Monday, August 1, 2016

UFO Phenomena: The Harvest of Earth


The UFO phenomena has been a part of our world's disparate, cultural history since the beginning of civilization. From ancient beliefs of the Sucubus to modern day alien abduction and possession encounters, what do the entities want and what is their ultimate goal?

This video presents recent incredible UFO sightings, including multi-angle UFO sightings in Los Angeles, flying black triangles, and blinking UFOs performing bizzare patterns. This video is an experimental documentary that aims to use long segmented footage to provide the viewer with an immersive, real-life experience of UFO sightings across the world.

In Alien Contact Above and Below we discussed the possibility of a common physical form of the Visitors - dark bodies with spindly arms. Is it not possible the Visitors have a common agenda as well? And do contemporary accounts of alien abduction, animal mutilation, and UFO sightings point to the reason they are here - is it a Harvest of the Earth?

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