Monday, July 18, 2016

RIP Max Spiers

Max Spiers
'' This whole war is about taking out the heart completely, being human is about the heart ´´- Max Spiers
Max Spiers has departed, he was in Warsaw, Poland when he was found dead in his room while staying with friends, emergency services were unable to revive him, his friend and authorStewart Swerdlow, made the announcement on the 16th of June. Stewart said that Max was staying with their mutual friends and was helping Stewart promote his new book, Stewart said ´´Max was very troubled last time I saw him in Poland last month, I knew something was wrong, I hope he has found peace’’.
Max has left us with a great deal of good information on so many levels that fill in the missing jigsaw puzzle pieces that we all seek answers for. Our solar system has not always been as we know it to be today, space and the planets, like evolving life on Earth have constantly been moving and changing as part of a cosmologically engineered plan. I have found a lot of information Max gave about cosmological events very informative and useful to my own work and it even connects to other marginalized scientific research done by Immanuel Velikovsky who explained in his banned book ‘Worlds in Collision’, Saturn was once part of Earth’s first Protosun formation with Mars and Venus, before Earth had the current Sun that we are accustomed to. This explains why Saturn is worshipped and referred to by the Secret Elite Societies as an ancient Sun.
Max Spiers was constantly referring to the multidimensional realms interwoven with this reality, where the interdimensional beings exist and the same with the negative parasitic entities, much of the ancient texts refer to the Archons, they are still here and part of the parasitic negative beings that use us as an energy source. if you have dealt with being targeted on various levels you will find Max's information useful, the unseen beings that we deal with that harvest human emotions and thoughts,  confirms everything I have experienced in my personal battle with these energies and why we are in this slave matrix system. I am learning how to manage my mind, body and well-being daily with various techniques, to protect myself, visualization techniques in meditation are useful to do as part of a daily routine as things are becoming more intense, now is the time we require discernment far more than ever before, a strong intuition and a strong heart.

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