Monday, October 31, 2016

"A Gathering Of Momentum" Harald Kautz Vella, Neil Pascoe, Shayne Benattar Full Interview


Hey beautiful people this is the first of many interviews from 
Nate Max TV tapping into the truth and info set to empower human beings as we pass through this global awakening. 

This is a crucial time where things are changing on all fronts, no longer can people sit on the fence and play the ignorance card we need all soldiers on deck speaking and walking their truth and making changes on every front available to us in our daily lives. 

We will move through into the next paradigm of living through unity and togetherness. This is the only way through. Heart space living, healthy clean food and water a clear channel and a mind and spirit working at full capacity.

In this video e hit truths on hybrid foods, detoxing, Mucoid plaque, True health, Bio film, Black goo, A.I., global warming , global awakening, geo-engineering and much more everything with solutions.

Thank you for watching if you enjoyed this video please share, like, tag and spread the word. Collaboration is the way we evolve and push through this parasitic prison planet we are currently braking free from.

Much Love Nate Max

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