Saturday, October 29, 2016

Decrypting -CUAUHXICALLI- The Hierarchies of ASSIAH


The inspiration in Creating this video came from my quest to understand the structure of SATAN-MOLOCH's KINGDOM in the Unseen Spiritual Dimensions. One Day I was compelled to simply Observe Cuauhixicalli which I did for no more than 30 minutes after which it Hit me like a Sledgehammer and I saw The QLIPPOTHIAN Seal of Saturn=Cube of Sacrifice Encrypted on the Face of Cuauhixicalli. This is when the understanding I was seeking was revealed to me and Many Dots were connected in my persistent and unrelenting Research into these things. Cuauhxicalli [The Aztec Sun Stone] is NOT a Calendar, it is a BLUE PRINT. The Exoteric Understanding is that this is a Calendar But I believe this to be Disinformation which shrouds it'self in Mystery and is something that has been debated over for a long time. But still.., no one really knows that the Aztec Sun Stone is. Now with this Unveiling I am the FIRST person in the World to Discover what I believe to be the TRUE MEANING of Cuauhxicalli and have unveiled the BLUE-PRINT of the Spiritual DEMONIC Hierarchies that the Rulers of this World Serve and Worship through the Power of THE QLIPPOTH with Ceremonial Black Magick-Sorcery. THIS IS A FACT. The concept of Human Sacrifice is still Practiced Today by The ELITE who use the concepts of ORDER OUT OF CHAOS= FEAR=WAR=DEATH and Many other countless Tentacles which are interwoven into the Aspects of Control, Manipulation and Limitation in this Dimension to keep us Separated from the TRUE Kreator. The End of the World is not going to happen in 2012 but I can say with Complete Confidence and as A WARNING that the ELITE Sorcerers are setting up the world for the most Colossal Ritual Human Sacrifice that has EVER been conducted in Human History unto the Physical Manifestation of the Demonic Hierarchies but the Blood required for this is unimaginable and may very well be Manifested with the TRANS-HUMAN Agenda. We may have a chance at overcoming this but the KEY FACTOR in SPIRITUAL WARFARE is that we are to BIND these DEMONIC Spirits in the Heavens so that they will NOT be Unleashed into the Earth (The Dimension of Malkuth). How do we do that? Well, That is a whole other series..,

 Seal of Saturn 

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