Tuesday, August 9, 2016

NEW - Jordan Maxwell Show, Who Controls it All? Dark Side of Christianity & Religion


Symbolism in religions, churches, temples, buildings, corporations,media, ancient texts, the occult that go back eons , long before the Abrahamic Religions were created.
The Dark Side, or underbelly as Mr Maxwell refers to it of Religion, Language and a vast majority of networks and monolithic organizations that span the Earth and Beyond.
The Electrical Universe is discussed
We dive into the Cult of Saturn and what the planet might have looked like in our skies thousands of years ago
Language is used as either a weapon or mode of healing designed to make you think a certain way - why is English designed the way it is? Listen to what Mr Maxwell has to say
Mr Maxwell discusses how his life's work was essentially taken from him out of his good faith and the struggles he has had in life, because of his exposing so many hidden agendas, that a select elitist mindset group wants kept in the dark. 
The ancient meanings of certain words like "Christ" and "Anointed" are discussed and many will not want to hear what Jordan has to say.
OOPARTS = Out of place Ancient Artifacts and tools, some tens of millions of years old.

Jordan describes in detail the Mega Corp at the Top of the Pyramid that controls virtually everything clandestinely behind the scenes. 

To change the Apex Controllers, Conceptualizing in detail , comparing what he says would be a fight between a small family and the entire hells angels organization. 

Jordan work and research is available @ 

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