Sunday, September 25, 2016

Deconstructing the Shadow Self pt1


Deconstructing the Shadow Self pt1: Commentary with Sethikus of Boza: BlackEarth Productions

We need to be Violent towards and Hate what is Evil. That which Seeks to Suck the very Life Essence of who we really are away from us until we are left with Nothing. This video dealings with the projected aspects of the Subconscious that lead to Self Destruction and are the Hooks to which some very Nasty Entities can Manipulate and Worm their way in and Destroy our Lives if our Hearts and Minds are Not Awakened and Guarded. They will feed off of on and suck the Life Essence of who we are away until we are left with nothing, in a Wake of Confusion, Chaos and Death. It is Necessary to press through all that is happening and Understand in order to come unto who we really are in the EGO of the Higher Self we must face our Demons as well as Others Head on by Deconstructing the Shadow Self..,

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