Monday, June 20, 2016

WELFARE of the RICH ELITE BLOODsucking off the SLAVES!


WELFARE of the RICH ELITE BLOODsucking off the SLAVES!
*$1Tillion goes to ALL types of WELFARE to the needy and POOR!
*$$$$$$$$Trillions goes to the WELFARE of the few RICH ELITE!

They want us to focus on the ONE $1 Trillion, and forget about the countless $$$$$$$$TRILLIONS they make for doing NOTHING, and they PAY NO TAXES on the TRILLIONS they rape from us! They own us, the Governments and the Banks! We work, they TAKE TAX and then give us our PAYCHECK for our LABOR, then we go to BUY something, but we CAN NOT, unless we PAY ANOTHER TAX AGAIN!!!!!! Then after they RAPE us and get us to work and PAY for their RICH ELITE LIFESTYLE, they leave us with crumbs! ALL the money in the BANKS is OUR MONEY they LEECH from! Then after all that abuse, they make us feel bad for disasters they cause and get us to once again DONATE more of what little we have left! THEY PRINT MONEY FOR FREE!!!! It's NOT ABOUT the MONEY, it's about CONTROL, and never letting anyone have TOO much, besides them of course! The Best SLAVE is the SLAVE that thinks he is FREE!

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