Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Ascension Basics pt 3


What is Ascension? Who are the Indigos? Lisa discusses the current Planetary Energy Impacts for the Indigo and Star Races. What the 12 Strand DNA has to do with Indigos and the Ascension Cycle. During the dramatic shifts and rapid acceleration of the ascension energies it has become important for humanity to understand their personal energy fields in order to become more spiritually mature and responsible manifestor's on the Earth. The laws of the dimensional characteristics are changing, gradually preparing humanity to learn the new natural laws of manifestation existing at the higher dimensional planes of reality. These higher dimensional realities are possible to be experienced by many in this physical lifetime incarnation and will accelerate creating an open window of opportunity within a specific time frame as we move forward into the next years. This talk covers the basics of all the 'Ascension Process', Negative ET agendas and their impact on the Earth, need for Self Mastery, etc.(Source: Project Butterfly Class was given October 2008)

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