Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Religious Violence

One of the largest lies promoted to divide our race is the War over Gods promoted through Religious ViolenceReligious Violence is propagated by the NAA to generateArchontic Deception Behavior to meet the AD strategies used by Controllers to achieve total domination and enslavement of the human race and planet earth. Religious violence is promoted through Mind Control in the planet to trigger events into the Armageddon Software which is a NAA agenda. NAA Religion meets all Top Five Archontic Deception Strategy objectives.
At this time our planet is undergoing stages of the Deconstruction of the Cross in our physical body, spiritual bodies and other matter life forms that have been impacted bycrucifixion and Blood Sacrifice. This is effectively the remembering, thus the remembering, release and erasure of the memories of blood sacrifice SRA and spiritual vampirism and violence from the past, present and future timelines.
May we consider the source, origin and basis of Religious Violence and how violence and hate filled literature has impacted our culture, society and belief systems that transcend any and all Religion. Inner violence towards the self and others, promotes external methods of violence, there is no possibility of knowing God through intentional and premeditated violence, and the blood sacrifice of a human being. There is no such thing as a Holy War or Just War. For the last two thousand years the agenda has been to spread violent religions across the earth with the primary use of Christianity and Islam worshippers who are numbered in the billions.
May we consider long range impacts of religious violence and its subtext to the collective mind of humanity, in so that we may commit to remove all inner violence against our own person, to remove all violent thoughts, actions and deeds from our personal behaviors. The mass consciousness program towards committing violent actions, whether inner or outer violence, is made strong, and as we remember the Cross and what it has done to humankind, we can terminate all of its collective influence made upon our bodies, hearts, mind and spirit.

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