Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Clinton Blames Trump, Wikileaks And Moscow After Latest Leak; FBI Gets Involved

While Hillary Clinton has little to worry about in terms of a mass audience reaction to the ongoing leaks from the Podesta emails, conveniently overshadowed by the relentless media furore over the Trump Tapes at a 15 to 1 ratio in terms of non-stop media exposure...

... overnight the man in the middle of the Wikileaks scandal, Hillary's campaign manager John Podesta slammed WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on Tuesday for helping Republican rival Donald Trump in the White House race, while accusing Moscow of being behind the hack.
While so far there have been no major damaging revelations, aside from Hillary's admissions in her Wall Street speech transcripts that she had one "persona" for public appearances, and a vastly different one for well-paid private ones, the massive leak does lift the veil on Team Clinton’s inner workings.
Cited by AFP, Podesta described the timing of the leak, which came late on Friday, as a “curious coincidence”, coming shortly after The Washington Post published a shock video of Donald Trump making lewd boasts about groping women in 2005. Alternatively, one can say that the release of the Trump tapes came as a "curious coincidence" just as Wikileaks would reveal what much of the right of center audience was so interested in.

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