Wednesday, October 19, 2016

John Lamb Lash - The Great Deception: Human Evil and Supernatural Powers (Oct 2016)


Human Evil and Supernatural Powers
In this discourse JLL shows how one of the most widely held themes of human misconception, good versus evil or light versus dark, is a delusion of the religious mind and also now the New (C)Age mind.

13th October 2016

NB. CORRECTION: The source cited for this example of divine intervention is correct, but ambiguous: Genesis 14:18 describes briefly the meeting of Abraham and Melchizedek. Then, chapter 18 presents a longer account of three angelic figures at the Grove of Mamre. These "three men" men are not named, but Abraham reacts to them as if facing a supernatural or angelic presence, messengers of the Lord (Archon). In 18:14 the Lord tells Abraham that Sarah will have a son -- but wait. The entire transaction about a covenant with Jahweh and Sarah ("a mother of nations") having a son already happened in Ch. 17. It gets repeated with more detail in Ch. 18. Why?

Joseph Campbell and others have pointed out that at least two scribes composed the OT, resulting in an overlay of material as if two writers collaborated on a screenplay but did not exactly coordinate their lines. The two accounts of the ethnic founding of the Jewish tribe and their mission for the Lord Archon present a case of overwriting. It was important enough to be described twice, but the lack of names for the interceding figures in the latter passage suggests withholding, an editorial decision by the scribe. In fact, the identity and mission of the "Sons of Zadok", the hidden priesthood directed by Melchizedek, was withheld from the Jewish people as a whole and preserved as the secret doctrine of the Zaddikim.

Thus, the citation of OT source for the meeting with three figures is correct, but naming these figures as Melchizedek and two angelic-archontic attendants is my call. JLL 

14th October 2016

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