Monday, October 17, 2016

More disinformation by Dante Santori - This time exploiting the death of Max Spiers

Today Dante Santori issued more disinformation. This little video clip calls Max Spiers an UFO investigator. Nothing could be further from the truth. Max came out of the so called Super Soldiers group. I don't like the term, but most people are familiar with it, so let's use it for now.

Of course, the whole thing later on spins around Dante of course, can you imagine what danger Dante is in on a daily basis? Yes, send prayers, hurry. They need all your energy. This is so laughable. Max has been a good friend of their group????

I strongly doubt that for the following reasons, Max has been very well aware of the archons, crucifixion implants, the dark time lords and that savior programming does not lead anywhere.
I have written about the savior programming of DS AHK before.
Just listen to this short snippet of an interview with Max. It starts around the 8:00 min mark

Does this sound to you like a Dante follower? Max was not an individual that gave away his own power by hoping to be saved by someone, alien or otherwise.

Just ask yourself, can you triangulate any "information" that Dante is giving you? Meaning can you find three other sources that say the same that are not in some way in touch with each other?

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  1. Thank you Judith
    I hadn't found that interview !
    It's very revealing