Sunday, September 4, 2016

Free Energy Device, Magnetic Motor, Build Yours Today, Paul Babcock, Latest, September 2016



Exclusive interview with Inventor Paul Babcock. Check out this incredible Motor that creates energy with magnets. Imagine being able to power an entire house with a portable generator made of magnets? Too good to be true? 
Not according to Paul. Also Mr Babcock says when this technology goes commercial and industrial, society will go to the next level.

The First Magnetic Powered Motor that can goto commercial applications = empirical data shows the proof with specs and known laws of physics.

1300 Watt Magnetic Motor, Creating 1777 Watts.

What could the Military do if this technology was used in their equipment? What about the Oil Industries and Nuclear Industry? Could this lead to a New Renaissance 2.0?

You could be witnessing The Next Leap in Civilization and here about it here at Leak Project.

Also Mr Babcock says he saw no honeybees last season and lives close to the Hanford Nuclear Site in Eastern Washington.

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