Monday, October 31, 2016

Globalist Agenda Watch 2016: Update 23 – Why the globalists will announce Trump as the winner of the election (+ a P.S. – Clarifying the religious agenda of the globalists)


In Update 22, we explored how the globalists will use the US election in November, the budget deadline in December, and the debt limit deadline in March to take down the US (as the leading nation of the world) and the dollar (as the main global reserve currency). While their plan can be made to work with either a Clinton or Trump win on November 8, some additional considerations have caused me to lean towards a Trump victory…
1) The globalists need Trump in office next year to help Putin “reform” the UN after the coming war, so they’ll want to establish his clear and legitimate claim to the Presidency before all hell breaks loose in the coming few months. This means he’ll be announced as the winner by a wide margin. If they went the other way and announced a Hillary victory, I doubt they’d have enough time to legitimately reverse the result before the March debt limit deadline.
2) Since the globalists are trying to shift the nations to the “political right,” they will let the Democrats be the ones to dispute the election and create chaos, just like they are having their leftists create chaos in Europe, Venezuela, Brazil, etc.
3) All the talk in the news about Hillary’s war with the FBI and the FBI’s internal conflict between “honest” agents and political hacks is preparatory propaganda for the coming “white hat rebellion” within the US security services and military.
Adding these three considerations into the mix, this is how the election should go down…
Trump will win in a landslide, but the Democrats will cry foul, saying, “The polls going into the election were tight, so the only way this lopsided victory could occur is if the Russians hacked the voting systems on behalf of Trump.” They will then go on the warpath against the Republicans and allow the government to shut down in December. The food stamp riots that will follow will lead to Obama’s declaration of a national emergency and his rule by executive order.
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