Monday, October 10, 2016

Savior Programming Brought To You By DS AHK

I have been sitting on this for quite a while, but now the time has come to release it. Threats and intimidation only go so far. Some cannot be silenced by threats like this one:

"C ya soon" ? No. Someone will "c ya soon". It starts with a "flat tire", or an unexplained "problem", such as electrical problems in the house. A garage door that does not work properly anymore. These are warnings. For you to behave and not be cocky. And stupid. Don't be more than what you are. The internet, believe it or not, is NOT a good "hiding place". No matter how coward you are. show my face. Have been doing it for almost 8 years. You do not. You are the coward. But don't you worry, You are known. So...if one of these days a couple of guys riding on bikes with wings on their jackets get close to you...ask them this: "Is Dante a friend of Geppetto?" That is all. That is all you have to ask. They will answer. Go from there...toodaloo. See ya soon. If not me (because I can actually travel and you cannot)...someone With a leather sleeveless jacket. A vest. Be safe. It all starts with a flat tire. Or when your door bell rings...

The above was taken from DS AHK's video Spacebattleship Part Two B
These are your heroes, your "saviors"? The ones that resort to threats and intimidation? If Obama had released something like this, all hell would break loose. But if Dante does it everything is fine, it is for the cause. He can harass, threaten, intimidate whomever he wants, we will love him. You are brainwashed idiots.

For the record I will state the following:

1. I am NOT suicidal
2. I am a good driver, never have been involved in any accident.
3. I do NOT intend to go dark and disappear
4. I prepare my own food and eat clean
5. I have NO health, drug or alcohol issues
6. I am NOT depressed, never have been

There was a time when you were deemed a traitor when you joined the "other side", now it is enough to think differently to be deemed a traitor. I really don't believe anymore that there are two sides, but for the time being, let's entertain the idea that there are two sides. Dante & Co, of course, are good guys, the ones that need to silence critics, threaten and intimidate them, because their agenda for humanity is so wonderful that they cannot allow even one critic, especially not those that comprehend that real change has to come from within. Why? Because once you really know why you have to do the inner work first, the savior programming does not work anymore. In a real sense, it is a tool of disempowerment, you have to give away your strength and focus on someone or something external. The externalized savior then leads to neglecting your own power and keeps you in a time loop, because you are in a state of waiting all the time. You are not fighting the good fight, you are in fact not fighting any fight, you are waiting. Waiting for the next post, the next video to be in the "know". All the good teachers throughout time have always said: Know Thyself, not follow us. They redirect you to yourself because you ARE the battlefield. You can try to fix this world on an outward level all you want, it will not change, you have not changed.

The story of our side, their side, caters to duality and is a dividing tool. You don't even know who is really running this agenda. Thinking that you know Dante because you have seen his face, his house and what have you is a joke. What you know is a youtube persona, that's all. Most have never exchanged thoughts with him, mouth to ear, a real conversation not emails. Who is really running this whole thing is in the dark, there are certainly a lot of assumptions, and in this case, they are welcomed, but to know is something very different. You might tell yourself that once the Vlash, Maitre, Mefeen are defeated the problem is solved, things will be fine. Battles always have winners and losers. And the winner takes it all. In this case, the prize is: Who gets to rule over humanity? And while I am at it, how is DK going to save you and what from? Especially when we throw into the mix that it was Aza who allegedly died on the cross. Some have released videos showing people marching for Jesus all over the world. Yes, they march, but for an entity that corporate religion is promoting, and the Orthodox Churches belong to that category as well. How is this a reason for joy? At what point did people stop thinking for themselves and valued "information" simply because a certain woman has made the video?

Since that time when the savior programming became more pronounced and Orthodox Christianity was pushed forward, censorship started kicking in big time. The ones, who knew that change and freedom start within were blacklisted and the witch hunt began. The good followers of course obeyed and blocked everybody that their master wanted them to block. We cannot have that, you cannot figure out that you are the change, because then you will need no savior, nothing externalized will seem to be a solution for you. What we are looking here at is mind control, no matter how many stories you tell yourself about group safety. What does that say about you, that one day you praise a person and admire the wisdom, the next you pull the plug and start condemning the individual because your master pulled the leash? You might think that I am in cahoots with that person. I am not, I have no contact with her whatsoever. I am not on Facebook and never will be. But the way this was handled gives me the creeps, and I will call out bullshit wherever I see it, and salvationism comes directly from the powers that pee, pun intended. My high octane speculation is, that what is coming down the pipes is something more of a Russian NWO, with Orthodox Christianity to the forefront and DK as the new "savior", an attempt to bring in a one world religion. To make it happen, the followers have to be aligned the agenda, and so far it works pretty well.

If you have been on DS AHK's g+ site long enough, you will witness times of constant hype, which goes like this: Dante badly hurt, send prayers. Dante went awol, do you have information? Dante's ship has been shot down, no information if he is still alive, send prayers. Dante to be killed by Lushifar's son in a few hours, only love and prayers can keep him alive. Seriously, you don't recognize what is going on here? Let me spell it out for you: Energy Harvesting. The battle is always outside, never look within, we need your prayers. The mantra is: I need more! Sounds familiar? The next day you will always see pictures of him, alive and kicking without any scratch. What did you say? They have access to better healing tools? Yeah right, that is why he went to a human hospital for that fractured femur. Oh, that hospital is being run by Karistus hybrids? That explains it of course. ROFL
Another great way of harvesting energy is to announce a video that will be published shortly. Hours later the announcement is: Sorry, not today. Next day the same procedure. Be honest, how many times did you pilgrim to the channel to see if the video has released?

But why stop there? Energy harvesting is not the last trick, you can go the whole nine yards. Let me introduce you to crucifixion implants
From Red Pill Truth behind Easter:
  This relates directly to the crucifixion story of Jesus.  This was actually a crucifixion on humanity.
What happened is that inorganic material was placed in the Earth’s bio-energy field so that when a soul came through our Earth grid it picked up these crucifixion implants.  These implants are further held in place by the worshipping of the cross theology.
The Christian cross is the symbol that holds in place these crucifixion implants that actually create our cell death programming….
But even worse is that these implants get you tangled up in the astral plane at death.  In the astral plane, there is an energetic web-like structure that sits onto of the 4th-dimensional astral plane.
Any being who has these implants gets stuck in the astral plane and the only place for the soul to go is to be ‘recycled’ back down to the 3D.  Here the soul has collected more karma from the previous incarnation creating more miasma and distortion in the field.

The circle is complete, from energy harvesting to soul harvesting. Getting trapped in the reincarnation cycle for food of the archons. Yes, you are food. So keep looking at these crucifixion scenes over and over again, make sure you are a good food supplier. In the end, all our wars are wars of the lesser gods. What if our best choice is not to choose any side? And that is why this time frame is so important, we have a window now to connect with creator source itself, no intermediaries, no lesser gods needed. What the real meaning of creator source is? Watch the video.

Offended? Good, then I did something right.

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