Monday, June 27, 2016

West Virginia 1000-Year Flood, Wildfires, & Heatwave: Manmade


It’s the lead story almost every day now. Another ‘historic’ 1,000-year flash flood dropping 10 inches of rain on West Virginia in 3 hours. Trillions of gallons of water suddenly falling on West Virginia (in the middle of the continental landmass) where only hours before there was no sign of any Water Vapor on radar at all. It’s surprising more people don’t ask how that is possible, or, perhaps they do we just never hear about it.

This isn’t an anomaly for flash floods or severe weather however. If you study actual satellite and radar imagery (as I show in this video), you will come to see with your own eyes that this is the only way storms systems develop in this country. Never on satellite do we see storm systems develop over the oceans and large bodies of water (from natural evaporation) and come on shore, we see sudden almost in-place materialization of Massive Water Vapor, within a couple of hundred miles from where the Water Vapor drops as deluge and flash flood.

As you can see from satellite imagery, these burst of Water Vapor that turn into these Flash Floods appear literally out of thin (and completely dry) air. We get no tangible explanation of any kind from meteorologists other than the meaningless “El Nino” and “Low Pressure Systems” misdirections, that don’t explain how this can actually happen. That is why, as an engineer, I embarked on this research two decades ago to begin with. I needed answers that made engineering and scientific sense about why the clouds and storm systems looked and formed the way they do, and how exactly trillions of gallons of water can fall from the sky in a matter of hours – out of nowhere.

Although these bursts of Water Vapor look like they materialize out of nowhere, there is a very easy to understand source. All you have to understand (for geoengineering in its simplest form) is:

1) Evaporating water (Water Vapor) creates clouds.
2) Boiling water creates Water Vapor.
3) When clouds reach Water Vapor saturation, that Water Vapor returns to the ground as rain.
4) If you have enough facilities to generate Water Vapor, you can consistently make rain.

Water Vapor mass doesn’t travel very far before dispersing, and 4 trillion gallons of water isn’t going to stay suspended in the air very long before coming down as rain. Again these are two simple and logical facts that people should be considering, when we are told week after week of these historic trillion gallon events.

That is why as we see on satellite imagery that the Water Vapor bursts go up very quickly and come down very shortly after that. This isn’t speculation or hypothesis, this is verified from decades of studying over a half a century of available satellite and radar imagery.

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