Friday, August 5, 2016

Hello FunVax, Goodbye God Gene - Leaked Documents - Nanotechnology in over 1000 Products


Now i wanted to discuss the FunVax & VMAT2 Gene many scientists refer to as the God Gene

Some of you that listen to LP may have already heard of the FunVax and God Gene.
For those that haven’t i will recap. The FunVax is a Vaccine created by the DoD designed to basically lobotomize someone essentially. The inhibition of the VMAT2 gene aka god gene causes a cornucopia of issues combined with lessening ones connection with source via brain chemicals etc… Now does that mean you will become completely atheist overnight if you were raised christian or muslim, probably not. but what are the long term effects by altering the physical makeup of ones brain and or stopping ones serotonin or dopamine levels.

According to leaked documents and video footage there are six forms of dispersal 

-High Altitude Spraying 
-Ground level objects such as a automobile
-Diffusion from a stationary object such as a bottle 
-Infection of food supply - Cattle - Chickens - Produce - Etc…

Watch the FunVax Presentation here

God Gene

VMAT-2 Gene

Interview with Joey Lambardi

Nanoparticle transport system for genes thwarts brain cancer in rats

VSV-G Virus

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