Sunday, September 18, 2016

Labyrinth of the 9 Veilz -INTRO- Promo


Labyrinth of the 9 Veilz -INTRO- Promo: commentary with Sethikus Boza via: Black Earth Productions

INTRO: nearing the allotted span.., I observe the riddle.., an aeon threaded labyrinth sewn by a single thread.., the heart of mankind was made oblivious to the gates of the inner ocean.., credulous I watch., this puppet show of shells and shadow in dance with a vicious smile.., the veils of fried out neurons stage each day behind the perimeters.., shrouded by rusted curtains you cannot see.., the fragmented shards scrape the sounds of a spindle.., weaving consciousness in thrall to it's contingency.., take back the 9.., for inner earth is a sacred chamber.., the central sun within yourself.., it is besot with the strength of wisdom.., planetary spheres.., and knowledge of the higher sciences of myths in truth.., they burn through the synthetic fabrics of these rusted veils breaking the seals of their set barriers.., for we heal to bridge the abyss of shattered consciousness.., and as we breath into this bone.., activate our blood.., and spiral out to clear the mind filed of this spell stifled air.., it's through my inner knowing I escape the uncertainty.., and set myself in flight with stars.., for we hold the keys to the gates within us..., the power has guided.., set it's will forth.., and I choose to empower the determination within me.., I've witnessed streams of fire.., and then water come forth my first eye.., from within the vortex as it carved out it's path.., for both in presence or absence of myself.., this is where I am neutral in reflection.., we are not here to be set as rotting stone into poisoned mortar stacked upon it'self pressed in by the wheel.., for as I watch in action.., and feel into that place which is beyond the barrier.., it's there you know all to well the darkness of the heart.., and mystery of the void.., all is laid open between your heart and the vortex through the gates of nothingness.., yet.., it's only there.., held within the bridged core essence.., that the lapis philosophorum exists.., Know Thyself..., and you will know the Universe...,

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