Thursday, July 21, 2016

Mandela Effect | Ending to The Elephant Man now has a GHOST in it | #Mandela Effect

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  1. The biggest difference that has changed in this Mandela effect or what I call it quantum effect is that whereas other affects are just changing from singular to plural or the like and even changing a couple of things and movies this one however is changing and incorporating Philosophy or ideology into the afterlife. This is much different and it makes me wonder if maybe we are taking a different turn down the rabbit hole. It really makes one postulate into the possibility that we are actually being given a lesson or being taken to a sort of school in metaphysics by someone from either another timeline or another dimension that has a way of changing the stage or "stage set" in our movie. ( Shakespeare stated "the world is a stage and each must play a part") Who really knows as this is only a hypothesis into the unknown however. Something is happening that is beyond anything we have ever seen. Maybe this really is the matrix.