Friday, August 12, 2016

The Red Queen - Sacrifice and the NO-WIN Checkmate Discussion


This report continues the ritual discussion regarding the recent coded observations, suggesting that Hillary Clinton, is a possible and future ritual sacrifice victim, being planned for the existing future ritual dates of 9-23 and 9-24. Additional items needed to best understand the Chess game, Checkmate term will be shown and discussed, so as to better understand, the motivations of why I feel or suspect Hillary Clinton, would be sacrificed, for the future dates of 9-23 and 9-24. 

This report also will briefly discuss the recent Trump Tower Climber, Stephen Rogata, whose public actions were in my assessment, a complete distraction, needed, to allow surreptitious covert assets access and entry into the Trump Tower, without anyone noticing. While all eyes and attention were on the climber, this event, in my opinion allowed unnamed elements to secretly enter and be within the Trump Tower, while the climber was keeping everyone's attention. The timing of this event will be discussed as it relates to the ritual code and the dates already reported on for August and September.

Background Sources and Links:
Trump Tower Climber

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