Friday, July 1, 2016

Killing of newborns no different than abortion?

Try that as a google search term without the question mark. I had no idea this was pushed into the mainstream so hard. So now so-called ethicists are saying that since abortion is allowed, then killing of newborns should be allowed because there is "no technical difference, other than the location of the fetus" and they are citing it is all perfectly OK because the Netherlands has been doing it for a few years.
So we know where they are going with this, and it is not anywhere towards common sense, which would say that "since there is no technical difference between a fetus and a newborn, abortion should be BANNED." The "acceptance" of abortion does not give grounds for taking it outside the womb!
I spent a little time on this today over a finicky internet connection (today's dilemma) and have dug up a few facts on this topic. And I discovered that all the so called "ethicists" will talk about with regard to killing of newborns in the Netherlands is the killing of those who are severely disabled and/or suffering. They won't touch the fact that the rules are the same as abortion on demand, and there does not have to be anything wrong with the child at all to have it killed. They won't go there in the media, for obvious reasons.
I cannot find the details on how long after birth the killing of newborns is allowed, but in America, the "newborn" phase is officially three months, and according to the World Health Organization, the newborn phase lasts 29 days. So there is some discrepancy there but my guess, as a result of getting the details on this, is that a period of at least 29 days is allowed.
And the ethicists are all bundled up together saying that a fetus and a newborn are not a "person". GEE, nice little piece of word play there, because, a "person" is a fiction which is put on a birth certificate, just like a corporation is also a "person" with the far more meaningful terms "individual" and "life" distinctly ignored. YEP, you have no right to life until your fictitious proxy is officially on paper! Just like a scum sucking lawyer would have it. Truth be damned, THAT is what gives you value, - PAPERWORK, according to the so-called "ethicists".
Anyway, if you want to delve into an appalling topic, SEE THIS and re consider the new age definition of "ethics."

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