschland gesetzt waren.

Modern Psychology Doing its Part to Mass Produce Obedient Sheeple

Pill Soldiers-1
Has modern psychology has become the science of disempowerment?
You no longer have to be a bona fide psychiatrist to prescribe mood and mind-altering pharmaceuticals to patients young and old, as any general practitioner is now allowed to experiment on their patients in this regard. This helps to explain why some 78 million Americans are presently taking psychiatric pharmaceutical drugs, roughly 25% of the U.S. population. Which came first the diagnosis or the pill?
Psychology is the study of behavior and the mind, but the role it plays in mass producing obedientsheeple is increasingly apparent.
In 1961, well after the advent of lithium and thorazine, psychologist Stanley Milgram conducted what is now one of the world’s most famous psychological experiments. So critical it is supposed to be to our understanding of human nature that it is taught in nearly every psychology class.
The Miligram experiment, as it’s known, is hailed as a milestone in our understanding of how people’s ethics can drastically change when responsibility for their actions is deferred on to an authority figure, such as an ‘expert’ or a leader. Intrigued by the role of Nazi military personnel in concentration camps during WWII, Milgram wanted to know how much coercion people needed in order to willingly inflict harm on another person.
“He asked volunteers to deliver an electric shock to a stranger. Unbeknownst to the volunteers, there was no shock—and the people they were shocking were actors pretending to be terribly hurt, even feigning heart attacks. Milgram found that most people would keep delivering the shocks when ordered by a person in a lab coat, even when they believed that person was gravely injured. Only a tiny percentage of people refused.” [Source]
The suggested conclusion is that people are inherently unable to think for themselves when given a subordinate role in some authoritarian hierarchy, such as the role of the people in a state-controlled world.
The results have become accepted knowledge in our understanding of how ordinary people can inflict extraordinary harm on others, but discussion of this experiment rarely speaks to the fact that many people resisted the experiment, focusing instead on reinforcing the darker, more helpless side of human nature. Subsequent examination of the Milgram study, however, reveals a number of flaws both practical and ethical that pretty much discredit the entire experiment, yet this particular example is cited over and over again as fact about human nature, when it is anything but.
In my view, the dissenters are more worthy of publicity than the conformists. 
Building on the ideas set forth by Milgram, a recent study conducted at University College of London by neuroscientist Patrick Haggard and his colleagues was recently released and promoted with the headline ‘It’s Actually Easy to Force People to be Evil.

READ: The Difference Between My Psychiatrist and My Shaman

This new approach to confirming the bias to follow orders looks at this aspect of behavior from the perspective of neuroscience, aiming to define the different physiological processes that occur, further distancing us from individuality, free will and human conscience.
“Milgram’s and other studies relied on dissembling and on explicit measures of agency, which are known to be biased by social norms.
“In two experiments, an experimenter ordered a volunteer to make a key-press action that caused either financial penalty or demonstrably painful electric shock to their co-participant, thereby increasing their own financial gain. Coercion increased the perceived interval between action and outcome, relative to a situation where participants freely chose to inflict the same harms. Interestingly, coercion also reduced the neural processing of the outcomes of one’s own action. Thus, people who obey orders may subjectively experience their actions as closer to passive movements than fully voluntary actions. Our results highlight the complex relation between the brain mechanisms that generate the subjective experience of voluntary actions and social constructs, such as responsibility.
“When we take action because we’ve been ordered to, we feel less in control of the outcome. We feel less responsible. The experience is so profoundly different that our brains actually process it differently.” [Source]
Thinking beyond the academic mumbo-jumbo, they’re taking the Milgram experiment to the next level, saying that the neurochemical processes of the brain naturally support obedience, thusscientifically removing personal sovereignty entirely from the equation.
Well-known British psychologist and author, Susan Blackmore, confirms this with her remarks on the role of human consciousness in memetics, the study of how people replicate behavior witnessed in others:
“Consciousness is an illusion constructed by the memes. Memetics appears to have a lot of implications that we humans are machines, which people have never liked. Of course we’re machines, we’re biological machines. But people don’t like that. Free will and consciousness is an illusion, and the self is a complex of memes. People don’t like that. My view is that if these things are true it doesn’t matter if we like them or not.” [Source]
All of this is an extreme reduction of human behavior, blatantly omitting the totality of contemporary social factors that cause people to be too afraid to act upon their own consciences. Mind control, social engineering, violence/entertainment programming, dusk-to-dawn fear-mongering, mass fluoridation, electromagnetic warfare, and on and on. None of these very real factors are noted as influencers.

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They’re attempting to socially normalize the message that we are human beings are not-free, that we are psychologically and biologically bound to do as we are programmed to do, giving us consent to consciously and unconsciously render ourselves obsolete and at the disposal of forces beyond our individual control.
They’re saying that we are indeed robots. 
I don’t like it, but according to Blackmore it doesn’t matter since I have no free will and my consciousness is just an illusion.
Now, back to pill-popping as the prescribed path to happiness. The American Psychiatric Association has written for itself a Bible of sorts, the DSM-5, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders – 5th Edition. It spells out every officially recognized mental illnesses they’ve been able to come up with, and for each new edition released, new ‘disorders’ are added and codified, further restricting the acceptable range of human behavior.
This is the reason why it is socially acceptable for 25% of the population to be dependent on psychotropic medications. This is the science of mass producing obedient sheeple who will shun free-thinking, embrace group think and acquiesce to every evil of the state. This is the foundation of theBrave New World.
“One believes things because one has been conditioned to believe them.” – Aldous Huxley,Brave New World

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