Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Op-Think Radio with Mohamed Ibrahim - Into the Glyphs Part I


Qp-Think Radio with Mohamed Ibrahim - Into the Glyphs Part I

recorded: 7-12-2016

A part I of III part series

In this first innerview with hieroglyphics expert, khemitologist, tour guide and director, Mohamed Ibrahim, we brush over the basics of interpreting hieroglyphs and dive into it more and more with every minute, getting an idea of the perceptions of different ages.

An exclusive story about the meaning of the Australian hieroglyphs, ancestral symbolism, mythology and many many more, awaits you.

The beginning of a history-rewriting story that yet has to be completely deciphered. Towards the end we lost Mohamed just when it got too interesting... but we already recorded a second part that is in much better audio quality. Stay tuned!

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