Wednesday, August 24, 2016

One People Round Table 23 Aug 2016 - New Russian Theories & Major WWII Mandela Effect!!


Todays One People Round table opened up with a familiar rant about politics- specifically Russia's newly cemented friendships in the Middle East. and Hillary. But I refused to go there... well cause. Dani blew her top over one of the biggest WTF Effects she has seen so far: Japan bombed mainland USA and Canada during WWII?!? ..... Certainly didn't happen in her/our timeline/dimension/reality!!!

The second half of the show we had a guest join us, Willogby Miro, to discuss some very interesting theories and pieces of information coming out of Russia right now. Info about obviously changed history, and a new twist on the "flat earth" theories that open some doors to interesting speculation!

Side note: There are some awesome pieces of information coming out of non-english speaking countries that are being lost to english speaking researchers, due to the language barrier. We would love to see people who speak more than one language use their skills to help translate some of these excellent videos and articles.

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