Monday, September 26, 2016

Dante Santori's Purge or Thou shalt have no other gods before me

I have been sitting on this one for quite a while. Dante has been obsessed lately with so called traitors. For the record I will state the following:

1. I am NOT suicidal
2. I am a good driver and have NEVER been involved in any accident since 1973, that is the year when I've got my licence.
3. I do NOT intend to disappear and go dark.
4. I am NOT clumsy and prepare my own food.
5. I am in perfect health and have NO medical or drug/ alcohol issues.
6. I am NOT depressed NEVER have been.

Make of it what you will.

Why I do this? Here is your answer, from Spacebattleship part two B:

"C ya soon" ? No. Someone will "c ya soon". It starts with a "flat tire", or a unexplained "problem", such as electrical problems in the house. A garage door that does not work properly anymore. These are warnings. For you to behave and not be cocky. And stupid. Don't be more than what you are. The internet, believe it or not, is NOT a good "hiding place". No matter how coward you are. show my face. Have been doing it for almost 8 years. You do not. You are the coward. But don't you worry, You are known. So...if one of these days a couple of guys riding on bikes with wings on their jackets get close to you...ask them this: "Is Dante a friend of Geppetto?" That is all. That is all you have to ask. They will answer. Go from there...toodaloo. See ya soon. If not me (because i can actually travel and you cannot)...someone With a leather sleeveless jacket. A vest. Be safe. It all starts with a flat tire. Or when your door bell rings...

These are your heroes? The ones who resort to threats and intimidation to make anyone obey? Have fun. If Obama had publicly stated something along those lines, all hell would break loose. But if Dante does it everything is fine, it is for the cause.

25th of September, 2016

If you are not familiar with this gentleman, this will not make any sense to you. You might want to save your time and do something else.

Many however are familiar with his work and the group he belongs to, namely the Karistus who come from Jupiter and are allegedly here to help humanity.

Recently there have been purges on his g+ site, meaning those people who are "dangerous" to the agenda have been removed. The last one was the g+ site In.Volution. Along with it came a video, now deleted of course, that outlined why this individual had to be banned. Funny enough Dante explained that some people are being kept around not because they appreciate them, but because they want to keep an eye on them. In this context it sounded as if this applied to the individual that created In. Volution, yet anybody with half a brain knows that she was part of the 72, his special group. So, what exactly was the "crime" that In.Volution committed? In.Volution claims to be about self-empowerment, it is the idea of shaping the world from within instead of calling for a revolution. It goes beyond religion and belief systems. Here is the crux of the matter, because Dante and crew are selling you another saviour program. Your savior will be Dhor Kyristyl, a Karistus. How he is going to save humanity or what from has never been defined anywhere. But we can rest assured that it is about establishing a new religion. In this video: around the 9:46 min mark, we are being told that the "other side" is saying: We will be the new religion. That of course does not sit well with Dante's side, because they want to establish the new religion, maybe even a one world religion? Does not ring a bell? Let me put this way, the last thing humanity needs is another fucking religion. The fact that this religion is now rebranded as faith, does not change a thing. The idea of an externalized savior does not call for any inner work to be done, you just have to believe and obey. Believing in a savior is giving away your own power. What will happen if the savior changes his mind? You are just lost then?

Thinking that you know Dante because he has shown his face, his house and what have you, is a joke. What you know is a youtube persona, that's it. Once you have had a meaningful conversation with an individual and have exchanged thoughts talking to each other, not email, you can say that you know each other.

Of course In.Volution had to be banned, we are your saviors, we cannot and will not allow that humanity will free itself, in the end we want to rule over this planet, hence you do not get to listen to ideas how you might not need any savior at all. The savior program always gives it away, and I really recommend to look into that subject, because any salvationism comes directly from the powers that pee, pun intended.  Any real teacher will always redirect you to yourself. You are the solution, you are an expression of Creator Source itself, there is no need to wait for any plan or any savior. A real teacher will tell you: Know thyself, not follow us, and don't you ever listen to other ideas. The Nazis burnt books, and other totalitarian regimes silenced their critics, but when Dante tells you not to listen to certain people, that is ok? Boys and girls, you have a serious mind control issue, while you are telling yourself a story about group safety. The good boys and girls disembarked from In.Volution, because Dante threatened them with being expelled from his g+, if they continue following that site and the savior programming can continue now. In other words, little Willy tells little Billy that he cannot come to his birthday party if he keeps playing with little Nelly. Of course he is free to decide whom to play with, he just wants to dictate who that is you can play with. There was a time when people were considered to be a traitor when they joined "the other side", these days are gone. Now it is enough to think differently to be a traitor. That should give you an idea what "perfect" world awaits you. But I am sure the followers are perfectly fine with it. When their master pulls the leash, they jump. One thing is for sure, if you do not do the inner work first, you will never change the world. How can anybody claim that we are all one, if they are not even one with themselves?

To set things straight, I am not a member of this In.Volution group on facebook. Simply because I am not on facebook, am suspicious of facebook and never want to join anything there. From what I hear, there are also a lot of Rothschilds acquainted with that facebook page. Sorry, but that does not sound appealing to me. But the way this thing has been handled really gives me the creeps. So called adults accept that they are being told whom to not listen to, if they want to stay in the circle. And they all go along, as if suddenly they noticed what a dangerous person she is. Then last night another threat of more purges, because some members still dared to give +1s on that site. We cannot have that, we decide what is good for you. You are just humans, and we have told you many times how stupid you are and that your planet is irrelevant. Yea right, that is why you all show up here at this time, because there is nothing to see here, just a few stupid humans. Supremacy delusion at its finest.

Yesterday I have cut all connections. Blocked Dante, deleted my g+ profile, unsubbed from his channel. The In.Volution incident was only the last drop that made it happen. I am sick and tired of all the hype that is going on there on his g+: Dante went awol, Dante badly hurt, Dante's ship has crashed, no information if he is alive. Send prayers. Dante to be killed in a few hours, send prayers. If you want the channel to continue, send praises. Seriously? You don't recognize what is going on here? Let me spell it out for you: Energy Harvesting. The next day of course, you will always see a picture of him not having any bruises at all, not even a scratch. Ahhh, the miracles that the goddess can do. Another fantastic method of energy harvesting is when they announce a new video on g+. Then, hours later the announcement: Sorry, not today. Be honest with yourself, how many times did you pilgrim to his youtube channel to check if the new video is out? The mantra is: I need more! Sounds familiar?

The next topic that really annoys me is the constant reactivation of crucifixion implants by showing the crucifixion time and again. The cross is a symbol that holds in place these crucifixion implants which are creating our cell death programming. They make sure that you get stuck in the astral plane at death and that you have no other chance but to return to 3D. The cycle is complete, from energy harvesting to soul harvesting. You are back in the matrix:

Even if you have never heard of crucifixion implants and think that this is far fetched, what everybody can see is this: We are dealing here with a blood sacrifice, another trauma based religion. Do you really want that?

To the hardcore fan club I will say that you can get offended as much as you want, I don't care. I know you think this is about humanity's liberation. It is not. It is about who gets to rule over humanity. How about no rulers anymore? You will be stuck with another lesser god, who is certainly not creator source. It's a counterfeit at best. What we have to decide is, if we want to stay in this recycling cycle of reincarnation for the next 26.000 years, which is an enslavement tool, or if we want to get out. We have a window now to get out of the recycling program, to connect directly with creator source without any intermediary. That is why this time frame is so important. The entire meme of our side, their side is a nice distraction, don't look within, the enemy is outside and only we have the solution for you. Has anyone cared to describe to you in detail what this solution will look like? No? Why not? Given that most wars are the wars of the lesser gods, what if our real solution is not to choose any side?

Nobody is the arbiter of truth. The spirit of truth can be present, but I don't find it in his work any longer.

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