Thursday, October 20, 2016

Pluto Grows More Mysterious | Space News


NASA’s New Horizons mission to the dwarf planet Pluto has provided scientists on Earth with countless puzzles and mysteries. From impossible “sand dunes,” which were never expected on the tiny planet’s frozen surface, to equally unexpected giant mountains, to a surprising absence of so-called impact craters, and selective regional cratering, with highly circular craters not to be expected on any Kuiper Belt object. And now, a team working with the Chandra X-ray Observatory has reported perhaps the greatest surprise about Pluto to date -- the discovery of the emission of X-rays from Pluto. The team is also reporting that Pluto has a giant, comet-like tail, which mission scientists believe may be as much as 1000-times the radius of Pluto. In this episode, physicist Eugene Bagashov begins the first in a four-part series offering his analysis of the most compelling new scientific data from the Plutonian system.

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