Sunday, September 25, 2016

Douglas Dietrich, Satanic Alien Hoax Agenda - What Really Happened, Roswell NM, & Real Victors WW2


Mr Dietrich is IMO in a class of his own - A whistleblower of such high caliber and integrity, that its a miracle he is still alive today!

One of the most outspoken people I’ve spoken with Douglas has a mind that travels a million miles an hour and from his own personal experiences he shares a plethora of clandestine knowledge.

Did America really win World War 2

Are Grey Aliens Really Aliens?

Could the Roswell New Mexico Crash be apart of a sinister and satanic ongoing psyop campaign designed to take away humans values and beliefs?

What if the entire Alien Agenda that we know about , was designed by Satanic disciples that have mastered psychological warfare with near unlimited funds & resources ?

Why are there so many people that claim to have been abducted by little grey men?

What about Sleep Paralysis and the Old Hag Syndrome?

Have you heard of the Chochoa or the Tchoa - aka Dream Eaters?

Want to learn about the underbelly of San Fransisco’s Dark Mafia?

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