Sunday, September 11, 2016

Bases 58 part 2 Sandra Fecht AutumnTour 2016


Sandra Fecht and Francis Toes are coming to Switzerland, Watford in Britain, and the Prague in September and October. This is a review of her first UK visit, and her new visit and therapeutic sessions with witness Francis Toes. The tour in the UK is in Sept 30th Oct 1&2.

This is fast blast record on Sept 10th 2016. This will be retained after the events, as much important information is contained here as to the what and why there is Satanic Ritual Abuse. 
MK Ultra, and Mind control discussed.
With thanks to the UK ground crew who helped get Sandra over the first time and this time. Brave work and important messages to help those who have suffered the abuse, and how to energetically heal

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