Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Sevan Bomar On OffPlanet TV - Inception | Conception [03/25/2015]


"OffPlanet TV LIVE- 03-25-2015-with Sevan Bomar

Segment 2 we are joined by Sevan Bomar, author of the book, "The Code To The Matrix", and a forerunner into the advanced consciousness movement."

"Our entire existence is being conducted across several dimensions and planes. Many areso much higher than the one we are on now. This should always serve to assist us whenwe feel alone to innerstand that you are not and everything is going as it needs to in your life which is constantly being watched over." - from "The Real Path of the Adept" by Sevan Bomar 

Coming back from a deeply immersive series of DMT experiences, and the shooting of a new documentary film, Sevan joins us to unpack some new concepts:

Perception Inception

“Blackhole SUN”,: a portal, projection, aperture

DMT, elementals, projection of archetypes: complex programs

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