Saturday, August 13, 2016

Taking Our Power Back From The Lesser Gods


Max Spiers this is a heavily monitored and disrupted show, hosted by investigative journalist and MI-6 front company spy, Christine Joanna Hart, with extra guests Miles Johnston and Sethikus Bosa. disruption and sound issues... who cares, just bloody listen folks! The issues discussed are of extreme importance, whatever one's 'polarity'

Max is part of the so called "Super Soldier" program, not the correct name but it will do for now. Max is British program "T-I" like James Casbolt, now in jail, and the show's host Christine Joanna Hart.
Sound issues effected Bosa's contribution in part 2
With serious consequences for us all, "All" as some would say are "not we".
Max is heavily featured in Bases 37. This part will be included as a Bases 37 Part 8. 

The researcher should pay very serious attention here, This is a very important collaboration.

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