Sunday, July 10, 2016

Terror in Istanbul, Turkey: Remote Viewing the Future

This video is part of the Time-Cross Project being conducted at The Farsight Institute. Here, Daz Smith remote views in May 2016 the terror attack that occurred at Atatürk Airport in Istanbul, Turkey the following month on 28 June 2016. This video is the final results for this, and it contains the full unedited remote-viewing session. The session was recorded live on video in May 2016, and it was originally uploaded to YouTube on 30 May 2016. YouTube maintains a normal upload date time stamp for verification. Here is a link to the originally uploaded video:

Also, for the event month of June, Dick Allgire remote viewed the terror attack in the nightclub in Orlando, Florida, and we encourage people to see this video also. You can find links to all Time-Cross Project videos on Farsight's web site.

This is a monthly series, so everyone is encouraged to watch this project's results month after month.

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