Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Sevan Bomar On Op-Think Radio - The Rainbow Temple: A Study Of The Whole [05/07/2016]


Op-Think Radio With Stefan & Kristina recorded on May 7, 2016
Guest: Sevan Bomar
The Rainbow Temple: A Study Of The Whole

"Wow!! Sevan is back from a short break and brings us one of the deepest and most powerful memos, reflecting on the state of the collective mind, spiritually and expansively. How important is our memory? What is the true power of balance? How do we expand? 

What are the true treasures awaiting us, as we enter The Temple of the Rainbow? How deep can human nature grasp itself, and how soon can we awaken the our most powerful state within?

Please join Sevan and us, wandering through the wonders of our long forgotten unity by reference to the whole, soon to be remembered presence.

A must listen transmission for the connoisseur of wisdom! "

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