Monday, September 19, 2016

How Time, Words and Money are Used to Enslave Us

Most of the information in this article resonates well with my teachings on word magic and occult knowledge. If you are interested in learning about how words are used to manipulate your mind, this article should not disappoint you. Also, check out my free seminar on word magic. – Pao Chang
Picture of Words Time and Magic
By Michelle Walling, staff writer for and author of
According to the three-part video series The Golden Web, this holographic illusion we are living in is derived from a super computer on Saturn that works with the moon to control every aspect of our lives. Time, words, and money are all interweaved to create an energy siphoning system that is more complex than most people realize. If the information shared in these three videos (at the end of this article) is accurate, then we just may have identified soul-utions to stop us from being tricked into slavery.

The Wizard behind the curtain

John Lash has identified the Archons as being the artificial intelligence that is the driving force behind the Illuminati alien agenda that dominates and controls the planet. Although the Golden Web Series does not identify the ET’s behind the curtain, for the purpose of discussion we will call “The Wizard” the Archons. We will not discuss where they came from or when they came at this time, although you can read more about that here. We will, however, discuss what is obvious in our lives- there is a complex web of deceit and control that has completely engulfed the planet (plan-ET) through manipulation using tools that trick us into using our free will choice to be enslaved and drained of energy.
According to the Golden Web Series, the human spine is a huge antenna that receives information from the super computer on Saturn. In essence, this computer is said to be the interactive “game” or ill-usion that we are experiencing. We also communicate back to the super computer through our “golden honey” spinal fluid by transmitting packets of information. This system keeps track of how much energy you have invested into the “system”. This includes actions like paying taxes, voting for a president, slaving away at a daily job, and similar energy siphoning tools that can quantify and accumulate energy tabulation.

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