Friday, August 19, 2016

8-18-2016 Hotel Clinton HireRight Murders – Serco 8(a) Visas For Zulu Snuff


1. Abel Danger claims that the Clinton Foundation uses HireRight – the current custodian of up to 1 million security-clearance files dumped by USIS – agents in elite hotels to recruit operatives for long-range murder-for-hire services to a cartel of world bankers and feminist elites. 

2. AD claims that the HireRight recruiters and killers buy visas from Serco agents in the US National Visa Center and embed themselves in 8(a) companies authorized by the Clinton Foundation to produce snuff films where the victims' deaths are recorded in Zulu time. 

3. AD claims that Hillary Clinton launched a Travelgate murder-for-hire service in 1993 by replacing White House travel office staff with her Little Rock cronies and various online hotel-based logistics experts (Khalid Sheikh Mohammed?) to deploy snuff-film crews trained in digital fires techniques at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton. 

4. United States Marine Field McConnell offers to visit with Trump Organization Friday 19 August in Minneapolis to show Donald Trump how to launch a program of 'extreme vetting' of visa applicants by dismantling the Hotel Clinton murder-for-hire service which allegedly recruited Khaled Sheikh Mohammed for the 9/11 attack and is allegedly still operating out of the Obama White House (Check Valerie Jarrett).

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