Thursday, August 25, 2016

Sexually abused as children, then silenced by mental health professionals.


Author of 'An Oath To Hell' (2008) Sam Hill and Jenny Grace, who wrote 'Nowhere To Belong' under the penname Harmony Brooks describe early lives of child sexual abuse and how later they were classified mentally ill when they reported their abuse to the authorities.
When Jenny threatened to tell the authorities, in Princes Risborough where she grew up, about the sexual abuse by her foster parents and others she was sectioned and given Electro Convulsive Therapy (ECT) electric shock treatment at St John's geriatric hospital in Stone, Buckinghamshire.
Mental health professionals part of this criminal paedophile network 
Both women were also drugged and explain why they believe their abusers were able to use the mental health system to silence them in a form of 'secondary abuse. Neither Jenny nor Sam have found the police helpful either recently. Jenny with the police still treating her as mentally ill when she reports aggressive actions of potential former abusers to them and Sam who had the police close her case without telling her, so the abuse continues many years after the initial sexual attacks.

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