Sunday, September 11, 2016

The plot of farming humans - Bases 30 Session 2 Cathi Morgan Part 1


Cathi Morgan, revisits Bases 30, now in Ireland gives more of her highly detailed research, now connecting her own bloodline with William of Orange.
In this 1st part she explains how her family have a blood link right back to Cromwell and William of Orange. 
With thanks to Cathi, and the great team she now has with good wise women friends in south west Ireland, not far from that Star Wars see (see part 2)
Right down to the Transit of Venus, and how it was used by these predatory alien creatures in human form, to use the resources of the British Empire, to traverse the world with precision, and further carry out their plans to enslave and farm humanity.
Now getting down to the actuality of the function within the British Empire and Government, and how they used Britain to carry out their plans. 
Cathi has followed her personal pathway from Bath, and the mind control programs, and the actual human trail of how physical people and institutions have acted with plans to enslave and barbarically take control of the planet and execute the slow persecution of all humanity and life on the planet.
Connecting the dots, and its all on line for you to see.

Part 1 with her Bases 2016 lecture to finish this Bases 30 Session 2.

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