Friday, October 21, 2016

Canada Walks Out Of European Trade Talks, "Deal Impossible"

With 'trade' at the center of any substantive differences between US presidential candidates, 1000s protesting 'trade' deals across Europe, 'trade' collapsing in China, and lame-duck Obama trying to push his 'trade' agenda, it is perhaps shocking that Canada’s trade minister walked out of talks to finalize a trade pact with the European Union, saying it now seems the bloc is incapable of reaching such agreements and that Canadian officials are returning home.
As Bloomberg reports, Chrystia Freeland spoke to reporters Friday after negotiations with the European Commission and the leadership of Wallonia collapsed. The French-speaking southern Belgian region is the holdout in approving the deal.
“It is evident to me, for Canada, the European Union is not capable right now to have an international agreement, even with a country that has European values like Canada,” Freeland told reporters in Namur, Belgium. Her spokesman, Alex Lawrence, confirmed by e-mail that she had walked out.

"Canada is disappointed. I am personally very disappointed. I worked very, very hard," she said.
Freeland’s departure came as EU negotiators hastened across the Belgian countryside to quell domestic concerns over the pact as some EU leaders voiced skepticism about the likelihood of rescuing the agreement, which is backed by twenty-seven of the 28 EU nations.

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