Wednesday, September 28, 2016


We watched (and live tweeted 
@dollarvigilante) the US Presidential debates last night… mostly because we were hoping Hillary would drop dead on live TV.
Unfortunately, that didn’t happen.
What did happen was that the two choices for the lesser evil this year, came down to: slightly more fascist (Trump) versus slightly more communist (Clinton).
But, the key takeaway is that neither candidate wants to change the system in any dramatic way.
While they spoke about “creating jobs,” no one pointed out that the government actually can’t create jobs… it can only steal from some people and give to others (although Trump wins here with his idea of lowering corporate taxes).
While they spoke about poor black neighborhoods, no one said that the “war on drugs” is the single biggest cause of problems in those communities.  Nor that the other biggest cause of problems in poor areas are the Federal Reserve and the government’s regulations and growth-impeding taxation.  Nor did they seem to notice that the most dangerous areas all have the most restrictive gun control laws.
They both spoke about the threat of ISIS… but no one brought up that ISIS was created by the CIA and other Western intel facilities and is still funded and backed by the CIA.  And, certainly, no one spoke of shutting down the CIA.
They spoke about all the problems in the Middle East… nearly ALL caused or funded by the US government and CIA.  And both had a solution… more war.

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