Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The One People: Magnetic Pole Shift, Vatican "Ownership" and watching Hillary twitch out


Yet another week in Wonderland with lots more rabbit holes to run through! Tonight's show ran the gamut from one hole to the next:

* Dead Reindeer in Norway and Cows in Texas due to "lightening strikes
* The magnetic pole shift
* Changes in our sky- Stars no longer where they are suppose to be, moon and sun in the wrong places, Clouds are much lower
* NASA's excuses for the weirdness around us
* Magnetic fields of the Sun
* Nibiru stories
* People loosing their shit- ie: Hillary is breaking down
* Effects of frequency
* The original "Trust" set up by the Vatican
* The Birth Certificates= Strawman
* "Common Law" vs Trust Law
* Papal Bulls, Treaty of Verona, Magna Carta, Council of Trent
* History of Vatican Trusts, the house of Windsor, the lineage of Lady Diana and Prince William
* Trump is disclosure under the guise of "crazy"

... Yea, it was a busy show last night!!

For all the Links and videos that go along with this weeks One people show, please go to RTS Here: 


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