Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Dragons & Abductors


In this extraordinary series of lectures, Pierre Sabak examines Biblical, Apocryphal and Classical Sources and shows conclusively that the Angelic Host are identical to the Alien phenomenon. For the first time, Pierre Sabak applies rigorous academic principles to analyse the Biblical Texts and their withheld secrets. He reveals in stunning detail the Angelic 'Ophanim' (those belonging to the spinning flaming wheels) and their modern correlation to UFOs.

Sabak talks comprehensively about the Angelic Hierarchy, the Seraphim, Kerubim, Ophanim and Kedoshim, and includes an in depth discussion on the supernatural species of the Djinn.

In this amazing research, Sabak carefully deconstructs the Angels termed as the Watchers and proves without a shadow of a doubt that these strange beings are crew members of vessels, consistent with the modern UFO phenomenon. A devastating conclusion, Sabak settles once and for all the debate why God is an Alien - a remarkable argument shown to be encoded in both the Bible and the Koran.

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